A bit on the NZ bit of ANZAC

We are now well past the halfway point of January 2015. Yikes! von Peter himself remembers being told as a young boy by his maternal grandmother that the older you are the faster time passes. A very sage observation but she never warned the awkward youngster of the sheer brutal speed that time could attain!! So quickly on with this the second post of 2015 before the first half of 2015 passes!  😃

Thankfully Christmas 2014 keeps on giving. A box of newly minted Calpe French has been receipted into stock and a second of new French and Saxons is looked for in the coming weeks. Despite the best attempts of The family life is good!  😃

An ANZAC endeavour

Some of the dear readers may have heard of Sir Peter Jackson the movie guy. Said Sir Peter Jackson has quite an interest in militaria and has a business relationship with the Perrys going back several years. All of which helps to account for his and their involvement in a project to create a Gallipoli diorama constituted of 4000 x 54mm figures as created by those Perry twins.

Packing figures for NZ

The Perry twins and helper packing the first consignment of figures

Sir Peter will provide the figures and diorama but the whole show would look much better if the figures were painted. This is where the assistance of the humble Kiwi wargamer has been requested.

See Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi war gamers for more details of the project and the call to arms paint brushes. Also keep an eye on Roly’s Dressing the Lines blog for the announcement of the dedicated support site for the project. Even the Perrys have come clean on the project.

Prepare to man your guns brushes.

Turk and NZ 1st batch

Some of the Kiwi and Turkish models comprising the first consignment


Perry Miniatures Heroes of Waterloo vignette

Speaking of the Perrys …

A hard contest


A Perry Miniatures newsletter included the above image and proudly proclaimed that …

This is the first of series of vignettes depicting episodes during the Waterloo campaign for this anniversary year.

Sergeant Ewart and his associated French victims are a very nice set but perhaps of limited use on the gaming table. Then again the set is advertised as a vignette and a diorama so scratch that observation.

Any thoughts on what the other sets could be? Perhaps Wellington meeting with Blücher?

Front Rank Russian Reinforcement Pack update

Speaking of Perry Miniatures one of their competitors Front Rank Figurines has added a little more detail to their upcoming Russian Reinforcement Pack release(s) via there newsletter …

Alec is now working on Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs to add to our Russian 1812 range. These new figures will include more Line Infantry variants, plus infantry in 1809 style shakos, PLUS the long awaited Russian Guard!
They should be available late Feb/early March 2015 – look out for our newsletter!

von Peter himself will be watching for these with interest. At some stage he may very well be needing those two extra Russian grenadier battalions to complete his reserve brigade of Colonel Acht.


New AB Figures website

Speaking of miniatures manufacturing companies … well here’s some news on another one …

AB Figures graphic

AB Figures – makers of …

  • a large and expanding selection of 18mm Napoleonic
  • a select selection of 18mm Ancients
  • 15mm American Civil War
  • 20mm WWI – one pack of British Tank crew
  • 20mm WWII

figures has a new website.

The Napoleonics and WWII are best known to von Peter himself. Truly great figures that put some larger sized figure manufacturers in the shade.

AB Figs French dragoons

AB Figures French dragoons. Remember that these guys are 18mm in size. Nice painting Nigel Fun-nell. Wonderful composition and basing von Peter himself!!


A third Russian building

Another Russian Hovels building has dropped out of the bottom of the production line. A little larger than the proceeding two. Yes – von Peter himself is still on the job sloshing around paint, glue, flock etc.

Russian buildings 1 thru 3

Father Disputin – wild ancestor of a certain Rasputin – looks for the faithful with one eye while looking very closely for heathen invaders to bless with his pistol. The latest addition to the village is the middle building which is a little larger than the other two. The headman’s house until something better comes along.


Game at Greg’s

Not only is von Peter himself still painting but he has even indulged in a game. So … Roly’s wife was talking to Matt’s wife when it was discovered that their husbands were both children at heart and played with toy soldiers. Roly then met Matt and discovered that Matt basically lived across the road from wargaming Greg … and had done so for many years. So much for that friendly neighbourhood then!

Matt plays 40k and Fantasy and was interested in some historical wargaming. So a game of Napoleonic Black Powder was played at Greg’s in the throes of being renovated house. Greg & von Peter himself provided the leadership for some of Greg’s Russians vs. Roly with von Peter’s Bavarians and Matt with some of Roly’s French.

The game involved much looking up of the rules – it had been a while! – and the forces grinding each other to a standstill. von Peter himself had cunningly got a battalion on the Bavarians flank as a game winning masterstroke but the battalion repeatedly ignored the pleas of their commander to charge the open flanks presented to them. The only reason that they eventually got involved in the game at all was that a Bavarian battalion turned to face and charged them!!! Needless to say this would never have happened had von Peter himself taken along his own Russians. Much more reliable troops!!

von Peter himself snapped a few photos of the game in progress but they were all rubbish and not worthy of this here blog or the dear readers so no picture(s) . Sorry.

More of Matt’s hobby activities in a future post.


The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814

Speaking of the game at Greg’s there were no Italians on the table but that could soon change. What a perfectly desperate linking sentence!

The The History Book Man have released their latest e-book – The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814. From the announcement email …

THE ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF ITALY 1805-1814 The original paperback edition of this title was published in 1977 with a revised edition in 1982 and was reprinted 13 times finally going out of print in 1984. The new e-book edition has been completely rewritten with all new colour illustrations, many from contemporary or well known sources and finally uses the original colour illustrations never used in the original editions.

Now 389 pages with almost 800 colour illustrations

As he has ranted before regarding this series at £3.99 plus postage von Peter himself considers the value for money equation is hard to beat for this cd.

von Peter himself has a copy on order for the benefit of The son & heir who has a battalion that he wishes to paint up as Italians. Yes he has extracted yet more money from the old man’s coffers. Well done The son & heir!

The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814



This post started with a reference to New Zealand’s involvement in WWI so what better way to end it? And certainly this section should not be construed as a naked grab for the model railway market … though should they have the good sense to pay a visit or two who is von Peter himself to turn them away?!  😃

AB 608, Passchendaele

On a hot summers day shortly after Christmas The family piled into the car to visit some friends in the back roads of the Wairarapa – a province to the north of Wellington, New Zealand. On the return journey The family ended up driving alongside AB 608, the Passchendaele memorial locomotive as it pulled an excursion train around the countryside. Many were the cars that had stopped so that there occupants could cast admiring glances and take photographs of the locomotive from an era past. There seemed to be a level of general excitement and appreciation amongst the human onlookers … unlike the cattle in paddocks adjacent to the rail tracks who were high tailing it away from the snorting belching monster just as fast as they could. The problem with your modern day bovine is that it has no sense of history!!

AB 608, Passchendaele nameplate


That’s all for now dear readers. Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

A little bribery seals the deal

The son & heir's BFK Limited Edition figuresThey’d been painted for a few months. Well … three of them had been. The drummer had been stubbornly stuck at the 83% – as verified by von Peter himself – complete stage. But now they are complete and based thanks to some good old fashioned graft and corruption. The son & heir wanted something and von Peter himself saw an opportunity to get the figures completed. And now … <drum roll> … von Peter himself is proud to present The son & heir’s Italian rendition of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 2012 Limited Edition Figures.

As a quick reminder or explanation Martin Kelly of the Befreiungskriege 1813-14 blog wanted to celebrate the five years of his blog. After tossing around various schemes Martin settled on commissioning four custom figures to be created by Mr Calpe Miniatures. Who better?! The figures were/are …

  • a bare-headed solider of the artillery train taking a drink and holding his shako in his other hand.
  • a second soldier of the artillery train, this time wearing a covered shako, smoking a pipe and carrying an item of equipment – probably something like a horsewhip, a coil of rope or a trailspike.
  • a foot artillery drummer wearing the Bardin Imperial livery and standing with a foot resting behind his drum on the ground in front of him. He may be doing something interesting like pointing into the distance with his drumsticks.
  • a “Marie-Louise” infantryman wearing a greatcoat and pokalem. This casually posed figure will be based on a fusilier shown in Knotel Band XII, Plate 24.

All the figures are from the later Napoleonic French army. Which is exactly why The son & heir was determined to paint his pack as anything but members of the later Napoleonic French Army! This is absolutely typical of what von Peter himself must live with on a daily basis!! After much scouring of reference books and the variable commodity that is the internet it was finally decreed by The son & heir that the figures would be painted as Italians.

Simons BFK ltd edition figures - Italian Artillery train

The artillery train figures (above) translated quite easily from Francais to Italiano care of careful selection of the paint colours.

Simons BFK ltd edition figs - Italian Infantryman and drummer

The “Marie-Louise” infantryman was similarly converted via the paint brush into a member of the Italian 2nd Line Infantry Regiment … though the pokalem may be an unofficial creation by this particular infantryman.

The foot artillery drummer was painted into a drummer of the same Italian 2nd Line Regiment. The source for the drummer is an image from the site http://www.histunif.com/ … or more precisely http://www.histunif.com/italie/publications/ligne/ligne27.htm. A little bit out of the ordinary perhaps but more than good enough for The son & heir to paint the drummer up as an Italian.

Italian 2nd Line Infantry Drummer

And what of von Peter’s BFK 2012 Limited Edition figures? Shamefully a set sits atop their paint bottles all undercoated but in a paint queue that expands and contracts and swirls around them inexplicably. One day Martin … von Peter himself promises it!  8O)

Oh, and finally what was the ‘thing’ that The son & heir wanted so badly that he was prepared to bestir himself and complete these figures so as to get his hands on it? All von Peter himself will disclose is that eventually it/they will be displayed on these pages. But it would probably not be a wise thing to hold ones breath waiting for the photographs!  8O))

A Calpe Miniatures update

All the current March-Attack French have been added to the French portion of the Shop on the Calpe website.

June 2013 Photoshoot with GrandManner

While at the Calpe website the Gallery is worth a visit. A bunch of images have been added entitled ‘June 2013 Photoshoot with GrandManner’ which are well worth an extended investigation. No one paints a Calpe figure quite like Mr Calpe himself. The above image – shamelessly nicked – is one such.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself