STOP PRESS: “1813, The Battles for Germany” released

Let the 1813 goodness continue to roll. David Brown’s “1813, The Battles for Germany” is now available … and von Peter himself has got it! 👍 It comes as a pdf and can be got from here for £9.50.  The official blurb …

1813. The Battles for Germany is a scenario supplement for General d’Armee penned by game designer Dave Brown.  Here Dave provides us with six iconic actions from the decisive campaign which saw Napoleon fight to preserve his German possessions after the disastrous 1812 campaign in Russia.  Beginning with Weissenfels, this scenario supplement goes on to cover the actions at Lutzen, Bautzen, Dresden, Mockern and finally Liebertwolkwoitz. 

This 40 page PDF contains an illustrated historical introduction to the campaign followed by six scenarios which are easily printed out for the game you wish to play and contain complete army lists with unit and commander ratings as well as deployment notes and a breakdown of the terrain.  What’s more the six scenarios can be played individually or as part of a “campaign’, with the result of each scenario affecting the next.

Can you save Germany for the Emperor of the French or will you be the liberating forces of Europe combining to liberate the continent from the terrors of the Corsican Ogre?

1813 The Battles for Germany cover

That’s it for now … so …


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2/2 Polish Line and Leipzig a wargamer’s guide

The second battalion of the second Polish Line Regiment has finally raised their flag/standard and marched from the recruiters office on to that rather dangerous place – they field under the stewardship of von Peter himself.

The more observant and educated of The dear readers will notice that the mounted officer amongst the ranks is not the usual Polish Infantry Mounted Office. Sadly the battalion’s officer corps has been hard hit so an ADC has been tasked with leading the battalion until things are sorted. Besides the Front Rank Figurines range only has one Polish Infantry Mounted Officer and one could easily get bored with seeing the same old figure over and over.  😇

Nap Polish 2-2nd Infantry

With active service in the field there comes the associated and inevitable issues resultant from not properly cooking the sausages …

Nap Polish 1-2nd Infantry casualties

One more battalion to go to complete the infantry component of the 27th (Polish) Division of General de division Dombrowski circa 1813.

As always with the Poles of von Peter himself … Front Rank Figurines; pigmentation by Nigel Fun-nell; flag from GMB Designs; horse and basing by von Peter himself.

The two images are clickable for a larger and clearer view.

LEIPZIG: THE BATTLE OF NATIONS  A Wargamer’s Guide to the Battle of Leipzig 1813

LEIPZIG: THE BATTLE OF NATIONS  A Wargamer’s Guide to the Battle of Leipzig 1813 is quite a mouthful of a title. To its credit it does however seem like quite a tasty mouthful.

Just recently published – 18 August 2022 – by Helion & Company with a complement of 134 pages, 8 black & white illustrations, 33 colour photos, 9 colour maps and 12 tables. This has suddenly and spookily appeared as a gaping hole in the library of von Peter himself! We must have it!

The official blurb …

The Battle of Leipzig was the biggest battle of the Napoleonic wars, involving over 500,000 men. Until the First World War, it was probably the biggest battle in human history. It was also known as the Battle of the Nations because it pitted the forces of France and its satellite states and allies (including Italians, Poles and forces from the minor German states), against those of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden. The fate of Europe hung in the balance. Napoleon’s defeat decided the outcome of the campaign of 1813 and pushed the French back to France.

The battle took place over several days (14-19 October 1813 including the battle of Liebertwolkwitz), and naturally breaks down into distinct phases and sectors. This guide helps wargamers refight the battle on a table top with model soldiers, either as one large battle (suitable as a club game), or broken down into a series of smaller battles covering the different sectors. The smaller battles can be played as individual games or linked together in a mini-campaign, the latter giving strategic dilemmas for each of the commanders to resolve.

The guide sets out the strategic situation in central Europe and contains a thorough but clear account of the historical battle. It provides detailed orders of battle of the opposing armies, scaled down orders of battle for game purposes, maps of the historical events, stylised maps for laying out wargames tables, and instructions for each scenario and the mini-campaign. Design notes explain the rationale and historical background to the scenario instructions.

The scenario maps are set out on square grids for ease of setting up tabletop terrain. Any set of wargames rules for the period should be able to be used to play the scenarios. The key points for the game army lists are the number of units and their quality. There is a section that discusses the quality of the troops of the various nations involved.

A discussion of the historical battle raises questions about the decisions made by the actual commanders. These can be explored by the wargame commanders, for example by their allocation of forces to different sectors (within historical constraints), their deployment within those sectors, or timing their use of reserves. Was Napoleon’s defeat inevitable? Wargaming is a form of counter-factual history, and the guide includes a variation which may answer the question, ‘What if Napoleon had recalled the Dresden garrison?’ Napoleon had agreed with Marshall St.Cyr that it would be madness to leave his 50,000 men in Dresden rather than concentrate French forces for the decisive battle Napoleon was seeking. What if Napoleon had not changed his mind?

Many thanks to Peter O’Brien for supplying the heads-up on this book in a comment on the previous post in this here blog. Much appreciated.

WARNING: the Helion & Company website is a VERY dangerous place to visit. The dear reader’s credit cards have been warned.

LEIPZIG THE BATTLE OF NATIONS A Wargamers Guide to the Battle of Leipzig 1813


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #24

The second battalion of the second Polish Line Regiment is not yet ready for public exposure. It still needs to be presented its colours (flag)! 😳 And von Peter himself is fairly certain that those colours are in stock!! 🥺 How hard can it be? 🤔 Anyways as an interim stopgap sort of thing von Peter himself presents …

Great Wargaming Survey 2022 Edition

After several years surely this doesn’t need much of an introduction. But here’s the official introduction anyway …

Welcome to the Great Wargaming Survey!
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” – Sun Tzu

Apart from rolling dice, there seem to be few things wargamers like to do more than discussing the state of their hobby. This survey aims to answer some of those questions and publish the answers for all to see.

Thanks to our sponsors, we’ve got a stack of generous prizes to give to some lucky winners. On top of that, everyone gets a €5 discount voucher for the Karwansaray Publishers website and a selection of WSS articles to download free of charge upon completing the survey.

Filling out the survey shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes, and we’re taking responses until August 31st, 2022. Please tell all your wargaming friends to come take it too!

Thank you very much for participating!

Guy Bowers & Jasper Oorthuys
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine

So head on over to the Great Wargaming Survey 2022 Edition and fill in the questionnaire. That way we may learn something about our hobby.

The Great Wargaming Survey 2022


The Wargames Holiday Centre has been around ever since von Peter himself can remember and is surely one of the venerable institutions of wargaming. It may have been through several ownership and venue changes but it’s schtick is still big games that are to be enjoyed by the paying punter. Of course they have an online presence …


And for them that like moving pictures …

Wargame Holiday Centre YouTube videos.

Logo Wargames Holiday Centre

Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Documentary

The good folks over at Real Time History have produced videos on several topics including a 13 part Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia Documentary. Check their channel for other topics of potential interest.

Real Time History

A publication of great interest

The focus of interest for von Peter himself in the Napoleonic Wars is the year 1813. Therefore it was with a squeal of delight that the following was spotted in the General d’Armee section of the Too Fat Lardies Lard Forum

Leipzig Campaign 1813
Post by DCRBrown » Wed Jul 20, 2022 10:27 am

The Leipzig Campaign 1813 is the third of a series of pint sized campaign scenarios for General d’Armee!
The draft is now at Lardy HQ, undergoing editing and other very technical editing type stuff! We are looking to release in August.

This instalment presents six historical battles that follow Napoleon’s 1813 campaign.
Each scenario provides players with terrain maps, troop deployments, objectives and orders of battle.

The scenarios are:
1. WEISSENFELS – Ney’s infantry take on a Russian covering force.
2. LUTZEN – Ney’s infantry hold out against Prussian attacks.
3. BAUTZEN – Ney attempts to breakthrough the Allied right flank.
4. DRESDEN – Ney leads the Young Guard against the Russians and Prussians.
5. MOCKERN – Marmont holds Mockern against the Prussians.
6. LIEBERTWOLKWITZ. Lauriston battles Austrians and Russians at Leipzig.

The previous pint sized campaigns were/are …

They’ll be reaping in some of the hard earned cash of von Peter himself. The cunning devils!

For the ignorant DCRBrown is David C R Brown the author of amongst other rule sets General d’Armee.

GdA Cover


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Such a late notification

Thirty Years War cavalry from 1898 Miniatures – a review

From The Via Regia site comes Thirty Years War cavalry from 1898 Miniatures which reviews the first – and hopefully not the last – Thirty Years War cavalry releases from 1898 Miniatures. Explanations are given as to some of the finer details of the figures, eg. pistol wielding cavalrymen have horses with one empty pistol holster. Very cool! Also presented is a unit of them painted as a unit of Gustav Adolph’s Swedish Cavalry.

Via Regia Banner

Maps on the move

Epic History TV have a YouTube channel which has many historic videos of a warfare nature. The one that came to the attention of von Peter himself was on the Napoleon 1813: Battle of Nations. This particular video gives a 33:15 background and overview of the battle. What  particularly caught the eye were the animated maps of the battle which showed at a high level movements of the troops during the battle. Very instructive.

Price rise incoming – Perry Miniatures

And because it would be harder to leave it any later and still be prior to the event … not the greatest news but contained in an email received from Perry Miniatures …

Unfortunately due to many growing costs we are having to increase our prices.
We’ve been holding off for as long as possible, but production costs for both metal and plastics are still rising. So, on the 12th March we will add 50p on all metal codes and £2 on plastic boxed sets.

That means that there’s only a few hours to place any price rise defeating orders. Jump to it you Perry Miniatures fans.

Perry logo


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Get your Front Rank Figurines now

The Monday before last saw von Peter himself break his glasses. He was reduced to wearing his previous generation of glasses that are of course a different prescription to that which is currently prescribed. Happy hint – always keep your prior glasses when receipting the latest pair. You will invariably need them! Don’t ask how they were broken. 🤬 Thankfully the new pair have now arrived  so looking at screens, reading etc is not quite the effort it has been.

Enough of the self pity. Another series of disjointed rambles to hopefully lighten these pestilential times for The dear readership

Front Rank Figurines are go

This “news” is nearly a week old now but for the unenlightened … Front Rank Figurines are back and available to purchase. Similar verbiage is to be found on both the Front Rank Figurines and Gripping Beast news sections …


Hello Everyone!

WEBSITE NOW OPEN! (But please read on….)

Good News! At last! Gripping Beast has finally completed the purchase of Front Rank!

We would like to thank Alec & Angela for their stupendous patience and we wish them a long and happy retirement.

Front Rank has now moved to Beast Towers, lock, stock and barrel. It will, however, take us a few days to get sorted and for production to begin again. In the meanwhile, you can now place your orders on the website in the normal way.

Once we have things organised, we will begin to work through the orders (this will take some days!) We will process the orders strictly in the order in which they were received.

Thank you all for your patience and some level of sanity will be restored as soon as possible


Gripping Beast selling Front Rank Figurines

From the “I always liked the Napoleonic Austrian kuirassier look” file

Outstanding … though von Peter himself has some reservations about the scruffy one on the far right 😇 …

Austrian Kuirassiers - ladies

The image is from the Austerlitz 2013 album as brought to the world by the photographer Thomas T. It’s well worth checking out some of his photo albums. Honest. Click for an enlarged and clearer image.

Easy to make toilet paper sea bases

It’s amazing what one stumbles upon when surfing the ‘net. An interesting video on creating sea bases for ships using toilet paper, pva glue, plaster/ wall filler or spackle if you’re American and paint. The video clip uses Kings of War Armada (fantasy) ships but sea is sea.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #23

Another Christmas has come and gone. The plan had been to complete and post this as a Christmas treat – such delusions! Only missed it by a few days!!  🥺

Württembergers 1806-1812

von Peter himself has stumbled onto another miniature maker of potential interest. Piano Wargames out of Germany is producing some very interesting Württemberg 1806-1812 miniatures. For the modern gamer / collector these figures are available as STL files for 3D printing. For the more traditional figure purchaser it seems that they will also be available as metal castings eventually.

Piano Wargames Württemberg Light_Infantry_marching

The commencement of the Württemberg 1806-1812 range was courtesy of a Kickstarter campaign “The Price of Crowns” which provided the bulk of the infantry. The follow up campaign “The Price of Crowns 2” will provision the cavalry, artillery, Royal Foot Guard, a second set of line infantry command and a General Vandamme figure. If The dear reader is interested the kickstarter closes on 10th January 2022(?) and is already fully funded.

Piano wargames The Price of Crowns2

The figures look good and importantly for von Peter himself come with variants. But how well they work for 1813 is a question and they may be a tad too small for the taste of von Peter himself with his mostly Calpe Miniatures and Front Rank Figurines armies. Then again if 3D printing the figures then perhaps they could be adjusted to print a slightly larger figure but what this may do to muskets, swords etc may not be desirable.

Piano Wargames cavalry size comparison

Above: borrowed from the The Price of Crowns 2 Kickstarter. Figures that fit so well with the Perry ranges are a bit small for von Peter’s liking when accompanied by his larger Calpe & Front Rank figures

As a nice bonus the downloads area of the Piano Wargames website has some downloadable Württemberg infantry flags.

Pictures from the Piano Wargames website, facebook page and their The Price of Crowns kickstarter pages. All of the sites are worth a visit to view some well painted figures and lovely vignettes using them.

Logo Piano Wargames

Painting a Piano Wargames figure

As a corollary to the above Sonic Sledgehammer Studio has a painting tutorial ostensibly on painting white horses but the video actually covers painting the human figure as well. And wouldn’t you know it the figure being painted is a Württemberg mounted officer from Piano Wargames …

Yet more on Thirty years War cavalry

Father Christmas has been beseeched upon to provision the new 1898 Miniatures 28mm Thirty Years War Cavalry. He has even been granted special dispensation to deliver after the 25th of December. In fact this is expected. As long as the requested order arrives all will be well.

1898 Miniatures Cavalry command group I

Above: Cavalry Command Group1

For the benefit of The dear readers the following intelligence discovered via an enquiry is offered as a belated Christmas pressie …

  • the cavalry is being sold as packs. No mention in the affirmative that regimental packs will be offered
  • more packs are to come
  • a cavalry painting article is in preparation. By way of further explanation of this there are various articles on the clothing of, the organisation and tactics of, and how to paint the Tercios – infantry – on the 1898 Miniatures website under the headings of “History” and “Modelling and Painting”.

Logo 1898 Miniatures plain

The continuing saga

Spotted on the Front Rank Figurines website …

Hi Front Rank Customers

The sale of Front Rank to Gripping Beast is still proceeding, we are really sorry but the the legal side is taking much longer than either us or Gripping Beast anticipated.
Thank you so much for your continued interest and patience, both Front Rank and Gripping Beast are doing everything we can to hurry things along.
Our apologies but Front Rank is unable to process any orders at this time.Kind regards

Alec & Angela

Maybe for next Christmas!!!  🥺

And in the spirit of Christmas recently passed the following “borrowed” from the Piano Wargames facebook page

Piano Wargames Christmas 2021


Until we meet again …


Snippets #22

It is early December and there is a whiff of Christmas in the air. Surely there must be several ways that such a whiff can be turned to advantage for the benefit to the hobby …

1898 Miniatures Thirty Years War cavalry


Above: TYWCAV8, Cavalry charging with pistol, buff coat and helmet

After teasing their impending release 1898 Miniatures have released their 28mm Thirty Years War Cavalry. Nine packs each of three cavalry figures giving 27 variations and four Spanish cavalry flags is the result. Excellent. Especially as this is the first batch of releases for the cavalry. The release burb on their Blog …

Our range of 28mm miniatures for the Thirty Years War has incorporated a new series of cavalry that is now available. Equipped with light armour and a wide assortment of weapons including swords, pistols and carbines, this new type of universal horse that evolved during the war was able to perform either the shock tactics of the cuirassier (but at a cheaper price!) and the reconnaissance and support roles of the mounted arquebusiers. This new series of Thirty Years War cavalry miniatures can be used in most of the armies of the period, including the Spanish, and the first batch of releases will include cavalry charging with swords and pistols and equipped with breastplates, buff coats, helmets and soft hats.


Above: TYWCAV3, cavalry charging with sword, breastplate and soft hat

von Peter himself is hoping that the cavalry packs will be available as collections as the infantry packs are available in “Tercio” collections. Enquiries will be made.

Great looking figures. These are in immediate danger of becoming part of the Christmas haul for von Peter himself. The infantry already acquired are in obvious need of the support of their mounted brethren.  👍

1898- Miniatures cav advert 2021

Above: von Peter himself does not think that this promotional poster has changed as the one used in the release notice still has the words “soon available!” in the top right corner. Four Spanish cavalry standards are also included in the initial release.

Images care of the 1898 Miniatures website and their Facebook page.

Victrix Bavarian Line Infantry

Victrix Ltd plastic multipose Bavarian Infantry180901815 are available to order. von Peter himself probably has as many Bavarians as he will ever need care of Front Rank Figurines so these are of no interest at Neu Schloss von Peter. But that may not be the case for all of The dear readers. The official blurb …

This set includes 58 highly detailed figures. These figures represent the Bavarian infantry from 1809, when they adopted more of a French style kit instead of the slung backpack and gaiters.

Whats in the box?

The breakdown is as follows: 36 marching figures, 16 firing figures, 4 command, 2 mounted colonels.

58 x Figures

36 x Marching units

16 x Firing units

4 x Command units

2 x Mounted colonels

Victrix Bavarian infantryman

Victrix Bavarian infantry

They header card – especially the back – provides some useful information …

Victrix Bavarian Line Infantry header card

Victrix Bavarian Line Infantry header card rear

Images care of the Victrix Ltd website. Many thanks.  😇

TooFatLardies Advent Calendar 2021 edition

For those of a Lardy point of view – please see your doctor! 🤣 – the “gentlemen” of that establishment are once again favouring us with their Advent Calendar. Each day of December leading up to Christmas will see the issuance of a short audio clip of learned and hard won words of great insight and wisdom from one of Messrs Clarke, Skinner or Roundwood.  Get your 2021 TooFatLardies Advent Calendar here.

TooFatLardies Advent Calendar 2021


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Hand-Built History by John Boadle

Last century a slightly younger and spritelier von Peter himself would wait with baited breath each month for the arrival of Wargames Illustrated at the local news agent. Such mind tickling articles; so many advertisements for companies never heard of – e.g. Calpe Miniatures; and such wonderful pictures.

One of the names that often came up in the credits for the pictures was a John Boadle.

Wargames Illustrated 18 front cover - John Boadle

Above: and the caption read …

Front cover photo: John Boadle of the Coventry Wargames Club is responsible for the superb painting and modelling of the troops and terrain pictured here. The figures are from Front Rank Figurines 25mm. SevenYears War. More of John’s collection in tuture issues,till then our French readers can revel in the sight of the British surrendering.

That John Boadle now has a blog – Hand-Built History – and the little introductory burble reads somewhat along the lines of …

This is my blog, to showcase the modelmaking and gaming stuff that I’ve built over the years. I was for some years a professional modelmaker building scenery for many well-known figures in the hobby. More recently I built artillery master models for North Star and Perry Miniatures. Please note though, I am no longer taking any commissions for work at all. Everything you see is in the gaming scale of 28mm, ie 1/56, unless otherwise noted. At some point I aim to add tutorials to pass on the techniques picked up over the years. I hope what you see is of interest or even inspires you to have go yourself.

Currently Hand-Built History is getting a new post almost daily as John is updating the blog with pictures and details of old creations. In the future we may see step by step details of the creation of models.

John Boadle bulding and Nap French Infantry

Above: Napoleonic French occupying a John Boadle creation. Presumably John is quite happy with this picture as it is currently used as the heading picture on his blog

And one more John Boadle creation picture to round out the section …

Wargames Illustrated 19 back cover - John Boadle

Above: This time from half of the the back cover of Wargames Illustrated #19. The editor Duncan Macfarlane had obviously had a photo shoot with John Boadle and was keen to use the photos collected. The caption …

More of Coventry Warmer John Boadle’s Seven Years War collecton, featured on last month’s front cover. Front Rank 25mm. Figurines.

Logo John Boadles Hand-Built History

Found memories were made of these

Seeing the work of John Boadle reminded von Peter himself of a series pictures in Wargames Illustrated of the Scimitar Wargames Group’s Seven Years War project. These mesmerised the impressionable von Peter himself.

Wargames Illustrated 14 - Scimitar Wargames Group SYW villages 1

Wargames Illustrated 14 - Scimitar Wargames Group SYW villages 2

Above: from Wargames illustrated #14. To keep the buildings theme going two photos of some of the buildings created by Pete Duckworth. If the memory of von Peter himself is to be trusted  – hmmm -the fenced backyards were cunningly contrived to hold infantry units.

Wargames Illustrated 37 - Scimitar Wargames Group SYW march scene

Above: von Peter himself must have spent hours staring at and dissecting this photo. Happy memories. From Wargames Illustrated #37. The accompanying caption …

An Austrian column winds its way out of camp. 25mm Front Rank figures professionally painted by Andy Taylor from the author’s (Richard Madder) collection. Church scratch built by Rich Madder (-using a door handle as the cupola), as was, of course, the camp described in this article.

The pictures are “clickable” for a larger and clearer view.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #21

Yet more rough and ready miscellaneous bits and pieces gleaned whilst meandering through and around the interwebs …

Calpe price rise

Let’s get rid of the not so happy even if justified revelation first. From Calpe Miniatures a sad tale on the cost of metal and the resultant news of a price rise …

Price increases

I remember being very uncomfortable when the price of a figure went up past the £1 barrier. I am now announcing a price increase which makes me feel much the same.

A couple of weeks ago, I started putting out feelers for a new batch of metal. The metal I use is a high grade alloy with over 90% tin content. This gives me a crisp casting with enough resilience to endure the rigours of postage and then use on the tabletop. The one time I tried to use a lower grade alloy I had so many miscasts and breakages in transit that I have not tried this again. When the quotes for the metal came in, it was clear that the price of tin has experienced a sharp increase. The increase in price for the grade of metal I use has gone up by almost two thirds! The price of my metal has hovered around the £14-16 mark per Kilo for some time, the new prices are now between £25 and £30. This is a huge increase caused by the fall in production of tin ore due to Covid and then an increase in demand, particularly in China, as the electronics industry has resumed manufacture post-Covid. Having done some research on the subject, prices are expected to keep rising until mid 2022 when they will stabilise at some lower value. They are not expected to come back down to pre-covid prices.

This unprecedented price increase is of such magnitude that I cannot continue production without raising my prices. I have a metal fund specifically for the purchase of metal which I keep topped up to ensure continued production. This fund will not meet the new cost of metal. For the first time I have considered production in some other medium – resin or plastic. I have even considered selling up and retiring. After some thought I have decided to continue doing what I love but to put my prices up.

Figures will now sell for £1.50 and horses for £2. Guns will be £7. I know this is an eye watering increase but without it, I simply can’t continue producing metal figures with the price of metal as it currently stands.

On the figure front, the 3D sculpting is going very well with lots of figures ready to print, but my 3D printer is still in storage as the building work on the house continues. I am hoping to be able to set the printer up before the end of the year but will have to pack it away again in February as the next stage of the build commences. I will keep you informed.


The investment building the unpigmented figure pile now looks like a cunningly wrought master plan of great economic insight. It wasn’t! Still – the price rise won’t prevent von Peter himself investing further in Calpe product. What cost quality, figure variety and the happiness derived?!  😇

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - front

Above: Not many ranges would allow the creation of a Landwehr firing line such as von Peter’s 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Infantry Regiment

Calpe logo1

Epic Battles: Waterloo

Warelord Games are about to – if they haven’t already – release their Epic Battles: Waterloo  12mm Napoleonics. British and French figures are available and they are in the vast majority plastic. The exception may be the Limited Edition figures which may be metal. Both armies have a reasonable selection of units available but there are no Prussians – Waterloo without the Prussians?! – Russians, Austrians etc. One wonders if they will be coming otherwise the action and possibilities may pall a little. It certainly would for von Peter himself! Warlord also supply rules, scenic items and even paint sets. A turnkey solution for Napoleonic gaming.

von Peter himself would imagine that getting this project up and running is no small investment by Warlord Games so good luck to them. But it falls down for this writer with the visuals as there is no variety with the figures. All the rank and file for a unit seem to be identical with the resultant unit looking stiff and boring to the eyes of von Peter himself. Nothing exciting to be seen here for von Peter himself. Your mileage may very well vary.

Thirty Years War cavalry

A little more teasing is available to be viewed of the incoming 1898 Miniatures Thirty Years War cavalry as referenced in the prior post. von Peter himself is smitten.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Grow your own

Unlike some less conservative hobbyists von Peter himself has to date shown little interest in the world of 3D Printing. Yes there are some interesting hobby related creations out there but if von Peter himself wished to obtain them he’d most likely purchase the thing already printed. Or if he could only buy the files for the “thing” he would want to send them somewhere to get printed, i.e. he would still want the “thing” to arrive already printed. 😃

Locally it is imagined that 3D Printing is going through the same technological advances that the emergence of home printing – of the image on paper variety – went through several years back. That is that the technology will get better and cheaper. Is home 3D Printing currently at the level of an expensive dot matrix printer?

No doubt right now there are some/many of you yelling at your screen to the ignorant buffoon who wrote this ill informed garbage. To this von Peter himself can only reply “it’s a fair cop”. He has done little to keep abreast of any 3D printing developments.

So why all this diatribe? Because this now closed Kickstarter from Henry Turner was chanced upon – Europe Asunder: 3D printable 6-18mm Napoleonic STL files.

Europe Asunder

See the sales pitch trailer here. Individually and much magnified the figures look chunky but on mass and at a distance – say on the tabletop – they look fine. And rumour has it that it is possible to thin down the figures via software anyway according to a Comment in the Kickstarter.

But what surprised and impressed was the provisioning of the Blender Files. These are the modular parts used to build the figures. With these in your possession – and some software … and a little learnings with that software – it is possible to customise your figures. Figure variants with heads twisted, different headgear, moustache, beard etc are all within reach. You could even create a brand new figure using diffing bits of uniforms from different nations. At least that appears to be the case. As to how easy how easy it actually is to do? Let me know!  😃

Europe Asunder French

Henry has provided some tutorials with more to come … that’s the memory von Peter himself has assimilated from somewhere!

For much more information plus some reviews check the Kickstarter.

Henry’s other wares can be found …

By way of disclosure – Images “borrowed” from the kickstarter.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself