Rose tinted memories

SYW Journal V5-4 V6-1

Moving abode from Schloss von Peter to Neu Schloss von Peter involved the packing, moving and unpacking of more than a truck load of accumulated possessions. And in case there is any thought that the many many boxes of hobby related contraband moved may have been included in that above total the answer is a most definite NO! There should be absolutely no doubt that all those years decades of collecting was going to be entrusted to anyone other than von Peter himself and one or two understanding and trusted confederates.

The son & heir obviously had a degree of understanding of the stakes involved … not to mention a certain degree of self interest. We two made several journeys with the car stacked full of the precious cargo in the days leading up to the move. The vendors of Neu Schloss von Peter had kindly provided a storage area for such early arrivals and we took full advantage. The second trusted confederate was Terry who not only assisted with the remaining few precious possessions but also took a days leave from work to provide general assistance with the move. This act of self sacrifice deserves some sort of medal as von Peter himself was of limited use on the day as his hips weren’t really ‘into’ the whole moving thing … and we really weren’t fully ready / packed. Thank you Terry. You were a life saver.

What a load of drivel the dear readers are probably rightly thinking but the point of this drivel is that one of the long lost items rediscovered in the move was von Peter’s stack of Seven Years War Association Journals. The Seven Years War Association used to publish their journal and hold an annual convention in the USA. von Peter himself is not sure whether the journal is currently being regularly produced but it would appear that the convention is still held on an annual basis. von Peter himself would have eagerly attended one of those conventions. Especially one of those conventions featuring Christopher Duffy.

Long before the internet was the all pervasive beast that it is today von Peter himself would receive a journal in the mail with much excitement. He would proceed to feverishly read and re-read the issue many many times. Initially they were just back and white eventually moving up market with colour. The memories of von Peter himself would rate the old black and white ones as the ones most enjoyed.

SYW Journal V8-4 and members

As a nod to (his own!) nostalgia von Peter himself presents a few of the journal covers here. Click on them for a larger and clearer view to reveal the headline contents of each edition.

SYW Journa V10-2 and 3

And we’ll conclude with a couple of the colour editions …

SYW Journal V11-1 V14-3

Truly does von Peter himself have fond memories of these journals.

Part of the reason that the Seven Years War Association Journals were so avidly collected was that when he returned to the gaming fold after his university years von Peter himself was captured by tricornes, mitres and Christopher Duffy’s Seven Years War books. It didn’t hurt either that the Front Rank Seven Years War range was being cast under licence here in New Zealand which made the collecting much more convenient and cheaper. And so Prussian and Austrian armies were started, later to be joined by a few units of Hanoverians and French.

The two images below are from a game played on the 26 May 2007 which is well past the heydays of the Seven Years War gaming of von Peter himself. It featured Prussians – with a few Hanoverian leader ring-ins! – squaring off against a combined Austro-French force who started with a few units holding terrain while the rest of the army approached.


 Above: an overview of the initial stages of the battle


Above: Kuirassiers clash with a couple of battalions of Prussian grenadiers advancing in echelon. An Austrian commander top right and some Hanoverian(!) commanders bottom left

Pavlov Grenadiers get Reinforcement Packs from Front Rank

The Napoleonic Russian Pavlov Grenadiers with their mitres proudly worn may not have realised that the era of the Seven Years War was gone yet wargamers love them for their idiosyncratic look. Front Rank Figurines have now indulged these gamers with the release of three Reinforcement packs for this iconic regiment. The good people at Front Rank provide the option for officers wearing the mitre or the kiwer. von Peter himself has no idea whether the choice is defined by year or by officer – or gamer! – preference.


Above: RNRPK13 Mixed Russian Pavlov Grenadiers in mitre, marching


Above: RNRPK14 Mixed Russian Pavlov Grenadier Command in mitre advancing


Above: RNRPK15 Mixed Russian Pavlov Grenadier Command in mitre, officers in Kiwer advancing

Despite his interest in the Seven Years War von Peter himself is planning to eschew the mitres having already selected the two Russian grenadier regiments that he hopes to one day field …

3rd (Grenadier) Corps: Generalmajor Raevsky

1st Division: Generalmajor Sulima

Brigade: Colonel Acht

  1/St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment

  3/St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment

  1/Tauride Grenadier Regiment

  3/Tauride Grenadier Regiment

von Peter himself has some of the metal salted away for these units and that metal is sourced from Front Rank albeit pre the Russian reinforcement pack days.

Besides by the time period that von Peter himself has chosen to model his Napoleonic forces on the Pavlov Grenadiers had been elevated to membership of the Russian Guard. Far to rich on the elitist scale for von Peter’s poor overworked Russian infantry.

More Russian Reinforcement Packs are yet to come … marching out of the east!. Infantry in greatcoat are due in late August or September 2015. Hurrah! Take that you Bonapartists!!  😀

Murawski Miniatures release their Baden range

Murawski Miniatures have released the beginnings of their Baden range. Stolen Appropriated from their August Newsletter …

Launch of the Baden figures!

New Range

I am pleased to announce the launch of a range of 28mm Baden figures. These have been designed to fit in with the existing Murawski Poles and are an excellent match for Perry figures.

The first figures are in the long tailed coat and helmet and are suited for the period 1809-1812. First releases are:

1. Commandpack – 6 figures

2. Grenadiercompany – 3 figures

3. Voltiguercompany – 3 figures

4. Skirmishers – 3 figures

5. Fusiliers – 6 figures

These are priced at the same levels as the Poles.

Murawski Baden & Poles

Above: Some Murawski Badeners flanked by a couple of their Poles

Murawski Miniatures also have a Summer Sale under way. Contact …

for details. von Peter himself hopes he has the correct contact email address!  😀

Victrix French Artillery 1805 – 1812 now available

After some delays due to some “minor fill and flash errors” during test casting Victrix Ltd have released their hard plastic artillery set. The set provides “Lots of head and arm options allow you to create crews in bicornes, shakos and guard bearskins.”

Victrix French arty 1804-12

The Waterloo that keeps on giving

The Waterloo 200th anniversary thing certainly keeps on giving.

The actor Sean Bean who played Richard Sharpe in the television series based on Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe books presented the two episodes for The History Channel. These totally passed von Peter himself by but fortunately they can be viewed via the good offices of the internet

Episode 2 is still to be fully viewed by von Peter himself but the standout scene so far has been the reconstruction of the effects of a musket ball hitting, penetrating and wrecking a leg. Most sobering.

Of course there is also the Blackadder – Waterloo for a slightly different look at the history of the Battle of Waterloo.

A new blog – in a garage – on the block

We started with Terry assisting with the big move and so we shall finish with Terry’s new blog – Terrys Garage Gaming. Terry is currently coming to grips with this new fangled blog technology and getting blasted photographic evidence out of (his daughters!) fancy camera and onto that new fangled blog but he’ll get there.

He has a very busy and successful gaming operation run out of his garage while his car lives permanently outside – we all need to make sacrifices!

Head on over and take a nosey now and in the future. He already has a backlog of posts to produce and publish. And don’t be put off if some of the heading pictures look familiar to the dear readers. They are being used as place holders and will be replaced with more indigenous ones in due course.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

I should be packing but … # the last

After months (and months) of preparation tomorrow is the big day for the move from Schloss von Peter to Neu Schloss von Peter. The last minute rush is well under way but who knows when we’ll have telecom’s again so here’s a quick update.

von Peter himself had hoped to have his Napoleonic Russian Kuirassiere Brigade command available to flaunt. But while most of the basing was complete ‘most’ was not good enough and too soon the time came to pack it away. For the next post then … assuming it can be located at the other end!

Victrix Sale

 One reason to rush out this post is because there is a sale at Victrix Ltd … but it ends on the 22 March 2015 so you’d better get a move on if you wish to partake.


Murawski Miniatures  reveal their nearish future

Murawski Miniatures are going to move on to Badeners after their Poles …

Murawski Baden 1. jpg

Picture care of Archiduc Charles via the la Bricole forum.

Westfalia Miniatures update

Westfalia Miniatures are in the process of renewing their website. Interestingly their ‘Shop’ has an as yet unused category for Napoleonic Baden. Are we going to see a rash of Napoleonic Baden offerings? Admittedly Westphalia often offer jus a few specialty figures in a range rather than a complete offering.

Westfalia Miniatures

New Front Rank Russians

In many ways the most exciting news. Front Rank Figurines have started to release their Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement packs.

  • RNRPK1 Infantry in Kiwer, marching
  • RNRPK2 Infantry Command in Kiwer, advancing


  • RNRPK3 Grenadiers/Carabiniers in Kiwer, marching (above)


  • RNRPK4 Grenadier/Carabinier Command in Kiwer, advancing (above).

Excellent news. And the good times are due to keep rolling as per the following sentence stolen from the latest newsletter …

Lots more Russians, including the long awaited Russian Guard, PLUS line in 1809 style shakos, lookout for more releases over the next couple of months!

Pictures ‘borrowed’ from Front Rank.

CitadelSix Custom Design Heraldry Decals & Design Commissions

Check the Citadelsix Custom Design website from which this has been “borrowed” …

CitadelSix Custom Design is the home of high quality heraldic water-slide decals, created to make your miniatures stand out from the others on the war-gaming table. Whether fantasy or historic, your army will be unique.

Most popular gaming scales catered for, from 15mm to 54mm.

Large range of designs available to choose from and more being added all the time, or if you don’t see any that catch your eye, then contact me to commission your very own heraldry, decals and decal-sets.



That’s all for now. An early start tomorrow beckons.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Aggressive Corsican chappie instigates battle

Battle of Berlin 1

Brandenburg Dragoons glory. Having chomped their way through some cavalry and survived the canister the dragoons are about to claim a Bavarian battery … though to be fair to the gunners it did take a couple of rounds of melee.

1813 Central Europe and the struggle between the Evil Overlord Napoleon and the would be oppressed nations of freedom loving pacifists <sounds a bit twee really but we’ll go with it – “in for a penny, in for a pound” and all that> continues unabated. The Evil Overlord has decreed that yet another attempt on Berlin is to be made.

“No loss of men is too great. They are but minions to my destiny after all.


* To be spoken with an atrociously stereotyped French Evil Overlord accent.

He really can’t abide peace loving people living in peace. And so it came to pass that a portion of the Berlin bound French force was intercepted in the vicinity of Gross Badsdorf and Klein Badsdorf … and one or two windows got broken.

Can you guess which side von Peter himself played on yet?

The French force consisted of two divisions. The first was that of General de Division Terry and was stuffed full of Frenchmen stiffened with a Young Guard regiment. The second was mostly provided by German allies of France – Bavarians with a couple of battalions each of Saxons and French – commanded by Generallieutenant Craig.

Opposing the hordes of tyranny – you must surely know by now on which side von Peter himself was placed – was a Prussian force lead by Generallieutenant Simon and an allied Russian force ably lead by Feldmarschal von Peter himself.

Overall the French had more battalions, the Allies more cavalry and a little more artillery. Being 1813 both sides had a few elite units but more Trained Militia in their order of battle.

The fates of war were to be decided by the Piquet Master Rules and the second edition Les Grognards Napoleonic supplement as supplied Piquet Inc. It had been a while since any of us had played ‘classic’ Piquet but the rules soon came back to us … in the main!

The engagement was to be a classic meeting engagement with the forces discovering each other in a haphazard manner. That was the plan anyway with the various brigades arriving where desired but with indeterminate timing. On the day though most of the brigades came on fairly quickly with the exception of the French Division who seemed to be keen to watch their German allies suffer a little before risking any Frenchmen. Classic French tactics!  8O)

Battle of Berlin 2

Prussian response to Bavarian aggression against Klein Badsdorf. They have just battled their way into the church and are contesting the rest of the town. Of course no one should ever neglect the Up2 for “Deployed in town”. That would reflect very poorly on one’s martial training!

Naturally the game was called before it had ended as people were required elsewhere. For those not in the know Piquet uses a system of Morale Chips to adjudicate the winner of a battle. Morale Chips are assigned on a variable basis dependent on the number of units and the quality of those units in an army. The number of these Morale Chips are decreased through the game in numerous ways including stands lost, melees lost, units routing, forcing morale checks on enemy units etc. Get down to zero Morale Chips and you are in danger of withdrawing from the field. Three of the four divisions were down to around 5 or 7 Morale Chips when the game was called. General de Division Terry still had 22 odd!!

Additionally the French held Gross Badsdorf while Klein Badsdorf was disputed.

The Russians had got to Gross Badsdorf first but had been tossed out in double quick time by the French who first shot them up and then evicted them at the point of Monsieur Bayonet in an extremely rude and abrupt manner. A counter attack was all set to go in with a mighty “Hurrah” and a scattering of empty vodka bottles when the brave General de Division Terry was suddenly needed elsewhere. Hmmm!! The dear reader is welcome to draw their own conclusions. 8O)

Over at Klein Badsdorf the Bavarians had taken complete possession but had been evicted from the church and the Prussians were contesting the remainder. All this easy exchange of real estate was beginning to elicit some discussion when it was realised that we’d all been ignoring a positive “Up 2” for the defender when “Deployed in towns”. That would have made a difference so it’s back to Staff College for all involved! Simultaneous to the trade in Real Estate the Bavarians had blown a hole in the Prussian lines so there was still plenty to play for.

Tactically a French minor victory. Strategically an Allied victory because as all students of history will be aware Berlin was never retaken by the French in 1813. And von Peter himself is hardly biased at all in his summation of the end game situation … not even a littlest bit!!  8O))

Battle of Berlin 3

Above: in the distance the Russians mass in preparation for the retaking of Gross Badsdorf. The dear reader may wonder at the lack of French in this graphic but they had already left Schloss von Peter when the graphic was obtained. This also accounts for the angle at which the graphic was framed.

The battle saw the “blooding” of two brand new units, a brand new command base and the introduction of The son & heir’s Silesian Volunteer Jager IR 11 (1. Silesian) to a big battle as opposed to the Sharp Practice skirmishing they had experienced to date. Despite the anticipated poor performance expected of freshly raised units all performed well – even if some were not exactly placed under an excessive strain. The new units and command will be revealed to the dear readers soon. The Volunteer Jager was outed in von Peter himself got all forgetful!.

Murawski Miniatures announces first ever sale!!

Many of the dear readers will be familiar with the Napoleonic Grand Duchy of Warsaw range of figures as produced by Murawski Miniatures. FYI Murawski Miniatures are having a sale to help fund the extension/completion of their Polish range. Details can be found on The Miniature Page at Murawski Miniatures Announces First-Ever Sale.

The Murawski Miniatures range is available from Eureka Miniatures of Melbourne, Australia for us Southern Hemisphere types. I’m not sure what this means for sales from Eureka. Probably nothing von Peter himself suspects.

And as a second FYI for the nosey curious types … the proprietor of Murawski Miniatures has a blog RTB at Large.

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself