Scots Covenanters rebase commences

Several decades ago* a deal was struck between Paul Stairs and von Peter himself. Money went one way and a Scots Covenanter army from the English Civil War (ECW) period went the other. At the time the plan was that the Covenanters would be used to fight Pauls remaining ECW armies using the soon to be published Anchor of Faith – Piquet’s Pike & Shot (1600 – 1690) supplement. Time moved on, lives changed, Paul sold his remaining ECW armies … and then Anchor of Faith was eventually published! To be honest the order of these occurrences could have been a little better!

* von Peter himself does not (totally) exaggerate here. Some of you readers would not have existed at the time of the cash for soldiers transaction. The son & heir would be an excellent example as the Covenanters came into the life of von Peter himself several years before The son & heir was to intrude.

Sadly the Covenanters were destined for years of quiet existence in their boxes barracks under the gaming table. There was to be only an occasional glimpse of light as they were either shown to nosey individuals or paraded on the gaming table to be shot … with a camera. Ha ha ha.

The army itself is composed mostly of Foundry figures – at least that is the understanding of von Peter himself – and has been through the hands of several gamers prior to its current overlordship. Rumour has it that one of those sets of hands were those attached to Tony Ashcroft who as NZWM was to master – and for a while manufacture – mostly WWII vehicles.

Paul had lovingly touched up the figures and based them for the second edition WRG Renaissance rules. Locally these were commonly referred to as the Gush rules because they were authored by a George Gush. Pikemen were each on a 15mm frontage, musketeers and heavy cavalry on 20mm and so on. Additionally the figures were based in various denominations – mostly as ones or twos – so that individual figures could be removed as they were shot, stabbed or slashed.

Some of the Covenanters as transferred from Paul to von Peter himself.
That basing is all going to change … eventually <gulp!>

Ever since coming under the loving overlordship of von Peter himself the army has faced the dreaded prospect of being rebased. von Peter himself is much more into scenic element basing and the skimpy one or two figures per base was never going to do. After much on again / off again discussion over literally years a decision was finally – and surprisingly – reached on how us gallant few would base our ECW armies. Many were the issues to consider …

  • how closely packed did we want the figures bearing in mind that figures come in all sizes even if they are meant to be the same size
  • how big did we want the units to be. Big units look great but would we ever get a reasonable number of units together if they were on the larger side individually?
  • overhangs of figures past the edge of the base were to be a no no. Pikes were to be the exception here as some pre existing armies <cough cough> already had pikes at an angle

The final consensus was for bases of 60*60mm – the same as for our ancients. How many figures go on the base is up to the bases creator. We have plumped for smaller units than some but we will be able to play bigger battles if we so desire. And if we really want to we can amalgamate units together to create meatier versions.

And so the first infantry unit has been created as a proof of concept. For some reason the only red coated infantry unit was chosen as opposed to all the blue and grey ones. No touching up of the figures has yet been actioned which speaks volumes for the army that marched into the service of von Peter himself all those years ago.

Now von Peter himself really must get back to some of those Napoleonics that have been sitting mostly complete on the painting table – or that portion of the painting left available after the squatting of The son & heir. <mutter mutter>

Don’t forget to click on the pictures for a closer view

Fire and brimstone … and the slaughter of the opposition in a multitude of messy ways … are the preachings of the day from the regimental pastor

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself