STOP PRESS: Thirty Years War Cavalry imminent

It’s nearly November which means that it is nearly Christmas which means that the custom of self organising at least one hobby related gift to oneself is soon to kick in. So what better time to spot that 1898 Miniatures are about to release some Thirty Years War cavalry to accompany their Thirty Years War Spanish Tercios.


Above: the (partial) greens of three of the new cavalry. The completed and painted versions are easily identified in the “poster” below. Nice dynamic and believable – at least in the eyes of von Peter himself – posing

As announced on their News blog and repeated here for the ease of The dear readership …

Our range of 28mm miniatures for the Thirty Years War will be expanded in a few weeks with a new series of cavalry. Equipped with light armour and a wide assortment of weapons including swords, pistols and carbines, this new type of universal horse that evolved during the war was able to perform either the shock tactics of the cuirassier (but at a cheaper price!) and the reconnaissance and support roles of the mounted arquebusiers. This new series of Thirty Years War cavalry miniatures can be used in most of the armies of the period, including the Spanish, and the first batch of releases will include cavalry charging with swords and pistols and equipped with breastplates, buff coats, helmets and soft hats.

There’s even a nice new promotional “poster” of the current range …

1898- Miniatures cav advert 2021

As one with megalomaniac tendencies it’s particularly gratifying to see the words “first batch of releases” used. Perhaps the next release will be cavalry at rest or at least less active.

Both images are clickable for a larger and clearer image.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

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