It lives … sort of. This blog will be the replacement for the Orders of the day blog of von Peter himself.

Trials are ongoing. You have been warned!



von Peter himself

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  1. Greetings Peter and congratulations on the site. Can you help? Do you remember where you bought the model complete one piece village you show on the site with, I think, a few Tudor buildings? Any help would do. Thank you, Bargratian

  2. Hello and thank you Bargration

    I’ve got the blog up and running. One day I’ll get the website proper up and running as well!

    I believe that the village you are talking about is the European Village from the Hudson & Allen Studio range. I got mine from Vatican Enterprises in the US. Funnily enough I was talking to someone in the weekend on just this topic. They were having trouble sourcing the European Village in the UK and will have to go to Vatican Enterprises.

    Anyways Vatican Enterprises website is http://www.wargamescenics.com/ and the European Village can be seen (and ordered!) near the bottom of this page http://www.wargamescenics.com/products.html

    Happy hunting. Hudson & Allen Studios have some great models and the European Village is a wonderful piece IMHO.

    von Peter himself

  3. Thanks a lot for the information Von Peter, and incidentally I too was speaking to someone a few days ago asking about the whereabouts of the model “down under” and it resurrected my original interest but, never acted upon of course. I shall rectify this shortly thanks to your information.

    Regards, Bargratian

  4. This may be a bit presumptious of me von Peter Yourself, do you think you might be in a position to add the rss widget to your sidebar? I would like to get my updates via this tool as I can then position your “bloggish area” in the blogspot gadget blogroll.

    Honestly it is like another language this interweb blog speak

  5. Peter hii …its Paul here all the way from Australia ..
    I still stay in touch with the NZ gaming world through your writings and Rolys website too ..
    I was wondering if all is well there with Roly Ive sent him a couple of emails and got no reply ..and noticed theres no updates on his web site for awhile ..
    Hope all is well ..
    If you could let me know much appreciated ..
    Yours ..Paul

    • Hi Paul

      It’s been a while since you fled to the lucky country! 8O)

      I trust our ANZAC cousins are treating you well. Are you getting any sort of gaming?

      Funny that you should mention Roly. We had a game in the weekend with Terry Swain and my son Simon. And I had lunch with Roly today. My first contacts with Roly for a while.

      So I can confirm that Roly is well, alive and kicking. I wonder if you have an old email address. Anyways I shall make sure that Roly sees this and acts accordingly.

      von Peter himself

  6. Dear Mr. Von Peter

    I saw you have the partizan press book “polish troops in the service of napoleon”. Could you please share some information about the uniforms of the polish Noble Levy of the duchy of Warsaw? I’ve been trying to find information for months about the subject. You can reach me on my email.

    Best regards


  7. Hi. I am trying to get in touch with an old friend – Chris Adcock. I used to work with him 25 yeas ago … packing cheese. If you have his contact details (email) I would be very grateful and/or to pass mine on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hello John

      Apologies for the late reply.

      And also apologies as I don’t have any contact deals for Chris Adcock. You have my morale support in your hunt though if not any useful actual support!

      von Peter himself

  8. Dear Mr. von Peter:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts. I have a question…you’ve been a buyer and reviewer of Rawkins’ ebooks/pdfs, do you have the full set? I’m sure you saw that he sadly passed away. Do you think I could buy a copy of the set from you? His website has shut down.

    Many thanks. I can be reached via my email.

    • Hello Peter. Such a great name! 😎

      I only have a smattering of the Rawkins ebooks.

      There is a chance that the existing ebooks will once again come to market. We live in hope.

      And to round it out … I think the chances of any expansion to the range is highly unlikely unfortunately.

      von Peter himself

  9. Hello, I trust you are well. Have you heard from Maria Sharman regarding Bill Rawkins’ ebooks? Do you have a way of contacting her? I remain focused on trying to find a way to preserve all his hard work for the community.


    • Hello Peter

      I have reached out to Maria again to see if anything is afoot. For her privacy I have undertaken not to publish her email address without her permission. If I hear back I shall post what I can.

      von Peter himself

  10. Hey Peter
    von Divo here (no relation, I presume). I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you but can’t locate an email – can you perhaps email me?

  11. Dear Peter

    I’m writing an article about repainting a Russian Napoleonic army by Hinchliffe that I first completed 35 years ago for Wargames Illustrated Magazine. I would like to credit your website as a source of inspiration for other wargamers with your permission. I’ve contacted Burkhard seperately about his revisions regarding Russian Napoleonics.

    Many thanks

    • Hello Paul

      All the best with your article writing. It’s the fine efforts of people like yourself that keep the magazines alive and kicking.

      I would be truly honoured to be credited in your article. Permission granted with extreme pleasure.

      And yes Burkhard’s site is a great resource and Burkhard himself is extremely friendly and helpful.

      von Peter himself

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