Snippets #18

A paucity of posts reflects the hobby falling down the priority list. Sigh!

Them Perry twins sure are busy

As is their way the Perry twins of Perry Miniatures fame have been busy. From amongst a raft of announcements two of their “projects” have been selected as suitable for reporting here.

1. Plastic Napoleonic allied cavalry. Two separate boxes of them are “in progress” with no release date as yet released. A box of Russian uhlans …

… and perhaps more interestingly a box that can create either Prussian or Russian dragoons …

2. Two new Napoleonic ranges have been announced – 1806 Prussians and 1806-09 Saxons.

von Peter himself has always thought that the 1806 Prussians would make a fine looking army though he is not likely to go there. His nascent(!) 28mm Napoleonic collection is of an 1813 ilk and he already has Seven Years War Prussians that in many ways are similar to those of 1806.

Pictures “borrowed” from the Perry Miniatures facebook page.


Eagles of Empire Miniatures

Eagles of Empire Miniatures are a company who up to now seem to have focussed on later nineteenth century conflicts, ie. the Franco-Prussian War. But they have now diversified with a range of 28mm 1812 Napoleonic figures. This they have managed in conjunction with the Russian Avanpost Miniatures.

The figures are cast in resin and appear to come as sets of 9 skirmishing infantry £16.00, 18 infantry £29.00, 6 cavalry £29.00 or artillery piece with 4 gunners £13.50.

von Peter himself has no idea how these figures compare size wise with other manufacturers wares. The expectation is that the range will be expanded in 2021.


And of course it is the festive season with Christmas 2020 recently celebrated and the New Year only just consummated. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. And in these COVID-19 times please take the greatest care out there.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Some Napoleonic bits

Shamefully no newly pigmented figures have rolled off the production line of von Peter himself since the last missive. Soon Dear reader, soon. But still there is information worthy of the effort required to publish it …

General d’Armee: the videos

As has seemingly become their want TheTooFatLardies have created some videos to support the soon to be released Napoleonic rules General d’Armee.

For any of The dear readers who may be a little confused at this juncture please note that General d’Armee is being published by Reisswitz Press which is an arm of that wargaming conglomerate The TooFatLardies (TFL). Reisswitz Press being utilised by TFL to publish rules etc not created by the TooFatLardies themselves. By way of illustration General d’Armee has been penned by David Brown.

So back to the videos with descriptive wordage ‘borrowed’ from the TooFatLardies …

Dave Brown introduces his new Napoleonic wargames rules published by Reisswitz Press. Here Dave talks about the size of forces needed for the rules …

In the second of the General d’Armee series, author, Dave Brown, talks about the game turn and its structure …

Dave Brown talks about the real heart of his new rules, General d’Armee, in the video about Command & Control and Initiative …

Here Dave Brown, author of General d’Armee, talks about the next phase in the game sequence; the Charge. Fix bayonets and enjoy! …

It is the understanding of von Peter himself that that least eight videos have been produced with the remainder soon to put in an appearance.


Internecine warfare

The son & heir happened to be on a two week break from his studies in Dunedin. Being of a naturally generous nature he decided that the two weeks would best be spent at Neu Schloss von Peter consuming food, beverages, tv, internet and last but not least hot water.

This was all too much. Such unrestrained raiding could not be left unchallenged. A man needs to protect what is his after all. Armed conflict seemed unavoidable. von Peter himself sent forth a scouting party of Bavarians whilst The son & heir despatched his own scouting force of Prussians. The two bumped into one another in the vicinity of a small farm occupied by a few innocent civilians.

These unfortunates were of great interest to the military men who wished to gently issue them invites – that they couldn’t refuse – back to their respective military camps to ‘discuss’ the local area. If not in the clutches of one of the two militaries the civilian figures could randomly move which annoyingly they mostly chose not to do in the game.

A couple of pictures to recount this episode of kleine warfare at the edge of the main armies. Don’t be forgetting to be clicking the pictures for a larger and clearer view.

Above: Those dastardly Prussians are all over the majority of the civilians early in the game.  The dice were to prove themselves Prussian sympathisers early on.

In the bottom left some Volunteer Jager (green coats) of the 1st Silesian Infantry Regiment and their rifles are taking advantage of a copse of trees to lay down some hurt on a Bavarian Landwehr unit that is to the left of this image.

Poor Gunter – lugging around a sack of produce over his shoulders in the field  at the bottom of the image – is destined to be caught in the crossfire of these two units for several turns and miraculously survived!

In the centre leftish some Prussian Landwehr shelter behind a wall and welcome wheelbarrow pushing Hans into their ranks with the offer of hospitality that he cannot refuse. Hans obviously lost control of the barrow as he pushed it right into the Prussians.

A little up and to the right of the Landwehr a detachment of the 1st Silesian Infantry Regiment have welcomed the farm proprietors Elfriede in her yellow dress and Konrad in his Sunday best green jacket. The offer not to be refused is being made.

Top left a detachment of the 1st Silesian Infantry Regiment with their red flag are escorting Ada off the board prior to their return.

In the top right corner can be seen Clothilda in her red scarf annoying running from the pursuing Bavarians a little of whom can just be made out top right.

Above: Later in the game the Bavarians have managed to assume a central position. Those dastardly Prussians have made off with most of the civilians though out of sight to the left Gunter is still stranded between the lines and Clothilda is being kept close by the Bavarian light troops and their mounted officer at the extreme right behind the tree.

The Prussian troops of the 1st Silesian Infantry Regiment to be seen over the farm buildings have delivered their civilians off table and will soon form a column to storm back up the table to the right of the farm buildings,

The Bavarians in the centre will soon send a detachment of line troops in their corn flower blue and the second detachment of green clad light troops just visible in front of the white washed farm building to the right to try and shoot up the soon to be visiting Prussian column.

The rest of the central Bavarians will pivot to the left to take the Prussian Volunteer jagers – not visible here – under fire.

The dice were to realise the earlier  error of their ways and turn on the dastardly Prussians. The skirmishing Prussian Volunteer Jagers and the main column were to suffer inordinately.

The Bavarians were left with the feel good factor at the end due to some excellent shooting at the death – a poor pun! – but though the Prussians suffered at the end they could claim to be victors as they’d rounded up more civilians and got most of them off table to their camp. And everyone knows that a civilian in the camp is worth more than one in the ranks and still on the table!

A Sharp Practice game.

And of note The son & heir had painted all the Prussians he used in the game except for two mounted officers. The warmonger!  😃

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

3/4 East Prussian Landwehr

On the 18 November 2010 on his old no longer in existence website & blog – thank you for nothing Apple [mutter mutter] – von Peter himself proudly displayed a picture of the figures he had bought and with which he intended to model a shot up landwehr firing line. The figures safely secured via the mail were added to the unpigmented figure pile.

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - front

The 3/4 East Prussian Landwehr in a protracted defence of a village somewhere in Saxony 1813

December 2011 and hope was raised in the battalion. The mostly Napoleonic forum la bricole was running another painting contest and von Peter himself had bravely entered. The hope and cunning plan was that participation in such a public forum would spur von Peter himself on to great deeds and the completion a unit. von Peter himself should have known better and was of course wrong. The history of the doomed endeavour is available for public scrutiny here.

Other s-l-o-w painting projects came along and the battalion effectively rejoined the unpigmented figure pile.

With the recent(ish) move to Neu Schloss von Peter various part complete painting projects were rediscovered. The two major items were both Napoleonic Prussian units – a 12 pounder battery and a unit of landwehr infantry. Possessing the guilty knowledge that his Napoleonic Prussian army had been neglected for too long von Peter himself made the command decision that these two units should linger unloved no more. Also the Waterloo 200 refight was looming and Prussian units were in demand.

The 12 pounder battery was completed in time for the Waterloo 200 refight … where it got caught in traffic on the road and never fired a shot! As can be seen in the accompanying photographs the landwehr battalion is now complete and war ready also.

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - top

An overhead view of the battalion in action. A Napoleonic drone?!

Just in case any of The dear readers are not fully cognisant of the well entrenched habits of von Peter himself the figures are sourced from Calpe Miniatures. Why would one go elsewhere? von Peter himself remains a dedicated Calpe zealot.  😃

Not surprisingly the bulk of the figures were found in the “Prussian Landwehr Infantry: Firing Line” portion of the Calpe catalogue. The casualty figures were sourced from several of the landwehr pose groupings of figures, eg. Route March, most of which have their own casualty figure(s).

By way of explanation and to perhaps preempt confusion – when Calpe Miniatures launched their new (current) website many of the then existing figures were left in the old website now renamed to Calpe Veterans. All the landwehr – both foot and mounted – are listed on the Calpe Verterans site.

The Cape Miniature’s figures were not the only inspiration for the unit. Richard Knoetel’s drawing of a mixed – regulars and landwehr – firing line around the churchyard at Grossbeeren, August 1813 (below) also played its part. As an aside apparently the drawing shows all the steps of loading and firing a musket so have a good look.

Napoleonic Prussian mixed firing line

The units was always going to be the 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment. von Peter himself is s-l-o-w-l-y building the Prussian 3rd Brigade of Generalmajor Hessen-Homburg from the latter stages of the 1813 campaign which calls for four battalions of landwehr. Three battalions of landwehr down, one to go.

Well after starting the painting process von Peter himself decided to look up the regiment in Dr. Stephen Summerfield’s “Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr Infantry and Cavalry 1813-1815: Landsturm, Volunteer Cavalry and StreifKorps”. As with the rest of the series the book is chocked full of information. It was not in the possession of von Peter himself when he started painting the battalion which is important as it forms some sort of defence for the coming statement. The book states that the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Infantry Regiment had grey trousers and black belts. Oops. Too late. We’re moving on! Perhaps the 4th battalion will get it right.  😃

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - rear

Another challenge for the worn landwehr battalion – incoming Saxons. Please ignore the little bit of green stuff that is visible under the saddle cloth. It’s not normally on display!

The battalion should not really have a standard but who can pass up the various designs on offer and anyway the other two battalions in von Peter’s collection both have two flags each. The flag is a creation of GMB Designs. The red heraldic Prussian eagle links this battalion with the other two who also fly versions of this eagle.

The modelling of a battalion of landwehr as a shot up firing line looks great when deployed in line. A small problem is that under the command of von Peter himself landwehr battalions tend to spend most of their time in column. A minor matter really!  😃

Happily von Peter himself can declare himself very pleased with this his latest Prussian battalion. The battalion is just very pleased to be complete.

Not only has von Peter himself been busy with a brush and pigments but so too has The son & heir. Standby for news on his pigmentation adventures shortly.

Please don’t forget that a click on the images will reveal larger and clearer versions.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Recent recce report

The 100th post by von Peter himself since transitioning to WordPress. Sorry about that! 😃

Here we go again …

Leadbear’s Tufts

In his international travels of mystery and intrigue … on the ‘net … von Peter himself occasionally chances upon a thing of greater than average interest. And even more occasionally von Peter himself is stirred to bring this thing of greater than average interest to the attention of The dear readers for their edification. It is the hope of von Peter himself that for at least one or two of The dear readers this particular thing of greater than average interest will be news and not just some old hat. Such are the perils that we serious journalists face.

A little unusually this thing of greater than average interest hails from this the Southern Hemisphere. Leadbear’s Tufts look to be a great home made product at a great price.

The tufts come pre glued meaning that one removes the tuft from the backing paper and just plonk it on its destination base. Apparently this works wonderfully well but von Peter himself being the world weary cynic that he is would like to see this in action for himself.

Leadbears Tufts 4mm tufts

Leadbear’s Tufts don’t yet have a website but they do have a Facebook page and an eBay store. From the Facebook page …

Leadbear’s Tufts are proudly handmade in Australia by Leadbear (Barry)… on Mrs Leadbear’s kitchen table… much to her annoyance.

And further …

Welcome to my Facebook Page.

Unfortunately I do not have a website yet, but hope to soon. Sorry about that.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions regarding the products.

Leader’s Tufts basic catalogue as of 1 September 2015 …

Tufts – Mix (Qty: 140/pack)
These tufts are approximately 4mm high with an additional scattering of a lighter coloured 6mm long static grass to give some contrast.

Light Green
Dark Green
Dry Grass

Tufts – 6mm (Qty: 120/pack)
These tufts are approximately 6mm high with a scattering of a lighter coloured 6mm static grass to give some contrast.

Light Green
Dark Green
Dry Grass

Tufts – 12mm (Qty: 55/pack – 35 dots and 20 larger tufts)
These tufts are approximately 12mm high.

XL Beige
XL Yellow Green
XL Green
XL Dark Green

Please note that I am in the process of review how these are supplied and the 35 dots and 20 larger tufts format may well change in the near
future to sheets of larger tufts only.

Tufts – Various

Wild Grass: Small (approx 4mm high) – (Qty: 140/pack)
Wild Grass: Large (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 120/pack)

Flowers (approx 4mm high) – (Qty: 120/pack) 24 each of Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Purple).
Flowers (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/pack) 20 each of Red, Pink, Yellow, White, Purple).
Sheets of an individual colour can also be supplied upon request.

Yellow Flowers (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/pack) These use a lighter green base.

Leafy Tufts (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/ pack)
Leafy Tufts with Purple Flowers (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/ pack)
LeafyTufts with Red Flowers (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/ pack)

Arid – Brown Tufts (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/ pack)
Arid – Green Tufts (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/ pack)
Light Green Tufts (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 100/ pack)

Rusty (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 120/ pack)
Red Brown (approx 6mm high) – (Qty: 120/ pack)

Unfortunately this item is temporarily unavailable – Stoney Tufts – (Qty: 56/pack) – These tufts have small stones imbedded in the tuft.

Leadbears Tufts - green tufts

Above: green tufts

Regarding pricing .,..

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.
Packs of tufts are $10.00 and includes the cost of postage within Australia.
Postage to New Zealand is an additional $0.35 per pack.
Postage to the Rest of the World is an additional $1.35 per pack.

As the items can be sent as letters, generally, small orders of less than 5 boxes are sent individually.
For larger orders, the tufts are sent in one package with the postage adjusted accordingly. I don’t profit from postage and you will only pay what the post office charges me.
For Australians, payment can be made by PayPal, Direct Deopsit or Cheque.For the Rest of the World, payment cvan be made via PayPal.

You can also purchase Leader’s Tufts through their ebay store but you will be restricted to what is available in the store as opposed to the complete range.

Leadbears Tufts - Leadbears Tufts - Stony tufts with flowers and leafy tufts

Above: Stoney tufts with flowers and leafy tufts. Something a little different

von Peter himself currently uses several different tufts – plain ‘grasses’ of various sizes and colours, several flowery and a few broad leafed. They are an easy and effective way to spice up the bases of units as well as terrain items. Currently those used are mostly Silflor/MiniNatur tufts but von Peter himself thinks that he might very well give Leadbear’s Tufts a trial. It’s not exactly a trial of high risk. Perhaps an email to

is in order.

If The dear reader is interested in further information a quick search of “Leadbear’s Tufts” will turn up several reviews and unpacking videos. They tend to be very positive.

Leadbears Tufts bear

All images in this section borrowed from Leadbear’s Tufts Facebook page.


More Front Rank Reinforcement Pack Russians

Front Rank Figurines have released the next six – and last? [sob!] – reinforcement packs for their Napoleonic Russians. And these “Infantry in greatcoats” packs will make the speed painters wriggle and writhe with joy.

Those that yearn for a Europe freed from the Bonapartist yoke can but hope that if these are indeed the last reinforcement packs for the Russians then perhaps Front Rank will see their way clear to create limbers and caissons for the Russians to aid the movement of artillery and munitions!  And what about reinforcement packs for cavalry … for all nations? Ah … perhaps not!  😃

The new packs are …

Front Rank RNRPK16

  • RNRPK16 Mixed Russian Infantry in greatcoat & Kiwer, marching. 6 mixed figures per pack (above)
  • RNRPK17 Mixed Russian Infantry Command in greatcoat & Kiwer, advancing. 6 mixed figures per pack

Front Rank RNRPK18

  • RNRPK18 Mixed Russian Grenadiers / Carabiniers in greatcoat & Kiwer, marching. 6 mixed figures per pack (above)
  • RNRPK19 Mixed Russian Grenadier / Carabinier Command in greatcoat & Kiwer, advancing. 6 mixed figures per pack

Front Rank RNRPK20

  • RNRPK20 Mixed Russian Infantry in greatcoat & forage cap, marching. 6 mixed figures per pack (above)

Front Rank RNRPK21

  • RNRPK21 Mixed Russian Infantry Command in greatcoat & forage, advancing. 6 mixed figures per pack (above).

And let us keen defenders of Mother Russia not forget that if they work for your particular collection then Reinforcement Sets are also available from Front Rank. They provide 36 figures from the Reinforcement Packs including officers, musicians etc plus any required flank companies for a discounted cost. See the Front Rank Figurines website for details.

The Regiments Étrangère & Germanic Regiments

The History Book Man have released their latest e-book “FOREIGN REGIMENTS IN FRENCH SERVICE 1795-1814 Volume One: The Regiments Étrangère & Germanic Regiments”. Quite the mouthful. The blurb …

FOREIGN REGIMENTS IN FRENCH SERVICE 1795-1814 Volume One: The Regiments Étrangère & Germanic Regiments was originally published in 1982 and has now been substantially revised and updated with a wealth of new material which was not available when the original edition was published. This first volume covers those foreign legions and regiments with a national origin in Northern Europe. The original black and white line drawings which illustrated the 1982 edition have now been replaced with full colour artwork and colour illustrations from authoritive and contemporary artists including some of the beautiful cards from the 1st Empire Series by Commt. Bucquoy.

246 pages

Another £3.99 E-Book bargain but not one to suit the tastes of von Peter himself. The next volume may well be a different story – Armies of the Confederation of the Rhine: The Army of the Kingdom Of Westphalia 1807-1813.

cb15 cover


The magnificent (last) 7 march ever closer to the front

As related at the end of the prior post the much extended trials and tribulations of the 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment circa 1813 are finally nearing an end. Once the remaining 7 figures are complete … and the unit based [mutter mutter – it’s never ending] … the battalion will be at the point of war readiness.

When last seen these 7 figures were pristine in their shiny silveriness but via the simple expedient of painting a little each night they are now well on their way. Click the image for a larger and clearer view.

The last 7 of the 3/4 East Prussian Landwehr circa 1813

You never know dear reader but the next time we converse von Peter himself may have his third landwehr battalion on display. You just can never tell.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


Tabletop Gaming News

Many of The dear readers are no doubt aware of The Miniatures Page which provides a Hobby News section as part of its offering. While far from being an all encompassing source for what is newly available in the hobby it still provides a quick overview.

Another site which provides such an overview and may be new to some of The dear readers is Tabletop Gaming News. While much of what they publicise may not suit the tastes of all one can use the “categories” functionality to zoom in on one’s area(s) of interest, e.g Historical; Napoleonics.

From their FAQ …

Where does TGN find its news?
The main source of news to the site is from you, the readers. We’re always getting news submission and are happy for them! We want to post the news you want to read and the best way to make sure of that is to be attentive to news as it’s submitted. We do have other sources of news, such as searching through websites manually for updates, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without your help!

How do I submit news?
The most efficient way to submit news to TGN is by using the News Submission form on the site. You can use this to send in news stories as well as URLs to any images that you want to include in the story. The information in the form is sent to all of the writers at TGN which helps to ensure that it will be posted as soon as possible.

Do I need to pay or be a site sponsor to post news?
Not at all. Any company or manufacturer that produces products related to tabletop gaming should feel free to send any news releases or PR they have about their products.
We’re happy to post up news from the smallest manufacturer to the biggest game companies out there.




For those that want something a little different in their WWII gaming but don’t want the mythical 1946 route or zombie’ised weird WWII route then perhaps Panzerfäuste is the answer.

First there was/are a skirmish set of rules from the Wessex Games website …

Panzerfäuste is a fun set of fantasy WW2 skirmish rules where standard fantasy races such as Orcs, Dwarves and Elves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry. The core system revolves around a system called Guts which helps simulate all the vagaries of modern warfare including morale and fatigue in one simple mechanism. The rules can be used to fight historical WW2 actions is so desired.

But now there is to be more from Wessex Games Facebook page

Panzerfäuste Reborn
I love Panzerfäuste, it is a great game with a great background. It is also a game that has huge potential but sadly a potential that I have not been able to realise through Wessex Games.
Last last year Rob Alderman, a long time fan of the game, approached me about producing a new edition. As you may know Rob has a full-time job working for Prodos Games and has a level of experience in the industry and a portfolio of contacts that I can only dream of. He knows the figure designers, artists, manufacturers and printers that could make Panzerfäuste the game I first dreamed of and the one we both dream of playing!
So we are going to do it!
We have set up Hysterical Games, a jointly owned company to produce a new version of Panzerfäuste.
We have a plan, Rob has a team of artists and sculptors working on some beautiful colour art and brand new miniatures. Rob is working on new rules and I’m having a whale of a time fleshing out the background,
I suppose I should clarify what I mean when I say a new version of Panzerfäuste,..
The new version will be a completely different game. As you know the original game was a section level skirmish game, the new version will be a reinforced platoon level mass battle game. This means that not only will the basic infantry be produced for the game, but (at long last) there will be support weapons produced along with the armoured war-beasts that take on the role of tanks in the world of Panzerfäuste.
The skirmish game will not die and will continue to be available, so in effect there will be two Panzerfäuste games available for you to play, a squad level skirmish one and a platoon level battle one depending on what takes your fancy.

So now there is a company Hysterical Games who will be bringing out a reinforced platoon level game and some of the preview images look to be rather well done. So if a fantasy WWII game is for you perhaps it will be worth checking out their Kickstarter which appears to be timed for the Northern Hemisphere autumn.

Panzerfauste Dwarves

panzerfauste Helga

Panzerfauste Gnomes

Panzerfauste Orc

All Panzerfäuste images above kindly – if unknowingly! – supplied by Hysterical Games.

Now there’s more time I’ll waste each night …


After a hiatus Der Feldmarschall  is posting again on his blog. And even better his 1813 project and blog Immer Vorwärts! has restarted. With another Prussian army headed for the tabletop the German fatherland must soon be free of the Bonapartist scourge!  😀

Immer Vorwärts!


Speaking of Prussian armies …

As with the recently resurrected and completed Napoleonic Prussian 12 pounder battery another long l-o-n-g running project has been dragged back into the land of the living. This one is the 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment of 1813 modelled as a shot up firing line. The image below shows the current state of play with seven figures left to paint. These seven have now started the colouring in process and hopefully the whole “shooting match” will be complete in a week or two – you just can’t hurry a perpetually distracted  von Peter himself! More on the whys and wherefores of this unit when it is unveiled in it’s completed glory.

3-4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment 2015-08-24

Enough! To the presses!!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Big bangers

Prussian 12 pdr Battery  Nr.4- Kapt Meyer

The weekend just past saw the local reenactment of Waterloo to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle. More on this event in another post. The occasion – and all the frantic painting happening around him – did spur/shame von Peter himself to some activity with his brushes. The planned shot up firing line landwehr battalion was several figures too far as prolonged sitting is not overly comfortable for the still recuperating post his operation von Peter himself. But there was the partially painted Prussian 12 pdr Battery Nr.4: Kapt Meyer that could be completed. And the order of battle for von Peter’s command in the Waterloo game certainly called for such a heavy battery.

Work on this battery was started well before The family left on it’s world tour back in early 2009. It had been packed away with the rest of the household goods and moved into storage. Upon the return it was moved out of storage but the figures, cannons etc remained wrapped up unseen and unloved until a few days before the refight.

Painting techniques mutate over the years but the executive decision was made that nothing that was already painted would be repainted. There was not the time to lavish on such luxuries.

Completing the painting was not a major problem. The basing was a different story. What is normally a staged process over several nights so that the latest ‘bit’ can completely dry before the next ‘bit’ is commenced was a no starter. Basing to be completed in one night! Fortunately the wood burner was burning wood and the stands could spend periods of time sitting on the cooler outer skin for some accelerated drying. Mission completed at 1:30 am on the first day of the refight. Hurrah!

Prussian 12 pdr Battery Nr.4: Kapt Meyer is now available for ongoing gaming.

Prussian 12 pdr Battery  Nr.4- Kapt Meyer

Prussian 12 pdr Battery Nr.4 was selected because it was part of the Artillery Reserve in Generallieutenant Bülow’s Prussian 3rd Army Corps in 1813 – the same corps as the 3rd Brigade which von Peter himself is modelling. Administratively 12 pdr battery Nr.4 was part of the Prussian Artillery Brigade and as such wore white shoulder straps in 1813.

The figures and cannon are sourced from Calpe Miniatures. The mounted figures is PCU1, Regimental officer wearing bicorn and open Uberock from the Prussian Line Uhlans Advancing range.

The idea is that the uhlan officer has just arrived on the scene with an urgent message for the battery commander who is currently concentrating on what is to be seen through his telescope. The uhlan officer and several of the gun crew are trying to gain the battery commander’s attention but sadly this gentleman has been around 12 pounder guns too long with the result that he is a little hard of hearing! The dear reader may see the scene a little differently in which case all power to their imagination.

Don’t be forgetting to click on the two images above of the battery to see larger and clearer versions of the images.

Podcast corner

More an individual audio file than a series of audio files podcast but if the dear reader so desires they can listen to nine and a half minutes of Bernard Cornwell talking about the battle of Waterloo and his book “Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles” on the same. Just head on over here and start the audio near the top of the page. If nothing else the dear reader will know what Bernard’s voice sounds like!

Waterloo-The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles

Front Rank free figure offer

Front Rank Figurines have a special deal for orders placed between the 13th and 30th June.

For every £10.00 you spend on goods, before S&H is added you can choose 1 individual 28mm figure (value £1.20) FREE.

See their website for further details.

Additionally apparently …

28mm Russian Napoleonic Guard Reinforcement packs are nearly ready. Look out for our next newsletter!


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

I should be UNpacking … but …

Well the packing is complete, the move is complete … but the unpacking will go on for an extended period it is much feared. So not much wargaming output from von Peter himself to report on but still the insatiable demands of The dear readers must be fed. How about this lot then …

Calpe Spring Update

When a man is down what better way to pick him up then for Calpe Miniatures to issue a Spring Update which is presented here for The dear readers consumption …

As you can see, I have released the packs I promised before Christmas. These include F21, the mounted light infantry officers and F46 and 47, the battalion command packs with covered and uncovered shakos. I had targeted this release for early February but I picked up a very unpleasant tropical bug on a short family trip to Bali and was rather ill for most of February. I am now working on the last Line figures for the march-attack set before starting work on the light infantry command packs to complement this set.

On the Saxon front I have released two new packs; S6 which is the head turns and greatcoat roll pack for the Saxon musketeers with uncovered shakos and levelled muskets. Also released is S7 which is the first of the rear ranks packs with muskets held at high porte. This is a 6 man pack with covered shakos. Packs S8 to 13 are complete and most are out of the master moulds but the last consignment of rubber I received is not ready for use yet so the production moulds have not been made. I am currently concentrating on the Saxons and I’m working on the command packs for this set of figures. I may be able to release some of these command packs in my next release before the summer.


Brilliant. And hopefully the new packs are on their way to Neu Schloss von Peter.

F46 Battalion command in uncovered shakos

One of the new packs. Image ‘borrowed’ from Calpe Miniatures

Perry Miniatures Napoleonic releases

The Perry twins have not been as manic as usual lately. Perhaps they have been a little busy with the 54mm Gallipoli diorama figures, conventions and generally enjoying themselves. Whatever the reason the comparative drought has broken with the release of two Waterloo vignette packs ,,,

  • NX 1 ‘A Hard Contest’ Sergeant Ewart and the capture of the 45e at Waterloo 1815
  • NX 2 ‘Secure the Colour!’ The capture of the 105e at Waterloo by Captain Clark and/or Corporal Stiles at Waterloo 1815

Both of these sets have been shown as greens before but they are now available to be purchased. The twins have even created a new Napoleonic sub category – Napoleonic Extras – for such items. von Peter himsellf still wonders what might make its way into this range.

NX1 A hard contest

Photo kindly – if a little unknowingly – supplied by Perry Miniatures

Baden follow up

In his last post von Peter himself spoke of the new yet to be released range of 28mm Napoleonic Baden figures from Murawski Miniatures. Based on “it never rains, it pours” thinking he also wondered if Westfalia Miniatures were also bringing out a range of Badeners or just a few miscellaneous items. A quick viewing of Westphalia Miniature’s Workbench reveals …

The Badeners were sending an amagalmated infantry Regiment and a battery of guns to aid their French allies in the Peninsular. We will see 2 sets. 1 Command Set with 2 Officers, 2 Drummers, 2 Ensigns and 2 sets with 6 Rankers. Additionally I shall get 1 mounted officer made. 

Sculptor is Alan Marsh.

So I guess it’s a little bit of a “Yes” and a little bit of a “No” to a range of Badeners from Westphalia Miniatures.

Westphalia badeners_01

Image backed up from the Westphalia Miniatures website.

And now for two items that should have been in the last post ( it really was a very busy time!) …

The Rheinbund Contingents 1806-1813: The Duchy of Nassau, Grand Duchy of Wurzburg & The Saxon Duchies

The History Book Man have released their latest e-book – The Rheinbund Contingents 1806-1813: The Duchy of Nassau, Grand Duchy of Wurzburg & The Saxon Duchies. Actually the book was released nearly two weeks ago but someone inept failed to notify The dear readers until now. From the announcement email …

This new edition brings together three earlier volumes which were published in 1979 and 1980 and an unpublished manuscript from 1984. The original work has subsequently been substantially revised is now illustrated with the original colour artwork which was not used in the earlier monotone publications and selected illustrations many of which are drawn from the work of authoritive established or contemporary artists. This volume looks at the 1 – 4 Regimenter der Rheinbund during the era of the Confederation of the Rhine and the War of Liberation 1813-1814.

148 PAGES.

Quite a mouthful of a title but considering that the next book due out is The Rheinbund Contingents 1806-1813: Anhalt, Lippe, Reuss, Schwarrzburg, Waldeck & Mecklenbburg-Schwerin one can understand that a little differentiation in title is required.

Not a book for the interests of von Peter himself to be honest but no doubt with Perry Miniatures releasing figures for many of the smaller Rheinbund contingents there is some pressure for such offerings.

Rheinbund Pt 1 cover


Terry Pratchett – RIP

von Peter himself is fairly sure that everyone would have heard the sad news of the passing of Terry Pratchett. But still homage to the great man needs to be paid. It’s the least von Peter himself can do in return for all the hours of happy reading Mr Pratchett has provided. The son & heir is also amassing quite the list of Mr Pratchett’s books read. We are both very grateful.

Rest in peace.



Enough. Back to the unpacking. Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Recently recruited & NAPCON lives

Simon's 1:1 Silesian Infantry Regiment

The first battalion of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian) advancing in line behind a screen of there Volunteer jager. The Silesian Landwehr have been here as evidenced by the casualty they have left behind. The son & heir has a battalion of these Landwehr partially completed … but they have been for a while and probably will be for a while to come!

The machinery of Napoleonic warfare at Schloss von Peter has has been recruited to a new high recently. Both sides of the conflict have benefited so the bloodshed is expected to continue unabated. Most excellent! Today von Peter himself presents for the readers delight some newly recruited Prussians.

The son & heir had rolled up his sleeves and rolled out his second completed Prussian battalion – the first of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian). And when von Peter himself says that the The son & heir rolled up his sleeves he really means it. The vast majority of the unit was painted and based in the two days leading up to the Battle of Gross & Klein Badsdorf.

The figures are from the Prussian Advancing Musketeers range of Calpe Miniatures. The standard is from GMB Designs.

Simon's Prussian command stand

The Prussian command keeping an eye on proceedings from within the skirmish screen. Don’t they know it can be dangerous out there?!

Not content with completing the battalion for the game The son & heir went a little crazy and completed a command stand as well. These two figures had been lurking nearly complete for a while. Finishing touches applied; basing complete; show me the way to the French and glory! Gulp – these guys are a bit ‘focussed’!  8O)

Calpe Miniatures again from the code PC6 – an artillery Lieutenant-Colonel and his ADC – from the Veterans range … from the Prussian Command range to add precision.

More recently recruited Napoleonic Germans in the next post.


von Peter himself has received the following information regarding NAPCON (Napoleonic Convention for the uninitiated) 2014 … and thought he would share …

<start transmission>

Is anyone still out there…
Here’s the Blurb for Napcon


Is pleased to host the

Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28

Venue:, Blind Foundation, 131 Vivian St, NP New Plymouth

$20 for the weekend per person.
No entry forms required, just your fine selves.

This event is not an organised Tournament but a meeting place for those of a Napoleonic Temperament and toy soldiers to play with.

“Traditional” attendees include :

First Volley 15mm games
Warhammer 28mm Waterloo (yes you read it right Warhammer Waterloo)
28mm Sharpes Practice Skirmishes
Napoleonic Naval with “teeny weeny ships”.

Other rulesets that will at least be talked about, but hopefully played:
Lasalle, Blackpowder (and its amendments).

Alastair is keen to put on a 200th Anniversary Battle in 28mm so those interested can email him at: or 021 1589103.

So come on over/up/down to Taranaki, you know we are behind the times anyway so what’s 200 years…. 

Accommodation is readily available in this city there are plenty of camp grounds, motels, hotels, backpackers and park benches.

A surprise performance from some local re-enactors is hoped for but not relied upon.

Contact me for more info (but really it’s all above):
Julian Hannam, or 0275939210.

<end transmission>


As ever don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

von Peter himself got all forgetful!

The Son and heir's Prussian volunteer jager IR 11 (1. Silesian)

Way WAY back on 7 October, 2013 von Peter himself bravely released his More pyjamas, a new book and another terrain source post on an unsuspecting world. Amongst other topics von Peter himself proudly showed off his latest literary purchase – the book Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815.

Roll forward to 8 May, 2014 and Jim Rooke posts a comment which is of interest on several levels. For the idle who have not bothered to read Jim’s comment – and let this be a lesson to all you idlers!! – and hopefully without any irritation to Jim von Peter himself hereby reproduces that comment …

I really hate to see this sort of thing happen. The George Street Polish book that you reviewed above is a total plagarism from the old W J Rawkins book from the 1980s, word for word in places with even the illustrations copied. An updated edition of the Rawkins book (really excellent) has been republished as an e-book last year and is a fraction of the price. The publishers are The History Book Man, ( I think this is the author’s company.
Just to let you know… as I got caught and it cost me nearly £40.00 for a book that I already had or could have got as an e-book for £4.00.


The first point of interest is that perhaps the book von Peter himself purchased was not such a bargain after all. <mutter mutter>

The History Book Man

But a bigger point of interest is the intelligence on the existence of the publishers The History Book Man. von Peter himself has at least five of the old W. J. Rawkins booklets and they were packed full of organisational and uniform information. On the downside they could be difficult to read but then they were produced decades ago when print technology for small run booklets was not what it is today. von Peter himself is not even sure that word processors existed for the masses … though he suspects not.

The books are much expanded and now contain colour illustrations to accompany their line drawings. They are supplied on DVDs as E-books which are read via a pdf reader. And the cost is a real knockout – £3.99 plus postage. The thought of these reference books being available again in an expanded format is enough to excite the normally staid level headed von Peter himself.

A review of the book range is available on The Napoleon Series. It is considered that most publishers would be happy to receive such a review of their wares.

The list of titles currently available …

  • The Army of Sweden 1802-1814
  • The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Naples 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Grand Duchy of Berg 1806-1813
  • The Army of the Grand Duchy of Baden 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt 1806-1814

with those in the pipeline being …

  • The Army of the Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814
  • The Austro-Hungarian Army 1798-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814
  • The Royal Saxon Army 1806-1814
  • The Rheinbund Contingents 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Westphalia 1807-1813
  • Foreign Regiments in French Service 1795-1814 The Swiss Regiments
  • Foreign Regiments in French Service The Regiments Etrangere 1804-1814
  • The Armies of the Netherlands 1795-1810.

von Peter himself has recently ordered The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814 … as a trial for the greater good of the readership you understand!  8O) The order was placed during a New Zealand night and various emails were awaiting von Peter himself the following New Zealand morning saying that the DVD had been despatched. That was a few days ago and the arrival of the package is eagerly awaited. Upon the orders arrival – or at least within a few short months! – von Peter himself will hark back to earlier in his military career as a dashing hussar(!) and report back on what his daring reconnaissance has discovered.  8O)

Rawkins-The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814

von Peter himself has great hopes for this range of books as a cheap and informative source of organisational and especially uniform information on some of the less well publicised armies of the Napoleonic Wars.

And finally von Peter himself would like to apologise to Jim Rooke whose rather useful and informative comment went unanswered for so long. Embarrassingly this spiel was meant to be part of the proceeding post but advanced age would appear to have got the better of the author … and he forgot! The olde fool!  8O)

The Son & heir’s Silesian Volunteer Jager IR 11 (1. Silesian)

The dear reader may recall in the earlier Old news post that The son & heir had come over all free and easy with some of von Peter’s in reserve stock of unpainted figures. Inspired by some Sharp Practice gaming he had felt the urge to command some Prussian jagers of his own and was over joyed to find a dozen of them – Calpe Miniatures of course – under the gaming table in an unpainted state. Perfect. Well very nearly perfect.

For a number of reasons The son and heir has long had a plan to eventually paint the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian). These ‘discovered’ jagers would therefore be transformed – via some judicious splashing about of various coloured pigments suspended in a carrier – to be the Volunteer Jager of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian). The rather inconvenient fly in the ointment was that several uniform books would have one believe that this particular merry band of fatherland liberating volunteer jager did not wear a shako but rather their headgear of choice was green caps with yellow bands and piping. Of course the twelve jagers held in reserve under the gaming table for all those years and summoned forth to war by The son & heir wore shakos … to a jager!

But each gamer must be true only to himself … and it can take a proverbial lifetime for figures to travel across the world to New Zealand … and the figures were going to waste … and so the silvery figures were rapidly transformed into tabletop fit jagers.* And eventually some tufts were added – see the original Old news post if this does not make sense – so the Volunteer Jagers of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian) were complete and therefore of a fit state to be displayed on this here blog.

* In case there is any doubt von Peter himself fully supports The son & heir in this decision.  A rather pleasing unit has been added to the local Prussian roster and we are all the better for it regardless of any issue of caps vs. shakos. And yes it is still very irritating how quickly The son & heir can churn out figures when he wants to. <more mutterings>

The heading picture shows the Volunteer Jager of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian) skirmishing outside of a village in Saxony, 1813. Some Bavarians unwisely disputed the ground but they have since scarpered leaving a drunk infantryman for the Prussians to recover.

The image below displays the multi functional sabot style basing as used by The son & heir for the unit. For Sharp Practice games the figures will be removed from their sabots and used as individual figures. For larger divisional games where the battalion is the gaming unit the figures will be used in their sabots and moved en masse.

Because each ‘hole’ on the sabot is formed around a specific figure each of them is unique and best suits that original figure about which they were formed. To speed the placement of figures back on the sabot a cunning visual plan was devised. Each of the six sabots was designated a unique colour; each hole on a sabot was marked with one or two dots in that sabot’s unique colour; and each jager was given matching dots on their underside to match the colour and number of dots of their home hole. Perfect.

The son and heir's volunteer jager IR 11 (1. Silesian)

For historical reference #1 the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian) became the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian) after the 19 June, 1813 when the Garde zu Fuss Regiment was removed from the line regiment numbering sequence.

For historical reference #2 the drunk Front Rank Figurines Bavarian is a new addition to the Bavarians of von Peter himself. There is a matching battalion partially based. The figure was painted by Nigel Fun-nell.

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

A bit of this and a dash of that

Oi! Time for another post. Jump to it!

Sharp Practice game May 2014

The Sharp Practice game pitting the rashness and enthusiasm of youth against the battle scarred and much honoured aged and embittered has been played sporadically over the last few weeks. The benefits of having The Bastion – the military simulation room – where the table is left up and not required for other purposes.

To recap the scenario is the brain child of The son & heir and is inspired by the events in Bernard Cornwell’s book Sharp’s Havoc. The action has moved from the Spanish Peninsular to Central Europe. Things have not gone well for the French and their allies so an escape route needs to be forced. The French have entrusted this dangerous exercise to von Peter himself and mostly Confederation of the Rhine troops – Saxons and Bavarians – with a single French battalion in attendance. The task: force a crossing via the bridge over river #1, through a barricade, cross the board to force a second river/bridge/barricade combination.

Prussian Landwehr guard the two crossings but are blissfully unaware of the excitement coming their way. Hauptmann von Scharf and his Silesian Volunteer Jagers are rushing to assist the defenders from one flank while the bulk of the Prussian reinforcements would arrive on the other. Hauptmann von Scharf’s mortal enemy the Frenchman Captain Henry has taken command of the Bavarian Light Infantry and if they can he and von Scharf will do their best to put the other ‘in the ground’.

A few images from the game to date. von Peter himself would <right-click> on the images and open them in a new tab or window to see a larger version of them … but that’s just him.

Sharp Practice 2014 1

Above: early in the game the first bridge and barricade have been claimed for the French. The sentries could have done better and they could have done worse but they’ve now done a runner.

A landwehr battalion had tumbled out of the buildings at the alert of the sentries and decided that the crack Bavarian lights and increasing numbers of French Germans swarming over the barricades were all too much and decided to retire down the road between the buildings. The Bavarian cavalry currently on that same road between the  buildings gave them little hurry up which is why the landwehr battalion can now be seen heading towards and crossing the bridge in the distance.

The son & heir is currently painting the two mounted figure command pack PC6 from Calpe Miniatures. The mounted officer on the bare Litko plywood base with the just mentioned retiring landwehr at the bridge is one of these mounted figures. His painting is complete. In the background just on this side of the second river is the second figure from the pack. We decided not to remove him for the bottle top on which he is being painted.

The Bavarian Light Troops – in green and wearing helmets – are holed up in the buildings just over the bridge. This was not the result of a cunning plan by von Peter himself but rather the vagaries of the game that dictated that three of the twelve light infantryman decided to do a spot of looting in the buildings. Captain Henry has taken the rest of the unit into the buildings to reclaim the three miscreants and add them back into the unit. Captain Henry can be seen taking a quick drink from his brandy flask to calm his nerves having taken a minor wound earlier from those pesky Silesian Volunteer Jagers.

Half of a Saxon battalion has foolishly bravely been sent to face off against the Prussian reinforcements coming in from the left of the photograph. They performed admirably … until the Prussians decided to swat them out of the game.

Hauptmann von Scharf and his Silesian Volunteer Jagers can be seen scuttling around in the shrubbery at the right of the picture as more French allied troops cross the first bridge in the foreground.

… and then some time passed by …

Sharp Practice 2014 2

Above: Prussian reinforcements are pouring in from the left. The skirmishing Prussian fusiliers have persuading the Saxon half battalion in the prior photograph to be elsewhere … in rather a hurry.

The Bavarian cavalry on this side of the river have just been persuaded to cease their retrograde movement and merged their two companies into a complete squadron. They have had quite a day with one company beating back some landwehr but then being too tired and disorganised to capture the opposing commander in chief who fought like a man possessed after an audacious attack. The second company managed to catch Hauptmann von Scharf and his Silesian Volunteer Jagers as they retreated to the second bridge and though they managed to cut down a jager and win the melee they were left so disorganised and weary that an immediate move to the rear was required.

The Bavarian light infantry are on the road to the second bridge leading on a French and a Saxon battalion. The red marker behind the light infantry denotes the fouling of some of the Bavarians barrels. Stoopid random effect tables!  8O)

Two units of landwehr supported by Hauptmann von Scharf and his Silesian Volunteer Jagers line the barricade across the far end of the bridge. Gulp!

A half battalion of Saxons cross the first bridge and are about to face off against the Prussian reinforcements coming from the left. Another Gulp! That’s it for the French reinforcements but there are plenty more vengeful Prussians yet to come.

 … and then some more time passed by …

Sharp Practice 2014 3

Above: in the distance the French battalion is on the bridge and fervently hoping that they get to move before the landwehr gets to fire again. The supporting Saxon battalion that was on the Frenchmen’s right flank and firing at the barricade’s defenders have taken a pasting in return and are now about to cross the bridge in the foreground of the photograph!!! though the CinC should be able to arrest their retrograde movement.

The Bavarian Light Infantry are trying to keep Prussians off the flank and rear of the French battalion while the Bavarian cavalry are moving up to the front.

Prussian Fusiliers move through the town on their way to the vicinity of the far bridge while in the foreground the landwehr prepare to bayonet the Saxons to their front. And another battalion of Prussians arrive on the battlefield on the right.

It’s all down to the French battalion and its charge over the bridge. A chance for them to be real heroes.

von Peter himself has been guilty of keeping his best general in the rear areas recovering units rather than having him at the front bolstering the attack. To some degree this resulted from his late appearance – the arrival of all units including commander types was randomised – but the fleeing battalion of Saxons in the last photograph will look accusingly at him as they wonder where he was when they were getting shot up at the front with no help from the brass.

A turn or so left in the game. May the best French side win!!  8O)

More Calpe Prussians

Continuing the unveiling of The son & heir’s resculpted Calpe Miniatures advancing Prussians. See Old News if this is all a bit of a mystery. Two more packs this time around.

The figures are presented as they arrived excepting the removal of the occasional ‘runner’ and the splashing on of a home made black wash in an attempt to accentuate the figure details. The usefulness of the wash varies markedly from figure to figure.

P5 Advancing command pack

Comprising a standard bearer, a drummer and an NCO so as to hold aloft the battalion standard, provide the cadence to keep the battalion in step and generally keep the men in hand should they get a little excited.

P5 Advancing command pack front

P5 Advancing command pack back

P7 Falling casualties

Who doesn’t like casualty figures and these falling casualties are just the thing to bring your battalions to life!  Ha ha ha.

The cavity at the bottom of the middle figure’s right arm is not the result of overly enthusiastic sculpting of a cannonball strike. A separate hand holding a musket is provided which is inserted and glued in place. von Peter himself suspects that the reason for this is to do with the difficulties of casting the figure if it were one piece but it has the added benefit of allowing the hand and musket to be glued in a variety of angles for that extra bit of variety.

P7 Falling casualties front


P7 Falling casualties back

For the record this three figure casualty pack helped to create a fourth casualty. To ‘wash’ the figures von Peter himself glued them to old paint pots using PVA/wood glue. Usually the bond created by the PVA glue is easily broken but this time around the figures seemed to like their bottles and didn’t want to be separated. So out came the trusty modelling knife to assist in the process. The first figure was removed after a little cursing and muttering. The second was then popped off by sliding the knife between the bottom of the figure’s base and the bottle top and deeply into the left hand index finger von Peter himself. Queue an immediate increase in the volume and rate of cursing and muttering. What a damnably stupid thing to do. Normally von Peter himself prides himself on doing the safe and sensible thing around sharp implements … but there are exceptons it seems.

Blood started to flow in impressive quantities and von Peter himself realised the true horror of the situation. It was late at night, von Peter himself was the only one awake and if help was required then Fraulien von Peter herself would need to be awakened. And the good Fraulien was having her pre birthday sleep!! Perhaps it would be better to bleed for a while and see how events panned out! And there was still a third figure to prise off a third bottle top so that the photographs could be taken! Oh the horror!!  8O)

The good news is that von Peter himself survived. At least to date. The finger is tightly bound and bandaged and is not yet as good as new. The photographs were taken and you are reading this dubious prose. Medals for gallantry are anticipated!

Work provides access to a military museum

Back in March von Peter himself was involved in a conference that was convened at the NZ Army’s Waiouru Military Camp in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. Not  surprisingly Waiouru Military Camp is VERY close to the township of Waiouru and on the edge of Waiouru is the National Army Museum. It has been a few years since the National Army Museum hosted a state visit by von Peter himself so when the opportunity presented itself for a quick visit that opportunity was snapped up.

There is quite a selection of displays to view covering the various wars that Kiwis have fought in and is well worth a visit. On the occasion of this state visit von Peter himself had his trusty iPod Touch to hand and used it to snap a few of the displays. Apologies for the quality of the photography. The venue has dimmed lighting which does not bode well for a strictly amateur photographer and his iPod Touch!

National Army Museum - horses

There is currently … or at least was … a display on New Zealand’s war horses. Apparently over 20,000 left New Zealand for the Anglo-Boer War and World War I and only 5 made it back! If the memory serves correctly the above photo is of a display replicating the results of rear area shelling in France during WWI.

National Army Museum loading landing craft

The above photograph would appear to be a scene out of World War II with the troops clambering down the side of their transport into a landing craft. Good luck on the beach lads! It can be viewed from a walkway looking down or from ground level looking up as per this view.

As always don’t forget that you can <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself