I should be packing but … #1

von Peter himself is meant to be packing Schloss von Peter in preparation for the march to  Neu Schloss von Peter in a few weeks NOT creating new posts on his blog. So only a brief update this time around … and for goodness sake do not mention any of this lost packing time to Fraulien von Peter herself or else this may very well be the last post … ever!  💀

Russian Grenadier command base

von Peter himself is proud to unveil the command base for his brave Russian Grenadier Brigade. Aint got any painted grenadiers but got their command so that’s a start! Front Rank Figurines figures apart from the mounted grenadier officer – the one with the tall black plume – who is from the Wargames Foundry stable … and von Peter himself does not mean just the horse! Ha ha ha. Assorted coloured pigments applied by Greater Queeg with figure selection, choreography and basing by von Peter himself.

Napoleonic Russian grenadier command. Click to see a larger and clearer image.

We should attack in this direction with our brave grenadiers my General. By the way – where are our brave grenadiers? And why are we standing in a flower garden? It’s really not very manly!

This leaves one Russian command stand to complete from the latest intake of Russians – that of the planned Kuirassiere Brigade. von Peter himself hopes to work on it in little doses over the next few days. Stand by!

The Russian village gets a civic centre

Another building has rolled out of the Imperial Russian Village Fabrication Works. This time it is H4, Long House or Meeting House from Hovels.

H4 Meeting house

The finishing of the doors, shutters and decorative panel over each of the windows has generated considerable discussion between The son & heir and his better. The representative of the younger generation asserts that they should be painted in a gold (as they are on the Hovels website) or green or even gold and green. The position of von Peter himself is that …

  • where would a forgotten peasants village in the middle of nowhere get the resources to tart up the building?
  • a brief internet search showed a lot of plain unadorned wood buildings devoid of decoration
  • von Peter himself should really be preparing for the move from Schloss von Peter to Neu Schloss von Peter so lets just get it done for now and reconsider in the future
  • The yet to come church is where the oppressed locals will concentrate their finery … albeit a limited finery
  • those dastardly French have scraped off and stolen the gold – and even the green if any were there – paint and stolen it. This one is not so serious!  😃

As is evident from the graphic representations accompanying these words the opinions of von Peter himself have won through. Surprise! Disturbingly The son and heir has threatened to steal away the building and fancy up doors, shutters etc.  😲

H4 Meeting house

D’oh! von Peter really REALLY hates it when he photographs something and when reviewing the photos realises that the painting is not complete. Exhibit ‘A’ – the door handle thingy on the door may get some further attention … sometime.

This addition means that Russian village(s) can now be modelled with six buildings. von Peter himself is on a roll with them but the current thinking is that perhaps the last two will need to go on hold due to the aforementioned house move. Also there is the upcoming Waterloo game to prepare for and sadly the organisers are of a somewhat conservative outlook and representing Plancenoit with Russian styled buildings is most likely beyond them! 😃  Then again actually completing something does have a rather nice feel good feedback mechanism!

Napoleon 1813: Decision at Bautzen

James R. Arnold has authored several books that would be of interest to your average Napoleonic wargamer. His website NapoleonicBooks.com provides details which even includes publications of wargames scenarios.

His latest book Napoleon 1813: Decision at Bautzen hits the sweet spot for von Peter himself – Central Europe in 1813. From the website ..

Napoleon 1813 describes and explains Napoleon’s efforts to recover from the catastrophe of 1812. It dismisses many conventional myths regarding the spring campaign of 1813. Throughout the story of the tumultuous spring days, Napoleon 1813 gives voice to the soldiers who participated in a campaign that proved Napoleon’s last, best chance to preserve his dynasty.

480 pages, 37 maps, and 71 illustrations.

More details are available on the website.

One for the collection is the thinking locally.

Napoleon 1813 - Decision at Bautzen


And now it’s back to the house moving preparations.

The usual reminder – don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

For Mother Russia

Today we start with the products of Mother Russia. But then we move on.

Russian ADCs

Click to see a larger and clearer image

A Russian ADC rides like the wind – thereby having to keep a strong grip on his favourite bicorne – with the news that French so called emperor personally destroyed this building with his very own hands! Shock horror! Is there no end to the evil contained within his diminutive frame?! May he and his minions soon be chased from the holy lands of Mother Russia.

The trainer painter of von Peter’s Napoleonic Russians Greater Queeg has delivered some reinforcements to the Russian force entrusted by the Tsar himself – honest! – to von Peter himself.

Like all Russian armies there needs to be plenty of top brass and so two ADC’s have been added to the force. It is hoped that these will earn their way by transporting orders around the battlefield as required in those Brigade level games and will be available to act as ‘Big Men’ in Sharp Practice type skirmish games. And as with all well connected aristocratic officers in the army if worse comes to worse they can sit around on the battlefield looking pretty and hopefully staying out of the way!

Click to see a larger and clearer image

A Garde Cossack officer acting as an ADC passes through a Russian village on a critical mission … “veer ish da vodka?”

Both figures are sourced from Front Rank Figurines. One is the “Senior Officer” figure while the other is the “Cossacks of the Guard Officer”. The dear reader will need to guess which is which from the two pictures generously provided.

The figures for two command stands were also receipted at the same time as the above but they are not yet ready for public exposure.

More Russian buildings

Due to the … errrrr … ummm … delay between the prior post and this von Peter himself has churned out two more buildings for his Russian village(s) including the first of two ruined buildings.

The next and current building being worked on – and almost finished – is the “H4, Long House or Meeting House”. This is a larger building and has shutters and fanciness around the windows as well as a fancier door and surrounds. The shutters etc are often painted green or even gold on some models but von Peter himself wonders how a poor village could afford such extravagance. Perhaps it is purely idleness that is tempting von Peter himself to leave these features as plain wood. The church model is yet to come and perhaps this would be a more fitting recipient of a little bit of colour.

Resin models from Hovels.

Click to see a larger and clearer image

Ruined Russian log house

Click to see a larger and clearer image

Large Russian log house with thatched roof


Not so Russian

It’s been said before but von Peter himself is a wee bit of a sucker for terrain. Some of the Total Battle Miniatures models from their Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range have aroused interest. Hmmm – perhaps sometime after the house move. More scheming, information gathering and planning required. The three Total Battle Miniatures photos below backed up from the Total Battle Miniatures site.

Row of Houses and Store Lift Off Roof


Timber House Lift Off Roof


Barn:Stables Lift Off Roof


Waterloo in Wellington … where else would it be?

The year 2015 is the 200th anniversary of that battle they call “Waterloo”. And von Peter himself is aware of several commemorative games planned around the planet they call “Earth”. But only one of those games is going to be held in the city “Wellington” in the Grand Banquet Room of the Wellesley Club a 19th century gentlemen’s club. The same building also houses the Wellesley Boutique Hotel which is convenient for such facilities as the The 1815 Café and Bar. The Wellington Waterloo game is scheduled for the weekend of the 13th and 14th of June.

Having avoided the two local Leipzig refights von Peter himself and The son & heir have both put their hands up to partake of this event. It is looking likely that the dynamic duo will be donning Prussian uniforms for the weekend. Excellent. Let the reaping of that just retribution for past wrongs begin!  😃

Such an occasion may even entice von Peter himself to complete his shot up firing line landwehr battalion. Then again that poor battalion has had more false starts than von Peter himself would be happy to acknowledge in public so no promises.

And whilst on the topic of incomplete Prussian landwehr battalions The son and heir has half a battalion of Silesian landwehr painted … and another half unpainted. Hopefully he can be prevailed upon to complete the battalion for the game. The complication here is that he can’t remember how he painted the painted half … and is threatening to repaint that which is already painted. ’tis madness I tell you!!  😃

And from the British Light Dragoons might come in useful for a Waterloo game file …

For those gamers & modellers who are looking for those plastic British Light Dragoons from Perry Miniatures von Peter himself is pleased to display the following graphic taken at the Tactica 2015 convention in Hamburg. No rest for the wicked apparently …

Peter Denis paints Perry Brit Lt Dragoon boxjpg

The associated caption says …

Peter Dennis at work on the next but one of our plastic box covers, British Light Dragoons 

 … which says it all really. No indication as yet as to when these may be expected apart from not before Salute 2015 – see the following paragraph. But time is running short if the resultant box is to be bought and painted in time for those 200th games.

For those of the dear readers not so well read the “but one” plastic box is the “Light Cavalry 1450-1500”, due to launch at Salute 2015.

Perry Light Horse

Both images above “borrowed” from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.

Another Front Rank Russian Reinforcement Packs update

From the latest Front Rank Figurines news letter …

The Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs are nearly ready for release!

The new figures will be additions to our Russian 1812 range and will include more Line Infantry variants, plus infantry in 1809 style shakos, PLUS the long awaited Russian Guard!

Look out for our next newsletter!


And as per normal don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

A bit on the NZ bit of ANZAC

We are now well past the halfway point of January 2015. Yikes! von Peter himself remembers being told as a young boy by his maternal grandmother that the older you are the faster time passes. A very sage observation but she never warned the awkward youngster of the sheer brutal speed that time could attain!! So quickly on with this the second post of 2015 before the first half of 2015 passes!  😃

Thankfully Christmas 2014 keeps on giving. A box of newly minted Calpe French has been receipted into stock and a second of new French and Saxons is looked for in the coming weeks. Despite the best attempts of The family life is good!  😃

An ANZAC endeavour

Some of the dear readers may have heard of Sir Peter Jackson the movie guy. Said Sir Peter Jackson has quite an interest in militaria and has a business relationship with the Perrys going back several years. All of which helps to account for his and their involvement in a project to create a Gallipoli diorama constituted of 4000 x 54mm figures as created by those Perry twins.

Packing figures for NZ

The Perry twins and helper packing the first consignment of figures

Sir Peter will provide the figures and diorama but the whole show would look much better if the figures were painted. This is where the assistance of the humble Kiwi wargamer has been requested.

See Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi war gamers for more details of the project and the call to arms paint brushes. Also keep an eye on Roly’s Dressing the Lines blog for the announcement of the dedicated support site for the project. Even the Perrys have come clean on the project.

Prepare to man your guns brushes.

Turk and NZ 1st batch

Some of the Kiwi and Turkish models comprising the first consignment


Perry Miniatures Heroes of Waterloo vignette

Speaking of the Perrys …

A hard contest


A Perry Miniatures newsletter included the above image and proudly proclaimed that …

This is the first of series of vignettes depicting episodes during the Waterloo campaign for this anniversary year.

Sergeant Ewart and his associated French victims are a very nice set but perhaps of limited use on the gaming table. Then again the set is advertised as a vignette and a diorama so scratch that observation.

Any thoughts on what the other sets could be? Perhaps Wellington meeting with Blücher?

Front Rank Russian Reinforcement Pack update

Speaking of Perry Miniatures one of their competitors Front Rank Figurines has added a little more detail to their upcoming Russian Reinforcement Pack release(s) via there newsletter …

Alec is now working on Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs to add to our Russian 1812 range. These new figures will include more Line Infantry variants, plus infantry in 1809 style shakos, PLUS the long awaited Russian Guard!
They should be available late Feb/early March 2015 – look out for our newsletter!

von Peter himself will be watching for these with interest. At some stage he may very well be needing those two extra Russian grenadier battalions to complete his reserve brigade of Colonel Acht.


New AB Figures website

Speaking of miniatures manufacturing companies … well here’s some news on another one …

AB Figures graphic

AB Figures – makers of …

  • a large and expanding selection of 18mm Napoleonic
  • a select selection of 18mm Ancients
  • 15mm American Civil War
  • 20mm WWI – one pack of British Tank crew
  • 20mm WWII

figures has a new website.

The Napoleonics and WWII are best known to von Peter himself. Truly great figures that put some larger sized figure manufacturers in the shade.

AB Figs French dragoons

AB Figures French dragoons. Remember that these guys are 18mm in size. Nice painting Nigel Fun-nell. Wonderful composition and basing von Peter himself!!


A third Russian building

Another Russian Hovels building has dropped out of the bottom of the production line. A little larger than the proceeding two. Yes – von Peter himself is still on the job sloshing around paint, glue, flock etc.

Russian buildings 1 thru 3

Father Disputin – wild ancestor of a certain Rasputin – looks for the faithful with one eye while looking very closely for heathen invaders to bless with his pistol. The latest addition to the village is the middle building which is a little larger than the other two. The headman’s house until something better comes along.


Game at Greg’s

Not only is von Peter himself still painting but he has even indulged in a game. So … Roly’s wife was talking to Matt’s wife when it was discovered that their husbands were both children at heart and played with toy soldiers. Roly then met Matt and discovered that Matt basically lived across the road from wargaming Greg … and had done so for many years. So much for that friendly neighbourhood then!

Matt plays 40k and Fantasy and was interested in some historical wargaming. So a game of Napoleonic Black Powder was played at Greg’s in the throes of being renovated house. Greg & von Peter himself provided the leadership for some of Greg’s Russians vs. Roly with von Peter’s Bavarians and Matt with some of Roly’s French.

The game involved much looking up of the rules – it had been a while! – and the forces grinding each other to a standstill. von Peter himself had cunningly got a battalion on the Bavarians flank as a game winning masterstroke but the battalion repeatedly ignored the pleas of their commander to charge the open flanks presented to them. The only reason that they eventually got involved in the game at all was that a Bavarian battalion turned to face and charged them!!! Needless to say this would never have happened had von Peter himself taken along his own Russians. Much more reliable troops!!

von Peter himself snapped a few photos of the game in progress but they were all rubbish and not worthy of this here blog or the dear readers so no picture(s) . Sorry.

More of Matt’s hobby activities in a future post.


The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814

Speaking of the game at Greg’s there were no Italians on the table but that could soon change. What a perfectly desperate linking sentence!

The The History Book Man have released their latest e-book – The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814. From the announcement email …

THE ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF ITALY 1805-1814 The original paperback edition of this title was published in 1977 with a revised edition in 1982 and was reprinted 13 times finally going out of print in 1984. The new e-book edition has been completely rewritten with all new colour illustrations, many from contemporary or well known sources and finally uses the original colour illustrations never used in the original editions.

Now 389 pages with almost 800 colour illustrations

As he has ranted before regarding this series at £3.99 plus postage von Peter himself considers the value for money equation is hard to beat for this cd.

von Peter himself has a copy on order for the benefit of The son & heir who has a battalion that he wishes to paint up as Italians. Yes he has extracted yet more money from the old man’s coffers. Well done The son & heir!

The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814



This post started with a reference to New Zealand’s involvement in WWI so what better way to end it? And certainly this section should not be construed as a naked grab for the model railway market … though should they have the good sense to pay a visit or two who is von Peter himself to turn them away?!  😃

AB 608, Passchendaele

On a hot summers day shortly after Christmas The family piled into the car to visit some friends in the back roads of the Wairarapa – a province to the north of Wellington, New Zealand. On the return journey The family ended up driving alongside AB 608, the Passchendaele memorial locomotive as it pulled an excursion train around the countryside. Many were the cars that had stopped so that there occupants could cast admiring glances and take photographs of the locomotive from an era past. There seemed to be a level of general excitement and appreciation amongst the human onlookers … unlike the cattle in paddocks adjacent to the rail tracks who were high tailing it away from the snorting belching monster just as fast as they could. The problem with your modern day bovine is that it has no sense of history!!

AB 608, Passchendaele nameplate


That’s all for now dear readers. Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Oh no, not more figure comparisons! Perry visitation and a new blog

Cossack and Hussar outpost

The Perry twins are, or at least were, back in Wellington on one of their pilgrimages. But they do keep themselves busy with the local film in-crowd of Peter Jackson, Weta Workshop etc. They even managed a spot of acting during some Hobbit filming. Apparently they played a couple of humans … which just goes to show how far prosthetics have come if they can make the Perry twins look human! Ha ha ha. von Peter himself was overly proud of this rather clever quip. The twins smiled politely and drunk their beer!  8O)

Despite their busy schedule the twins found time for a couple of meetings with some of the gaming locals. von Peter himself and The son & heir went along on the Friday night of the 5th July. Much enjoyment and anecdotes were shared along with several beers in the noisy environment of the Mac’s Brewbar on the Wellington waterfront. Not a lot of the future for Perry Miniatures was gleaned despite several cunning and frankly underhand attempts to divine such! And what was divined would probably be a betrayal of trust for von Peter himself to splurge here. Sorry.

But von Peter himself did have the presence of mind to ask about the comparative figure sizes of their first and last Napoleonic sculpts for Wargames Foundry. And yes, as postulated in the prior An illustrated comparison of Napoleonic Russians – Front Rank vs. Foundry post, the figure size did increase from the start of their Napoleonic sculpting (Austrians, Bavarians and French) for Wargames Foundry to the end (Russians).

So a couple more illustrative pictures of Napoleonic figures from Wargames Foundry (early sculpt and late), Front Rank Figurines and Perry Miniatures. As usual a few disclaimers first.

  1. The figures are, with the exception of one undercoated by someone Austrian grenadier, as they come from the manufacturer. Usually von Peter himself would ink or wash the figures prior to photography to enhance the definition of the figures. But in this case von Peter himself was just too idle and the point is not the fineness of the sculpting but the size of the sculpting.
  2. The Wargames Foundry Russian samples are taken from the unused remnants of the RN43 Musketeer/Jager in Greatcoat Marching pack. It was with some surprise, some delight and because of the context some annoyance that von Peter himself discovered that one of the surviving / unused figures from that pack is shorter than the others! And shorty was used in both pictures below. Damnation. For the record the other unused figures from the pack are all of the taller stature.
  3. The Perry Miniatures Russians are represented by standing figures from their RN16 Two horse apothecary wagon with wounded and surgeons and orderlies (militia and non-combatants) pack. I have no ‘fighting’ Russian infantry from the Perrys so hopefully these are representative of the Perrys size wise.
  4. Likewise von Peter himself has limited figures to choose from as representatives of the early sculpted Napoleonics from Foundry. Most of what he does have are casualties which are lying or sitting down and so not that useful for our purposes. von Peter himself does also have a solitary early sculpt Frenchman … somewhere!!! But the little critter is eluding all attempts to discover his where-abouts. Undoubtedly he’ll turn up tomorrow. <Grrrrr>

With all that said typed … on with the show …

Perry, Front Rank and Foundry Napoleonic Russian foot figures

First up are Russian infantry from the three companies. Please pay close attention to the photograph above. From left to right are presented …

  1. Perry Miniatures from RN16 Two horse apothecary wagon with wounded and surgeons and orderlies (militia and non-combatants)
  2. Front Rank Figurines RN43 Musketeer/Jager in Greatcoat Marching
  3. Foundry Miniatures from pack RN1/4 Pavlov Grenadiers in Winter Dress Marching
  4. Foundry Miniatures from pack RN2/3 Infantry, Oilskin Covered 1812 Shako Marching. This figure is the aforementioned shorty from the pack
  5. (Both joined figures) Perry Miniatures from RN16 Two horse apothecary wagon with wounded and surgeons and orderlies (militia and non-combatants)
  6. Foundry Miniatures from pack RN1/4 Pavlov Grenadiers in Winter Dress Marching
  7. Perry Miniatures from RN16 Two horse apothecary wagon with wounded and surgeons and orderlies (militia and non-combatants)
  8. Foundry Miniatures from pack RN2/3 Infantry, Oilskin Covered 1812 Shako Marching
  9. Front Rank Figurines RN3 Musketeer/Jager Marching

The most surprising revelation is the difference between the Foundry generic Russian infantry and the Pavlov Grenadier figures. Perhaps it’s just that the Pavlovs only selected big strapping lads!

Early vs later Napoleonic sculpts by the Perry's for Foundry

Next up are early sculpted (Austrians) vs late sculpted (Russians) Perry handiwork for Foundry Miniatures.

  1. RN2/3 Infantry, Oilskin Covered 1812 Shako Marching. This is the shorter figure from the pack
  2. Austrian Grenadier from an unknown pack – von Peter suspects that he was from an Austrian captives pack
  3. RN1/4 Pavlov Grenadiers in Winter Dress Marching
  4. AN72 Austrian Hussars Mounting Up
  5. RN2/3 Infantry, Oilskin Covered 1812 Shako Marching
  6. AN72 Austrian Hussars Mounting Up
  7. AN72 Austrian Hussars Mounting Up
  8. RN2/3 Infantry, Oilskin Covered 1812 Shako Marching

The short figure Russian infantryman on the far left queers the pitch a little and that Pavlov is still a standout but one can make ones own decision on the differing sizes of the earlier and later sculpts.

And here endeth the ongoing saga of figure size differences. In truth it should have started and finished in the prior post. I blame it all on those Perry twins!!  8O)

Carl Pagano starts a blog

With Pyjamas through the Desert

von Peter himself received an email from an old acquaintance Carl Pagano. Now as a point of clarification it is not that Carl is overly old of himself. It’s just that Carlo and von Peter himself made their first acquaintance many years ago. Carlo had an envious reputation as a man with a seriously fine Napoleonic collection. And if von Peter himself remembers correctly a loving wife who would buy him wargames units as presents all of her own volition. Now where is that Fraulien von Peter herself  – I have here something that she needs to read … preferably while von Peter himself is out of harms way!!  8O)

Anyway Carl has started a blog http://withpyjamasthroughthedessert.blogspot.com.au/ which in his own words …

This particular blog will join a host of other wonderful sites which pay homage to the Gilder Games in the Sudan.  We have spent many years playing the rules and recently I have spent a good deal of time putting it all on paper, taking out some of the ambuguities, inserting explanations and examples so that the rules can finally be available in a wargamer friendly format that hopefully will get more people playing this wonderful period with 60 man battalions and hordes of Fuzzies coming over the hill intent on carnage!  Fantastic stuff.

So if you’re into the Sudan, Peter Gilder’s rules for the Sudan, some great pictures of games based in the Sudan or just an interesting read then von Peter himself suggests that you should make the electronic move over to With Pyjamas through the Desert with haste and promptly book mark the site!

Enough said.

The heading picture – Cossack and Hussar Outpost – was found in the dusty archives of von Peter himself. Now that cossack obviously has his horse well under control. Either that or he is a very rash or brave cossack indeed!

And don’t forget to click on the images for an enhanced view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

An illustrated comparison of Napoleonic Russians – Front Rank vs. Foundry

In the immediately prior post Somewhere in Saxony, 1813 – Russians under review von Peter himself puffed out his chest and proudly displayed his Napoleonic Russians for the world to see. The world was – of course! – not satisfied and the comment was received from Burkhard of dhcwargamesblog notoriety…

Do you have some close ups of the mixed Foundry / Front Rank standard bearer bases. I am already thinking about adding some Front Rank to the Foundry / Perry / Warlord lead and plastic pile!

Sure can. In fact in a fit of excessive – and highly unusual – generosity von Peter himself undertook to show several comparison photographs of Front Rank vs. Foundry Napoleonic Russian figures. You never know – they may be useful to someone.  8O)

Firstly a little bit of history – at least as von Peter himself sees it. A Perry twin or two sculpted the Foundry Napoleonic Russians. The Russians were the last range – or at least the last Napoleonic range – that was sculpted for Foundry by Perry hands. Somewhere during the time that the Perry(s?) were sculpting the Foundry Napoleonic ranges Foundry moved from producing 25mm figures to 28mm figures. As a result the earlier released Foundry Napoleonic Austrians, Bavarians & French are noticeably smaller than the later released Russians. As such the Foundry Napoleonic Russians are a fairly good match with the Front Rank Russians but this is not the case – at least in the opinion of von Peter himself – with the two companies Austrians, Bavarians and French.

And just to confuse the issue the proceeding applies to the Infantry figures only. The Foundry mounted figures are noticeably smaller than their Front Rank equivalents. It would be interesting to know if the Foundry Mounted Russians are the same size as their mounted Austrians, Bavarians and French.

Anyway on with whole point of this post – a few illustrative pictures of Foundry vs. Front  Rank Russian Napoleonic figures …

Grenadiers front

Grenadiers rearAbove are two photographs of two bases of Russian grenadiers. In both photos the base on the left contains Foundry figures and that on the right has Front Rank figures.

Standard bearers front

Standard bearers rearThe above two photos attempt to show a comparison between Foundry and Front Rank standard bearers. The problem is getting a good look at the standard bearers who are hiding under flags and behind their protective companions!

Foundry actually have quite a selection of standard bearers whereas the choice from Front Rank is much more limited. The catch is that you need to buy a complete command pack to get often only one standard bearer from Foundry. Front Rank standard bearers can be purchased singly … as can all their figures.

The Front Rank standard bearer is has the honour of holding the white flag. All the other figures are Foundry products.

Mounted front

Mounted rear

And the final two pictures are mainly to illustrate to the readership the size discrepancy between the Front Rank & Foundry mounted figures. This discrepancy holds true for the (mounted!) cavalry figures.

von Peter himself must admit to being a little surprised at the difference in size between the two companies infantry models as seen in these photographs. He has not noted such a difference on the table top.

This has been a public service announcement proudly brought to you by von Peter himself.

And finally apologies to Burkhard. von Peter himself is quite sure that Bukhard did not mean for a whole post to be given over to his simple petition. Consider it an early birthday AND Christmas present Burkhard.  8O)

Secondly apologies for the delayed response for which von Peter himself will happily share the blame with Mother Nature and a little bit of a storm she threw at the Wellington Region of New Zealand. Although Schloss von Peter and associated estate came through unscathed the surrounding area was a bit of a bomb site with many large trees either broken or uprooted … and many of them falling through the power lines. Damnation!  Schloss von Peter was without electricity from the night of Thursday the 20th June through to the late afternoon of the following Tuesday. Thankfully the wood fire was especially selected because it can be cooked upon and our water is gravity fed so no need for pumps that need electricity to work. Still being without power gets real tedious real quick.

And a third apology to all. Choosing to photograph the figures in front of the very light coloured church was a typically sub optimum von Peter himself command choice as it played havoc with the lighting and photography. At least that’s what von Peter himself thinks happened!!  8O))

Oh, and as ever click on any photograph to see an enlarged version.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

Somewhere in Saxony, 1813 – Russians under review

The Russian 24th Division 1813 & supporting cavalry to date. Click to see a larger image

Saxony 1813 – September/October’ish. Generallieutenant Baron Winzingerode’s Russian Corps of the allied Army of the North are to be reviewed. Much to their disgust the 24th Division of Generalmajor Vuich and the supporting cavalry brigade of Generalmajor Manteufel are ensnared in this order. Don’t the fools know that the French are like slippery frogs demons who will take advantage of any respite given to them?!

Except where noted all figures are from Front Rank Figurines and paint applied by the Greater Queeg. All flags sourced from GMB Designs. Figures selected by, choreographed and based by von Peter himself.

24th Division Command – Generalmajor Vuich

Generalmajor Vuich and staff - click for a larger image

Generalmajor Vuich doffs his bicorne to a senior officer who has arrived with news of the battle … err, parade. Vuich’s adjutant waits patiently and respectfully a little to the rear while an alert cossack keeps an eye out for any potential danger … and perhaps a stray rabbit which would make a fine addition to the evenings meal. Grenadier Simonovich is a little untidy amongst the dignitaries and will probably get a dressing down if Generallieutenant Baron Winzingerode should pass this way on his review!

Brigade of Colonel Zwarikin

Brigade of Colonel Zwarikin

Colonel Zwarikin commands one brigade of the 24th Division. Here he can be seen actually in the lead of his brave troops. The Colonel is well known for his disdain of danger on the parade ground and here he is also showing disdain for an incoming officer (an early Perry, ie. Wargames Foundry figure) who is left to make his point to the Colonel’s adjutant.

The two battalions on the left of the line – as the good reader looks at the screen – with the light grey flags are the first and third battalions of the Chirvan Infantry Regiment. As is the Russian way the first battalion has one white and one ‘coloured’ flag. The third battalion has two coloured flags. These are all Wargames Foundry figures … except for two of the four standard bearers who are Front Rank Figurines. The way that Foundry packaged the command blisters that von Peter himself desired resulted in a solitary standard bearer being obtained with each. von Peter himself was far too ‘careful’ of his military budget to purchase extra blisters just to get a single standard bearer out of each.

The two battalions with the light brown flags are the first and third battalions of the Oufa Infantry Regiment. For the curious the second battalion of a Russian 1813 Infantry Regiment was designated as the regiments depot battalion. Not that this saved many of them from eventually being sent to the front as the great grinding machine that was the later Napoleonic Wars demanded more and more fodder. For a closer picture of the third battalion and some more information on the Russian infantry take a peek at a prior post – More Russians trudge to the front.

Brigade of Colonel Maznew

Brigade of Colonel Maznew

Colonel Maznew’s brigade is constituted of one Jager Regiment and one Musketeer Infantry Regiment.

The Jagers provided the bulk of the light troops for the Russian divisions. The 24th Division contains two Jager Regiments in total with the 19th Jager under the command of Colonel Maznew. von Peter himself desired that his Russian jagers be oufitted in their green ‘winter’ trousers with the red stripe along the outside leg. Something a bit different from the musketeer battalions. Ideally there should be short gaiters but obviously the regimental tailors have been unable to provide these with all the campaigning that’s been going on.

The Bourtirki Infantry Regiment is represented by just its first battalion for now. The third battalion is to be added in the future. The prior post Standards … at last provides a closer picture of this battalion and some chat of Russian infantry flags.

Because the jagers are modelled as firing lines and the Bourtirki are in active charging poses with muskets stretched forward all of Colonel Maznew’s battalions are based on deeper than normal bases. von Peter himself simply cannot abide figures overhanging the edges of their bases as this would seem to be a recipe for bent and eventually broken muskets etc. Fortuitously this has meant that the two Russian brigades are on two different base depths which greatly aids in the identification of the two brigades when they are at war.

Brigade of Colonel Bulinski

There is a third as yet unmodelled brigade – that of Colonel Bulinski – that completes the infantry of the 24th Division. It comprises the 40th Jager Regiment and the Tomsk Infantry Regiment. At the snapshot in time that the order of battle of the 24th Division is being recreated only a single battalion of each of these units is present – either because they are off on separate –  garrison? – duties somewhere or the two battalions of the regiment have been combined into a single battalion. It is quite possible that von Peter himself will flesh these regiments out to the full two battalions each just because he can … and as a reflection of the 24th Divisions renown and to reflect von Peter’s prestige!  8O)

Light Battery #46

Light Battery 46

The 24th Division has integral artillery support in the form of Light Battery number 46. The Russians built their batteries on the larger side and Light Battery #46 came with the normal 12 ‘gun tubes’ – eight 6 pounder canon and four of the 12 pounder ‘unicorn’ which can be described as a cross between a canon and a howitzer.

Cavalry Brigade of Generalmajor Manteufel

Cavalry Brigade of Generalmajor Manteufel

Generalmajor Manteufel has been given the care of the St. Petersburg Dragoon Regiment and the Elizabethgrad Hussar Regiment.

The St. Petersburg Dragoon Regiment is famed for its martial exploits. To quote Alexander Mikaberidze from The Napoleon Series …

In 1808, it was awarded the 1807 St. George cuirassier model standards (one white and four greens) in recognition of the capture of three French “flags” during the 1805 and 1806/1807 Campaigns (etendard of the 11th Dragoon Regiment in 1805 and eagle of the 18th Line on 7 February and 44th Line on 8 February 1807). 

The Elizabethgrad Hussars have been modelled as two units to reflect the large size of the Russian Hussar regiments. It has also been modelled with the front rank armed with lances. The Russians trialled this with various degrees of success and longevity across their hussar regiments.

The cavalry regiments of this brigade are all sourced from Wargames Foundry unlike the command stand who hail from Front Rank.

Assorted Hangers on

Perhaps it would not be a true Russian force without a few extra persons of quality and distinction included in the roster.

Cossack command

The above stand will eventually command a brigade of cossacks. The commander with his mace is Front Rank’s General Platov figure and would normally wear blue. von Peter himself wanted something a little different so he instructed requested the Greater Queeg to give this particular figure a coat of green. Perhaps not very cossacky, but Russiany … and importantly – not very Platovy. An officer of the Cossacks of the Imperial Guard in his spiffy red is on hand to add some class to the proceedings and an overworked adjutant completes the group.

Father Disputin

Father Disputin – distinguished ancestor of the notorious yet to come Rasputin – looks after the spiritual health of the Russian troops … and any loot that may come his way … for the good of the church you understand!

And what of the future for von Peter’s Russians? Raw recruits have been found – ie. the metal has been obtained and quietly awaits its turn in storage – for the expansion of the 24th Division, several more command stands, a regiment of grenadiers, a brigade of kuirassieres and a bunch of cossacks. All will come to fruition in Gods time as Father Disputin would say.

The League of Augsburg

And finally von Peter himself likes to keep his vast horde of avid readers aware of some of the changes in the flora and fauna of the wargaming portion of the internet. No truly! So, dear reader, please be notified that there is a new blog out there under the title of The League of Augsburg. Not the first League of Augsburg on the ‘net – see the other League of Augsburg – but to be fair it has the same group of creative types behind it.

To provide an explanation of the blog who better to describe it than the site itself so with the assistance of a quick copy & paste …

The purpose of the League of Augsburg blog is to support the continued growth of Beneath the Lily Banners, the launch of Donnybrook, Warfare Miniatures, and the general promotion of the period of military history from 1660-1721 (give or take a couple of decades). There will be multiple authors and artists contributing to these pages and after we launch we will consider submissions from guests as well, creating an alliance worthy of the name The League of Augsburg. The plan is to present a wide variety of articles – history, wargaming, painting, terrain building, scenarios, and battle reports, as well as news for Warfare Miniatures, Wordtwister Publishing, and Quindia Studios. We also aim to provide unique content that you won’t find on our our other various websites (though expect some cross promotion from time to time as part of our news). Finally, the Fighting Talk Forum will still be central for debates on the period, but we hope you will all comment and participate here as well!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

More Russians trudge to the front

von Peter himself proudly presents yet another battalion from his Russian 24th Division circa 1813. This time it is the 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment – well that’s the spelling that von Peter himself is going with from the many versions available – and it heralds the completion of Colonel Zwarikin’s brigade with two battalions each of the Chirvan and Oufa Infantry Regiments.

For the curious von Peter’s version of the Oufa Infantry Regiment carry 1803 Line Infantry Pattern Standards of the Orenburg Inspection.

Front Rank Figurines painted by the Greater Queeg. The standards are by GMB Designs. Figure selection, basing and assorted errors by von Peter himself.

Sadly this is the second time that von Peter himself has completed this battalion. While sitting in the car with The son & heir awaiting the arrival of the good Fraulien von Peter herself the following conversation was had …

von Peter himself: “I finally finished the 3/Oufa battalion last night” <smug look on his face>

The son & heir: “Did you paint the finials on the standard poles?”

von Peter himself: “<Beep>  <Beep> <Beeeeeep>!”

So that night the 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment was completed again. Certainly not as tragic a story as it might have been!  8O))

Above is a picture of a new Russian casualty marker. Last night’s gruel was a bit much for poor Dimitri whose stomach is giving him quite a bit of grief today!

Because we know that Dimitri is from the 24th Division and because of his yellow shoulder straps – which you can’t quite see – and ignoring the standards we can tell that he is a proud member of the Oufa Infantry Regiment. And by his full yellow pompon we can tell that he is from the strelki (light/skirmisher) platoon of the grenadier company from the first battalion.

Just beside and to the rear of Dimitri is the third battalion of the Oufa Regiment – the strelki platoon at the left end of their line have yellow over light blue pompons and the musketeers have light blue with a white centre pompons. Further to the rear is Dimitri’s battalion – the first battalion of the Oufa Infantry Regiment although the strelki’s yellow pompons look a little more orangey due mostly to poor lighting!

Now all this talk of pompon colours – and be thankful that von Peter himself has not also ranted on about grenadier pompons or fatigue cap colourings – has been of the generally accepted version of reality but disturbingly there is word coming out of Russian that perhaps this regime was not adopted until 1817 by the Russian army. See Some notes on Napoleonic Russian uniforms from Burkhard’s dhcwargamesblog. Whatever, the Russians of von Peter himself are too far down the track to now consider changes. The 24th Division was obviously ahead of their time!  8O)

Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and much improved versions of the image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself