Christmas 2014 imminent

Christmas is rushing upon us all – Christian and heathen alike – and still work won’t slow down ! <Queue dark and very unchristian like mutterings.> Unlike previous festive seasons von Peter himself has yet to spot that “got to get” item that will be his hobby related Christmas present from The family. Well … not quite true. There are rumours that some new – at least new for von Peter himself – packs of Calpe Miniatures French available. Now these would certainly make a suitable Christmas present.

In the highly likely event that this is the last post before Christmas 2014 von Peter himself would like to take this opportunity to wish all the dear readers an extremely Merry Christmas. May your Christmas stockings overflow with items most desirous and your Christmas tree be (almost) toppled by the stacked goodness underneath.

Further. Should the lack of posts continue in the run up to the New Year then von Peter himself would also like to wish a Happy New Year to all the dear readers. Keep safe. The readership numbers are not that large that von Peter himself can afford to loose even one of you!!  8O))

And now for some snippets of almost new news …

Front Rank come to their senses

Front Rank

It would appear that some of the dear readers are personages of influence. In prior posts on this very blog von Peter himself has bemoaned that Front Rank Figurines had not introduced their Reinforcement Pack concept to their Napoleonic Austrian and Russian ranges. Lo and behold what is there to be read in the latest email from Front Rank and on their news page …

28mm NAPOLEONIC – Alec is now looking at adding Reinforcement Packs to our other Napoleonic nationalities, starting with Russians – look out for new releases early 2015!

Excellent news. The Reinforcement Packs have been well received and at last some may soon become a purchasing option for a self centred von Peter himself whose Austrians and Russians are both predominantly manned by Front Rank Figurines product.

And of course this is incontrovertible evidence of the far reaching influence and power of this blog. Read with caution dear reader!  8O)

Napoleonic Russian command

A favourite photo of some of the Napoleonic Russians of von Peter himself. The dear reader has probably already seen the photo but cease your whining the ingrate’s out there! The foreground figures are all Front Rankers which fits in well with the prose above … … unlike the battalions behind them which are Wargames Foundry product. D’oh!


Victrix unveil the first image of their French artillery

If any of the dear readers are not aware Victrix Ltd are working on a box of hard plastic French artillerymen and they have released the first pictures of the in progress figures.

Victrix French artillery crew1

von Peter himself is far too idle busy to paraphrase the latest announcement so here are the official words from the 9th December 2014 First images of French artillery

As promised we thought we would start showing you some renders of the French Artillery set we are working on. I am sure you will agree Emel is doing a stunning job on these figures.

This set will be French foot artillery in pre Bardin uniform with 8 and 12 pounder Gribeauval system guns. You will get covered shakos, un-covered shakos, Bicornes and Imperial Guard bearskins.

The figures are nice and easy to build due to the coat tails, sword Bayonets and cartridge boxes being all one piece which plugs in to the bottom! Arms are interchangeable.

There are many more figures to show and arm and head variants, these are just a sample with more images and news to follow.

Before we hear howls of ‘why oh why are there no XI system guns and Bardin uniforms for Waterloo?’. They are coming straight after these. So you can field that Grand battery in style by the Summer!

Victrix French artillery crew2

Images “borrowed” from the Victrix website.


More Blücher podcast news

For those dear readers interested in the yet to be released Napooleonic rules “Blücher” from Sam Mustafa  the third podcast – Blücher Podcast Number 3 – is now available.

Also Sam has created a page on his site to group the Blücher podcast releases together.


Don’t forget that you can click on the images for larger and clearer images.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Changes afoot

Inspire access point

With apologies to Captain Haddock from the Adventures of Tintin series of books – what the blistering blue barnacles is the above picture of?

It is dear reader an internet access point as recently installed on the grounds of Schloss von Peter by Inspire Net Limited. It is located part way up the hill behind the main building of Schloss von Peter and has line of sight over some big old pines and across the road to a repeater located on the neighbours property. The cable runs down the hill to a modem/wifi router situated centrally in Schloss von Peter.

By way of back story the government off New Zealand have a much trumpeted rural broadband initiative but its impact on the residents of the upper reaches of Paekakariki Hill Road has been a big fat nothing. <Mutter mutter.> At least Schloss von Peter had a broadband internet connection – even if it could be a bit patchy and hardly of stellar performance. Most of the other residents did not or were suffering through satellite internet connections. The joys of rural living.

Fortunately the circumstances of the residents of the upper reaches of Paekakariki Hill Road are exactly the sort of situation that are well practised at resolving. A local network has been created and it positively flies compared to the service von Peter himself and family used to receive. No longer will heated ‘discussions’ be had between The son & heir and von Peter himself as they accuse each other of thwarting their own attempts to use the internet.

Schloss von Peter is dead (or will be) – long live Neu Schloss von Peter

Of course having finally gotten that necessity of modern living – a decent internet connection – it is now almost time to move on. The Family are pleased to confirm the confirming of their purchase of Neu Schloss von Peter in the sleepy little seaside village of Paekakariki. For those where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing Paekakariki should not be confused with Paekakariki Hill Road which hosts the current Schloss von Peter and is just down the road and up the hill. Further details to follow in due course.

Northern Paekakariki aerial

An aerial photograph of the northern end of Paekakariki. It is in the destiny of one of these streets to suffer a blight! 8O)

Another international visitation

And of course it is important – nay imperative – to let the dear readers know of the domestic arrangements of von Peter himself as occasional visitations are hosted at or in the general vicinity of Schloss von Peter. von Peter himself has now been involved in several visitations – either as the host or visitor – of fellow wargamers whom he has become acquainted with over the internet and he has yet to have a bad experience.

The latest such visitation was by Phil and his wife Gill/Jill* from Chicago. von Peter himself and Aphilla The Hun first met several decades ago – yikes! – in the Yahoo group The Friday Night Fusiliers where shared interests and attitudes became apparent. This once vibrant group has sadly fallen into disuse but Phil and von Peter himself have kept track of one another over several other sites. Well … at least von Peter himself has kept a note of Phil’s various adventures.  8O)

* Sorry Gill/Jill but how you spell your name is a mystery to von Peter himself. Your husband Phil is obviously totally to blame for failing to pass on this information.  8O)

To track some of Phil’s gaming output you can snoop in on a couple of his blogs …

Battle of Ramillies

Painting Distractions

A very enjoyable evening was had wining, dining, chatting and lauging at first Schloss von Peter and then at Finn’s Pekakariki cafe / restaurant / bar / cinema / hotel. Phil and Gill/Jill are welcome back whenever it suits them.

Blücher podcast

In this case Blücher refers to the yet to be released rules from Sam Mustafa. They are rules for the Napoleonic period where …

“The player takes the role of a general commanding a large army in a famous or fictional encounter. Units represent large forces such as brigades of infantry or cavalry and concentrations of massed artillery.”

These rules have been coming for a while – which is not meant as a criticism from a crusty old von Peter himself as developing rules, testing rules and getting them produced takes quite a bit of time – with the occasional “bump” in the promotion stakes.

The latest “bump” has been the release in the first of an expected series of podcasts by Sam about the rules. Blücher Podcast Number 1 runs for just under 15 minutes and is an interesting enough listen.

Bluicher cards

Blücher is reputedly made for playing with either cards and/or miniatures. Sets of pretty cards will be available for purchase. von Peter himself tends to think that any set of miniature rules can be played with cards or some other form of non miniature markers substituting for actual miniatures. How many gamers have done this while trialling a new set of rules or while waiting for their miniatures to be table ready?

Kudos to Sam for a well produced and spoken podcast. A dashedly fine first up effort.

STOP PRESS – Blücher Podcast Number 2 is now available. Sam’s not messing around!

Note that the images in this section are “borrowed” from Sam’s website.

Blucher rules


Fury the movie – some thoughts and some spoilers


The son & heir and von Peter himself took themselves off to local cinema to see Fury as a father – son outing. Fraulien von Peter herself had been invited but had politely yet firmly declined. If von Peter himself were to be honest he did not have high expectations of the movie and so he was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was being drawn into the story and rather enjoying himself.


Four Sherman tanks have discovered the lurking Tiger. The turret popping off one of them was a fairly strong clue! Tiger 1, Shermans 0.

The movie did not glorify the war and certainly did not portray the Americans as angels. As one would expect the violence was was hard to hide from. Head shots seemed to be a particular favourite of the cinematographers. And wherever the production company got its German anti tank gunners from they should demand their money back! What terrible shots!

The scene with the Tiger did perturb von Peter himself somewhat. Why did the Tiger charge towards the Shermans. Surely with its armour and armament keeping its distance would have been the better option. And what effect does a glancing or non penetrating hit by a Tigers main gun have on the crew of a Sherman, or for that matter the effect on the Tiger crew of Sherman rounds bouncing off. Would they be a little stunned? Not according to the film where the crews carried on as if nothing had happened.

And the SS battalion at the end of the film seemed to have plenty of panzerfausts while marching along the road but seemed to loose them while attacking a solitary unsupported disabled tank. Their leaders deserve to be shot … and presumably were at some stage.

von Peter himself knows that this is Hollywood but he cannot cease to hope to see realism win out over keeping the audience happy. von Peter himself knows that he is a dreamer.

But for all this the film is worth a look.


The current score is Tiger 3, Shermans 0. The dance of death continues


Late Romans

The son & heir was on study leave** and for stress relief was reading some historical fiction set during the Second Punic Wars. This was so inspiring to the still developing brain that it requested permission to apply paint to some of the Late Romans that von Peter himself has stashed away under the gaming table. They may not have been Republican Romans but they were Romans and they were the best available option.

** The observations of von Peter himself were that The son & Heir had the leave bit well sorted but that the study bit was a bit more of an elusive concept!  8O)

The thought of finally getting some of his Late Romans painted after so many years by someone who is turning out to be a half decent painter had a certain appeal to von Peter himself. So it was with a deep sense of generosity and philanthropy that von Peter himself handed over six – because it will be sixish figures to a base – trial figures.  8O)

The paint has been applied and an attempt to apply the Little Big Men Studios decals to the shields has been made. Being Late Romans of less than perfect uniformity some have larger shields and some have smaller shields and so the decals too come in two sizes. The  larger decals have worked a treat but the smaller ones have proved to be less than totally compliant. To be fair like the figures some of these decals are several years old now but still failure is not to be tolerated!


The shield design from Little Big Men Studios selected for this unit of Late Romans. Image borrowed from the Little Big Men Studios website

Complaints have been laid with the artisan who seems to be totally immune to such utterances. Worse the artisan has expressed dissatisfaction with the paint job and wishes to repaint them! von Peter himself would much rather that the artisan tried a differing pallet on other figures so that the numbers of painted figures grew rather than the layers of paint on a few figures. Late Romans do not have a reputation for uniformity so the mixing of the two paint regimes within a unit does not unduly worry von Peter himself. Time will tell what the protracted discussions will resolve to.

No pictures yet as the six trial figures are still attached to their painting bottles … and some of them do not yet have their shields decorated with pretty decals.

Oh … and The son & heir is no longer on study leave. He has finished his exams and has now completed his secondary schooling. Next year it’s university for him … assuming that his application is accepted. To be very cliched – where have all those years gone?!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Back on deck … or off the deck … or something!

von Peter himself presents himself as back at his post and reporting for duty. He has been sailing the High Seas on a cruise which may have been a bit indulgent but to cruise or not to cruise was and is the prerogative of von Peter himself … and above all Fraulien von Peter herself! And shed not a tear for The son & heir. He was more than happy with his lot stuck at home keeping the household ticking over. Honest! Invaluable experience for the young man!!  8O)

Carnival Spirit

Our home on the waves – the Carnival Spirit – as seen from Mystery Island, Vanuatu. Don’t bother looking for Mystery Island on most maps though as this is the name used by the tourist trade. Rather try Inyeug. According to the information sheet delivered to our cabin the island was “Formerly used as an allied forces landing strip during WWII” so some military history research for von Peter himself to be had there.

But the Gods of War(gaming) did not totally forsake von Peter himself.

The main à la carte dining room was spread over two levels/decks and was to be found at the stern of the ship – that’s the rear end for you landlubbers. It was named the Empire Room. “Any particular empire?” the more inquisitive of the dear readers might ask while feigning a modicum of interest. Well it’s a funny thing that you should ask …

Carnival Spirit - Empire Room

The entrance to the upper level of the Empire Room on Deck 3

As already stated the Empire Room straddled to levels – Decks 2 and 3. Deck 2 was the full deal whilst Deck 3 was akin to a mezzanine floor with a big central hole that allowed for a view to Deck 2 below. Both levels had a main entrance door – see above – behind which was a sculpture that traversed both levels and was wrapped around by a spiral staircase …

Carnival Spirit - Napoeon 1Perhaps not the greatest example of the sculptor’s or painter’s trade but the representation of a seated male dressed in ceremonial attire aroused in von Peter himself some nagging sense of familiarity.

Descending head first down the central pole was the second character – a woman who seemingly was about to place a laurel wreath on the head of the seated male. You can see her head, arms and laurel wreath in the picture above … and one of her descending feet to the left of the pole in the picture below.

Carnival Spirit - Napoeon 2

At the top of the pole and fully resident in Deck 3 was the third character – another woman. This time she is wearing a sash and written on the sash were four words – Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau and Wagram.

Carnival Spirit - Napoleon Room

The external entrance to the Napoleon Room. Note to self – using the camera’s flash improves the quality of dark indoor photos markedly.

As a final clue to who the seated man was meant to represent there was an annex to the Empire Room on Deck 2. It was called the Napoleon Room. Here endeth todays quiz.

A bit of this and a bit of that …

According to Front Rank Figurines their website at has been “upgraded and improved”. Head on over to their site and see if you agree.

Perry Miniatures have released more Napoleonic Bavarians – artillery and a couple of packs of mounted colonels as well as showing off some more Bavarian ‘greens’ on their Metal Workbench.

Perry greens Bavarians hit by a volley

Perry Miniatures greens. Photo “borrowed” form The Perry’s website.

They’ve also released some more very campaigny looking Retreat from Moscow figures – three packs of French and Hessian light cavalry.

Perry's FN189 French Light Cav Retreat from Moscow

FN 189 French Light Cavalry (Retreat from Moscow) in shakos and Russian caps (these have 6 separate head choices)

A bit of an eye opener this one – A Demonstration of Combat Inside a Full Suit of 15th  Century Armor. von Peter himself would struggle to do some of this in his gym gear … if he had any gym gear of course!  8O)

The The History Book Man have released their latest e-book – The Foreign Regiments in French Service 1795-1814 – Swiss Regiments.

Swiss Regiments

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Wargaming in various media

Bovington Tiger I

A picture from the April 2009 vistit to Bovington. A Tiger I makes the son & heir look even smaller than he was all those years ago! Going back through the pictures taken that day there are plenty of images of various Tiger II tanks but this was the only one of a classic Tiger I. Such unfair discrimination.

Way back in in April 2009 The family were in the midst of their world tour … based in Bristol! Ralph had stumbled across von Peter’s old Apple hosted website and as a regular reader had seen that The family was domiciled in Bristol. He was on a course in Bristol and threw caution to the wind and invited von Peter himself out for a beer/coffee. From this meeting there came an invite of incredible generosity – and no small leap of faith! – for Ralph and his better half Michelle to host The family in Weymouth.

Amongst other attractions Ralph chaperoned von Peter himself and The son & heir around what is apparently now called The Tank Museum which von Peter himself remembers – rightly or wrongly – as Bovington Tank Museum. Much heavy metal in all shapes and sizes and it was very educational to see the beasts up close and in person.

And what is the point of this rambling prose? Ralph – or Sparker as he is known on the ‘net – has a wargaming blog at Sparker’s Wargaming Blog which usually showcases his ‘in the grand manner’ style of gaming. As a diversion from the normal however you can find his In Defence of the Tiger! article on his blog. An interesting read von Peter himself thought …

… even if Ralph did fail to mention the Pink Floyd song “When the Tigers Broke Free” which speaks sings of the prowling Tigers in Italy that killed Roger Water’s father and several hundred others.

“When The Tigers Broke Free”

It was just before dawn
One miserable morning in black ‘forty four.
When the forward commander
Was told to sit tight
When he asked that his men be withdrawn.
And the Generals gave thanks
As the other ranks held back
The enemy tanks for a while.
And the Anzio bridgehead
Was held for the price
Of a few hundred ordinary lives.

And kind old King George
Sent Mother a note
When he heard that father was gone.
It was, I recall,
In the form of a scroll,
With gold leaf adorned,
And I found it one day
In a drawer of old photographs, hidden away.
And my eyes still grow damp to remember
His Majesty signed
With his own rubber stamp.

It was dark all around.
There was frost in the ground
When the tigers broke free.
And no one survived
From the Royal Fusiliers Company Z.
They were all left behind,
Most of them dead,
The rest of them dying.
And that’s how the High Command
Took my daddy from me.

How many other tanks have had a song written about them by a super group? And of course the lyrics are a poignant reminder of why we are fortunate to be able to choose to play warGAMES.

Newish wargames site #1

And speaking of Ralph/Sparker – schizophrenia is such a terrible affliction 8O) – those of an inquisitive nature would have seen his comment on the post of 14 August 2014 von Peter’s import emporium in which he raises to the notice of von Peter himself  the newish wargaming website The Wargames Website. With such a name von Peter himself might wonder what the content of the site might be about?! Fortunately the “About Us” page provides some insight …

Welcome to The Wargames Website.

The Wargames Website is run by us; Editor Mike and Editor Sam. We are a UK based couple that are into gaming and we are aiming for The Wargames Website to offer a combined news feed and forum.

The site is in its infancy at the moment as was only placed live on 27th July 2014. As such please bear with us as we work through any bugs that may occur in the first few months. The high level of demand for an alternative to other wargaming sites has lead up to bringing our launch date forward and this may mean there are a few more issues than we (or you) would like.

And there’s more …

So what are we offering?

  • A wargaming site ‘edited’ in UK times which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • A wargaming site that is run, edited and moderated by people with a genuine interest in the subjects discussed.
  • A wargaming site that makes sharing your love of the hobby easy and fun.
  • A wargaming site that makes it easy for traders and manufacturers to get their news out to the wargaming community.
  • A wargaming site that is safe to use for all ages of gamer.
  • A wargaming site that respects all opinions (even if we do not all agree all of the time).
  • A wargaming site that respects all people.

My dear Sparker seems enamoured of the place so perhaps it is worth a little recce.

The Wargames Website

Newish wargames site #2

And speaking of new – to von Peter himself anyway! – websites the 28mm Review site has been stumbled across. More plagiarism …

Looking for 28mm miniatures figures? Here are lists of who makes what and photo comparisons of different manufacturers side by side.

The idea is good. How well it develops will be interesting to see.

Literature update – Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon

And speaking of that 14 August 2014 post von Peter’s import emporiumvon Peter himself was pleased to announce his acquisition of Michael V. Leggiere’s book Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon. von Peter is now pleased to announce that he is a good third of his way through the book – being near the end of the year 1810 – and has enjoyed his reading to date.

The amount of correspondence that Blücher entered into with various Prussian monarchs has been an eye opener and the number of times he would have had Frederick William III declare war on France in the years 1807 through 1810 is truly staggering. von Peter himself cannot help but feel that Frederick William III was wisely counselled not to act upon Blücher’s advice. Such a declaration prior to the momentous events in Russia of 1812 would most likely not have not have ended well for Prussia. In fact it is possible that Prussian could have ceased to exist.

Literature update – Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles

And speaking of books mentioned in prior posts …the dear reader was alerted to the impending arrival of the book Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles authored by Bernard Cornwell. The word “impending” is now surplus to requirements as von Peter himself was able to hold a copy of the book while awaiting his departure from Wellington airport on the 16 September 2014. Perhaps we will all soon hear how well the non British participants in the campaign are covered within the books pages.

Hovels H1 Log house with thatched roof

Impertinent French pass by a Russian building on their way deeper into Russia, 1812. They will be crowding into the building on their way back … if they don’t burn it down first!!

Meanwhile back in Mother Russia

Several years ago – 2011 it is believed – von Peter himself invested in some unusual real estate. 25mm Russian buildings from Hovels. The plan was to have them ready for any 1812 bicentenial refights. Ha. How von Peter himself laughs when looking back at his pathetic dreams!! One each of the eight buildings in the range were purchased.

Father’s Day was celebrated here in New Zealand several weeks ago and The son & heir undertook to apply the paint to one of these long neglected buildings as his tribute to his father. Part of the task was selecting and recording the colours applied so that the remaining seven buildings could be likewise coloured.

And now there exists the colour prototype though some tweaking will undoubtedly occur for the others. While complete as a prototype the building is not yet complete in itself. It is to be affixed to a base which will then be textured and along with the cast on base of the building painted.

Hovels Russian 25mm buildings

The set of eight 25mm Russian buildings in the collection of von Peter himself. One down – seven to go … eventually.

Hovels buildings are relatively cheap and cheerful. GrandManner buildings are a step or two further along the sculpting and casting quality continuum and as one could suspect just a wee – spot the understatement – bit more pricey. And GrandManner now produce a 28mm Eastern Europe range. Buildings are available with and without snow covering.

Besides cost etc there is another difference between Hovels and GrandManner buildings. The GrandManner buildings are bigger. Significantly so. To von Peter’s eyes the GrandManner buildings work better for more skirmish level gaming and the Hovel’s sizing better for brigade / division / whatever it’s called level of gaming where von Peter’s double ranked 24 figure units represent a battalion. It just doesn’t seem right when a battalion in line cannot cover the frontage of a ‘run of the mill’ building.

Shamefully considering the quality of GrandManner’s offerings those of most interest to von Peter himself are the ruined buildings that are part of the range.

GrandManner Blown up Russian Farmstead

GrandManner Blown up Russian Farmstead with thatch roofs. Image ‘borrowed’ from the GrandManner site.

From the latest Front Rank News area …

 Date Posted: 19/09/2014

Alec is either currently working on or planning the following :-

28mm Napoleonic HANOVERIAN Reinforcement Packs 

We will have HANOVERIANS for WATERLOO period available October/November 2014.

40mm AWI

Light Dragoons should be available during Autumn/Winter 2014.

Emphasis here on the Hanoverian Reinforcement Packs. As far as von Peter himself has heard the Front Rank reinforcement packs are being well received. These will finally move the reinforcement pack idea on from French and British. Well – a wee bit on from the British! One can but hope that perhaps the reinforcement packs will reach the Austrian and Russian ranges … even if one would not necessarily bet any money on it.

Yet more and more and more on The Great Wargaming Survey

Karwansaray Publishers have released three more looks at the results of their The Great Wargaming Survey …

  1. The popular kids… (survey results pt3)
  2. I’m biased. No, I’m biased!
  3. More bias – a short update


That’s enough for now. Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

My Kingdom for la Bricole and other tales


la Bricole

There used to be a pleasant Napoleonic wargaming focussed forum called la Bricole. By no means could the post count be called prolific but it was a thoroughly happy and agreeable place with none of the back biting to be seen in some other places.

A little history lesson – at least history retold how von Peter himself remembers it:

1. The first la Bricole was presented to the world by ArchiducCharles, aka Iannick Martin, of Clash of Nations fame. The aim of the forum was to be a friendly Napoleonic gaming and related topics meeting place. Incidentally Iannick hails from Canada. Hailing from Canada is possibly of little consequence (meant in the nicest possible way of course!) except that …

2. …spookily Iannick’s successor as master and benefactor of la Bricole is also of Canadian extraction – even if he is currently domiciled in Japan. Spooky huh?! Cunningly hiding his identity behind the moniker Olsuviev we shall call him Robert Swan. For further insights into the mind of a benefactor Robert runs several blogs including Serrez les Rangs! and Skoryi Szag.

Upon the transfer of the mantle of la Bricole benefactor Robert created a brand new la Bricole. Transfer from the first to the second la Bricole was carefully managed. Forum member numbers continue a slow increase though the forum never attains a high post rate. It remained a friendly and knowledgable establishment however. Several painting competitions were run. These are not overtly competitive in nature and were run with the aim of assisting forum members to complete some painting. von Peter himself has a pang or two of guilt over these competitions. He entered one competition but got no where near completing his entry. It seemed that painting competitions were not his ‘thing’. They were however the ‘thing’ of some of the other forum members with some wonderful vignettes and units created. Sadly the address of this forum is now irrelevant as it no longer exists! <shock horror>

first 5 figs of 3:4 Esast Prussian landwehr

Above: the 5 completed figures of the abortive first and only painting competition entry of von Peter himself. The entry was to be the 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment modelled as a shot up firing line. The completed battalion – should it ever be completed! – is planned to contain 20 figures … so only 15 to go then. In defence of von Peter himself it must be pointed out that the mounted officer’s horse is also completely painted now!!  8O)

3. 16 May 2014 an unobtrusive email arrives in an email box that von Peter himself does not necessarily monitor on a daily basis. Later a detailed examination of this email would reveal that the old dearly beloved la Bricole had been unceremoniously and unexpectedly kidnapped and moved to another forum address and engine. The email also contained the address of the new forum and von Peter’s new id and password. Simultaneously with the as yet unread email von Peter himself noticed that the old la Bricole has gone off the air. Oh well, such things were not unheard of – it will soon be back were the sage thoughts of von Peter himself. After a while of fruitless waiting von Peter himself starts to get a little worried and asks around as to what has become of la Bricole and is alerted to the new third rendition of La Bricole. Thanks Bryce for the heads up.

It appears that no one, including Robert was expecting the kidnapping. I guess that’s the thing with kidnappings. They aren’t expected!  8O)  Robert lost much of his forum customisations – some of which he is bravely slowly reinstating – and the forum lost many of its members.

The loss of the members is is the crux of this long winded rant. la Bricole may not have had a high transaction count but it was a friendly forum in a world where forums often seem to turn on themselves. If la Bricole is to rise from the ashes then the old members need to find their way back – and perhaps even some new members sign up – and postings need to occur. It appears that the main focus will expand from Napoleonics to a wider Horse & Musket but whatever there is a section of the forum for those periods outside the norm.

So old members or prospective new members please feel free to pay a visitation to the new la Bricole at …

Please be aware that Robert is slowly tidying up the place. The kidnapping act included the transfer of the old posts so there is some interesting ‘stuff’ hidden in there and perchance you may choose to add to a thread or even start a new one.

More on The Great Wargaming Survey

Karwansaray Publishers the publishers of …

magazines have released a second article on the results of their recently conducted survey on wargamers and their habits –  Painting and playing (survey results pt2).

One should take particular note of the last sentence in the article. It is of a particularly  noteworthy nature. Oh the fame … the glory …  8O)


Call to Arms 2014

The weekend just gone was occupied by the local annual wargaming convention – Call to Arms – hosted by the Wellington Warlords. This convention used to be a regular event for von Peter himself but not so now-a-days for a variety of reasons. This does not preclude a royal(!) visitation though. A shame that some nameless plonker would only remember to take his camera while parking his car at the venue!! <mutter mutter>. What must one do to get good help these days?!  8O)

Competitions scheduled to run were …

  • DBMM
  • Field of Glory
  • Flames of War
  • Malifaux
  • Skirmish Sangin
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  • Warhammer 40,000
  • X-Wing.

Of more interest to von Peter himself were the demonstration games. On the Saturday these included a large multiplayer 28mm Napoleonic game based on the slugfest that was the southern front at the Battle of Leipzig using Black Powder rules. What more can one say than the players seemed to be enjoying themselves and the Allies won!

Next door a large Pulp game was being played. Various western nations adventuring parties and some Egyptian Cultists all trying to make their way through a middle eastern town to get the prize which was secreted away in the bowels of a multi level pyramid. Biplanes, omnibuses and all sorts of wackiness seemed to be in order. A mighty effort from Raymond and co.

Although officially a competition Craig & co were playing individual but linked games of Skirmish Sangin. The terrain was great and there were plenty of smiles while von Peter himself was there for a short stopover. Craig’s brother Brent was in attendance – aka Greater Queeg and colouring in artist for von Peter’s Napoleonic Russians – so it was good to get to say hello.

von Peter himself may not have played but he still managed to add a little to the convention. His Napoleonic Austrian heavy cavalry – two kuirassiere and a dragoon regiment – put in an appearance at the Leipzig game and his roads were trodden and driven over on the Skirmish Sangin tables.

Perry Miniatures Bavarians

These have been coming for a while now and now they’re here. If you like your Bavarians with a taste of Perry then your time has come … or at least started as this is obviously not the end of the Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Bavarian range.

Perry Bavarian Line or Light Infantry Marching in overalls

Above: BAV 7 Line Light Infantry marching, overalls – picture borrowed from the Perry’s site.

The initial Bavarian release …

The Bavarian Army 1809-14
28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry

BAV 1 High Command mounted ( Wrede, Deroy and the Crown Prince)
BAV 2 Mounted Staff
BAV 3 Line Infantry command advancing, overalls  1809
BAV 4 Light Infantry command advancing, overalls  1809
BAV 5 Line Infantry command advancing, overalls  1812
BAV 6 Light Infantry command advancing, overalls  1812
BAV 7Line/ Light Infantry marching, overalls
BAV 8 Grenadiers/Carabiniers marching, overalls
BAV 9 Schützen marching, overalls
BAV 10 Line Infantry command standing, overalls  1809
BAV 11 Light Infantry command standing, overalls  1809
BAV 12 Line Infantry command standing, overalls  1812
BAV 13 Light Infantry command standing, overalls  1812
BAV 14 Line/Light Infantry skirmishing/ firing line, overalls
BAV 15 Grendadiers/Carbiniers skirmishing/ firing line, overalls
BAV 16 Schützen skirmishing, overalls


Above: BAV 1 High Command mounted ( Wrede, Deroy and the Crown Prince) – picture borrowed from the Perry’s site.


The end of another post. von Peter himself really must update his stock of photos to add a little colour and interest to the drab writing!  8O)

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

von Peter’s import emporium

The ongoing paint brush preservation campaign continues unabated with huge success, i.e. not much painting activity going on at Schloss von Peter. The brushes aren’t totally dormant but they are dissapointingly idle. There – the truth is out. It’s all those idle paint brushes fault! Naughty nasty idle brushes!!

On the plus side the presses of this here blog have been running overtime with the number of posts / updates released in the last weeks at a historic high. At least von Peter himself thinks this is on the plus side!  8O)  So here we go again …

A new book

Michael V. Leggiere has rapidly climbed into von Peter’s list of authors most meritorious. Michael will be glad!  8O)  Two of his books are already to be found in the the official military library collection at Schloss von Peter. And now there is a third.

This latest acquisition to von Peter’s library is Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon by Michael v. Leggiere. Few of The dear readers will be surprised to hear that the book focusses on the career of Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher of the Prussian Army.

Assigned the acclamation “Marschall Vorwärts” (“Marshal Forwards”) by his troops Blücher is famous for his part in the Allies liberating Germany in 1813 and removing Napoleon as Emperor of the French in 1814 … and again in 1815. Where would the Allies – and indeed Napoleon – have been without Blücher’s drive and determination?

Some of the myths around Blücher are apparently debunked in this book, e.g. he was not the auto attack leader of repute having retreated more times than he attacked; and he was not the military dullard reliant on his famous Chiefs of Staff Gerhard von Scharnhorst and August von Gneisenau with both of whom he built a formidable partnership.

von Peter himself has reached page 30 of the book and we are still looking at Blücher’s pre French Revolutionary Wars experience. Very easy and interesting reading to date. It’s looking like this purchase will be getting a big tick in the successful purchase column.

Blucher Scourge of Napoleon

As an aside … while snooping around the web von Peter himself stumbled upon Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Vol. I: The War of Liberation, Spring 1813 also by Michael V. Leggiere and due to be published in February 2015.

This is to be followed at some stage by Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Vol. II: The Defeat of Napoleon. von Peter himself cannot get enough information on his favoured 1813 campaign. The sooner these two books are released the better!

If nothing else the books should win an ward for the length of their titles which almost constitute books on their own!!  8O)

Two new e-books

Upon hearing the news that the The History Book Man had released their latest e-book ‘The Army of The Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814′ not a minute was wasted before von Peter himself had placed his order for said e-book. Somehow – and there will perhaps maybe possibly be an enquiry into this – the e-book The Army of The Kingdom of Württemberg 1806-1814 was included in the order.

Both e-books promptly arrived and a quick perusal of both reinforce the opinion of von Peter himself that these are wonderful reference e-books. Absolutely unbeatable when the price is factored in.

The Army of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg

More Calpe’s

Another most looked for package from Calpe Miniatures has safely completed the transition from the olde world to Schloss von Peter in the new world.

Part one of the contents was a French march attack battalion for The son & heir … which are to be painted as the 1/2 Italian Line Infantry Regiment. We have had cause to discuss contrary teenagers before. Enough said. Next.

Part the interesting of the contents was a few newly released packs – both French and Saxon. The raw listing looks like …

  • S4 – Advancing Saxons, covered shakos; head turns and blanket rolls
  • S5 – Advancing Saxons, hairy shako covers; head turns and blanket rolls
  • F29 – March-Attack French voltigeurs in non turned back greatcoats and uncovered shakos
  • F30 – March-Attack French grenadiers in non turned back greatcoats and uncovered shakos
  • F32 – March-Attack French voltigeurs in non turned back greatcoats and covered shakos

All the above are four unique figure packs. Note that while the code is official the description is not necessarily the official description.

There are more packs to come. Such astounding in depth shock horror never saw that coming information! An interesting snippet is that there are pack(s) of second row advancing Saxons to come. Presumably these will have their muskets in a 45 degree ‘high porte’ manner. Time will tell.

A quick first inspection reveals the expected joy to paint figures. More more!!  8O)

These figures are not yet on the Calpe Miniatures website. Until they are contact Peter Fitzgerald – see the Contact page on the website. BUT beware the Summer Shutdown notice on the Calpe website …

As most of you know, I have closed down for August for some years now. This allows me to have a family summer holiday. It also gives me a couple of weeks in which I can carry out some maintenance on workshops and machines without the usual pressures associated with running the business. For family reasons, I am closing down slightly earlier this year. As from today, 24th July, I am closed for business until 1st September. I hope you all have  an enjoyable summer.


It looks like von Peter himself will have ‘his precious’ all to himself – or at least mostly to himself – for a little while yet.  8O)

Calpe logo1


The Great Wargaming Survey – the results start leaking

Back in the beginning of July in Public service announcements von Peter himself alerted The dear readers to a wargaming survey that Karwansaray Publishers were running … and von Peter himself is sure that Karwansaray Publishers are eternally grateful for all the survey participants that this blog sent their way!  8O)

Back in the real world The dear readers may be interested to know that The results are in! This little article gives some limited information gleaned from the survey results and to quote from the article …

The full set will need some more processing – there are nearly a million elements of data resulting from this survey – and they will be published in issue 75 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, but here are some preliminaries.

So if your appetite is wetted for more then save up your pounds / dollars / favourite currency and get yourself issue 75 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy when it is released.

There was meant to be more, e.g. news on the La Bricole forum, but that will need to wait for the next post or else this one will never make it to the presses.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Wargamer literature on the horizon

Cavalry at Waterloo

A new book incoming on Waterloo from a celebrity author

So close your eyes quickly and take a guess at who you might think that author might be.

OK, you can open them now!!   8O)

The book Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles is written by Bernard Cornwell who is of course no stranger to writing about Napoleonic warfare … albeit from a more entertaining, heroic, sanitised and not strictly historic point of view.

For the more curious of the dear readers it is possible to read an excerpt from the book. In a way the writing is reminiscent of a Sharpe book but perhaps that’s not a bad thing if one is after a more rollicking and less stuffy read.

Waterloo-The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles

A reservation that von Peter himself invariably has with books on Waterloo – especially some of those out of the United Kingdom – is the old …

“we heroic Brits beat down that damned Boney chap despite those allies we were lumbered with and the late arrival of the Prussians who only appeared once the battle was won”.

Obviously that is a bit extreme but hopefully the dear reader gets the idea. During his tender and formative years von Peter himself extracted from the library and read many a tome on Waterloo and it is his considered consideration(!) that he was lead well astray on the actuality of Waterloo by many of them. The grudge is still held but it was a salutary lesson all the same. The “Three Armies and Three Battles” part of the title does give one a reason to hope … but we shall have to wait and see.

The book is due to be published in the United Kingdom in September 2014. You can pre-order the book on Amazon (click here). Interestingly Amazon report the retail price as £25.00 but they will sell it to you for £17.00 for the hardcover. That level of discount on a new release book is being paid for by someone. I wonder what impact such discounting has on any plans for new books by authors and publishers. Anyways the book will also be available fas a paperback £8.99 and a Kindle Edition £8.54 according to Amazon.

An Impetus Magazine

von Peter himself makes a mostly daily visit to the suspect pleasures of The Miniatures Page (TMP). I say suspect because there seems to be something of a bullying and vindictive culture that rapidly comes to the fore in some of the discussions. So much so that some valued contributors – at least in the somewhat jaundiced eye of von Peter himself – have been driven from TMP. That aside von Peter himself keeps an eye on the Hobby News section as many – but by no means all – new hobby releases are reported there.

Impetus Magazine Issue 1

One such item that caught the eye of von Peter himself was the news of the release to come in the – presumably northern hemisphere – fall of an Impetus magazine. von Peter himself has played a few games of Impetus and thought that there was definite potential there. The original ancient period Impetus rules have spawned several other presumably similar rule sets for differing periods and this magazine will have articles related to several of them. From the TMP article …

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of Impetus Magazine. First issue will be released this fall.

It will be a digital magazine, and will not only cover Impetus, but also BaroqueSmooth & RifledKoncordiaBreaking NewsLords & Servants (medieval skirmish game out this fall as well), and all future games released by Dadi & Piombo Publishing.

It will include fictional and historical scenarios, game reports, rules variants, tutorials, articles on game tactics, and all that is needed to provide good support to our games.

The magazine will be a periodical, with one or two issues per year. It will be available as a PDF through Wargame Vault and Ganesha Games’ shop at $2.99 USD.

At $2.99 USD there is not much to loose so von Peter himself may very well pick up a copy

As ever do not be forgetting to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself