Snippets #27

Lets get rid of the not so nice stuff first …

Ian Heath

Sadly another obituary with a link to von Peter’s formative years in the hobby. Shamelessly backed up(!) from the Perry’s Facebook page

28 February at 23:50

Ian Heath 1952-2023
It is with sad hearts that we have to report the death of Ian Heath earlier this month at the age of 71. His wife, Janina, emailed Michael, a couple of days ago, as he and Ian had worked on a few books for Osprey in the past together. He was an excellent writer, researcher and illustrator, whether it was for Foundry Books, Osprey, or War Games Research Group and thoroughly enjoying the research part. He was obsessed by Tolkien’s work (although not keen of the film versions), so much so that over many years he’d built up armies of 6-7,000+ figures. Ian was also very proud of his viking ancestry, joking that he would prefer a viking funeral if the local re-enactors would be willing to donate a long boat. As it is, his ashes will be scattered in the Orkneys, which was an annual holiday destination for him and Janina. Our sympathies are with Janina and the rest of his family.
Rest in peace

Ian and Janina Heath

A younger von Peter himself spent many happy hours scanning a selection of Ian’s books. Especially some of his Wargames Research Group Publications titles.

WRG Armies & Enemies of the Crusades 1096 1291

Thirty Years War

Spotted on the 1898 Miniaturas Twitter page a couple of stirring images of Spanish troops in Thirty Years War mode …

Some 1898 Miniatures TYW 2023-03

Some 1898 Miniatures TYW cav 2023-03

Simply inspiring. To be yet more inspired click the images for a larger and clearer view.

And if you are inspired then you’ll be happy to hear that 1898 Miniaturas have a Spring Sale with 10% off until the 2nd April 2023. Use the discount code … $pring


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Christmas arrives

“All things come to those who wait” is one of those ancient pearls of wisdom. Not that von Peter himself and “pearls of wisdom” have much to do with one another normally. But the mail man has done his best to make the old adage ring true for von Peter himself.

The GrandManor package

Late last week a rather large package arrived all the way from the United Kingdom. More detailed investigation revealed that the source of said package was GrandManor. Hurrah – the unpigmented building pile had been incremented. (Why “Hurrah”? Many will know that you cannot die if you have an unpigmented figure collection. But not many know that this is doubly true if one posses an unpigmented building pile. Honest. 😇)

For those not in the know GrandManor perform the most thorough packaging job that von Peter himself has ever experienced. The box was packed full of packaging and buildings. No potentially destructive movement in there. All buildings were wrapped in multiple, individually sellotaped bubble wrap layers. All hollow bits of buildings were packed with individually fitted polystyrene to keep the walls etc safe. It all adds up to wonderful protection for the items being transported.

The first building ordered during the “Raw Resin Event” was the “Village Night watchman’s cottage” cottage from the “28mm Napoleonic Europe” range. This model has always caught the eye of von Peter himself … and now he has one!

GrandManor village night watchmans cottage

Having ordered the cottage to keep the village’s night watchman happy the thought niggled that perhaps having a single GrandManor building may not be the smartest thing. Perhaps having another complimentary GrandManor building could/would be a good idea so that the two buildings could then be deployed together as a stylistically sympathetic whole on the field of battle. And anyway the Pigsty had also caught the eye of von Peter himself.

Four days after the original order a second order was placed for the Pigsty also from the “28mm Napoleonic Europe” range. A note was added explaining that two orders had been placed and if it suited GrandManor’s purposes they could be despatched together.

GrandManor pigsty

And the rest is now history. Both models featured a lift off roof and interior details. Indeed it is strongly suspected that the Village night watchman’s cottage has two levels of interior details but as yet the inner floor has not yet been removed to view the bottom level due to a stubborn determination to remain in situ! The casting is as expected of a high standard.

Both pictures care of the GrandManor website.

Thirty Years War Cavalry

Ordered on the 10 December 2021 from the Spanish based 1898 Miniatures this fine body of horsemen was despatched on the 13 December 2021 and arrived today – 8 February 2022 – here in New Zealand. So most of the elapsed time was consumed in postage. Not a surprise with Covid playing havoc with shipping … and no doubt von Peter himself selected the most parsimonious postage possible. The e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d shipping was expected and the postal services did not disappoint! 🤬

The recruiters have delivered one of each of the available cavalry packs – TYWCAV1 thru 9 – and a few flags. It’s a start on the cavalry just as a start has previously been made to the Tercios of the infantry.

1898- Miniatures cav advert 2021

Officially this is a Christmas present and so it’s safe arrival is a very cherished thing.

Something to make von Peter himself smile

Stumbled upon this on the Twitter thingy of Alex – Storm of Steel Wargaming or more precisely at As a person of partial Greek heritage this made von Peter himself smile …




Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #22

It is early December and there is a whiff of Christmas in the air. Surely there must be several ways that such a whiff can be turned to advantage for the benefit to the hobby …

1898 Miniatures Thirty Years War cavalry


Above: TYWCAV8, Cavalry charging with pistol, buff coat and helmet

After teasing their impending release 1898 Miniatures have released their 28mm Thirty Years War Cavalry. Nine packs each of three cavalry figures giving 27 variations and four Spanish cavalry flags is the result. Excellent. Especially as this is the first batch of releases for the cavalry. The release burb on their Blog …

Our range of 28mm miniatures for the Thirty Years War has incorporated a new series of cavalry that is now available. Equipped with light armour and a wide assortment of weapons including swords, pistols and carbines, this new type of universal horse that evolved during the war was able to perform either the shock tactics of the cuirassier (but at a cheaper price!) and the reconnaissance and support roles of the mounted arquebusiers. This new series of Thirty Years War cavalry miniatures can be used in most of the armies of the period, including the Spanish, and the first batch of releases will include cavalry charging with swords and pistols and equipped with breastplates, buff coats, helmets and soft hats.


Above: TYWCAV3, cavalry charging with sword, breastplate and soft hat

von Peter himself is hoping that the cavalry packs will be available as collections as the infantry packs are available in “Tercio” collections. Enquiries will be made.

Great looking figures. These are in immediate danger of becoming part of the Christmas haul for von Peter himself. The infantry already acquired are in obvious need of the support of their mounted brethren.  👍

1898- Miniatures cav advert 2021

Above: von Peter himself does not think that this promotional poster has changed as the one used in the release notice still has the words “soon available!” in the top right corner. Four Spanish cavalry standards are also included in the initial release.

Images care of the 1898 Miniatures website and their Facebook page.

Victrix Bavarian Line Infantry

Victrix Ltd plastic multipose Bavarian Infantry180901815 are available to order. von Peter himself probably has as many Bavarians as he will ever need care of Front Rank Figurines so these are of no interest at Neu Schloss von Peter. But that may not be the case for all of The dear readers. The official blurb …

This set includes 58 highly detailed figures. These figures represent the Bavarian infantry from 1809, when they adopted more of a French style kit instead of the slung backpack and gaiters.

Whats in the box?

The breakdown is as follows: 36 marching figures, 16 firing figures, 4 command, 2 mounted colonels.

58 x Figures

36 x Marching units

16 x Firing units

4 x Command units

2 x Mounted colonels

Victrix Bavarian infantryman

Victrix Bavarian infantry

They header card – especially the back – provides some useful information …

Victrix Bavarian Line Infantry header card

Victrix Bavarian Line Infantry header card rear

Images care of the Victrix Ltd website. Many thanks.  😇

TooFatLardies Advent Calendar 2021 edition

For those of a Lardy point of view – please see your doctor! 🤣 – the “gentlemen” of that establishment are once again favouring us with their Advent Calendar. Each day of December leading up to Christmas will see the issuance of a short audio clip of learned and hard won words of great insight and wisdom from one of Messrs Clarke, Skinner or Roundwood.  Get your 2021 TooFatLardies Advent Calendar here.

TooFatLardies Advent Calendar 2021


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Snippets #21

Yet more rough and ready miscellaneous bits and pieces gleaned whilst meandering through and around the interwebs …

Calpe price rise

Let’s get rid of the not so happy even if justified revelation first. From Calpe Miniatures a sad tale on the cost of metal and the resultant news of a price rise …

Price increases

I remember being very uncomfortable when the price of a figure went up past the £1 barrier. I am now announcing a price increase which makes me feel much the same.

A couple of weeks ago, I started putting out feelers for a new batch of metal. The metal I use is a high grade alloy with over 90% tin content. This gives me a crisp casting with enough resilience to endure the rigours of postage and then use on the tabletop. The one time I tried to use a lower grade alloy I had so many miscasts and breakages in transit that I have not tried this again. When the quotes for the metal came in, it was clear that the price of tin has experienced a sharp increase. The increase in price for the grade of metal I use has gone up by almost two thirds! The price of my metal has hovered around the £14-16 mark per Kilo for some time, the new prices are now between £25 and £30. This is a huge increase caused by the fall in production of tin ore due to Covid and then an increase in demand, particularly in China, as the electronics industry has resumed manufacture post-Covid. Having done some research on the subject, prices are expected to keep rising until mid 2022 when they will stabilise at some lower value. They are not expected to come back down to pre-covid prices.

This unprecedented price increase is of such magnitude that I cannot continue production without raising my prices. I have a metal fund specifically for the purchase of metal which I keep topped up to ensure continued production. This fund will not meet the new cost of metal. For the first time I have considered production in some other medium – resin or plastic. I have even considered selling up and retiring. After some thought I have decided to continue doing what I love but to put my prices up.

Figures will now sell for £1.50 and horses for £2. Guns will be £7. I know this is an eye watering increase but without it, I simply can’t continue producing metal figures with the price of metal as it currently stands.

On the figure front, the 3D sculpting is going very well with lots of figures ready to print, but my 3D printer is still in storage as the building work on the house continues. I am hoping to be able to set the printer up before the end of the year but will have to pack it away again in February as the next stage of the build commences. I will keep you informed.


The investment building the unpigmented figure pile now looks like a cunningly wrought master plan of great economic insight. It wasn’t! Still – the price rise won’t prevent von Peter himself investing further in Calpe product. What cost quality, figure variety and the happiness derived?!  😇

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - front

Above: Not many ranges would allow the creation of a Landwehr firing line such as von Peter’s 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Infantry Regiment

Calpe logo1

Epic Battles: Waterloo

Warelord Games are about to – if they haven’t already – release their Epic Battles: Waterloo  12mm Napoleonics. British and French figures are available and they are in the vast majority plastic. The exception may be the Limited Edition figures which may be metal. Both armies have a reasonable selection of units available but there are no Prussians – Waterloo without the Prussians?! – Russians, Austrians etc. One wonders if they will be coming otherwise the action and possibilities may pall a little. It certainly would for von Peter himself! Warlord also supply rules, scenic items and even paint sets. A turnkey solution for Napoleonic gaming.

von Peter himself would imagine that getting this project up and running is no small investment by Warlord Games so good luck to them. But it falls down for this writer with the visuals as there is no variety with the figures. All the rank and file for a unit seem to be identical with the resultant unit looking stiff and boring to the eyes of von Peter himself. Nothing exciting to be seen here for von Peter himself. Your mileage may very well vary.

Thirty Years War cavalry

A little more teasing is available to be viewed of the incoming 1898 Miniatures Thirty Years War cavalry as referenced in the prior post. von Peter himself is smitten.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

STOP PRESS: Thirty Years War Cavalry imminent

It’s nearly November which means that it is nearly Christmas which means that the custom of self organising at least one hobby related gift to oneself is soon to kick in. So what better time to spot that 1898 Miniatures are about to release some Thirty Years War cavalry to accompany their Thirty Years War Spanish Tercios.


Above: the (partial) greens of three of the new cavalry. The completed and painted versions are easily identified in the “poster” below. Nice dynamic and believable – at least in the eyes of von Peter himself – posing

As announced on their News blog and repeated here for the ease of The dear readership …

Our range of 28mm miniatures for the Thirty Years War will be expanded in a few weeks with a new series of cavalry. Equipped with light armour and a wide assortment of weapons including swords, pistols and carbines, this new type of universal horse that evolved during the war was able to perform either the shock tactics of the cuirassier (but at a cheaper price!) and the reconnaissance and support roles of the mounted arquebusiers. This new series of Thirty Years War cavalry miniatures can be used in most of the armies of the period, including the Spanish, and the first batch of releases will include cavalry charging with swords and pistols and equipped with breastplates, buff coats, helmets and soft hats.

There’s even a nice new promotional “poster” of the current range …

1898- Miniatures cav advert 2021

As one with megalomaniac tendencies it’s particularly gratifying to see the words “first batch of releases” used. Perhaps the next release will be cavalry at rest or at least less active.

Both images are clickable for a larger and clearer image.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

And now for something completely new

Father’s Day 2021 was imminent and at the ceaseless nagging gentle prompting of Fraulien von Peter herself some sort of gift was required. The time had come to yield to one of those never ending urges that corrosively simmer away at the back of one’s brain waiting for its chance to see the light of reality. And FYI a decent “never ending urge” requires an interest in a period and a decent figure range with which to facilitate said urge if it is to see that light of reality. So the Thirty Years War it was to be using 1898 Miniatures figures as supplied all the way from Spain.

1898 Miniatures Spanish Tercios 1618-1648

1898 Miniatures are in the early stages of their Thirty Years War Spanish range with the cavalry and artillery yet to put in an appearance. Hopefully they will then move on to another army and there is a chance that perhaps that army will be the French. That would suit von Peter himself quite nicely thank you very much.

1898 Miniatures TYW Spanish cav greens

Above: Thirty Years War Spanish cavalry under recruitment at 1898 Miniatures

An order was conceived. The order was placed. The order duly arrived nicely packaged and in first flush they seem to be well cast though there is a little assembly required for all/most(?) of the figures. Most of the figures need their separately cast sword & scabbards attached – presumably this arrangement was for casting reasons. Others require arms or heads or whatever attached because there are optional options(!) available.

So what was got?

The Spanish Tercios Premium Collection – a whole bunch of figures pikes included plus the Maestre de camp exclusive miniature (out front in the black armour in the picture) …

TYW Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish Tercios Premium Collection

The Dead and Wounded – surely a compulsory purchase…

TYW Spanish 1898 Miniatures Dead and Wounded

The Scenery pack – how could one not? …

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Scenery pack

Spanish general and cornet. Both figures can be built in differing ways …

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish general and cornet 1

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish general and cornet 2

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish general and cornet 3

A few flags were got as well. So another donation for the unpigmented figure pile. But at least one never ending urge has been scratched!  😃

TYW Spanish Battle of Rocroi - the last tercio by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau

Above: Rocroi, the last tercio by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau. Fought on the 19th May 1643 between the French and the Spanish during the Thirty years War. The Spanish stand proud and defiant in defeat. Spain’s military ascendancy in Europe is at an end. Click for a larger and clearer view.

Miniature figure images care of 1898 Miniatures … and they tend to be clickable.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself