The last for 2014?

Snows of Russia

Christmas 2014 has come and gone. New Year is a few days off. They won’t let von Peter himself go to work. So what to do? Perhaps a quick post.

A look back at the gaming output from the year 2014 – well 2014 has almost run its course – reveals a tale of great shame. It has been a year of extraordinary distractions but this is of little defensive value when the dual attacks of lack of productivity and general idleness are brought to bear. The gaming – normally a provider of inspiration and driver of productivity – dried up in the last half of the year which didn’t help. Outrageous.

“Must do better in 2015” would be the final words in a report on 2014. We’ll see.

A speedy read

As part of his excessive Christmas largess The son & heir had retrieved The Amber Road the latest in the Warrior of Rome series of books for von Peter himself to read …  … … from the Wellington Public Library! Fortunately the book was read in a mere few days so it was well and truly available to be returned to the library by it’s due date.

TheAmberRoadThis book brought the number of books in the series to six and it may be that the Warrior of Rome series is now at an end. von Peter himself hopes that this is not the case but fears the worst.

The author – Harry Sidebottom – has started a new contemporaneous series. Iron & Rust is the first book in the Throne of the Caesars series. von Peter himself wonders whether The son & heir will be able to splash out and retrieve Iron & Rust from the Wellington Public Library for von Peter’s consumption at some stage.  😃


Perry plastic surprise

Once again the caveat “for those few who have not heard this” applies here.

A Perry Miniatures Newsletter flopped through the electronic mail slot bearing news of one of the plastic sets that can be expected from the famed twins in 2015. And it was news to von Peter himself. Plastic British Light Dragoons in a  variety of forms to cover much/all(?) of the Napoleonic Wars.

Perry plastic British light dragoons 3ups

Plastic Napoleonic British Light Dragoon ‘3ups’ as supplied in a Newsletter email from Perry Miniatures.

There has been chat in the past about how a plastic set could cover the British heavy cavalry if a variety of headgear was provided. von Peter himself wonders if this may come to pass too. 2015 being the 200th anniversary of Waterloo may prove fortuitous timing for such undertakings.

Whatever – hard plastic British cavalry is not likely to affect the military spend of von Peter himself who is an avowed 1813 central Europe sort of Napoleonic gamer/collector. One must have standards!!  😜

Footsore Miniatures

Th new 28mm manufacturer Footsore Miniatures is a new identity to von Peter himself. While the identity is new many of the ranges are not as it appears to be the resurrection of the old Musketeer Miniatures as well as new Footsore ranges.

The ranges available include …

  • 28mm Armies of the Caliphates
  • 28mm Late Roman/Romano-British/Early Byzantine
  • 28mm Dark Ages Irish
  • 28mm Early Saxons
  • 28mm Late Saxons
  • 28mm Goths/Germanic
  • 28mm Skraelings
  • 28mm Franco Prussian War
  • 28mm Great Northern War Russians
  • 28mm Great Northern War Swedes
  • 28mm Irish War of Independence
  • 28mm WW1 Early War British
  • 28mm WW1 Russians
  • 28mm Inter-War Period 1918-1939
  • 28mm Character Figures
  • Corvii (Tengu)

There are some nice figures in their catalogue. You have been warned!  😃

Footsore Miniatures

The Heading Picture

The heading picture is a traditional northern hemisphere Christmas image, i.e. one containing snow. It does not look that cosy when viewed through the eyes of von Peter himself. Perhaps the southern hemisphere’s tradition of a more summery Christmas is not such a bad thing after all. Or perhaps it’s just that the seemingly 1812 Russian Campaign winter setting is not the most conducive to feelings of a Merry Christmas.

And a Happy New Year to all the dear readers.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself