Snippets #7

A few disassociated bits and pieces …

The History Book Man offer up another e-book

“The Army of Portugal 1793-1814” is the latest e-book release from the The History Book Man.

This popular title was originally published in 1974 and has been out of print since 1982.  

This new revised and enlarged e-book edition now includes the Portuguese army from 1793-1807 and is illustrated with all new colour artwork and illustrations by well known authoritive and contemporary artists.

235 pages of historical background, organisational detail and the all important uniform information backed up with many colour illustrations. And all for a measly £3.99. What could possibly go wrong for Peninsular gamers? Yes von Peter himself is a History Bookman fan.


In a distant future

The official pigmenter of Napoleonic things Austrian and Bavarian for von Peter himself Nigel F. is nearing the end of his current Bavarian assignment. This will mean that Nigel will  soon add pigmenter of Napoleonic things Polish for von Peter himself to his acclamation. Truly a proud moment!  😃

Front Rank Figurines will provide the Poles as to the eyes of von Peter himself their figures fit in best with his stocks of mostly Front Rank (surprise!) and Calpe Miniatures. The Poles are a later creation in the Front Rank Catalogue so they come with some variants within the more common product codes and suffer less from the portly figure syndrome of their early ranges.

Normally the beginnings of a new nation would be marked with a stock standard bread and butter line infantry battalion. But a survey of the local forces of the petite Emperor reveals a distinct lack off cavalry so it is the 2nd Uhlan Regiment that will lead off for the Polish contingent.

Multi pose lance arms have been attached to uhlan bodies. Lances have been created from brass rod and attached in hands and where possible at least one other point on the uhlan for that extra strength. A Polish Eagle has even been presented.

Troops need a commander and so General de Brigade Krukowiecki – commander of the 18th Light Cavalry Brigade – his appropriated trumpeter and his trusty Aide de camp have also been prepared for pigmenting.

The lot of them minus the horses will soon be winging their way to Nigel.

Above: The Polish 2nd Uhlans preceded by their brigade command all in their silvery glory. The men ready themselves for transportation and subsequent pigmentation. The poor horses are to remain at Neu Schloss von Peter for their pigmentation.


Roly fighting in the library – sssh!

Fraulien von Peter herself happened to be reading the Saturday morning paper while supping her hello morning cup of tea when she spied a picture with Roly staring back at her from the pages of said Saturday morning paper. And there were pictures of toy soldiers and a spiel about how he would be running a demonstration Maori Wars wargame in the library based on an almost local skirmish grandly entitled the Battle of Boulcotts Farm from May 1846. The good Fraulien decreed that we should pay a visit to Roly and his game. And von Peter himself knowing what was good for him promptly agreed!  😊

von Peter himself would bang on with further details but fortunately there is no need as Roly has provided a perfectly good description of his day of high adventure in the library on his Dressing the Lines blog.  😇

Above: an overview of what is thought to be the second game of the day. The chaps in red seem to be getting the worst of it! Much more to be seen over on Roly’s blog.


1 to 1 modelling – Leipzig reenactment 2017

Some interesting pictures from the 2017 reenactment of the 1813 Leipzig battle can be found here. A plethora of photos and short videos. And fun aplenty playing spot – or guess! – the units represented by the reenactors.

Above: a nice photo of a reenactor’s Saxon Grenadier shako. Image “borrowed” from


Quickfire Lardy’s shenanigans

The TooFatLardies have released episode two off their TooFatLardies Oddcast.

The not very tightly held secret project of an impending fantasy skirmish game based on a TooFatLardies set of rules has been partially outed in the Meeples and Miniatures podcast episode 233 – Oppy Wood.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


Public service announcements

Polish lancers vs Russian artillery

It is with the greatest pride and sense of civic duty that von Peter himself provides this post for the readerships edification. You’re welcome and carry on.  8O)

The Great Wargaming Survey

Karwansaray Publishers – the good people who bring us the Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine as well as the Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare magazines – are after information on the current state of wargaming and wargamers. From their website …

We are very curious people (probably in more senses of the word, but that doesn’t matter now). Mostly, we are curious about this hobby and the people in it. There is always much debate about the health of the hobby, the age of the average wargamer, which scale or size of miniature is better and endless other questions. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, being a team of intrepid people, decided to solve at least some of these debates by way of the Great Wargaming Survey. And YOU are cordially invited to take part.

Joking aside, this won’t take long (5-10 minutes), it’s entirely anonymous, it’s nothing every attempted on this scale and best of all, you’ll have a chance at winning some great prizes. What’s not to like? Just click here and spend a few happy minutes contemplating your favorite pastime.

So if you feel so disposed as to feed your situation and viewpoint into the data collecting apparatus then click on one of the links above in the promotional splurge and go for your life. Alternatively you can take the slightly more scenic and one click longer root by clicking here.

von Peter himself has partaken of the survey thereby consigning 5 minutes of his ever decreasing life to the data collecting apparatus and perhaps some usefulness to the hobby. In the interest of full disclosure there was the occasional question that caused some mild irritation whereby none of the available answers truly stated the position of von Peter himself on the topic at hand. These things are sent to try us and one must face such moments with a degree of philosophical fortitude and make the best of the situation!  8O)

The electronic book arrives

Rawkins-The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814

In the immediately preceding post von Peter himself got all forgetful! von Peter himself had reason to reveal the publishers The History Book Man. So thrilled was von Peter himself to hear that the old W. J. Rawkins booklets were back in a revised and expanded form that he ordered The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814 for the princely sum of £3.99 plus postage to discover what was what. The statistics and results of said order …

  • order placed the evening (New Zealand) of 9th June 2014. Postage was charged at £3.68.
  • von Peter himself falls out of bed the next morning and an email is discovered explaining that the order has been shipped.
  • A scant few days later (Thursday 12 June? – it’s dreadful becoming aged!) a package arrives containing the dvd and a printed round sticker to attach to it. It’s been a while since von Peter himself has suffered such levels of service. The book is immedialtey loaded onto the computer for ease of future reference.
  • The electronic book is 132 pages long and is packed full of information on the Poles including organisational details; uniform descriptions including the inevitable changes over time and much kudos for putting some of the information in tables for ease of discovery; flag details; line drawings and colour illustrations. All that will be required to appropriately colour the figures for the Poles that von Peter himself plans to have – Dombrowski’s Independent 27th (Polish) Division from around the time of Leipzig … though the label “Division” is a little misleading – appears to be present.

von Peter himself would award high marks to this book just as a book but when the price is factored in it is a true marvel. Do yourself a big favour if you are looking for information on the painting of your Duchy of Warsaw troops and get your grasping hands on a copy of this electronic book. Truly you are risking very little and just as truly you are unlikely to be disappointed. When the Bavarian book becomes available an order will be placed for it …. and perhaps one or two others from the series.

Perry news

From the Perry Facebook page

We are aware that there are rumours flying around that we have left Games Workshop! Thought we should set the record straight and let you all know that…we have! After 36 years, man and boy, working on Warhammer, 40K and of course, for the last 15 years LotR and the Hobbit we are now able to focus our energy on our historical ranges.This means more time to dedicate to Perry Miniatures, and of course Mr Jackson who we continue to make 54mm WW1 figures for. We had an excellent evening on Friday at The Trip to Jerusalem with GW, and ex-GW, colleagues and friends who got us very, very drunk – cheers!

Now von Peter himself knows that this news has terrified some gamers out there. The output of Perry Miniatures was astounding when the famed twins were sculpting for themselves in their spare time outside of their day job with GW. The potential quantity of releases if they sculpt for themselves full time worries many who foresee their bank accounts being stripped, childen going unfed etc etc etc.

von Peter himself awaits developments with interest.

Meanwhile new packs keep appearing from Perry Miniatures such as the 4 new packs of French Pontooniers and gear.

Perry French Pontoons

Perhaps they could be used to create …

French bridging 1809?

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

More pyjamas, a new book and another terrain source

With pyjamas through a whiff on grapeshot

Carlo Pagano has gone absolutely stark raving mad. It must be all that sun and lack of drinking water up the Sudan with his With Pyjamas through the Desert blog. Whatever his reasons might be he has started a second blog With Pyjamas through a whiff of grapeshot! to flaunt his other gaming periods. We are told that …

my first love Napoleonics will certainly feature prominently however Ancients, Renaissance, Modern, fantasy will also appear on a regular basis.

The advice of von Peter himself is to keep an eye on Carlo’s latest foray as much in the way of ‘wargames porn’ is expected to be on view.

Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815

It had been far too long since von Peter himself had given up some of his hard earned cash in exchange for a book related to this wargaming hobby. That state of affairs has now been corrected.

Because it is the desire of von Peter himself to have too many armies of too many figures to ever be useful in a typical day’s gaming of the Napoleonic variety he has long had his eyes on the independent 27th (Polish) Division of General de Division Dombrowski/Dabrowski to bolster the forces of that Corsican chappie. Constituted of four battalions, two uhlan regiments and two batteries around the time of Leipzig 1813 it is purpose made as a small self contained force for the tabletop. To this end Polish troops have started to be squirreled away under the wargaming table as opportunities have presented themselves. At some stage they will make their way up the painting queue to get some colour added to them which is where the book Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815 comes in. Written by George Street and published by Partizan Press – the bookshelf of von Peter himself would be much less congested without Partizan Press’s efforts in a somewhat specialised military publishing field – this book provides organisational and uniform details on the myriad of Polish and Lithuanian legions and units that fought for Napoleon in the time period stated.

Besides the expected organisational and uniform details the 293 page book also musters chapters on Personalities, Polish generals, Orders of Battle, a Glossary of Polish Terms and a Guide to Polish Pronounciation. For those who crave illustrations there are line drawings, photographs of uniform items and plenty of colour illustrations by the likes of Richard Knötel, J. Chelminski, Bob Marion and many others.

A quick looksie later and von Peter himself has an initial impression of lots of detail that may take a bit of reading if all the details are to be extracted. Sometimes a table of uniform details by regiment is a thing of great utility and a few more of these would have been nice. But then again one does learn quite a bit reading the text. If only it would all find a place in the brain from whence it could be reliably retrieved!!  8O)

As a bonus von Peter himself discovered L’Epoque which he strongly suspects is George Street’s site. From here if one selects …

Click here to go to the area about Napoleonic Publications

and then …

Various Napoleonic Article Downloads

one can get at a little W.J.Rawkins seven page booklet on France – Line Dragoon Regiments Trumpeters & Musicians, 1806-14.

Adrians Walls

There’s another terrain maker out there. Adrian’s Walls …

We specialise in the finest quality impact resistant resin buildings, walls, ramparts, battlements and terrain tiles for the Miniature Warfare enthusiast and gamer.  Here at Adrian’s Walls we enable you to purchase all of our items in only one format – PAINTED TO SHOWCASE STANDARD.   We believe that you and your painted figures (and vehicles etc) deserve to be able to game “straight from the box” with exquisitely painted buildings and terrain.  That is why we are proud to claim that our products are … terrain worth fighting over…….

Currently the ranges include …

  • 28mm Dark Age
  • 28mm World War II
  • 28mm Urban/Future/Sci-Fi.

Hopefully some more Horse & Musketty type terrain will join the catalogue. See …

‘Adrian’s Walls’……coming to surround a town near you..?

‘Adrians Walls’ – Now available built and painted…!!!

for some earlier work from Adrian’s Walls that has not made it on to their current catalogue.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself