A first 2013 post

von Peter himself wishes to welcome all to a brand new year – namely 2013. May it prove to be prosperous, productive and jolly good fun! Now back to the usual program …

Immer Vorwärts!

There is a new blog of a Napoleonic variety to keep an eye on. Der Feldmarschall – aka Jason Meyers – and Eric Hagen have opened a new blog Immer Vorwärts! for business. von Peter’s understanding is that the two gentlemen will be using this blog to track their 1813 adventures – the painting, modelling and gaming – starting with Prussians and French. von Peter himself thinks that we should all support the new blog … for our own selfish purposes of course!  8O)  If nothing else they have a wonderfully evocative graphic (see above) with which to adorn their electronic reporting.

ACW game 4 Jan 2013

The first game of 2013 has come and gone. American Civil War (ACW) was the period and five of us played while Raymond steered us through a new set of rules – They Couldn’t Hit An Elephant by the Too Fat Lardies. The scenario played favoured the God faring Union but von Peter himself sees this as only right. 8O)

Opinions varied on the rules but von Peter himself and The son & heir would play them again. One game does not necessarily fully inform one’s opinion on a set of rules. They are perhaps not the best for a multiplayer game as the card mechanism means that only one player is active at a time. Perhaps ways could be found around this.

They Couldn't Hit An Elephant

The 2/von Rechten Infantry Regiment of the Napoleonic Saxon army circa 1813 stutters towards its mustering. A final light coloured dry brushing on its bases, followed by the addition of some vegetation, varnish and the raising of it’s GMB standard and all will be complete. A picture or two next time hopefully!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself