For Mother Russia

Today we start with the products of Mother Russia. But then we move on.

Russian ADCs

Click to see a larger and clearer image

A Russian ADC rides like the wind – thereby having to keep a strong grip on his favourite bicorne – with the news that French so called emperor personally destroyed this building with his very own hands! Shock horror! Is there no end to the evil contained within his diminutive frame?! May he and his minions soon be chased from the holy lands of Mother Russia.

The trainer painter of von Peter’s Napoleonic Russians Greater Queeg has delivered some reinforcements to the Russian force entrusted by the Tsar himself – honest! – to von Peter himself.

Like all Russian armies there needs to be plenty of top brass and so two ADC’s have been added to the force. It is hoped that these will earn their way by transporting orders around the battlefield as required in those Brigade level games and will be available to act as ‘Big Men’ in Sharp Practice type skirmish games. And as with all well connected aristocratic officers in the army if worse comes to worse they can sit around on the battlefield looking pretty and hopefully staying out of the way!

Click to see a larger and clearer image

A Garde Cossack officer acting as an ADC passes through a Russian village on a critical mission … “veer ish da vodka?”

Both figures are sourced from Front Rank Figurines. One is the “Senior Officer” figure while the other is the “Cossacks of the Guard Officer”. The dear reader will need to guess which is which from the two pictures generously provided.

The figures for two command stands were also receipted at the same time as the above but they are not yet ready for public exposure.

More Russian buildings

Due to the … errrrr … ummm … delay between the prior post and this von Peter himself has churned out two more buildings for his Russian village(s) including the first of two ruined buildings.

The next and current building being worked on – and almost finished – is the “H4, Long House or Meeting House”. This is a larger building and has shutters and fanciness around the windows as well as a fancier door and surrounds. The shutters etc are often painted green or even gold on some models but von Peter himself wonders how a poor village could afford such extravagance. Perhaps it is purely idleness that is tempting von Peter himself to leave these features as plain wood. The church model is yet to come and perhaps this would be a more fitting recipient of a little bit of colour.

Resin models from Hovels.

Click to see a larger and clearer image

Ruined Russian log house

Click to see a larger and clearer image

Large Russian log house with thatched roof


Not so Russian

It’s been said before but von Peter himself is a wee bit of a sucker for terrain. Some of the Total Battle Miniatures models from their Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range have aroused interest. Hmmm – perhaps sometime after the house move. More scheming, information gathering and planning required. The three Total Battle Miniatures photos below backed up from the Total Battle Miniatures site.

Row of Houses and Store Lift Off Roof


Timber House Lift Off Roof


Barn:Stables Lift Off Roof


Waterloo in Wellington … where else would it be?

The year 2015 is the 200th anniversary of that battle they call “Waterloo”. And von Peter himself is aware of several commemorative games planned around the planet they call “Earth”. But only one of those games is going to be held in the city “Wellington” in the Grand Banquet Room of the Wellesley Club a 19th century gentlemen’s club. The same building also houses the Wellesley Boutique Hotel which is convenient for such facilities as the The 1815 Café and Bar. The Wellington Waterloo game is scheduled for the weekend of the 13th and 14th of June.

Having avoided the two local Leipzig refights von Peter himself and The son & heir have both put their hands up to partake of this event. It is looking likely that the dynamic duo will be donning Prussian uniforms for the weekend. Excellent. Let the reaping of that just retribution for past wrongs begin!  😃

Such an occasion may even entice von Peter himself to complete his shot up firing line landwehr battalion. Then again that poor battalion has had more false starts than von Peter himself would be happy to acknowledge in public so no promises.

And whilst on the topic of incomplete Prussian landwehr battalions The son and heir has half a battalion of Silesian landwehr painted … and another half unpainted. Hopefully he can be prevailed upon to complete the battalion for the game. The complication here is that he can’t remember how he painted the painted half … and is threatening to repaint that which is already painted. ’tis madness I tell you!!  😃

And from the British Light Dragoons might come in useful for a Waterloo game file …

For those gamers & modellers who are looking for those plastic British Light Dragoons from Perry Miniatures von Peter himself is pleased to display the following graphic taken at the Tactica 2015 convention in Hamburg. No rest for the wicked apparently …

Peter Denis paints Perry Brit Lt Dragoon boxjpg

The associated caption says …

Peter Dennis at work on the next but one of our plastic box covers, British Light Dragoons 

 … which says it all really. No indication as yet as to when these may be expected apart from not before Salute 2015 – see the following paragraph. But time is running short if the resultant box is to be bought and painted in time for those 200th games.

For those of the dear readers not so well read the “but one” plastic box is the “Light Cavalry 1450-1500″, due to launch at Salute 2015.

Perry Light Horse

Both images above “borrowed” from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.

Another Front Rank Russian Reinforcement Packs update

From the latest Front Rank Figurines news letter …

The Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs are nearly ready for release!

The new figures will be additions to our Russian 1812 range and will include more Line Infantry variants, plus infantry in 1809 style shakos, PLUS the long awaited Russian Guard!

Look out for our next newsletter!


And as per normal don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Ready, steady … go!

The Gallipoli diorama project has had its official starting gun fired (see what von Peter himself did there with the firing gun thing?) with the launch of the supporting website/blog/forum – Mustering the Troops. Head on over there to register as a painter, see the painting instructions, read about the project & the FAQ, and visit the associated forum.

Mustering the troops


Another Vignette and more

The Twins of Perry Miniatures fame have unveiled the greens of another vignette for Waterloo – Secure the Colour! …


… and some other figures following the Waterloo theme but they will obviously work fine elsewhere as well …

Ponsonby and co

… and they have not forgotten their Retreat from Moscow range …

FN 193

FN 193 Camp followers and cuirassier (Retreat from Moscow)

FN 194

FN 194 Scavengers (Retreat from Moscow)

Waterloo waffle

While on the topic of Waterloo – and this is probably a storm in a teacup – but what is one to make of the article French rewrite Battle of Waterloo to cast Napoleon as the victor?

As far as von Peter himself is aware the result on the day was Allies United 1 – Napoleon’s French 0 in what was in the end a rather convincing victory despite some concerning moments part way through the match.

While on Waterloo …

Edinburgh Eagle

Eagle, flag and cravat brought back by Sgt Ewart as a momento of his trip to Europe in 1815.

The Son & heir and von Peter himself were fortunate enough to visit Edinburgh Castle in May 2009 and were able to view the eagle, tricolour and scarf / tassel /cravat that were “obtained” from the French 45th Infantry Regiment by Sgt Ewart of the Scots Greys. The poorly photographed image above shows the trophies. Sadly time has had its way with any colouring on the material but the eagle is as proud as ever … if a little put out with its current housing location!

Below is a slightly better photograph of the Eagle itself.

Edinburgh Eagle closeup

Modelling books

There is a gamer and modeller named Tony Harwood – aka Dampf, Dampfpanzerwagon – who has a couple of interesting blogs …

It is Dampf’s terrain modelling skills that von Peter himself wishes to focus on at this juncture. Dampf seems to have a considerable amount of skill creating wargames terrain as is illustrated by some the masters he has created for GrandManner like the Prussian Church …

Prussian church

Image ‘borrowed’ from

One strongly suspects that GrandManner don’t use just anyone for their masters!

Apparently being of a rather magnanimous bent Dampf has recorded some of his tricks of the trade in two books ..

  1. Building Wargame Terrain and
  2. More Wargame Terrain.

There are reviews linked in the above … ah … links! … and apparently Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine have awarded the books a Battlegames Award For Excellence.

One day von Peter himself may attempt to build some terrain for himself in which case these books may be invaluable. Fortunately the “may be” bit will become a bit clearer as Rhys has the books on order and it is to be hoped that soon he will be able to pass on his thoughts on their contents. Excellent.

Locally work progresses in a dignified and deliberate manner on more Russian buildings. Coincidentally some Napoleonic Russian command types have arrived and reported in for duty. Once these are based they shall be flaunted here for the dear reader’s delectification. 😃

And as per normal don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

A bit on the NZ bit of ANZAC

We are now well past the halfway point of January 2015. Yikes! von Peter himself remembers being told as a young boy by his maternal grandmother that the older you are the faster time passes. A very sage observation but she never warned the awkward youngster of the sheer brutal speed that time could attain!! So quickly on with this the second post of 2015 before the first half of 2015 passes!  😃

Thankfully Christmas 2014 keeps on giving. A box of newly minted Calpe French has been receipted into stock and a second of new French and Saxons is looked for in the coming weeks. Despite the best attempts of The family life is good!  😃

An ANZAC endeavour

Some of the dear readers may have heard of Sir Peter Jackson the movie guy. Said Sir Peter Jackson has quite an interest in militaria and has a business relationship with the Perrys going back several years. All of which helps to account for his and their involvement in a project to create a Gallipoli diorama constituted of 4000 x 54mm figures as created by those Perry twins.

Packing figures for NZ

The Perry twins and helper packing the first consignment of figures

Sir Peter will provide the figures and diorama but the whole show would look much better if the figures were painted. This is where the assistance of the humble Kiwi wargamer has been requested.

See Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi war gamers for more details of the project and the call to arms paint brushes. Also keep an eye on Roly’s Dressing the Lines blog for the announcement of the dedicated support site for the project. Even the Perrys have come clean on the project.

Prepare to man your guns brushes.

Turk and NZ 1st batch

Some of the Kiwi and Turkish models comprising the first consignment


Perry Miniatures Heroes of Waterloo vignette

Speaking of the Perrys …

A hard contest


A Perry Miniatures newsletter included the above image and proudly proclaimed that …

This is the first of series of vignettes depicting episodes during the Waterloo campaign for this anniversary year.

Sergeant Ewart and his associated French victims are a very nice set but perhaps of limited use on the gaming table. Then again the set is advertised as a vignette and a diorama so scratch that observation.

Any thoughts on what the other sets could be? Perhaps Wellington meeting with Blücher?

Front Rank Russian Reinforcement Pack update

Speaking of Perry Miniatures one of their competitors Front Rank Figurines has added a little more detail to their upcoming Russian Reinforcement Pack release(s) via there newsletter …

Alec is now working on Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs to add to our Russian 1812 range. These new figures will include more Line Infantry variants, plus infantry in 1809 style shakos, PLUS the long awaited Russian Guard!
They should be available late Feb/early March 2015 – look out for our newsletter!

von Peter himself will be watching for these with interest. At some stage he may very well be needing those two extra Russian grenadier battalions to complete his reserve brigade of Colonel Acht.


New AB Figures website

Speaking of miniatures manufacturing companies … well here’s some news on another one …

AB Figures graphic

AB Figures – makers of …

  • a large and expanding selection of 18mm Napoleonic
  • a select selection of 18mm Ancients
  • 15mm American Civil War
  • 20mm WWI – one pack of British Tank crew
  • 20mm WWII

figures has a new website.

The Napoleonics and WWII are best known to von Peter himself. Truly great figures that put some larger sized figure manufacturers in the shade.

AB Figs French dragoons

AB Figures French dragoons. Remember that these guys are 18mm in size. Nice painting Nigel Fun-nell. Wonderful composition and basing von Peter himself!!


A third Russian building

Another Russian Hovels building has dropped out of the bottom of the production line. A little larger than the proceeding two. Yes – von Peter himself is still on the job sloshing around paint, glue, flock etc.

Russian buildings 1 thru 3

Father Disputin – wild ancestor of a certain Rasputin – looks for the faithful with one eye while looking very closely for heathen invaders to bless with his pistol. The latest addition to the village is the middle building which is a little larger than the other two. The headman’s house until something better comes along.


Game at Greg’s

Not only is von Peter himself still painting but he has even indulged in a game. So … Roly’s wife was talking to Matt’s wife when it was discovered that their husbands were both children at heart and played with toy soldiers. Roly then met Matt and discovered that Matt basically lived across the road from wargaming Greg … and had done so for many years. So much for that friendly neighbourhood then!

Matt plays 40k and Fantasy and was interested in some historical wargaming. So a game of Napoleonic Black Powder was played at Greg’s in the throes of being renovated house. Greg & von Peter himself provided the leadership for some of Greg’s Russians vs. Roly with von Peter’s Bavarians and Matt with some of Roly’s French.

The game involved much looking up of the rules – it had been a while! – and the forces grinding each other to a standstill. von Peter himself had cunningly got a battalion on the Bavarians flank as a game winning masterstroke but the battalion repeatedly ignored the pleas of their commander to charge the open flanks presented to them. The only reason that they eventually got involved in the game at all was that a Bavarian battalion turned to face and charged them!!! Needless to say this would never have happened had von Peter himself taken along his own Russians. Much more reliable troops!!

von Peter himself snapped a few photos of the game in progress but they were all rubbish and not worthy of this here blog or the dear readers so no picture(s) . Sorry.

More of Matt’s hobby activities in a future post.


The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814

Speaking of the game at Greg’s there were no Italians on the table but that could soon change. What a perfectly desperate linking sentence!

The The History Book Man have released their latest e-book – The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814. From the announcement email …

THE ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF ITALY 1805-1814 The original paperback edition of this title was published in 1977 with a revised edition in 1982 and was reprinted 13 times finally going out of print in 1984. The new e-book edition has been completely rewritten with all new colour illustrations, many from contemporary or well known sources and finally uses the original colour illustrations never used in the original editions.

Now 389 pages with almost 800 colour illustrations

As he has ranted before regarding this series at £3.99 plus postage von Peter himself considers the value for money equation is hard to beat for this cd.

von Peter himself has a copy on order for the benefit of The son & heir who has a battalion that he wishes to paint up as Italians. Yes he has extracted yet more money from the old man’s coffers. Well done The son & heir!

The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814



This post started with a reference to New Zealand’s involvement in WWI so what better way to end it? And certainly this section should not be construed as a naked grab for the model railway market … though should they have the good sense to pay a visit or two who is von Peter himself to turn them away?!  😃

AB 608, Passchendaele

On a hot summers day shortly after Christmas The family piled into the car to visit some friends in the back roads of the Wairarapa – a province to the north of Wellington, New Zealand. On the return journey The family ended up driving alongside AB 608, the Passchendaele memorial locomotive as it pulled an excursion train around the countryside. Many were the cars that had stopped so that there occupants could cast admiring glances and take photographs of the locomotive from an era past. There seemed to be a level of general excitement and appreciation amongst the human onlookers … unlike the cattle in paddocks adjacent to the rail tracks who were high tailing it away from the snorting belching monster just as fast as they could. The problem with your modern day bovine is that it has no sense of history!!

AB 608, Passchendaele nameplate


That’s all for now dear readers. Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

A productive start to 2015

And so it begins dear readers. Another year. But at least this one has started with a glimmer of productivity from von Peter himself!

Russian Buildings

Back in September 2014 under the title Wargaming in various media von Peter himself showcased the thatched 25mm Russian Hovels building that The son & heir had painted. Way back then the paint had been applied but a base had not.

Roll forward to the Christmas holidays of 2014. von Peter himself is acutely aware that he has been a mostly idle b*st*rd during 2014 and a change is required. But where to start? There were several groups of figures on the painting table but somehow picking them up and restarting them seemed a little daunting. Inexplicably less daunting seemed to be a Russian building or two.

The son & heirs effort was retrieved and measured up for a base. Another of the smaller Hovels buildings was extricated from its postage box, similarly measured for a base and cleaned up ready for painting using the paint recipe that The son & heir had pioneered way back in September 2014. The result of the painting and basing can be viewed below …

Russian buildings 1 and 2

Elements of the brave Russian 24th Division advance through the latest (at least at Schloss von Peter) in Russian real estate. Thatched building pigmentation care of The son & heir; timber roofed building and all basing care of von Peter himself. Click to see a larger and clearer image.

The painting was quick and easy enough – a base coat, a wash, two dry brushes and they were 98.7% done. So easy in fact that von Peter himself has already started a larger third building.

If there is a problem with these buildings it is the cleaning up of the resin which is a somewhat laborious task. von Peter himself found it best accomplished sitting under a grape vine on a sunny summers day while listening to music or podcasts. The breaking of a craft knife blade added a moment of excitement but the blade was old, it didn’t puncture von Peter himself during the structural failure and spares were to hand.

von Peter himself can officially proclaim himself satisfied with these two buildings. Any Russian peasant would be more than happy to call one home. What higher praise could there be?

There is a chance that a Russia based scenario or two may now have to be played. What’s the point of having terrain if the wee men aren’t going to die fighting over them?

Papelotte book

2015 (this year) minus 1815 (the year that Waterloo was fought) = 200 years which to the human brain is a significant milestone. Be prepared for plenty more 200th anniversary ‘stuff’.

Just in case any one was under the illusion that Waterloo was a purely British victory Peter Hofschröer had controversially waved the flag for the German input to the battle on behalf of the allies with his books such as …

  • 1815: The Waterloo Campaign—The German Victory
  • 1815 The Waterloo Campaign: Wellington, His German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras.


And now perhaps Sovereign House Books are doing the same for the Netherlands field army during the 1815 campaign – or at least raising its profile. Cunningly borrowed from their website …

Sovereign House Books presents a balanced and most enticing history on the participation of the Netherlands field army during the 1815 campaign, based on the latest research of archival material and the largest available collection of primary sources and memoirs from the men involved.


So far they have published three books with a fourth to come …

There is more information on Volume Three: Standing firm at Waterloo including some photographs that did not make it into the book to be found at

Standing firm at Waterloo

von Peter himself has not seen these books though they do sound interesting. Certainly books out of the ordinary.

Blucher podcasts 4

For those of the dear readers who are interested in the yet to be released Napooleonic rules “Blücher” by Sam Mustafa the fourth podcast – Blücher Podcast Number 4 – is now available.

Somewhere different for a holiday stay- Hotel Napoleonico

Hotel Fortino overview

Looking for somewhere a little out of the ordinary to holiday then you should perhaps consider Hotel Napoleonico, Portonovo on the Riviera del Conero in Italy. According to the History section of their website …

In the most panoramic and peaceful place of the Conero’s park, The Hotel Fortino Napoleonico is situated in a magnificient position among the green of the woods and the blue sea, created by an ancient military fortress. Lapped by the sea in view of two rocks of incomparable beauty (“The Two Sisters”) and the Romanesque church of St. Mary of Portonovo, artistic jewel of the eleventh century, the fort is situated a few meters from the beach of white pebbles of Portonovo. These features make this corner of Marche one of the most beloved and unique on the Adriatic coast. A very beautiful view and a relaxing atmosphere are the prerogative of this pristine area. …. It’s an authentic and spectacular military structure, located in Portonovo (Ancona), where there is a hotel with a restaurant of high repute. The Fortino Napoleonico was erected in 1811 by the Viceroy of Italy, Eugene de Beauharnais, with a clear political and military strategy, had the task of defending the southern flank of Ancona and implementing the Adriatic blockade in the trade of the British enemy. The typical perimeter shaped to “lantern” shows the Napoleonic origin. Built in part by recycling the stones of the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria of Portonovo, no longer present, It recalls the work of the great military architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, and perhaps even the drawings and projects of Leonardo Da Vinci. Returned to the Pope States after the fall of the Empire and the Italian state after the battle of Castelfidardo in 1860, suffered the injury of time and vandals, falling into ruin. In the 60s the Fortino Napoleonico has been completely and tastefully restored following the original architectural lines and returned to the charm of the place. With regard to the beach, nowadays there are 4-5 meters in the narrowest part, while 200 years ago it is estimated to be approximately 100 meters. Converted into a hotel in 1969 after massive restoration, the Fort is the ideal base for a stay that includes history, nature and relaxation.

So a historic as well as a relaxing stay. Perhaps Fraulien von Peter herself needs to be introduced to the idea of a few days away from home. Perhaps the dear readership of this here blog could hold an inaugural get together there! Play a Napoleonic wargame there!!  😃

Right – that’s the dreaming time over!  😢

Reenactors at Hotel Fortino Napoleonico

Those pop guns are going to be in serious trouble should the Royal Navy appear. Time to get back to the fortress! Image “borrowed” from


Don’t forget that you can click on the images for larger and clearer images.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

The last for 2014?

Snows of Russia

Christmas 2014 has come and gone. New Year is a few days off. They won’t let von Peter himself go to work. So what to do? Perhaps a quick post.

A look back at the gaming output from the year 2014 – well 2014 has almost run its course – reveals a tale of great shame. It has been a year of extraordinary distractions but this is of little defensive value when the dual attacks of lack of productivity and general idleness are brought to bear. The gaming – normally a provider of inspiration and driver of productivity – dried up in the last half of the year which didn’t help. Outrageous.

“Must do better in 2015″ would be the final words in a report on 2014. We’ll see.

A speedy read

As part of his excessive Christmas largess The son & heir had retrieved The Amber Road the latest in the Warrior of Rome series of books for von Peter himself to read …  … … from the Wellington Public Library! Fortunately the book was read in a mere few days so it was well and truly available to be returned to the library by it’s due date.

TheAmberRoadThis book brought the number of books in the series to six and it may be that the Warrior of Rome series is now at an end. von Peter himself hopes that this is not the case but fears the worst.

The author – Harry Sidebottom – has started a new contemporaneous series. Iron & Rust is the first book in the Throne of the Caesars series. von Peter himself wonders whether The son & heir will be able to splash out and retrieve Iron & Rust from the Wellington Public Library for von Peter’s consumption at some stage.  😃


Perry plastic surprise

Once again the caveat “for those few who have not heard this” applies here.

A Perry Miniatures Newsletter flopped through the electronic mail slot bearing news of one of the plastic sets that can be expected from the famed twins in 2015. And it was news to von Peter himself. Plastic British Light Dragoons in a  variety of forms to cover much/all(?) of the Napoleonic Wars.

Perry plastic British light dragoons 3ups

Plastic Napoleonic British Light Dragoon ‘3ups’ as supplied in a Newsletter email from Perry Miniatures.

There has been chat in the past about how a plastic set could cover the British heavy cavalry if a variety of headgear was provided. von Peter himself wonders if this may come to pass too. 2015 being the 200th anniversary of Waterloo may prove fortuitous timing for such undertakings.

Whatever – hard plastic British cavalry is not likely to affect the military spend of von Peter himself who is an avowed 1813 central Europe sort of Napoleonic gamer/collector. One must have standards!!  😜

Footsore Miniatures

Th new 28mm manufacturer Footsore Miniatures is a new identity to von Peter himself. While the identity is new many of the ranges are not as it appears to be the resurrection of the old Musketeer Miniatures as well as new Footsore ranges.

The ranges available include …

  • 28mm Armies of the Caliphates
  • 28mm Late Roman/Romano-British/Early Byzantine
  • 28mm Dark Ages Irish
  • 28mm Early Saxons
  • 28mm Late Saxons
  • 28mm Goths/Germanic
  • 28mm Skraelings
  • 28mm Franco Prussian War
  • 28mm Great Northern War Russians
  • 28mm Great Northern War Swedes
  • 28mm Irish War of Independence
  • 28mm WW1 Early War British
  • 28mm WW1 Russians
  • 28mm Inter-War Period 1918-1939
  • 28mm Character Figures
  • Corvii (Tengu)

There are some nice figures in their catalogue. You have been warned!  😃

Footsore Miniatures

The Heading Picture

The heading picture is a traditional northern hemisphere Christmas image, i.e. one containing snow. It does not look that cosy when viewed through the eyes of von Peter himself. Perhaps the southern hemisphere’s tradition of a more summery Christmas is not such a bad thing after all. Or perhaps it’s just that the seemingly 1812 Russian Campaign winter setting is not the most conducive to feelings of a Merry Christmas.

And a Happy New Year to all the dear readers.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Christmas 2014 really really imminent

Wow. How lucky can the dear readers be? Another pre Christmas post!   8O)

Calpe site updated

Calpe F40_Regimental_command_uncovered_shakos

Images”borrowed” from the Calpe Miniatures website

Christmas has come early for self confessed Calpe zealots such as von Peter himself. Calpe Miniatures have updated their website which has been a long looked for event by your correspondent.

There is a new News article which is repeated here for the dear readers reading pleasure and indoctrination education …

Christmas Wishes and New Releases

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you once again for your custom over the past year and for your continuing support.

You will see that I have updated the website with new releases. This release of figures is really two releases in one as a projected release date in September came and went with no figures released due to family life and pressure of work. Some of the more determined of you may already have some of the new packs, as they have been available since September but I’m sure that there will be something new for most of you.

The new command packs for the march-attack French are based on the Dresden Manuscript. These are drawings by an eye witness of the garrison in Dresden in 1813. Yves Martin kindly sent me scans of the manuscript last year. Little details such as the drum slings (the straps that hang beneath the drum) and the Sapper’s covered bearskin with hairy tufts sticking out of the bottom, are all taken from this source.

You will notice that the battalion command packs have no photos attached to them at present. The reason for this is that I forgot the finial (the spearpoint that tops the flagpole) and did not spot it until I got to the point of undercoating the battalion command packs for the photos. The figures themselves are complete but I have had to make the finials and this will delay the release of these packs for a couple of weeks. There will be two types of finials available, the pre 1812 finial, which looked like a fat bellied spearpoint; and the post 1812 finial which was a three pointed spearpoint. In 1813 the former was predominant as most regiment did not bother to change them. During the ‘Hundred Days,’ however, it was the three pointed finial that was used by most regiments. The French Light infantry mounted officers in shakos pack is also complete but the production moulds for these remain to be made.

There are several new Saxon packs as well awaiting production moulds. As a result of this I plan to have a follow-up release in a few weeks with the packs I have just mentioned. These releases more or less complete the French march-attack set. I plan to add a few more packs – principally the casualty packs, both standing and prone – but also some mounted officers in bicorns, as well as a second headquarters pack, also in bicorns. I will then sculpt some packs of light infantry command elements so that this set of figures can be used to represent light infantry regiments.

Work on the Saxons will also continue as I am keen to paint some battalions for my own collection. My plan is to finish the Saxon advancing set early next year so that I can then concentrate on the gunners for both the French and the Saxon artillery.


Calpe F40_Regimental_command_uncovered_shakos_rear

Images”borrowed” from the Calpe Miniatures website

While reviewing the latest lists von Peter himself was horrified to realise that he has had around six of the newly listed packs safely tucked away in the reserves mountain for a while now. He has failed the dear readers by neglecting to post any pictures of them to raise awareness of their existence and availability! There is nothing for it but to blame the weight of the many MANY years spent on this planet. As for the other new packs – they will form a wholly acceptable late Christmas present as will the follow-up release whenever that should become available.

Roll on the casualty packs. von Peter himself likes to mark at least some of his seemingly ever mounting casualties with casualty figures during his games.

News of gunners – both French and Saxons – is most welcome. von Peter himself has several batteries worth of the fine Calpe Miniature’s cannon for both nations and some miniature metal men to load, aim and fire them would be most appreciated.

And should Peter – the Mr Calpe Peter – lack for inspiration for future packs … perhaps … … …

Potential inspiration for sculpts for Calpe’s ranges

Very occasionally von Peter himself will check Napoleon Series Discussion Forum to see what’s up over there. On a recent visitation a post entitled “Napoleonic Pinup Girls *LINK*” tweaked the interest of von Peter himself. It seems that a Bartek Drejewicz illustrates a line of historic uniform studies in several historic periods including Napoleonics.

You can see examples of Bartek’ studies on Bartek’s Facebook page and he has a specific Napoleonic uniform page.

Pinup girls - Prussians

Image ‘borrowed’ from Bartek’s Napoleonic uniform page (see link above)

Bartek is not the first to have an artistic idea along these lines but that should not necessarily detract from his efforts.

To be truthful von Peter himself is not sure how such figures would fit into Mr Calpe’s design schedule. And in reality perhaps any resulting sculpts would not be the strongest due to some particularly skimpy dimensions in some strategic regions of said figures – pun intended. Time will tell.

Until we meet again … probably in 2015 …

von Peter himself

Christmas 2014 imminent

Christmas is rushing upon us all – Christian and heathen alike – and still work won’t slow down ! <Queue dark and very unchristian like mutterings.> Unlike previous festive seasons von Peter himself has yet to spot that “got to get” item that will be his hobby related Christmas present from The family. Well … not quite true. There are rumours that some new – at least new for von Peter himself – packs of Calpe Miniatures French available. Now these would certainly make a suitable Christmas present.

In the highly likely event that this is the last post before Christmas 2014 von Peter himself would like to take this opportunity to wish all the dear readers an extremely Merry Christmas. May your Christmas stockings overflow with items most desirous and your Christmas tree be (almost) toppled by the stacked goodness underneath.

Further. Should the lack of posts continue in the run up to the New Year then von Peter himself would also like to wish a Happy New Year to all the dear readers. Keep safe. The readership numbers are not that large that von Peter himself can afford to loose even one of you!!  8O))

And now for some snippets of almost new news …

Front Rank come to their senses

Front Rank

It would appear that some of the dear readers are personages of influence. In prior posts on this very blog von Peter himself has bemoaned that Front Rank Figurines had not introduced their Reinforcement Pack concept to their Napoleonic Austrian and Russian ranges. Lo and behold what is there to be read in the latest email from Front Rank and on their news page …

28mm NAPOLEONIC – Alec is now looking at adding Reinforcement Packs to our other Napoleonic nationalities, starting with Russians – look out for new releases early 2015!

Excellent news. The Reinforcement Packs have been well received and at last some may soon become a purchasing option for a self centred von Peter himself whose Austrians and Russians are both predominantly manned by Front Rank Figurines product.

And of course this is incontrovertible evidence of the far reaching influence and power of this blog. Read with caution dear reader!  8O)

Napoleonic Russian command

A favourite photo of some of the Napoleonic Russians of von Peter himself. The dear reader has probably already seen the photo but cease your whining the ingrate’s out there! The foreground figures are all Front Rankers which fits in well with the prose above … … unlike the battalions behind them which are Wargames Foundry product. D’oh!


Victrix unveil the first image of their French artillery

If any of the dear readers are not aware Victrix Ltd are working on a box of hard plastic French artillerymen and they have released the first pictures of the in progress figures.

Victrix French artillery crew1

von Peter himself is far too idle busy to paraphrase the latest announcement so here are the official words from the 9th December 2014 First images of French artillery

As promised we thought we would start showing you some renders of the French Artillery set we are working on. I am sure you will agree Emel is doing a stunning job on these figures.

This set will be French foot artillery in pre Bardin uniform with 8 and 12 pounder Gribeauval system guns. You will get covered shakos, un-covered shakos, Bicornes and Imperial Guard bearskins.

The figures are nice and easy to build due to the coat tails, sword Bayonets and cartridge boxes being all one piece which plugs in to the bottom! Arms are interchangeable.

There are many more figures to show and arm and head variants, these are just a sample with more images and news to follow.

Before we hear howls of ‘why oh why are there no XI system guns and Bardin uniforms for Waterloo?’. They are coming straight after these. So you can field that Grand battery in style by the Summer!

Victrix French artillery crew2

Images “borrowed” from the Victrix website.


More Blücher podcast news

For those dear readers interested in the yet to be released Napooleonic rules “Blücher” from Sam Mustafa  the third podcast – Blücher Podcast Number 3 – is now available.

Also Sam has created a page on his site to group the Blücher podcast releases together.


Don’t forget that you can click on the images for larger and clearer images.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself