Making water

Another quickie for the long suffering Dear readers.

Just in case any of the aforementioned Dear Readers missed it the Perry’s Facebook page has a photo tutorial on Alan’s latest technique for making water terrain using a couple of Vallejo products – Thick European Mud and Still Water.

It was posted on 4 July 2021. To glean what tips you can …

Hopefully that makes sense!

Photos above from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous. Many / most / all of The dear readers will have seen the image below. Over the years von Peter himself has found himself in many a good natured “discussion” regarding the painting of eyes on 28mm figures. Being of a naturally idle disposition von Peter himself is firmly in the no painting of eyes camp. The theory is that if they are painted well – which is easier said than done – nobody notices them in gaming situations. If not done well they can turn a perfectly good figure into a mutant thing attracting ridicule. All that is required for eyes is a shadow in 99.99% of cases. Here endereth the lesson rant.

Where this image originated is a mystery. It has been seen in many places by von Peter himself who passes on his thanks to the originator. It still generates a chuckle.

Until we meet again …


von Peter himself 

Grow your own

Unlike some less conservative hobbyists von Peter himself has to date shown little interest in the world of 3D Printing. Yes there are some interesting hobby related creations out there but if von Peter himself wished to obtain them he’d most likely purchase the thing already printed. Or if he could only buy the files for the “thing” he would want to send them somewhere to get printed, i.e. he would still want the “thing” to arrive already printed. 😃

Locally it is imagined that 3D Printing is going through the same technological advances that the emergence of home printing – of the image on paper variety – went through several years back. That is that the technology will get better and cheaper. Is home 3D Printing currently at the level of an expensive dot matrix printer?

No doubt right now there are some/many of you yelling at your screen to the ignorant buffoon who wrote this ill informed garbage. To this von Peter himself can only reply “it’s a fair cop”. He has done little to keep abreast of any 3D printing developments.

So why all this diatribe? Because this now closed Kickstarter from Henry Turner was chanced upon – Europe Asunder: 3D printable 6-18mm Napoleonic STL files.

Europe Asunder

See the sales pitch trailer here. Individually and much magnified the figures look chunky but on mass and at a distance – say on the tabletop – they look fine. And rumour has it that it is possible to thin down the figures via software anyway according to a Comment in the Kickstarter.

But what surprised and impressed was the provisioning of the Blender Files. These are the modular parts used to build the figures. With these in your possession – and some software … and a little learnings with that software – it is possible to customise your figures. Figure variants with heads twisted, different headgear, moustache, beard etc are all within reach. You could even create a brand new figure using diffing bits of uniforms from different nations. At least that appears to be the case. As to how easy how easy it actually is to do? Let me know!  😃

Europe Asunder French

Henry has provided some tutorials with more to come … that’s the memory von Peter himself has assimilated from somewhere!

For much more information plus some reviews check the Kickstarter.

Henry’s other wares can be found …

By way of disclosure – Images “borrowed” from the kickstarter.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

The times, they are a changing

The changings keep coming. The old guard are being removed from the hobby at a remorseless rate. By way of examples …

Duncan Macfarlane 1948 – 2021 is a name that apparently means many things to many people in the wargaming world but for von Peter himself he is Mr Wargames Illustrated. Many moons ago a much younger von Peter himself wandered into a local retail establishment and spied issue #1 of a new magazine – Wargames Illustrated. And it was a beautiful thing. Pretty pictures, nothing but wargames content and amazingly it was readily available in New Zealand.

Issue #1 was the first of many MANY years of purchases which did not cease until around the time that Battlefront Miniatures bought the magazine. The intervening years left a stack of magazines which eventually were replaced by official cds of the first 225 issues of the magazine plus a few issues of the associated Wargames World.

So much time spent pouring over the “war-games porn” pictures, the wargaming articles, and in those far off days pre the saturated internet age the advertisements. von Peter’s introduction to Calpe Miniatures resulted from an advertisement in a Wargames Illustrated. He remembers being on holiday in the Marlborough Sounds and sitting on the shores of the Sounds staring at the Prussian Landwehr battalion that graced the advertisement. Every figured seemed different and each was a marvel. Contact was soon made with Calpe Miniatures.

So though we never met von Peter himself is glad to have been a sort of associate of Duncan Macfarlane. May you rest in peace Duncan.

For a proper obituary see Duncan Macfarlane 1948 – 2021 on The Partizan Show Blog.

The above photo “borrowed” from The Partizan Show Blog referenced above.

But there’s more

Although von Peter himself has never dealt with East Riding Miniatures the name seems to have been around forever for von Peter himself. So it was sad to stumble across this …

As some customers will know, I have been suffering increasing health issues related to my diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and age . With the passing away of my wife in April it has only got worse (stress related, but it shows no sign of easing) to the point where I can no longer manage basic casting operations and maintenance, let alone mould making, due to the state of my hands, knees and hips. With my 65th birthday only weeks away I have reluctantly concluded that full retirement is now my own way forwards

The various parts of the business, figure ranges and equipment will shortly be up for sale. Interested parties are invited to contact me. Full details to follow.

I do apologise for the inconvenience this will cause customers but I can see no other way around this problem.

It just remains to thank all my customers of the last 22 years. I couldn’t have done any of it without you.

In time I will be restarting the second-hand section of the site and clear out some more of my own collection of books and miniatures. Watch this space.

– Tony

The times – and the guard – are a changing.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

A podcast discovered

A quickie.

von Peter himself has stumbled upon another podcast to while away the commute, the dog walk, and hopefully some figure painting. Ken aka the Yarkshire Gamer hosts The Yarkshire Gamers Reet Big War-games Podcast.

The blurb on iTunes says …

A wargaming blog covering that modern day rarity, The Big Game. No 10 figures a side on a 3ft square table here chap. All scales, all periods so long as it’s BIG. You know what they say “Go Big or Go Home”. We, my friends, have gone Big! Regards Ken The Yorkshire Gamer.

Available from several podcast providers – von Peter himself sources his from iTunes – or it can be listened to directly from Ken’s  blog.

Yarkshire Gamer logo

Bastion No. 2 gets a table

A quick update on Bastion No. 2. It now has a gaming surface installed aka the trusty table tennis table.

Bastion No 2 gets a table


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Front Rank Figurines shock horror …

From Front Rank Figurines – especially their News Page comes this 18TH MAY 2021 – FRONT RANK FIGURINES FOR SALE stunner …

Exciting opportunity to purchase and relocate a Wargames and Collectors business with an impressive reputation. Would suit business-minded enthusiast/s or established Wargames company wishing to expand their ranges.

Conducting largely web-based sales, supply and manufacturing operation of premium quality miniature metal figurines.

Comes with excellent dedicated e-commerce website & lots of further potential.

Sensible offers over £225,000 + £35,000 for stock, plant and machinery are invited for genuine sale after 35 years of successful trading in same hands. Front Rank Figurines was founded by Alec Brown in 1986.

We are selling the assets and not the company shares, the assets consist of :-

The goodwill, all 28mm & 40mm ranges, stock & stock storage units, moulds and mould storage racks, production masters, casting & mould making machinery, unprocessed metal & moulds, e-commerce website, order processing & mail order list, packaging & stationery materials, office equipment.

Front Rank has a very loyal core of repeat purchasing customers and continues to attract new customers worldwide through our good reputation and word of mouth.

Front Rank has been a major part of Alec and Angela’s life for over 35 years and with Alec’s continued passion for the hobby and military history, it has not been an easy decision to put Front Rank up for sale, but now that we are in our 60’s we would like more time to pursue other interests in retirement.

We believe with a forward thinking, enthusiastic person/s at the helm, Front Rank has fantastic potential to continue to grow and develop.

Raising Front Rank’s online profile and presence through social media to the Wargames community, in Wargames publications/online websites etc, will undoubtedly increase sales worldwide.

Front Rank has not supplied trade outlets or attended exhibitions for a number of years and recently we have had in place a maximum order cap.

Front Rank is for sale as a ready made successful business with a long history and proven track record.

The forecast adjusted EBITDA figure for 2020/2021 ending June 2021 is £102,429.

Information/Sales Memorandum and financial details will only be provided once any interested parties have signed a non disclosure agreement.

We would appreciate only genuinely interested parties to contact us through the Contact Us page on our website.

Whilst Front Rank is up for sale we wish to assure all our customers that during this time it will be business as usual.

What can one say. Alec and Angela have run a top rate outfit that has been a pleasure to deal with over several decades. It is true that along the way they have managed to acquire no little amount of what should have been the wealth of von Peter himself. But the quality of their service and the quality of the product have meant that von Peter himself does not begrudge them. Not too much anyway!  😃

SYW Prus inf command stand front

For the record locally Front Rank Figurines provide all – or nearly all – the figures for von Peter’s

  • Napoleonic Austrians
  • Napoleonic Russians
  • Napoleonic Bavarians
  • Napoleonic Polish
  • Napoleonic civilians
  • Seven Years War Prussians
  • Seven Years War Austrians
  • a small contingent of Seven Years War Hanoverians
  • a small contingent of Seven Years War French
  • Seven Years War civilians.

Who will sculpt/create new figures in the style of Front Rank Figurines von Peter himself muses … to himself? Is this the end of new Front Rank Figurines?

Hopefully whoever takes over at Front Rank Figurines will continue the fine tradition of excellent prompt service and great casting. 

Of course a HUGE thank you go to Alec and Angela. You have been a pleasure to deal with. One hopes that you get your well deserved pursuit of other interests and a happy and extended retirement.

Perhaps von Peter himself should get those few figures required to complete the Polish horse artillery battery now rather than later. Hmmm.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Bastion No. 2 under way

To be honest dear reader there is not a lot happening in the hobby space lately. The clue is in the dearth of updates on this here blog. Of course life is not usually black and white so that’s not quite true. Various favoured wargaming sites on the interwebs are getting their usual hammering emanating out of Neu Scloss von Peter on a daily basis. The intellect is still being expended on the hobby but the paint brushes etc are on an extended holiday. But there is hope of a reversal in fortunes.

The son & heir had moved back into his room in Neu Scloss von Peter having completed his studies and time in Dunedin. That was great as we get on well. But what’s even better is that he has now moved out again into a grown up’s flat – as opposed to a student flat – taking most of the bedroom furniture with him. Meaning that this seems to be the big move with no returns. Meaning that his room no longer needs to held as a ready reserve. Meaning that Bastion Number 2 is in preparation. For the confused The Bastion was the dedicated wargaming room in the prior abode Scloss von Peter.

Pre Bastion 1

Above: the view of Bastion Number 2 from the entry door

Many thanks to the good Fraulien von Peter herself who has been a trooper with cleaning and even some painting on the internals of Bastion Number 2. A marvel of a sapper and an engineer all rolled up into one.

Pre Bastion 2

Above: the view looking back towards the entry door

The plan is to weaponise Bastion Number 2 by cleaning up the table tennis table that languishes in the garage and install it along with it’s “grass” covering. Not long now hopefully.

Pre Bastion 3

Above:the lighting situation has potential with three individually switched light sources. New bulbs will be investigated. Perhaps daylight bulbs will be a go

Pre Bastion 4

Above: ok the move out is still a work in progress. Impressively most of what remains are The son & heir’s wargaming paraphernalia. And there’s more on a table in the hall!


Bring on the Russian Mounted Jagers

von Peter himself has always had a soft spot for Russian Mounted Jagers and the Perrys have obviously got wind of this. Back in Snippets #18 The dear readers attention was targeted on the Perry’s efforts to create  a box of plastic Russian and/or Prussian dragoons. Now they’ve added Russian Mounted Jagers in to the mix/box.

Perry Russian plastic Mounted Jager 1

Perry Russian plastic Mounted Jager 2

As a forewarning of potential button counter attacks the Perry’s have posted an official warning …

As you might notice, to get these on the frame there is a slight compromise in that the cuffs for the Jäger should be pointed and have one button, but this is easily remedied with a bit of paint.

You have been warned.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Polish bangers

And in this case “Polish bangers” is not a reference to sausages but rather Polish artillery of which a foot battery has finally made it to the front to support the cause.

All of the orders of battle that von Peter himself can recall give the independent 27th (Polish) Division as present at the Battle of Leipzig 1813 a supporting Polish foot battery. But annoyingly they don’t say which battery. To not give a unit an actual name seems callous and unforgivable especially considering the future trials and tribulations that are bound to come their way on the table top. So it has been decided to call them the Polish 5th Foot Battery. This may or may not be correct but until further information is revealed that is what they are to be known as! 😃

Figures from Front Rank Figurines pigmented by Nigel Fun-nell. The French M1808 6pdr. French cannon are from Calpe Miniatures and their pigmenting plus the choreography and basing can be blamed on von Peter himself.

A few whining words on the Front Rank Polish foot artillery range are required here to enable the venting of some frustration. The niggle is that the range consists of a whole six figures. As someone who likes to create each gun crew as a unique and cohesive vignette a mere six figures is somewhat limiting. Hence the loading gun crew contains no less than three of the “Gunner with trail spike” figures. Three may seem excessive and some may quite rightly say that two would have given a normalish four man crew on the base but having completed a Saxon 6dr foot battery with five figures on each base von Peter himself is quite taken with the busier look.

And in the spirit of full disclosure the battery and their supports above are displayed on one of The son & heir’s home made terrain boards. It seems only fair to acknowledge the effort involved.


Christmas arrives in the form of a present

The self organised 2020 Christmas present was the “Church Lift Off Roof” from the Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range of Total Battle Miniatures. And it arrived a couple of weeks back which was perfectly fine service considering the lateness of the order and the current COVID situation. As can be seen it comes in three pieces …

It is the second 28mm church to join the local collection but seemingly most European villages display at least one spire so perhaps two is not enough!  🤣

As can be seen it towers a little over the current House of God so it will probably be used for the larger urban centres … once it gets pigmented. The 28mm Front Rank Polish ADC gives an idea of the real estate sizings.

Above: a picture of the church from the Total Battle Miniatures website


For a larger and clearer view of the images above all are “clickable”.



Until we meet again …

Snippets #19

Some potentially sad news to start with. Hopefully von Peter himself has the wrong end of the stick on this one. He often does.

The website for The History Book Man has ceased to operate as a website, i.e. it cannot be found. A search led to a rather sad topic on The Miniatures Page. von Peter himself sincerely hopes that the reports on the death of W.J. (Bill) Rawkins are in error.

For those not in the know Bill was author and proprietor of The History Book Man which produced fine organisational and uniform e-books on Napoleonic armies which were outstandingly great value for money. He had a number of e-books available with several more under development.

von Peter himself has had several email dealings with Bill and can only report that he seemed to be from the line of the finest of gentleman. The world is most certainly not a better place if he has indeed passed. He will be missed. Go well Bill.

von Peter himself certainly hopes that he has his wires well and truly crossed on this one.

STOP PRESS: see the comments – Bill’s passing has been confirmed by a family member. Very sad news indeed.


Miniature Wargaming The Movie

von Peter himself vaguely recalls a kickstarter raising funds for Miniature Wargaming The Movie. It seems that the movie is now slowly being released to non backers. “Slowly” because as at the time of typing it has been released to residents of North American and is to be released to UK residents sometime in 2021. What about the rest of the world – especially New Zealand – guys?

Any ways the pirating of websites reveals the synopsis of the film to be …

Multi-Award-Winning documentary Miniature Wargaming The Movie dives into the heart of the wargaming industry and reveals the impact it has on people’s lives. The film follows four individuals as they unveil how wargaming affects their lives in different ways: Andy Bryant, a British war veteran who turns to wargaming as an escape; Chris Nicholls, owner of a small business fighting to secure his family’s future; and two young gamers Matt and Adam who travel across Europe in a bid to fulfil their dream of competing in an international tournament.
Finally, uncover the true story behind this incredible hobby with best-selling author Henry Hyde who reveals the origins and history of the hobby. It includes never-before-seen footage with Sir Peter Jackson (director of The Lord of The Rings) and interviews with Rick Priestley (creator of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000), legendary sculptors Alan and Michael Perry, Warlord Games co-founders Paul Sawyer and John Stallard, plus many more.


The Sprue Shop

For those with a passion for plastic figures but who – for a variety of reasons – may not want to purchase a complete box The Sprue Shop may be of service. More raiding of websites reveals …

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop,
I hope you will find something of interest within its pages. In time I aim to stock sprues for most of the plastic figure sets available together with some of the vehicles produced. Please if you have any requests or just a question get in contact. Many Thanks Steve.

Some manufacturers – e.g. Perry Miniatures – sell individual sprues but if your favourite manufacturer does not then perhaps The Sprue Shop can help. Sprues are currently available from …

Wargames Atlantic
Warlord Games
Hail Caeser
WW2 Bolt Action
Black Powder
Pike & Shotte
Fireforge games
Plastic bases
Perry’s Miniatures
Gripping Beast.

And as another act of piracy …

January 2021 sale
To celebrate the launch of this site 15% sale on most sprues.

Postage caught the eye …

UK – free shipping (any quantity
EU – £6.00 (any quantity)
ROW – £15.00 (any quantity)

Great if you live in the UK but eye watering if you live in the Rest of the World. Let’s say New Zealand. Any guesses on who might live in New Zealand? The “any quantity” bit is good but the £15.00 is … eye watering. Especially if a mere one or two sprues are required.



Another Wargamer’s Site has been added to the Links page over at that other place … This time its is Goat Major’s GÖATERDÄMMERUNG blog. It’s just about enough to make one throw down one’s paint brush and give it up as a bad joke!  🤣



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Snippets #18

A paucity of posts reflects the hobby falling down the priority list. Sigh!

Them Perry twins sure are busy

As is their way the Perry twins of Perry Miniatures fame have been busy. From amongst a raft of announcements two of their “projects” have been selected as suitable for reporting here.

1. Plastic Napoleonic allied cavalry. Two separate boxes of them are “in progress” with no release date as yet released. A box of Russian uhlans …

… and perhaps more interestingly a box that can create either Prussian or Russian dragoons …

2. Two new Napoleonic ranges have been announced – 1806 Prussians and 1806-09 Saxons.

von Peter himself has always thought that the 1806 Prussians would make a fine looking army though he is not likely to go there. His nascent(!) 28mm Napoleonic collection is of an 1813 ilk and he already has Seven Years War Prussians that in many ways are similar to those of 1806.

Pictures “borrowed” from the Perry Miniatures facebook page.


Eagles of Empire Miniatures

Eagles of Empire Miniatures are a company who up to now seem to have focussed on later nineteenth century conflicts, ie. the Franco-Prussian War. But they have now diversified with a range of 28mm 1812 Napoleonic figures. This they have managed in conjunction with the Russian Avanpost Miniatures.

The figures are cast in resin and appear to come as sets of 9 skirmishing infantry £16.00, 18 infantry £29.00, 6 cavalry £29.00 or artillery piece with 4 gunners £13.50.

von Peter himself has no idea how these figures compare size wise with other manufacturers wares. The expectation is that the range will be expanded in 2021.


And of course it is the festive season with Christmas 2020 recently celebrated and the New Year only just consummated. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. And in these COVID-19 times please take the greatest care out there.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Snippets #17

Some dated news that has been sitting around for a while in a draft form …

The ongoing thirst for terrain gets a little quenching

Fathers Day finally delivered something of use in a hobbying sort of way. More explicitly it delivered the Timber House Lift Off Roof from the Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range of Total Battle Miniatures. Another nice model from this vendor. Note to self: place orders earlier in these COVID-19 disrupted times.

Perhaps the Church Lift Off Roof from the same source would be an appropriate Christmas acquisition.

Napoleonic Bavarians

Back on the 2 September 2020 Victrix Ltd announced on their facebook page a little more on their Napoleonic Bavarians …

Bavarian Napoleonic Infantry has now moved to the tooling stage

Ok, that’s a very “efficient” example of communication but they did provide three pictures …


The media section

Some video that may prove of interest. First up a piece on that never ending question – Is historical Wargaming Dying Out? This video sparked several responding videos. Thankfully the consensus to the question appears to be “no”.

For those that listen to the “We Have Ways of Making You Talk” podcast the chaps now have a website at

Those well known Perry twins are popular guests on hobbying related media. Here they are primarily chatting about their involvement with Game Workshop’s Middle Earth game but there are also some interesting side bars.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself