Snippets #30

An update: To give credit where it may be due the good folks at seem to have walked back much of their increased advertising. So thank you very much to them. If you are wondering what the blistering blue blazes von Peter himself is on about then take a look at the beginnings of Snippets #29.

With Partizan 2023 almost upon for those lucky enough to attend here’s a couple more clips from Salute 2023 to stir the juices …

Seven Years War Hanoverians

The Seven Years War Hanoverian Army was good enough to supply von Peter himself with a small contingent to support the Allied cause should the need arise.

Three infantry regiments/battalions – apart from the Foot Guards the Hanoverian foot regiments comprised a single battalion in the SYW, a cavalry regiment, a dragoon regiment and a battery of medium guns were provisioned along with two command stands to keep the men under control and well directed. And here are the infantry …

SYW Hanover Graf Kielmannsegge Regt

Above: the men of the Graf Kielmannsegge Infantry Regiment give covering fire to their compatriots

SYW Hanover De Chausses & von Ledebour regts

Above: the De Chausses Infantry Regiment – yellow facings – and the Von Ledebour Regiment – blue facings – perform an implacable advance

Perhaps the De Chausses and Von Ledebour regiments were assigned the task of advancing on the enemy given the state of their muskets which do not seem to be particularly straight and therefore not particularly suited to providing fire?!  🤣

The figures from Front Rank Figurines are pigmented by Nigel Fun-nell. The splendid flags from the dashedly talented Alan Hollows.

“Click” the photos for a larger and clearer image.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Salute 2023 … errr 50, and plastic

If you’re keen 3D printer advocate there is yet another Kickstarter project that may be of interest to the Napoleonic gamer. Troops of Napoleonic Wars – Cavalry of the Austrian Empire sources files for Austrian Cuirassiers, Dragoons/Chevaulegers, Hussars and Uhlans. Scrolling further down the Kickstarter reveals prior offers of Austrian infantry & artillery and Duchy of Warsaw cavalry & infantry.

Troops of Nap Wars - Cav of the Austrians

Should they so desire The dear reader can view a video review a prior Kickstarter in the series “Troops of the Napoleonic Wars: Grand Duchy of Warsaw Kickstarter” …

But wait … perhaps those Perry Miniatures fans thinking of recruiting some Poles might want to hold out for the Perrys who have announced at – or around the time of – Salute 2023 50 that they are working on plastic Duchy of Warsaw Infantry as announced in on their Facebook page …

For those who couldn’t make it to the show, the next plastic set will be……
Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw Infantry!
Alan painted up five ‘3up’ resins for the show to give people a hint of what will be in the set, or should I say sets. This will follow our trend of making two boxes set one of a whole battalion and the other of set more skewered to skirmish games. Alan has tried to cover the many variations in the DOW Infantry some of which you can see here. Apart from czapkas and various fur caps, shown here, there will be covered shakos included in the set, as some regiments used French and Polish variants. Three regiment’s fusiliers had white fringed epaulettes too, so these will be covered. The resins shown here were cast from early greens, but they will all have water canteen/gourds when in plastic. Quite a few faces on the figures are based on Jan’s Polish friends who happen to be gamers/reenactors of Polish Infantry and cavalry units.

But for himself von Peter himself is content with his slowly recruiting 27th (Polish) Division of General de division Dombrowski as sourced from Front Rank Miniatures …

Nap Polish 1-4th Infantry

Above: 1/4th Polish line infantry

Nap Polish 18th Lt Cav Brigade 2023-01

Above: the 18th Light Cavalry Brigade with a cavalry regiment still en route to the front. A couple of ADCs  are buzzing around and an infantrymen is disturbing the scene.

Polish painted by Nigel Fun-nell. Horses canon & basing by von Peter himself. Click the images for a larger and clearer version.

Coloured 3D printing

To get back to 3D printing this colour 3D printed critter was shown at Salute 2023 50. Although apparently it’s not the first. Click here for a little more detail.

Coloured 3d printing 2023-04

Salute 2023 50

A random selection of reports from and on Salute 2023 50 held last weekend. There’s a fair few minutes of viewing. Perhaps best viewed at work!  😇


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #29

An apology of sorts

This world of ours is not quite perfect. Sometimes the world – or more accurately the actions of the people inhabiting this world – irritate von Peter himself resulting in fits of cursing and muttering. One of the recent causes of cursing and muttering has been occasioned by the good folks over at who have decided to up the level – and obtrusiveness! – of advertising in the FREE version of their blogging product. And wouldn’t you know it being of a rather parsimonious nature von Peter himself presents this blog on the FREE version of wordpress .com.

All of a sudden this blog was being plagued with an annoying level of advertising that in some cases ruined the flow of the contents. Mutter mutter. A quick search revealed that von Peter himself was not the only person muttering – for example see More ads than normal. Happily WordPress seem to have listened and responded to a degree and the increase in advertising has been pared back though it is still at an elevated level.

So … to all The dear readers apologies for the increased advertising. It was not a choice that von Peter himself made. And rest assured it is not the result of von Peter himself monetising this blog!  💰🚫 That is never going to fly.

If the advertising gets to be too much von Peter himself – whilst not an expert – suggests using some form of ad blocker. There are also privacy focussed browsers such as Brave. von Peter himself has trialed Brave and can report that not an advertisement was to be seen. On the down side WordPress then fails to register your visit so that any egocentric blog creator who may be jealously observing their visitor statistics may become dispirited. Not thinking of anyone in particular!  😇

Finally. von Peter himself acknowledges that he is using a FREE facility to present this blog. The hope is that the level of advertising does not detract from the information presented. Time will tell. The future of this blog may turn on it.  😳

SYW Prus Grenadiers 9-10 and 19-25 back

Above: Two battalions of Seven Years War Prussian Grenadiers prepare to see off the incoming Austrian cavalry. Who needs cowardly squares anyway? Front Rank Figurines. Click for a larger and clearer view

More GdA 2nd Edition Rules!

The author David C R Brown has released yet another teaser for the upcoming second edition of his General d’Armee rules in GdA 2nd Edition Rules! Update 2. Once again von Peter himself has gone that extra mile for The dear readers and replicated his post below. To see any feedback generated head on over to the link in the prior sentence you’ll be able to see any feedback generated.

Here’s a new Defending Units Reaction to a Charge rule. I’m looking at point C in particular to test your wargame mettle!

The Lead Defending Units Reaction: The lead defending unit may only choose one of the following reactions: Fire, Align, form Square or Evade. Cavalry may potentially Counter-Charge.
A. Fire. The defending unit fires when the attackers reach the 5cm [3″] point. An unformed infantry line versus a cavalry charge cannot fire.
B. Align. If a defending unit is charged from outside its fire arc, but doesn’t qualify for a flank/rear charge, it must wheel to meet the charge and loses the opportunity to defensive fire. Units cannot align so as to avoid the charge.
C. Attempt to Form Square. If charged by cavalry, formed infantry in line must attempt to form square. Formed infantry in column may elect to receive the charge in column or form square.
• To successfully form square a unit must pass a Discipline Test. If it fails the test result stands.
• Unformed infantry cannot form square.
• Evade. Skirmishers, Cossacks and Horse Artillery may or must evade a charge.

There is no modifier to form square based on how close the cavalry are, this is because a wargame turn stops and starts but in reality movement is continuous. The Discipline Test determines if your battalion spotted the cavalry in advance, perhaps in the previous turn, and reacted in time or if it was caught by surprise.
Nor can infantry choose to stand in line against cavalry. Why is this? First, actual historical instances of this were rare indeed. Secondly in a wargame the player knows the exact tactical situation and may claim such things as secure flanks. However the battalion commander on the ground, shrouded in smoke and battlefield confusion does not have this perfect knowledge, may not know or believe he has secure flanks and hence highly likely to err on the side of caution and form square. Intentionally staying in line was not the standard drill reaction to a cavalry attack and this is why even elite units formed square when threatened by cavalry.

Nap Aust 3-Reuss-Plauen Infantry Regiment version 1

Above: Are you looking at me?! Napoleonic Austrian infantry from the third battalion of the Reuss-Plauen Infantry Regiment. Front Rank Figurines pigmented by Nigel Fun-nell. Click for a larger and clearer image

Salute 2023 … errr 50 … this coming weekend

Saturday 22 April 2023 sees what von Peter himself would’ve called Salute 2023. But of course von Peter himself would be wrong. It seems to be called Salute 50 because it is the 50th anniversary show. Yet again the commute from New Zealand is a bit much so good luck to all those who will be exhibiting and attending. And please please PLEASE take lots of notes, pictures and videos for publishing in one form or another on the ‘net so that us non attendees can live vicariously care of your attendance.

Salute 2023


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

GdA 2 and some Back in Black





Logo Wargames Holiday Centre


Apparently there are changes to ADC tasking, firing and melee … and who knows what else. According to Mark Freeth the game has been sped up without loosing any of the feel of the game. Look for General d’Armee 2 – or whatever it is to be called – around April 2023. Maybe in time for Salute. Perhaps. von Peter himself is hoping that this is not a dumbing down of the rules. And further wonders if the cover will change?

GdA Cover


Back in black

And to end with a little madness. A variation of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” like you’ve never seen it before. von Peter himself is impressed by the ability of the helmet and the guitarist to absorb the battering they receive … though perhaps the helmet lasts the distance somewhat the better of the two! 😃

Under absolutely no conditions is anyone is to show this to Fraulien von Peter herself.  😅

This could be it before Christmas 2022 rolls on into town. If so von Peter himself would like to wish all The dear readers a merry, safe and present rich Christmas.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #24

The second battalion of the second Polish Line Regiment is not yet ready for public exposure. It still needs to be presented its colours (flag)! 😳 And von Peter himself is fairly certain that those colours are in stock!! 🥺 How hard can it be? 🤔 Anyways as an interim stopgap sort of thing von Peter himself presents …

Great Wargaming Survey 2022 Edition

After several years surely this doesn’t need much of an introduction. But here’s the official introduction anyway …

Welcome to the Great Wargaming Survey!
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” – Sun Tzu

Apart from rolling dice, there seem to be few things wargamers like to do more than discussing the state of their hobby. This survey aims to answer some of those questions and publish the answers for all to see.

Thanks to our sponsors, we’ve got a stack of generous prizes to give to some lucky winners. On top of that, everyone gets a €5 discount voucher for the Karwansaray Publishers website and a selection of WSS articles to download free of charge upon completing the survey.

Filling out the survey shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes, and we’re taking responses until August 31st, 2022. Please tell all your wargaming friends to come take it too!

Thank you very much for participating!

Guy Bowers & Jasper Oorthuys
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine

So head on over to the Great Wargaming Survey 2022 Edition and fill in the questionnaire. That way we may learn something about our hobby.

The Great Wargaming Survey 2022


The Wargames Holiday Centre has been around ever since von Peter himself can remember and is surely one of the venerable institutions of wargaming. It may have been through several ownership and venue changes but it’s schtick is still big games that are to be enjoyed by the paying punter. Of course they have an online presence …


And for them that like moving pictures …

Wargame Holiday Centre YouTube videos.

Logo Wargames Holiday Centre

Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Documentary

The good folks over at Real Time History have produced videos on several topics including a 13 part Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Documentary. Check their channel for other topics of potential interest.

Real Time History

A publication of great interest

The focus of interest for von Peter himself in the Napoleonic Wars is the year 1813. Therefore it was with a squeal of delight that the following was spotted in the General d’Armee section of the Too Fat Lardies Lard Forum

Leipzig Campaign 1813
Post by DCRBrown » Wed Jul 20, 2022 10:27 am

The Leipzig Campaign 1813 is the third of a series of pint sized campaign scenarios for General d’Armee!
The draft is now at Lardy HQ, undergoing editing and other very technical editing type stuff! We are looking to release in August.

This instalment presents six historical battles that follow Napoleon’s 1813 campaign.
Each scenario provides players with terrain maps, troop deployments, objectives and orders of battle.

The scenarios are:
1. WEISSENFELS – Ney’s infantry take on a Russian covering force.
2. LUTZEN – Ney’s infantry hold out against Prussian attacks.
3. BAUTZEN – Ney attempts to breakthrough the Allied right flank.
4. DRESDEN – Ney leads the Young Guard against the Russians and Prussians.
5. MOCKERN – Marmont holds Mockern against the Prussians.
6. LIEBERTWOLKWITZ. Lauriston battles Austrians and Russians at Leipzig.

The previous pint sized campaigns were/are …

They’ll be reaping in some of the hard earned cash of von Peter himself. The cunning devils!

For the ignorant DCRBrown is David C R Brown the author of amongst other rule sets General d’Armee.

GdA Cover


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

 Snippets #23 – a reawakening

Eeek!  It’s been a while since von Peter himself expended any physical effort on this here blog. Lots of thinking but not much action which encapsulates the whole hobby thing for a while now. Too many distractions matched with too little will power. Fortunately Nigel Fun-nell has come through with another Polish battalion so the wheels of activity are slowly cranking up. Expect to see a flaunting of said battalion in the nearish future. Until then von Peter himself presents some now dated intelligence.

The Ultimate Gamer’s Link Guide
This big bunch of hobby related links was stumbled upon and it seemed the decent thing to share. It may be a little dated now but there is bound to be some treasures buried within. Presented by Cigar Box Battle and available on their downloads page.

Cigar Box battle Ultimat Gamers Link Guide

The Price of Crowns 3

Piano Wargames are at it again … or at least were at it again … with another Kickstarter campaign. This time it was the The Price of Crowns 3 – The Grand Duchies of Hessen-Darmstadt and Würzburg in the Napoleonic Wars. And there is a Napoleon figure available too.

The Price of Crowns 3


Another one of those blogs from a(n annoyingly! 😇) great hobbyists. Just Add Water show cases a great talent.

Just Add Water

As a much younger man I used to marvel at Steve Dean’s work and he’s still going … his websitehis facebook page … and his twitter presence.

Logo Steve Dean

4Ground shenanigans

FYI, there is trouble over in 4Ground land …

4ground closing notification

Grandmanor Jubilee raw resin event

Grandmanor are at it again selling their models as raw resin as opposed to the more normal painted versions …

Our second raw resin event which enables customers to order models on special offer in raw resin only and paint for them selves.The event will last 2/3 weeks OR until our price fixed stock of material lasts. It will get busy so please bare with me regarding extended dispatch times. Plans for late summer / end of the year will include a web site shut down for 3 months to complete a major design session. hopefully in time for the new year.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Such a late notification

Thirty Years War cavalry from 1898 Miniatures – a review

From The Via Regia site comes Thirty Years War cavalry from 1898 Miniatures which reviews the first – and hopefully not the last – Thirty Years War cavalry releases from 1898 Miniatures. Explanations are given as to some of the finer details of the figures, eg. pistol wielding cavalrymen have horses with one empty pistol holster. Very cool! Also presented is a unit of them painted as a unit of Gustav Adolph’s Swedish Cavalry.

Via Regia Banner

Maps on the move

Epic History TV have a YouTube channel which has many historic videos of a warfare nature. The one that came to the attention of von Peter himself was on the Napoleon 1813: Battle of Nations. This particular video gives a 33:15 background and overview of the battle. What  particularly caught the eye were the animated maps of the battle which showed at a high level movements of the troops during the battle. Very instructive.

Price rise incoming – Perry Miniatures

And because it would be harder to leave it any later and still be prior to the event … not the greatest news but contained in an email received from Perry Miniatures …

Unfortunately due to many growing costs we are having to increase our prices.
We’ve been holding off for as long as possible, but production costs for both metal and plastics are still rising. So, on the 12th March we will add 50p on all metal codes and £2 on plastic boxed sets.

That means that there’s only a few hours to place any price rise defeating orders. Jump to it you Perry Miniatures fans.

Perry logo


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Christmas arrives

“All things come to those who wait” is one of those ancient pearls of wisdom. Not that von Peter himself and “pearls of wisdom” have much to do with one another normally. But the mail man has done his best to make the old adage ring true for von Peter himself.

The GrandManor package

Late last week a rather large package arrived all the way from the United Kingdom. More detailed investigation revealed that the source of said package was GrandManor. Hurrah – the unpigmented building pile had been incremented. (Why “Hurrah”? Many will know that you cannot die if you have an unpigmented figure collection. But not many know that this is doubly true if one posses an unpigmented building pile. Honest. 😇)

For those not in the know GrandManor perform the most thorough packaging job that von Peter himself has ever experienced. The box was packed full of packaging and buildings. No potentially destructive movement in there. All buildings were wrapped in multiple, individually sellotaped bubble wrap layers. All hollow bits of buildings were packed with individually fitted polystyrene to keep the walls etc safe. It all adds up to wonderful protection for the items being transported.

The first building ordered during the “Raw Resin Event” was the “Village Night watchman’s cottage” cottage from the “28mm Napoleonic Europe” range. This model has always caught the eye of von Peter himself … and now he has one!

GrandManor village night watchmans cottage

Having ordered the cottage to keep the village’s night watchman happy the thought niggled that perhaps having a single GrandManor building may not be the smartest thing. Perhaps having another complimentary GrandManor building could/would be a good idea so that the two buildings could then be deployed together as a stylistically sympathetic whole on the field of battle. And anyway the Pigsty had also caught the eye of von Peter himself.

Four days after the original order a second order was placed for the Pigsty also from the “28mm Napoleonic Europe” range. A note was added explaining that two orders had been placed and if it suited GrandManor’s purposes they could be despatched together.

GrandManor pigsty

And the rest is now history. Both models featured a lift off roof and interior details. Indeed it is strongly suspected that the Village night watchman’s cottage has two levels of interior details but as yet the inner floor has not yet been removed to view the bottom level due to a stubborn determination to remain in situ! The casting is as expected of a high standard.

Both pictures care of the GrandManor website.

Thirty Years War Cavalry

Ordered on the 10 December 2021 from the Spanish based 1898 Miniatures this fine body of horsemen was despatched on the 13 December 2021 and arrived today – 8 February 2022 – here in New Zealand. So most of the elapsed time was consumed in postage. Not a surprise with Covid playing havoc with shipping … and no doubt von Peter himself selected the most parsimonious postage possible. The e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d shipping was expected and the postal services did not disappoint! 🤬

The recruiters have delivered one of each of the available cavalry packs – TYWCAV1 thru 9 – and a few flags. It’s a start on the cavalry just as a start has previously been made to the Tercios of the infantry.

1898- Miniatures cav advert 2021

Officially this is a Christmas present and so it’s safe arrival is a very cherished thing.

Something to make von Peter himself smile

Stumbled upon this on the Twitter thingy of Alex – Storm of Steel Wargaming or more precisely at As a person of partial Greek heritage this made von Peter himself smile …




Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Get your Front Rank Figurines now

The Monday before last saw von Peter himself break his glasses. He was reduced to wearing his previous generation of glasses that are of course a different prescription to that which is currently prescribed. Happy hint – always keep your prior glasses when receipting the latest pair. You will invariably need them! Don’t ask how they were broken. 🤬 Thankfully the new pair have now arrived  so looking at screens, reading etc is not quite the effort it has been.

Enough of the self pity. Another series of disjointed rambles to hopefully lighten these pestilential times for The dear readership

Front Rank Figurines are go

This “news” is nearly a week old now but for the unenlightened … Front Rank Figurines are back and available to purchase. Similar verbiage is to be found on both the Front Rank Figurines and Gripping Beast news sections …


Hello Everyone!

WEBSITE NOW OPEN! (But please read on….)

Good News! At last! Gripping Beast has finally completed the purchase of Front Rank!

We would like to thank Alec & Angela for their stupendous patience and we wish them a long and happy retirement.

Front Rank has now moved to Beast Towers, lock, stock and barrel. It will, however, take us a few days to get sorted and for production to begin again. In the meanwhile, you can now place your orders on the website in the normal way.

Once we have things organised, we will begin to work through the orders (this will take some days!) We will process the orders strictly in the order in which they were received.

Thank you all for your patience and some level of sanity will be restored as soon as possible


Gripping Beast selling Front Rank Figurines

From the “I always liked the Napoleonic Austrian kuirassier look” file

Outstanding … though von Peter himself has some reservations about the scruffy one on the far right 😇 …

Austrian Kuirassiers - ladies

The image is from the Austerlitz 2013 album as brought to the world by the photographer Thomas T. It’s well worth checking out some of his photo albums. Honest. Click for an enlarged and clearer image.

Easy to make toilet paper sea bases

It’s amazing what one stumbles upon when surfing the ‘net. An interesting video on creating sea bases for ships using toilet paper, pva glue, plaster/ wall filler or spackle if you’re American and paint. The video clip uses Kings of War Armada (fantasy) ships but sea is sea.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #23

Another Christmas has come and gone. The plan had been to complete and post this as a Christmas treat – such delusions! Only missed it by a few days!!  🥺

Württembergers 1806-1812

von Peter himself has stumbled onto another miniature maker of potential interest. Piano Wargames out of Germany is producing some very interesting Württemberg 1806-1812 miniatures. For the modern gamer / collector these figures are available as STL files for 3D printing. For the more traditional figure purchaser it seems that they will also be available as metal castings eventually.

Piano Wargames Württemberg Light_Infantry_marching

The commencement of the Württemberg 1806-1812 range was courtesy of a Kickstarter campaign “The Price of Crowns” which provided the bulk of the infantry. The follow up campaign “The Price of Crowns 2” will provision the cavalry, artillery, Royal Foot Guard, a second set of line infantry command and a General Vandamme figure. If The dear reader is interested the kickstarter closes on 10th January 2022(?) and is already fully funded.

Piano wargames The Price of Crowns2

The figures look good and importantly for von Peter himself come with variants. But how well they work for 1813 is a question and they may be a tad too small for the taste of von Peter himself with his mostly Calpe Miniatures and Front Rank Figurines armies. Then again if 3D printing the figures then perhaps they could be adjusted to print a slightly larger figure but what this may do to muskets, swords etc may not be desirable.

Piano Wargames cavalry size comparison

Above: borrowed from the The Price of Crowns 2 Kickstarter. Figures that fit so well with the Perry ranges are a bit small for von Peter’s liking when accompanied by his larger Calpe & Front Rank figures

As a nice bonus the downloads area of the Piano Wargames website has some downloadable Württemberg infantry flags.

Pictures from the Piano Wargames website, facebook page and their The Price of Crowns kickstarter pages. All of the sites are worth a visit to view some well painted figures and lovely vignettes using them.

Logo Piano Wargames

Painting a Piano Wargames figure

As a corollary to the above Sonic Sledgehammer Studio has a painting tutorial ostensibly on painting white horses but the video actually covers painting the human figure as well. And wouldn’t you know it the figure being painted is a Württemberg mounted officer from Piano Wargames …

Yet more on Thirty years War cavalry

Father Christmas has been beseeched upon to provision the new 1898 Miniatures 28mm Thirty Years War Cavalry. He has even been granted special dispensation to deliver after the 25th of December. In fact this is expected. As long as the requested order arrives all will be well.

1898 Miniatures Cavalry command group I

Above: Cavalry Command Group1

For the benefit of The dear readers the following intelligence discovered via an enquiry is offered as a belated Christmas pressie …

  • the cavalry is being sold as packs. No mention in the affirmative that regimental packs will be offered
  • more packs are to come
  • a cavalry painting article is in preparation. By way of further explanation of this there are various articles on the clothing of, the organisation and tactics of, and how to paint the Tercios – infantry – on the 1898 Miniatures website under the headings of “History” and “Modelling and Painting”.

Logo 1898 Miniatures plain

The continuing saga

Spotted on the Front Rank Figurines website …

Hi Front Rank Customers

The sale of Front Rank to Gripping Beast is still proceeding, we are really sorry but the the legal side is taking much longer than either us or Gripping Beast anticipated.
Thank you so much for your continued interest and patience, both Front Rank and Gripping Beast are doing everything we can to hurry things along.
Our apologies but Front Rank is unable to process any orders at this time.Kind regards

Alec & Angela

Maybe for next Christmas!!!  🥺

And in the spirit of Christmas recently passed the following “borrowed” from the Piano Wargames facebook page

Piano Wargames Christmas 2021


Until we meet again …