A Calpe update – better late than never?

This is terrible! On the 4th July 2021 a News item was posted on the Calpe Miniatures website and von Peter himself has only just clocked it! 🤬 There can be no possible excuse for not spotting this sooner. The only pathetic rather weaselly excuse is that it looks quite similar to the immediately preceding News item.

No point lingering on what is obviously an embarrassing reconnaissance failure so here for the convenience of the The dear readership is said News out of Calpe Towers …

Calpe Miniatures is now closed until the 2nd September.

The website itself will remain open and you can send your orders in if you so wish, but no orders will be sent out until after the 2nd of September.

It has been a busy year, particularly on the family front, as two of my children managed to get married despite Covid’s best efforts. In mid June we started much delayed building works on our house and it has been a struggle keeping Calpe going while this has been going on. We have reached a point where it is actually impossible to work in the house and we are vacating it and going for a holiday until the worst is over. Our builder assures us that by September the house will be habitable again.

You might think from these comments that all I have done for the past year is deal with weddings and builders but, in fact, the main thrust of my activity has been the conversion from traditional to digital design for the figures. The process of learning to sculpt digitally has taken most of my time but the transition has been easier than I expected. Yes, I have had to learn how to use a new software programme but the fact that I could already sculpt has made things much easier. I would compare it to moving from using a type writer to a word processing computer, the skill set you use is the same but the digital medium makes the process much faster and more user friendly. The fact is, that having acquired the basics, it is amazing what can be done with digital design.

Several customers have expressed concern that the “look” of my figures will change.This was a major concern of mine when I started working digitally. Many sculptors produce figures which are anatomically correct but look too thin by the time they have been printed and moulded. I circumvented this by buying a jewellery scanner and working from scans of my own figures. This keeps the proportions of the figures the same as the traditionally sculpted figures but the detail now is far superior as I can blow up the head of a screw on a musket to the size of the 24 inch screen on my pen tablet. What this means is that sculpting the smallest of details is now possible. Figures are scanned and either reworked digitally or chopped up (digitally) and used to make new figures.

I have a library of finished figures and horses awaiting 3D printing. The printing side of things has slowed things down as I needed a top quaility jewellery 3D printer and choosing the right machine took time. It also had to be a machine that could print in a resin that was capable of withstanding the moulding process in silicone rubber. I made my choice in late May and the 3D printer was delivered in early June – a week before the building works started! I managed to get one very promising print out of it before I had to pack it up again and put it in storage. Roll on September!

The question really is what to release as my first digitally sculpted figures? After some thought, I have decided to redo, and complete, the Lutzow Freikorps. When I first sculpted these figures I did them because I wanted them for my collection but did not expect them to sell. Infact, they have become one of my best sellers but I get constant complaints from customers that the set is incomplete as that there is no cavalry, light infantry or artillery. I have scanned the original figures, reworked them digitally and expanded the “musketeer” set. The new figures will conform to the new format of packs in 4 or 6 figure sets. The “musketeers” are almost complete and will probably be the first release. The light infantry will follow and then the cavalry and artillery if I can find what artillery pieces they used – apparently they had both foot and horse artillery. The logic behind using this set as my trial release is that is enables me to try out sculpting and printing techniques for all arms of the Napoleonic army – infantry, light infantry, cavalry and artillery.

The Saxon light cavalry is also sketched out digitally and will be completed and released as soon as I feel confident that the figures I am producing digitally match up to, or surpass, the rest of the figures in the Saxon range.

Calpe logo1


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself … still a self confessed Calpe zealot

Polish bangers

And in this case “Polish bangers” is not a reference to sausages but rather Polish artillery of which a foot battery has finally made it to the front to support the cause.

All of the orders of battle that von Peter himself can recall give the independent 27th (Polish) Division as present at the Battle of Leipzig 1813 a supporting Polish foot battery. But annoyingly they don’t say which battery. To not give a unit an actual name seems callous and unforgivable especially considering the future trials and tribulations that are bound to come their way on the table top. So it has been decided to call them the Polish 5th Foot Battery. This may or may not be correct but until further information is revealed that is what they are to be known as! 😃

Figures from Front Rank Figurines pigmented by Nigel Fun-nell. The French M1808 6pdr. French cannon are from Calpe Miniatures and their pigmenting plus the choreography and basing can be blamed on von Peter himself.

A few whining words on the Front Rank Polish foot artillery range are required here to enable the venting of some frustration. The niggle is that the range consists of a whole six figures. As someone who likes to create each gun crew as a unique and cohesive vignette a mere six figures is somewhat limiting. Hence the loading gun crew contains no less than three of the “Gunner with trail spike” figures. Three may seem excessive and some may quite rightly say that two would have given a normalish four man crew on the base but having completed a Saxon 6dr foot battery with five figures on each base von Peter himself is quite taken with the busier look.

And in the spirit of full disclosure the battery and their supports above are displayed on one of The son & heir’s home made terrain boards. It seems only fair to acknowledge the effort involved.


Christmas arrives in the form of a present

The self organised 2020 Christmas present was the “Church Lift Off Roof” from the Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range of Total Battle Miniatures. And it arrived a couple of weeks back which was perfectly fine service considering the lateness of the order and the current COVID situation. As can be seen it comes in three pieces …

It is the second 28mm church to join the local collection but seemingly most European villages display at least one spire so perhaps two is not enough!  🤣

As can be seen it towers a little over the current House of God so it will probably be used for the larger urban centres … once it gets pigmented. The 28mm Front Rank Polish ADC gives an idea of the real estate sizings.

Above: a picture of the church from the Total Battle Miniatures website


For a larger and clearer view of the images above all are “clickable”.



Until we meet again …

Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde in the metal addendum

A very quick update.

Calpe Miniatures have posted pictures of the contents of their Saxon Guard Grenadiers packs. And the pictures are of pigmented figures which provide an excellent reference for any prospective pigmenters out there. Go to the Saxon bit of the Shop to see them.

Even better we are presented with pictures of the front …

…and of the back …

Click for a larger and clearer view. Pictures kindly provided by Calpe Miniatures … even if they were unaware they were doing so!  😃

For further information on the regiments uniform remember that Calpe Miniatures have a Uniform information and painting Guide for them. And for yet more information Brigade Uniform Plates have a nice … errr … plate (PLATE 100: KINGDOM OF SAXONY: LIEB-GRENADIER-GUARD 1810-1813) on the regiment which is listed for sale on the Calpe Miniatures site.

von Peter himself is obviously still a self confessed Calpe zealot.  😇


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde in the metal

As previously revealed Calpe Miniatures have released their Saxon Guard Grenadiers – also known as the Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde. That was great news which only got better when the local postal service delivered a battalion of them to Neu Schloss von Peter. That battalion is required in the 1813 order of battle for the Saxons of von Peter himself.

Happily for The dear readership the order contained an example of every pack excepting the S91 – Six Saxon Guard Grenadiers in skirmish poses pack. As yet another social service von Peter himself proudly presents some images of those packs to tide everyone over until Calpe Miniatures place their pictures of painted figures on their web site. But first the usual stock standard copy and pasted caveats …

  • The figures are presented as they arrived excepting that the larger runners inherent in the casting progress have been removed with a craft knife and the fingers of von Peter himself. Those same fingers straightened any bent muskets etc
  • The figures have been cunningly rearranged between the front and back images so that the figures in the matching front and back photographs match left to right. Ahh … that is to say for example that the figure second on the left is the same figure in the front and back photos. If this has not been adequately explained then don’t worry about it as it probably doesn’t matter. Just be aware that von Peter himself went that extra step to the benefit of The dear reader
  • von Peter himself has quickly ‘washed’ the figures with the ‘Badab Black’ wash from Citadel / Games Workshop to bring out the details a little
  • While marvelling at the figures please remember that they are presented in larger than life size … depending on The dear readers device of course!
  • ‘Click’ the photos for a larger and clearer image.

Above: S85 – Six Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. All figures are in campaign dress with covered shakos

Above: S86 – Four Saxon grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. All figures are in campaign dress but with calfskin shako covers

Above: S87 – Four Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. Two have their heads turned and two have grestcoat rolls. Three have covered shakos and the fourth has a calfskin shako cover

Above: S88 – Four Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. One bareheaded figure, One with a gadaged head, one wears the forage cap and the last is in an enthusiastic pose

Above: S89 – Six Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. Command pack made up of a standard bearer (finial included but not the flag), two NCO standard guards, one senior NCO, a drummer and a sapper. Four figures have covered shakos and two have calfskin shako covers

Above: S90 – Four Saxon guard grenadier officers in advancing poses. Three are foot officers and the fourth is a mounted officer (horse included)


Closely followed by some more generic Calpe Miniatures news

Of course having excited many of The dear readers with these further tidings on the Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde von Peter himself will avail himself of the the latest News posting on the Calpe Miniatures website


Calpe Miniatures is now closed until the 1st September.

The website itself will remain open and you can send your orders in if you so wish but no orders will be sent out until the 1st of September. I have not seen my parents for 6 months now due to Covid and I have decided to chance a trip to Gibraltar to see them for a couple of weeks before the Autum and Winter bring a possible return of the problems we have been having with this unpleasant virus.

For many years I have closed down for August so that I could holiday with the family. I also use part of the month to carry out maintenance work on machines and workshops. On my return in September I will increase prices to £1.30 for figures and £1.80 for horses. I will also review prices for equipment pieces. Any orders which come in during August will be honored at the old prices. I have held my prices for some years now but the cost of metal, rubber moulds and energy have continued to rise. My last purchase of metal wiped out my “emergency money pot” coming in at several thousand pounds above what I expected. I can only keep going if I can afford the raw materials to produce the figures. The price rise is a necessity.

On the figure front you will all have noticed that I have updated the website with the last of the Saxon light infantry and the Saxon Guard Grenadiers. I will try to put up some photos of the painted Guard grenadiers on the website before I leave for Gib. I am currently working on the Saxon light cavalry. The Uhlans will be released first, followed by the Hussars and then the horse artillery and Artillery train (figures, limbers and caissons). I have been working on the light cavalry for a few weeks now and hope to have the first release ready by early October. I will remind you all that I will not be doing the Saxon heavy cavalry at this stage as they did not fight with the main Saxon force in 1813. If I ever get to cover the forces at the Battle of Dresden they will be the first units I will tackle.

Have a good summer and keep safe in these disconcerting times.



So some bad news – Calpe closed until 1st September & price increases – and some good – announcements of the latest Saxon additions and unveiling a road map for the remaining Saxon releases.


Birthday loot

The actual day was a couple of months ago but better late than never to reveal the haul. A few hobby related requisitions cunningly obtained under cover of the birthday …

Requisition #1 was the battalion of Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde from Calpe Miniatures – see above – plus a few packs of Saxon Light Infantry and a pack of their French infantry.

Requisition #2 was the Infamy Infamy! rules from the TooFatLardies. The package selected returned a physical copy of the rules; a pdf copy of the rules; an Infamy Infamy! card deck and an Infamy Infamy! token set. This is first of three in a series with – from an admittedly faltering memory – the Punic Wars and the Eastern Mediterranean to follow.  The son and heir is particularly keen on the Punic Wars focused bit AND he is talking of moving back to Wellington early next year AND he already has Carthaginians and their Roman opposition in hand. Hmmmm

Requisition #3 was the Barn/Stables Lift Off Roof from the Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range of Total Battle Miniatures.

Above: the Barn/Stables Lift Off Roof. Image “borrowed” form the Total Battle Miniatures website

Next up is Fathers Day here in New Zealand. Periscope up to select more loot!  🤣


Above: from front to back – a roughly constituted unpigmented recently acquired Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde battalion – the recently acquired Barn/Stables building unpigmented – the prievioulsy acquired Row of Houses and Store Lift Off Roof also from Total Battle Miniatures … and also unpigmented 😥



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Advancing Lights and Guard Grenadiers of the Saxon persuasion

Calpe Miniatures have snuck some new releases out the doors of Calpe Towers. More later Napoleonic Saxon infantry which should come as no surprise to anyone who follow these things.

There are more Light Infantry. This time around they are in “advancing” poses. So now you can model your Light Infantry as firing/skirmishing, march attack (muskets held vertically) or advancing (muskets held to the front high porte, low porte etc).

    • S75 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Muskets at low porte. Covered shakos
    • S76 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Muskets at high porte. Covered shakos
    • S77 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Calfskin shako covers. Two with muskets at low porte and two with muskets at high porte
    • S78 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Head turn pack. Two with covered shakos and two with calfskin shako covers. One of each pair at high and the other at low porte
    • S79 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Greatcoat roll pack. Two with covered shakos and two with calfskin shako covers. One of each pair at high and the other at low porte
    • S80 – Four light infantry figures in advancing poses. Two bareheaded and two forage cap figures. In each pair one carries the musket at high porte and the other at low porte
    • S81 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Two are falling casualty figures and two are in enthuiastic poses. Two figures have covered shakos and the other two have the calfskin shako covers

Above: S81 – Enthusiastic and falling casualty pack sure looks useful for more than just the advancing poses

    • S82 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in advancing poses. Command pack composed of NCO, drummer, bugler and sapper. Two figures have covered shakos and two have calfskin shako covers
    • S83 – Four light infantry officers in advancing poses. Three are foot officers and one is mounted (horse included)
    • S84 – Headquarters pack. Two mounted figures and two foot figures,. This vingete is based on the Schubauer painting and drawing of the Saxon light infantry at the battle of Pobodna in Russia.

The Calpe website Guides & Research pages go into more detail on the Schubaur drawings on the Saxon Light Infantry page.

Above: the relevant detail from the bottom left of the Schubaur drawing below …

Above: the The Battle of Podobna on August 12, 1812
Schubauer, Friedrich Leopold (1862)


But there’s more. The Saxon Guard Grenadiers have also put in an appearance.

Above: A Saxon Grenadier Guardsman as seen on a Knötel and Lezius Sturm cigarette card. Many thanks to Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Saxon Army Resources

    • S85 – Six Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. All figures are in campaign dress with covered shakos
    • S86 – Four saxon grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. All figures are in campaign dress but with calfskin shako covers
    • S87 – Four Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. Two have their heads turned and two have grestcoat rolls. Three have covered shakos and the fourth has a calfskin shako cover
    • S88 – Four Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attack poses. One bareheaded figure, One with a gadaged head, one wears the forage cap and the last is in an enthusiastic pose
    • S89 – Six Saxon Grenadier Guards in march-attcak poses. Command pack made up of a standard bearer (finial included but not the flag), two NCO standard guards, one senior NCO, a drummer and a sapper. Four figures have covered shakos and two have calfskin shako covers
    • S90 – Four Saxon guard grenadier officers in advancing poses. Three are foot officers and the fourth is a mounted officer (horse included)
    • S91 – Six Saxon Guard Grenadiers in skirmish poses. Two are firing, two are loading and two are holding fire. Four figures have covered shakos the other two have calfskin shako covers.

As is the norm for Calpe Miniatures those wanting their guardsmen in their bearskin headgear are out of luck. Calpe Miniatures present their figures as they would be seen on the battleground, not the parade ground.

Above: as of typing the Calpe website does not show any images of the Guard Grenadiers … yet. Hopefully images will soon appear and hopefully when they do appear they will of painted figures which will be an excellent painting resource


One suspects that this will complete the infantry phase of the Saxon range. By the reckoning of von Peter himself that leaves the cavalry, the horse artillery, limbers & caissons … and whatever else is left!!  😃


Gratuitous helpful hint: many of images above are “clickable”.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Welcome to the 4/132 Ligne

On the 24 September 2013 at 11:16pm von Peter himself took a photo of the 4th battalion of the 132 Ligne as it then stood. Five companies were present which left one to paint to complete the battalion. The four figures of the second fusilier company were all that stood in the way of a complete 4/132 Ligne battalion.

On 6 May 2020 von Peter himself was finally able to take a photo of the completed 4/132 Ligne battalion. As the actress said to the bishop – “OMG!”.

The second fusilier company with their rather pleasing sky blue tufts atop their shakos and incidentally carrying the battalions fanion – flag for those not in the know – have been waiting quite a while for their pigmentation to be complete. von Peter himself is nothing if not the master of under statement! They got caught up in the current clean-up of the painting desk to their amazement. Part of the problem was that the battalion played in many games quite happily – if not always successfully – without its second fusilier company. So other seemingly more pressing painting tasks were undertaken as the poor fusiliers of the second company watched on. But no longer.

Click the image for a larger and clearer view.

Perhaps surprisingly the 4/132 Ligne is the first French battalion that von Peter himself has ever pigmented. And perhaps even more surprisingly the first French battalion von Peter himself has ever owned – at least in 28mm. Call himself a Napoleonic gamer! Bah!! More battalions are to follow. The local forces of that Corsican emperor chap are comprised of Bavarians, Saxons & Poles and they sure would appreciate more actual French support in fighting the emperor’s battles.

On a more esoteric level the local basing standard works well for the French. Six bases of four figures neatly accommodates the six companies of a French Ligne or Légère battalion on a one to one basis. Each stand represents a complete company with it’s company distinctives. Absolutely wonderful if one is anal about such things.

Of course the figures are sourced from Calpe Miniatures. The self confessed zealotry continues. The fanion – not that the photo reveals much of it – is from GMB Designs.

For a little more detail on where this battalion fits into greater French designs head on over to the Napoleonic French Army Inspections page on von Peter’s website.

Now … what else lurks pushed to the back on the painting desk?


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Saxon Lights march attack from Calpe Towers

Yet another public service announcement from the electronic pen of von Peter himself. Just a quickie … and you’re welcome!

Calpe Miniatures have done us all an inestimable service by releasing the march attack Saxon Light Infantry to go along with those firing line / skirmishing packs already released …

  • S67 – Six Saxon light infantry figures in march-attack poses. All wear the black shako cover
  • S68 – Four Saxon Light Infantry figures in march-attack poses. All wear calfskin shako covers
  • S69 – Four Saxon light infantry in march-attack poses. Two head turn variants and two with greatcoat rolls
  • S70 – Four Saxon light infantry figures in march-attack poses. Two figures in forage caps, one bareheaded and one with a bandaged head.

As a bonus pack there is also …

  • S71 – Four Saxon Light Infantry figures in march-attack poses. Two enthusuastic figures and two falling casualties.

which von Peter himself suspects will work equally well with both march attack and firing line / skirmisher units.

Any / all of The dear readership should feel free to place an order for any / all of these new packs with zero guilt. von Peter himself has already placed his order so you shouldn’t impede the processing of that rather important order. A-ha-ha!


With any luck von Peter himself will be back in several days with a more normal broadcast.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Lock down – what good is it anyway?

It’s been nearly two weeks of the official Covid-19 lock down here in New Zealand. Though he is working from home surely von Peter himself has managed to bestir himself and use some of that time to progress things of a wargaming hobby nature. “Hell yeah” is the answer to that particular question though not in ways expected.


Dealing to Slingshot

The stack of unread Slingshot magazines – the Journal of the Society of Ancients – has been whittled down to one almost completely read issue. When the time came to sign up for another year of society membership a little humming and ha’ing was undertaken but ultimately the money was spent for the year’s membership. Like all magazines the articles in Slingshot may not always be of direct interest but they are usually satisfying reading and having paid for them von Peter himself makes sure to read every word! To be honest much of the whittling down of unread issues occurred pre lock down but not all so diminishing the pile of unread goes into the lock down hobby achievement pile.



von Peter himself has long been a proponent of magnetising his figure bases. It makes transporting figures so much simpler. Unconscionably the practice of actually magnetising the 28mm Napoleonic collection had slipped somewhat due to a shortage of magnetic material that remained un-remedied for a period of time. Outrageous. Magnetic material was duly acquired only to be placed mostly unused in the bag with the plywood base supply. Cue more righteous outrage.

Finally a move was made to magnetise a unit. Then another. Then a casualty base. And then more units, casualties and command stands were called up for the “treatment”. From the lowliest casualty to the highest ranked local Austrian – FZM Graf H. Colloredo and his staff – many have been dealt too. To date 68 bases have been dealt to. Phew. But the unglamorous work is never done and there’s more to do. Mostly the bigger bases – at least one artillery battery and a few command stands – which require more substantial magnetic substrate.


18mm delights from the past

When Nigel Fun-New returned the latest tranch of his 28mm Napoleonic pigmentation efforts on behalf of von Peter himself– the 1/4th Polish Infantry Regiment and a few Austrian command types – he included three battalions of 18mm AB Figures. These were somewhat of a surprise.

Way back in time a few Wellington based gamers dreamt up a scheme to play Napoleonic games in 10mm. But those far sighted gamers were ahead of their time. Several 10mm manufacturers were discovered. Some of them were contacted but to no avail. Pendraken Miniatures and their like did not then exist … or at least we didn’t find them. While searching for a suitable 10mm manufacturer the wonderful 18mm AB Figures hove into view and suddenly we were starting an 18mm project.

Unfortunately the project quickly ended up being of the stillborn variety. von Peter himself had purchased some figures and distributed a portion of them to the aforementioned Nigel F. for pigmentation. And numerous figures had been returned very nicely painted. When The family went to the UK for a year more figures were sent to Nigel. There was never pressure to get them back as there was always a 28mm unit that was required. Finally Nigel got fed up being a holding pen for 18mm figures and he painted those three battalions of 18mm AB Figures that arrived like a long lost memory …

Above: the three battalions of long lost soldiery. Two battalions of Saxon Light Infantry and some spares plus a battalion of Bavarian Light Infantry

The idea of the smaller scale – 10mm then 18mm figures – was to play a higher level game with a base representing a battalion of infantry, a cavalry regiment or half for those double sized cavalry regiments, or a battery. The figures could be mounted however one wanted on the base. It was foreseen that the level of rules would not be too concerned with individual unit formation.

Having received those three battalions and being incarcerated under the lock down von Peter himself came over all curious and dug out (all?) of the previously pigmented 18mm soldiery. The two boxes of them discovered are on display below. The figures are all either Saxons or French. They are all blue tacked to temporary bases and the bases stuck to the box for the move to Neu Schloss von Peter. As can be seen only one base has been completed – a yellow faced regiment of French dragoons.

Above: a closer up look at the yellow faced French dragoons preparing to move out from a Russian village having thoroughly “searched” it. The photo dates from November 2006. Yikes!

Besides the 18mm figures von Peter himself procured a “bunch” of 18mm real estate both Western/Central European and Russian. Even better Craig W. pigmented them with his usual aplomb …

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that von Peter himself may complete the basing of these even littler soldiers. Or at least start the completion of the basing. Nigel F. still has some unpigmented 18mm figures and there are certainly more unpigmented ones here at Neu Schloss von Peter. Hmmm. I wondered what the future holds.


The next locally pigmented unit

There are several outstanding pigmentation projects on the painting desk of von Peter himself. But they are all small bananas. What is needed is the next unit that needs bringing to life. There were many temptations. A battalion of the newly released Saxon Light Infantry? Or perhaps a battalion of Saxon Grenadiers? But the Saxons have been spoilt lately. What about the Prussians. They have lingered unloved for too long. The second battalion of musketeers or a regiment of cavalry? In the end the second battalion of the 4th Reserve Infantry in their British supplied Portuguese styled uniform got the pick. With all that damned lace and piping they will no doubt wrench a curse or two from von Peter himself as they get pigmented. But all that lace and piping won’t go away and the unit is needed for the hard pressed men of the 3rd Prussian Brigade of 1813.

It is to be hoped that the appropriate blue can be identified. You know – the same one as on the first battalion. Gulp.

Above: The 1/4th Reserve Infantry Regiment behind what is hoped will transform into the 2/4th Reserve Infantry Regiment. The muskets – and accompanying hands! – are for the six Trail Arms figures in the second battalion


What needs to move off the painting desk?

So what is currently residing on the painting desk? Errr …ummm, please excuse the dust!

Back row left to right …

  • a fantasy mounted knight. His chances of further pigmentation the near future are tending towards zero but there he sits forlornly waiting
  • the next four horses are bound for a Prussian limber
  • next up are two Prussian mounted Feldjager and their horses (to eventually make them mounted … please keep up! 😃). The figure lying on the ground in front of them is another mounted Feldjager with the plan being to paint the three at once. These figures are for use as individual ADCs or on command stands.

Middle row left to right …

  • two horses for the two senior Saxons officers to their immediate front
  • a Napoleonic civilian of the female persuasion
  • a Prussian casualty
  • a Saxon casualty.

Front row left to right …

  • a horse for the Austrian mounted officer (coming along shortly)
  • a horse for a future Austrian general. The cunning plan was to paint it at the same time and in the same colours as the prior horse. Cunning or what?
  • the figure lying in a bed of paper tissue is the mounted Austrian officer for the first horse on the row.
  • a Saxon colonel and adjoint who along with a previously painted ADC will comprise a Brigade command stand
  • Four Frenchmen to complete a French battalion.

Nothing too intimidating. So why are they all still there?! Most of them have been idling on the desk for quite a while having suffered the indignity of watching other figures – even whole units! – come and go. They’ll all have to get a move on. The 2/4th Reserve Infantry Regiment will be wanting that real estate on the painting desk.


And of course there is always the internet

Ah yes. It must be admitted that by using time as a measure the internet has consumed most of von Peter’s hobby time. By quite a margin. So has it been for many moons now and most likely will for many moons to come. Both a blessing and a curse.


All the photos are clickable for a larger and clearer view.

Take the greatest care out there.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

A corrective statement and Covid-19 – you git

As with many in the world the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has had an impact on the life of von Peter himself. Along with the rest of New Zealand he is in a four week – possibly longer – lockdown at Neu Schloss von Peter from which both himself and the good Fraulien von Peter herself are working from home.

But that is the least of it. Today – Sunday 29 March 2020 – von Peter himself and the good Fraulien von Peter herself are flying out of New Zealand for six and a bit weeks of travel through Europe. Included are a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and a few days at the L ‘Hotel de Hercé – with a wargame of course – in Mayenne, France. Except of course we are not flying out today as international travel is now a very difficult – spot the understatement – and dangerous undertaking. Merde!!  😩

The current position is that this is more of a postponement than a cancellation. Time – as they say – will tell.

Above: such visions on the Rhine River are cancelled … at least for now

Of course being stuck at home for four plus weeks may facilitate some creative hobby activities with paint brushes and associated “things”. Then again living AND working in close confines with no visitors to break any tension the survival of von Peter himself and / or the good Fraulien von Peter herself must be the first consideration lest some form of mutual destruction take form!  😃

Smug bit: The residents of Neu Schloss von Peter have it a little easier than some whilst under lockdown. Living at the northern end of Paekakariki they are a mere block away from Queen Elizabeth II Park so have easy access to said park to walk the dog – the nefarious French sympathising (see Wagram II and 2017 – the last word?) Keela – and themselves. For evidence see the following two photos snapped the day before lockdown kicked in. And even better – such strolls are fully compliant with the lockdown regulations.

As a public service to fellow Kiwis looking for information on the NZ government response to Covid-19 all can be found here.


A correction

In his last post in this here august journal von Peter himself may have chided himself for not ordering a horse for his Saxon Light Infantry officers pack thereby leaving the mounted dignitary without a mode of transport. von Peter himself was of course wrong.

The pack comes with a horse. It’s just that in a packing error von Peter’s particular pack did not. Mr Calpe Miniatures will put this right when the next Calpe order is ordered so no harm done. Apologies if the doddering old fool von Peter himself has led anyone astray.


Toys, toys … where art thou toys? *

* With apologies to the great bard.

Planning way ahead von Peter himself has ensured he has piles of unpigmented figures etc to keep him busy during any lockdown period. Perhaps The dear reader has not been so careful in their warehousing and will need to get in some fresh supplies. As far as von Peter himself is aware at the time of typing the following manufacturers are still working and sending out their precious wares …

… and having temporarily shut up shop …

Admittedly not much of a list but then this is a free read so what do you expect?!  😇

And who knows. Even if those precious figures get despatched how long they will take to “get through” is an open question.

Of course even though von Peter himself has a truly praiseworthy stock of unpigmented figures and even a stock of backups of his most used paints he is bound to run out of something. Something critical that he won’t be able to replace under the current strictures. One can feel the oppressive inevitability of it all!


Take care of yourselves out there. The dear readership is small enough without putting any of them at risk!  😃



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

My kingdom for a horse

The raw recruits for the 1st battalion of the 1st Light Infantry Regiment of the 1813 Saxon Army have been conscripted. They arrived with little fanfare in the mail several weeks ago from Calpe Miniatures. This event caused an immediate increase in local morale only slightly dampened by a slight error in the work of the local military requisitions team. More of that soonish.

The figures will allow for the modelling of the battalion as a firing line  with a  casualty or two – these things seem to be unavoidable in war – included from the S74 Four light infantry prone casualties pack. This is mentioned simply as so as to draw attention to the crawling figure from that pack. von Peter himself is somewhat taken with this figure. Expect to see the poor infantryman crawling out of the back of the battalion’s firing line … whenever the battalion gets painted!

Now to the failings of the local military requisitions team. The pack S66 Four Light Infantry officers in firing line and skirmish poses provides a single mounted officer and three officers on foot. A great pack but if ordering please remember that this pack does not come with a horse included. So if you want your mounted officer to be actually mounted please order him a mount. Now just in case any of The dear readership is concerned by this unfortunate turn of events you can rest easy. von Peter himself more than likely has a suitable horse available in his unpigmented figure pile that he can “borrow” should one be urgently required.

Let this be a salutary lesson that one that all of The dear readership profit from.

C-O-R-R-E-C-T-I-O-N-: the pack S66 should have come with a horse included and Mr Calpe will provision the missing item. This is good. What isn’t so good is that this ruins the rantings and ravings above not to mention the title “My kingdom for a horse”. Oh well. What can one do?!  😃

Above: oi … where is my bleedin’ horse?!

Note that both figures shown above have been given a black wash to hopefully enhance the details for the The dear reader’s enhanced discernment.


Pretty as a picture … of death and mayhem

The TooFatLardies have released the artwork for their to be released in the future rules Infamy, Infamy! Artwork by Chris Collingwood it is believed.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself