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HMS Victory

von Peter himself had cause to mention in the post before last how in a state of excitement brought on by playing Sharp Practice the The son & heir had availed himself of a unit of Prussian Silesian volunteer jager from von Peter’s stock of unpainted figures. And how the paint was applied in a very efficient and speedy manner – damn him for this ability to quickly paint units – and how the figures were then based. Well … almost based. All is complete except for the final stage of applying the tufts which von Peter himself kindly and generously makes available in a variety of sizes and colours. After a series of intense interrogations it transpires that the tufts will most likely not be applied until the school’s end of term break when school work is less pressing … and perhaps Napoleon Total War less diverting! Said unit will be displayed here when the basing is complete. A strict editorial policy don’t you know.   8O)

The almost completion of the jagers may not have resulted in them being outed here in a photographic format but they did spur the ever philanthropical von Peter himself to conscript the next battalion for The son & heir’s Prussian force from Calpe Miniatures. A unit of resculpted Prussian musketeers in the advancing pose was ordered and received. And so the first of the resculpted Prussian infantry made their way into Schloss von Peter.

Sometimes the hard decisions need to be made. The son &heir is not to take possession of the musketeers until they have been photographed for this here blog. Three packs duly photographed and presented here for your delectification. Three more to come at some stage.

von Peter himself will allow for the proverbial thousand words to be spoken by each picture but he will say that the big difference between these figures and the original Prussian releases is in the shape of the covered shako. Also von Peter himself has a feeling that the figures have trimmed down a little though the blanket rolls make this a little difficult to fully discern. And Mr Calpe’s sculpting has developed over the years.

A home made black wash has been applied to the figures in an attempt to bring out some of the detail. This has been more successful on some figures than others. Damnation … where is my Badab Black GW?! The only other preparation was the removal of some ‘runners’ left over from the casting process. As usual with Calpe Miniatures these are very clean castings.

On with the show …

P1 Advancing musketeers with levelled muskets

14-03-18 P1 Advancing musketeers with levelled muskets - front

14-03-18 P1 Advancing musketeers with levelled muskets - back


P3 Advancing musketeers with 45 deg muskets

P3 Advancing musketeers with 45 deg muskets - front

P3 Advancing musketeers with 45 deg muskets - back


P4 Alternative head variants of P3

P4 Alternative head variants of P3 - front

P4 Alternative head variants of P3 - back


Hobby – what hobby?!

Besides a nightly session scanning the internet, a few games over the Christmas period and chatting with friends von Peter himself has been remiss in his hobby activities for several months now. The paint brushes have remained undisturbed and several of the paints have possibly dried up! This is a totally unacceptable state of affairs and needs to change. The arrival of a painted command stand and a battalion of Napoleonic Bavarians from Nigel Fun-nel may <gulp!> help kick start this rejuvenation as horses need to be painted and the figures based. Hopefully some Bavarians will be on display here soon.

The heading picture

There will be few reading this blog who would not be able to identify the vessel in the heading photo. Of course HMS Victory’s most famous day was when she acted as Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar but she served for much longer than that one glorious day. von Peter himself ably assisted by The son & heir boarded her on the 14th June 2009 during The families overseas adventure. It seems like only yesterday and so long ago all at the same time.

Note that von Peter himself arranged for some regular sized humans to be included in the picture so that the readers will get a sense of scale. You’re welcome!

There is no particular reason for this picture being selected so apologies to anyone who got excited thinking Napoleonic naval was a topic for discussion. Though von Peter himself will own up to owning several Langton Miniatures 1/1200 Napoleonic vessels … … …   8O)

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

vonPetersdorf gets a new suburb/block

vonPetersdorf expanded

vonPetersdorf expands with a new block being added. Obviously the developers are not expecting the war to come their way any time soon. Hopefully they have got this badly wrong!  8O)

von Peter himself has a theory about making hobby purchases. Make them when you can. When you can includes birthdays, Father’s Days, Christmases … and any other occasion that one can get away with it! As a result not only does von Peter himself have an impressive mountain of troops awaiting the love of some paints and a brush but he also has a hillock of terrain items likewise awaiting some colouring compassion. Pride Shame of place in this latter hillock were two Hudson & Allen Studio items. The only problem with the Hudson & Allen Studio’s range is that it is not that large and von Peter himself is fairly much near the end of the buildings that he would purchase. Nice models with interesting details at a reasonable cost and good service from Vatican Enterprises.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-1

The Hudson & Allen Studio’s Late Medieval Village Set, building #3 is the latest item to exit the hillock of neglected terrain items. The model consists of two adjoining buildings. These will be representing either a little stand alone village or another block of an expanded vonPetersdorf when placed next to vonPetersdorf – Hudson & Allen’s European Village - as per the heading picture. As can be seen the new buildings fit in perfectly with those of vonPetersdorf though they perhaps do not have the same level of extra little details of the village.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-2

von Peter himself was far too enamoured with the Late Medieval Village Set, building #3 to risk it to the tender mercies of his own paint application skills. So as with vonPetersdorf itself – and several other buildings! – Craig Watterson’s pigmentation placement talents were enlisted. An inspired call as it turned out.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-3

von Peter himself is well content with the latest addition to his miniature realty stocks.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-4

The completion of Late Medieval Village Set, building #3 means that the only Hudson & Allen Studio item left in the unpainted terrain hillock is the Medieval Fortified Farm. It will be a while until this item is dragged out for some coats of life giving paint however.

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

New (Napoleonic) Saxons and a little more Sharp Practice

sharpe practice 14-01-12 3

A Sharp Practice end game position. More photos and an explanation further down.
If one looks closely one can see some Prussian Silesian volunteer jager skulking in the woods near the back wall of the church. This was the first outing for The son & heir’s latest creation and they will be spotlighted in the next post – assuming that their basing is completed in time!
Slow and steady was their motto for this game. They struggled to get to the front and were never at any stage in any sort of danger. They neither issued or received any shot. von Peter himself is not even sure that they ever saw an enemy figure! Canny fighters indeed!!  8O)
<Click> for a larger and clearer picture.

Calpe’s newish Napoleonic (as opposed to the thuggish dark age variety) Saxons

Another of those quick photo reviews. This time it’s the newish advancing Saxons in their later 1810 onwards uniforms from Calpe Miniatures. Three packs of musketeers in advancing poses. All of these packs contain four distinct figures.

As at the time of writing typing writing these figures do not display in the Calpe Miniatures Shop on their website. An email, phone call or whatever – check the Calpe Conact details - should see a suitable selection of the new figures winging their way to new ‘barracks’ of your choosing should that be your desire.

As usual the figures are photographed in the condition in which they arrived except that any runners have been removed and a black wash applied to help show the details of the figures. And it is here that once again von Peter himself must heap curses upon Games Workshop for their most recent paint range upheaval. This has resulted in their Badab Black wash being replaced with a renamed … and worse … glossy black wash. Glossy does not sound that useful for use either as a wash on figures where von Peter himself prefers a matt look or for quickly splashing over nude unpainted figures figures to prepare them for photographing. Fortunately for von Peter himself he doesn’t use washes a lot when he actually paints but sadly he used to use them when photographing nude unpainted figures. The last of Schloss von Peter’s stocks of Badab Black were eked out to wash these figures but the result was weak sauce and of no use when the figures were photographed. With many silent – and some not so silent – curses the figures were rewashed with watered down black paint  to get the results below. The wash effect is not consistent across the figures so von Peter himself offers profuse apologies and fires off yet more curses in Games Workshop’s direction.

The front on pictures do not show the muskets that well but hopefully the reader will be perceptive enough to get a general indication of the muskets attitude. That they are not all at the same angle will add to a sense of movement in the unit. At least that is the considered thought of von Peter himself!

The packs are pictured front and back. Again von Peter himself has spared no expense in the production of the photographs. He has rearranged the figures between taking the front and back photographs so that the same figure is shown in the same position left to right in the two matched photographs. Such over engineered service.  8O)

S1 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With covered shakos

S1 - front Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground)

S1 - back Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground)

S2 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With hairy shako covers

S2 - front Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With hairy shako covers.

S2 - back Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With hairy shako covers.

S3 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With uncovered shakos

S3 - front Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With uncovered shakos.

S3 - back Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With uncovered shakos.

The package conveying these new Saxons from Calpe Miniatures also contained a gaggle / dollop / swarm of French artillery guns. More on these later. <tease mode off>

We played Sharp Practice again

Bavarians with some French infantry were matched yet again against Prussian military might controlled by The son & heir. We used more of the rules this time … at least we did when we remembered!

A few photographs from the end of the game. Meaning that the tabletop has been cleaned out of quite a few of the original inhabitants. In general …

  • cotton wool denotes an unloaded unit
  • casualty figures and clear counters denote casualties. Once these equalled a base then the base was removed
  • green counters denoted shock points. These can be rallied off but if a unit has more shock points than figures remaining then uncontrolled retrograde movement commences.
sharpe practice 14-01-12 1

Overview of the end of battle from behind the Prussian lines

The Prussians won the church side of the battle. Here after the first turn it looked like the French infantry unit was going to stroll into the church to play the anchor role for the left of the Bavarian flank. Ah, ze plan – it eez coming togezer nicely! But then confusion seemingly set in and they stalled and watched in despair as some Prussian landwehr snuck in to the church under their noses. So stunned were the French that they stayed where they were just outside the church in column for several turns acting as a magnet for much of the Prussian fire until it all got too much and they rushed back to Paris via the back edge of the table. Life then got difficult for the supporting Bavarian infantry.

In the centre the skirmishing Prussian fusiliers took a battering from infantry and artillery fire and one of their three groups even had to fight off a bungled opportunistic cavalry charge. In the end one of their groups was heading to the rear but the others were gamely hanging on. The fusiliers will be getting a citation in despatches.

The centre also saw the demise of the Bavarian cavalry who attempted the ultimately unsuccessful charge on the Prussian fusiliers and then sacrificed themselves over several turns as a distraction to the greater good on the Bavarian right where …

… on the Bavarian right the honours were with the Bavarians who were steadily dismembering some Prussian reservists and the Prussian cavalry for no loss to themselves. This is where one should be posted if one were a Bavarian!

sharpe practice 14-01-12 2

The Bavarian right … from behind the Prussian lines. Look at all those green shock points on the few remaining Prussian cavalry. They’ll soon be passing over the back edge of the table on their way to a refit.
The Prussian reserve infantry are not much enjoying their day either. Their formation has broken into its constituent three groups one of which is making an involuntary tactical move to the rear – to be seen just in front of the artillery – while the other two are on separate sides of the building.

Another satisfactory game. The son & heir is threatening an actual scenario for the next game. He’s even set up the table.

Enough for now. Don’t forget to <click> on the photographs / pictures / images for an enlarged and clearer photograph / picture / image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

It’s 2014 – battles and a painting competition

Sharp Practice 14-01-01

Action on the Franco-Bavarian right flank. A bleary eyed – he’ll blame hay fever – Hauptmann The son & heir over looks his Prussian troops as they battle Bavarians in the second practice Sharp Practice game.
The Bavarian light troops – spot the green plumes which are admittedly hard to spot – on the road are exchanging fire with some Prussian volunteer jager further down the road. On the right hand side of the road just before the jagers are some lost Italians. See the A little bribery seals the deal post for more information on these figures.
The mounted Bavarian officer in the foreground represents Feldmarschall von Peter himself. He has been so busy activating his troops and moving them forward into danger that there has been no chance for him to personally advance to the front lines … and all that danger. Honest!!
Don’t forget to <click> on the picture for a larger and clearer view.

New Years Day 2014 ended up as a great way to start the year. Some of the wee men – 28mm figures that is in case of any confusion – came out to play Too Fat Lardies Napoleonic / black powder era skirmish game Sharp Practice. Rhys and von Peter himself have long talked of playing Sharp Practice and New Years Day was the day to finally get it done. The wise heads of Rhys (French) and von Peter himself (Bavarian) were tasked with saving Europe from the tyranny of the brash younger generation – Daniel (Waterloo allies) and The son & heir (Prussian).

For von Peter himself there is some hope that the figures he uses for his larger battle games can be utilised in a different game setting with the Sharp Practice rules. Not only does Sharp Practice operate at the lower level / skirmish battle but it also allows for a degree of role playing with the ‘Big Men’ – officers and NCOs. If needs be von Peter himself is happy to paint a few single figure ‘Big Men’ for Sharp Practice games.

Two learner games were played over the course of the day with many rules forgotten and others not quite correctly used in the game. But on the plus side some rules were correctly implemented(!) and at least with The son & heir and von Peter himself there is a determination to carry on with the rules. von Peter himself is yet to have a full debrief with Rhys & Daniel but they seemed happy immediately after the gaming activities as they sped away later than their schedule called for. Ooops!  8O)

Sharp Practice

A FAQ has been discovered for Sharp Practice, the rules reviewed and a third game has been set up on the gaming table. The Bavarian – Prussian shoving match is to continue and will feature some Silesian volunteer jager freshly painted by an inspired The son & heir. More on these later.

Sharp Practice 14-01-01 2

Action on the Franco-Bavarian left flank in game 2. The French line infantry in the centre distance between the barn and the wood have managed to advance in that speedy French advance sort of way and have managed to put pile of hurt on an out of sight opposing artillery piece. Vive le emperor! Sadly they have since been stuck unable to move while some wotten wiflemen shoot point blank fire into their flank. Where has that damned Big Man card gone? I bet those cursed English have bought it with their thrice cursed subsidies and removed it from the game deck!!
The green counters denote the shock points on the Frenchmen … and that many is not a healthy sight if you are of the French persuasion.
The Chasseurs a Cheval await their chance to pounce on the flank of the pesky wotten wiflemen. Surely those British have not snaffled their leaders card as well? Their commander is not sure that they can pounce through a light wood … but it is only a light wood.
Click on the picture for a larger and clearer view.

The Christmas book arrives

As per a prior Potential Christmas Presents – the first post von Peter himself duly – if a little late - ordered the book  Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature. Though it is possible to source the book from Caliver Books von Peter himself decided that getting the book from source was the way to go because …

  • It seemed that the producers of the book would earn more from the sale and
  • it was cheaper!

The book duly landed on the last day of 2013 and has been an easy and eye raising read to date. The creators of the diorama certainly put in a great deal of effort even having to organise a home for it and other dioramas.

Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature

La Bricole painting challenge

That friendly Napoleonic focussed La Bricole forum is having another of it’s painting challenges. Officially it is titled

Deploy Skirmishers – La Bricole Winter Painting Challenge, 2014

which just goes to show how confused some people are. von Peter himself could have sworn that it was summer … at least in the Southern Hemisphere!!  8O)

Prizes are offered and they are tres magnifique! The unremitting glory and undying accolades of your peers. In truth the idea of the La Bricole painting challenge is to generate and spur on painting amongst the forums members.

This time around the theme is light troops, be they cavalry or infantry. For further details check the rules and regulations. So get your paint brushes out or at the very least check out the la Bricole forum.

Deploy Skirmishers


And as it is now 2014 it gives von Peter himself great pleasure to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be pleasurable, prosperous and prolific on the hobby front.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

von Peter himself is now on leave – so why is he producing this?!

Simons Medieval handgunners 2

It’s nearly that Christmas Day time of the year. And here is von Peter himself is slaving away on this the first day of his Christmas & New Years holiday leave to bring you this update. I trust that you’re all excessively grateful!

The son & heir persists with his wretched rabbly rebels

The son & heirs 53rd Virginia

Despite being trapped in ongoing intensive holidays and suffering from long sleep ins and other trials and tribulations of the idle The son & heir has spawned another unit of dirty reb’s. This time it’s the 53rd Virginia that have answered the call to the front … or more correctly this front as they look like they’ve been in the field for a while already. Points of interest include the officer who grips his rifle – by repute he’s quite the shot – and his slave who acts as the regiment’s drummer.

The son & heir’s southern horde now consists of 4 regiments, a battery and a couple of command stands. A fifth regiment is well on the way. Mr Lincoln is not amused!

Figures from the Perry’s ACW 80 American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 and the flag is from GMB Designs.

The son & heir also shows favour to his Medievals

Simons Medieval handgunners

As per their chronological order in history these skirmishing Medieval handgunners preceded the American Civil War regiment above off The son & heir’s painting desk. (Actually it’s the painting desk of von Peter himself that the Son and heir has appropriated but that’s another story.) This is just another example of how seriously the historical side of the hobby is taken at Schloss von Peter.

The son & heir was keen to paint these in a red and green livery and then repeatedly referred to them as Santa’s little helpers due to that colouration. So much for taking history seriously at Schloss von Peter then. That didn’t last long! <Sigh>

The handgunners are shown during their ill fated defence of a watch tower. Their brave red headed leader Sir Simon is being helped away having just sprained his ankle after slipping on some bird droppings. Poor Toby lies at the bottom of the tower having reached too far over the edge to shoo away a raven at the instruction of Sir Simon … that then circled the tower dropping it’s load which was to prove the downfall of the bird hating Sir Simon. Karma moved fast during the later Middle Ages.

Handgunners from the Perry’s WR20 Plastic ‘Mercenaries’, European Infantry 1450-1500 box. The casualty figures are also care of the Perry’s but are metal and are from their War of the Roses range - WR32 Dead and wounded.

Christmas comes early for those deserving – Saxon artillery pieces imported into New Zealand

Now that we have the preliminaries care of The son & heir out of the way we can get on with more pleasing topics …

A while back Calpe Miniatures released their Saxon artillery guns – a range of five pieces. As a Christmas taster von Peter himself has now accepted into stock the guns for two foot artillery batteries – one 6 pounder and one 12 pounder – at the scale of 1 model per 2 actual guns. Not only does this satiate von Peter’s need to acquire gaming paraphernalia but it also spreads the cost of purchasing the batteries. What a bargain!!

Saxon 6 pdr battery raw material

The ordnance for a Saxon 6 pounder foot battery – 3 * SA1 Saxon 6 pdr and a Saxon 8 pdr howitzer

Saxon 12 pdr battery raw material

The heavy metal for a Saxon 12 pounder battery. 3 * SA3 Saxon 12 pdr and a SA2 Saxon 8 pdr howitzer

It is the understanding of von Peter himself that the crews for the pieces are in the process of being created amongst the other goodies on the sculpting table. It is also the understanding of von Peter himself that limbers, caissons and suchlike artillery gear will also be putting in an appearance.

von Peter himself may yet pour the contents of some of the packs out of their zip-lock bags, give them a little inking and then post some pictures of them here in the future.


The Saxon 6 pounder as “borrowed” from the Calpe website. von Peter himself can but hope that his will look so fine

More Calpe releases

Calpe Miniatures have released their … errr … ummm … latest releases!

French artillery pieces …

  • FA1 – 6 pdr. M1808
  • FA2 – M1808 7 pdr. Howitzer
  • FA3 – 12 pdr. M1808
  • FA4 – 12pdr. Gribeauval barrel on M1808 carriage
  • FA5 – 10pdr. heavy howitzer (for use with 12pdr. batteries) on M1808 carriage

Saxon infantry …

  • S1 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With covered shakos
  • S2 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With hairy shako covers
  • S3 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With uncovered shakos

Some of these will undoubtedly be recruited by von Peter himself and will eventually be flaunted here.

Oh yes, and others are on their way. Hurrah!

Old Glory Russian church – the final story

Just to update the story of the 1st Corps Eastern European Church, aka the Russian Church.

  • It comes with two domes – in the original preview pictures there was one dome and a spot that looked suspiciously like something would be there
  • The final price is  £70.00. The original estimate was  £70.00 so the price has come down a little.

Now all one has to do is to squint a little and pretend that the WWII Russian infantryman in the picture is really a Napoleonic Russian jager.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. von Peter himself fully expects to see everyone safe and sound post the celebrities. Take care of yourselves and your fellow comrades in ams.

As usual <click> on the images for a larger and clearer image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

The Family takes a surprising pre Christmas week off

Timeline begins …

Friday 23 November 2013. Morning.

The Son & heir sits his last exam for the year. A three hour Biology exam as if anyone cares! He now prepares himself mentally for a week alone at home looking after the dog and house while his selfish self centred parents have a week of luxury on the Sunshine Coast of Australia’s Queensland. This has been known about for quite some time and it’s not the first time those b*st*rds have deserted him while they enjoy themselves. Never mind. Some cunning plans have been hatched with several friends to make the week a little less tiresome.

Friday 23 November 2013. Evening

The son & heir is digesting his meal while amusing himself on his Apple lap top – note that the parents can’t have been too self centred all of the time! – in front of the television. The parents appear with a bag and tell him he needs to pack it with eight days worth of clothing and that perhaps he wants to get to bed shortly as he needs to get up at 3am to catch the plane! The son & heir sits there with a stunned expression on his face, whimpers weakly that he has plans for the week and protests that he doesn’t know what’s true and what isn’t anymore. A little more sitting and a little more stunned expression before the trek to the bedroom is undertaken and the bag duly filled.

Fraulien von Peter herself and von Peter himself are thrilled with the result and cannot believe that the secret of the trip to Oz has been successfully maintained. Many months earlier the trip for three had been planned and booked and despite practically everyone in The families circle of friends knowing of the prank The son & heir was oblivious to the subterfuge until the very end.

… End timeline

Some would say that such tricks are cruel and inhumane. That may be true but the look on the face when it was told that it was going on the trip was priceless. And after all is it not the duty of all conscientious parents to prepare their progeny for all those nasty surprises that will undoubtedly wrong foot them in later life?

Croc gets Simon

Oh dear – all that successful scheming is undone as a monster Salt Water Crocodile gets some rather large chompers around The son and heir at Australia Zoo. On the bright side von Peter himself will get to have two airline meals on the way home.

It is not in the schemes of von Peter himself to bore anyone by reporting on the week in Oz. Suffice it to know that the week was a success. And besides there were no wargaming activities, sites or stories to report.

And now for a little wargaming related news …

GMB Designs Christmas Offer

Grahame Black of GMB Designs has released his annual – well it feels likes it’s annual -Christmas Offer …

On all orders received up to December 31st.

Order ten packs and add one free pack . ( 11 )
Order Fifteen packs and add two free packs . ( 17 )
Order twenty packs – and choose a further three free packs . ( 23 )


Not a particularly wargaming heavy post but prepare yourselves for yet another post in a few days time with some newly painted medievals from The son & heir, the arrival of an early Christmas present for von Peter himself and other snippets to astound and amaze.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Potential Christmas Presents – the second

November keeps on rolling remorselessly along and still we are plummeting towards Christmas … and whether we like it or not we apparently live in a material world.

Perhaps the the book Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature as unveiled in Potential Christmas Presents – the first is not for you. Or perhaps it does not cost enough and you need more!!

1st Corps Orthodox Church

von Peter himself is a sucker for the spectacular in terrain features. There is a vague awareness that a particular tabletop battlefield can only host so many at once but still there is a yearning for the ownership of those grand statements. Additionally though von Peter himself collects his Napoleonic armies with a focus on that tumultuous and historically significant year of 1813 it does not take a genius – thankfully! – to realise that the collected armies of 1813 vintage also struggled through the immenseness of Russia in 1812. All it would take is to have a little Russian type terrain and a whole new year of gaming would be opened up. Hmmm … makes one ponder.

1st Corps have a slowly growing range of 28mm Eastern European Buildings and it looks like an Eastern European Orthodox Church is soon to join that range. A fairly grand Orthodox church in a rural sort of practical to put on the tabletop sort of way. To be fair the body of the church is very common place but the steeple catches the imagination. At least the steeple catches the imagination of von Peter himself!

Is it just von Peter himself or does it look like there is a plinth like platform area on the roof of the ‘lean to’ part of the church that will perhaps host a cross or something?

1st Corps Orthodox Church

As an aside – grand buildings are so much easier in 15mm. von Peter himself fell heavily for the Scenic Effects 15mm Orthodox Church – see below – the first time he cast his gaze over its image. Sadly Scenic Effects had long since ceased to be and a protracted global search finally uncovered Monday Knight Productions who had the rights to the old Scenic Effects models.

15mm Scenic Effects Orthodox Church

Confession time. The idea of getting ones hands on some Russian terrain is not an entirely new one to von Peter himself. A number of pieces suitable for a little 1812 action have made their way into ‘stock’. Of course they remain stubbornly devoid of any paint but that is not germane to this discussion! Sourced from Hovels von Peter himself has one each of the available buildings from the Eastern European 25 or Russian 25  - take your pick as the website calls the range by both names – range. And yes there is a church in the picture below of the collected so far Russian buildings. But one must understand that the Russians were very keen on their religion and two churches would most certainly not be an overkill in ones collection. Truly.

Hovel's Russian buildings

So number two potential Christmas present to ones self is a Russian Orthodox church.

As usual <click> on the images for a larger and clearer image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself