Still settling in … but …

… the wargaming world keeps turning.

25 April 2015 – ANZAC Day – 100 Years

ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day is New Zealand’s  – and Australia’s! – Remembrance Day. ANZAC Day 2015 was particularly poignant as it marked 100 years since the Gallipoli landings. Gallipoli was not the site of New Zealand’s greatest loss in WWI and certainly was not a campaign that reaped overall military success but it is revered locally as the battle where New Zealand came of age and achieved a sense of its own identity.

Lest we forget

So called Dawn Parades are all the rage … except with The family! An ANZAC Day Commemorative Service in Paekakariki at 8:15 by the Paekakariki War Memorial Hall was more The family’s style it was felt. A warm sunny windless event was enjoyed by all of The Family. The similarity between the venue and ANZAC Cove in Turkey was noted – a gently lapping sea onto the beach with the hills steeply rising in the background not that far away.

Afterwards Fraulien von Peter herself and her subordinate von Peter himself took themselves off to the local delicatessen for a coffee and a bite to eat. The aforementioned deli is situated adjacent to the railway line and just down the line from where the Passchendaele memorial locomotive was building up steam and then departing on her ANZAC Day run. Quite exhilarating to see her moving off and choo choo’ing her way past us in close proximity. But we were seated outside and the resultant billowing steam and smoke quickly made us appreciative of the fact that the local commuter trains are electrified!  😃

And Paekakariki’s contribution to the Great War – according to one speaker at the service Paekakariki was inhabited by 300 souls during WWI. Forty of these went off to fight and of these eleven never returned.

The Family at ANZAC Cove 19 Sept 2009

Above: The family on the Turkey portion of their world tour in 2009. The son and heir in the photo now physically looks down on his betters. We really should have restricted his nutritional intake at an earlier age!


A  box from Calpe Towers

A great house warming gift appeared not long after the shift to Neu Schloss von Peter. The arrival of a box emblazoned with a Calpe Miniatures sticker is always a most welcome event. Contained within were an example of each of the new packs from the latest release …

  • F21, French mounted light infantry officers (four distinct officers with four distinct horses)
  • F46, French battalion command in uncovered shakos (Battalion command in uncovered shakos. Officer, drummer, standard, 2 Fourier fanion guards, one senior NCO. Spear point included but not the flag or the flag staff)
  • F47, French battalion command in covered shakos (Battalion command in covered shakos. Officer, drummer, standard, 2 Fourier fanion guards, one senior NCO. Spear point included but not the flag or the flag staff)

The two battalion command packs do indeed contain separate ‘spear points’. The standard bearer in each pack carry a shouldered musket as well as the standard. Lucky devils! When I mentioned this to Mr Calpe Miniatures the response received was …

“Yes, the fanion bearers were common NCO’s and all the Rigo plates show them carrying their muskets.”

  • S6, Four Saxon musketeers with uncovered shakos in advancing poses (Four Saxon musketeers with uncovered shakos in advancing poses. Two are ‘head turns,’ two have blanket rolls)
  • S7, Six advancing musketeers, muskets held at high porte. Covered shakos (Six advancing musketeers, muskets held at high porte. Covered shakos).

Worthy additions to the Calpe catalogue … but I am a self confessed Calpe zealot.  😃


Image from the Calpe Miniatures website


More Front Rank Reinforcement Packs

The goodness from Front Rank Figurines that is their Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs keeps rolling. The latest releases bring infantry in the 1809 shako to those gamers that need them ….

  • RNRPK5 Russian Infantry in 1809 shako, marching
  • RNRPK6 Russian Infantry Command in 1809 shako, advancing


  • RNRPK7 Russian Grenadiers / Carabiniers in 1809 shako with busch plume, marching (above)


  • RNRPK8 Russian Grenadier / Carabinier Command in 1809 shako with busch plume, advancing (above).

And there’s more to come in the form of Russian Reinforcement packs …

Lots more Russians, including the long awaited Russian Guard, PLUS Pavlov Grenadiers and Infantry and Command in greatcoats ~lookout for more releases over the next couple of months!

Pictures care of the Front Rank website.

Warlord Games hard plastic Chasseurs a Cheval?

von Peter himself listens to several Podcasts most of which are hobby related though not all are directly related to what von Peter himself practises in the hobby. One such example was listened to the other day and it featured John Stallard – owner of Warlord Games – and Rick Priestly as guests. Normally this would not be worthy of bringing to the attention of The dear readers but in this case there was a little snippet or two of information that may be of interest. When invited to announce any news John Satllard mentioned two up coming hard plastic Napoleonic releases …

  1. Portugese Infantry.
  2. A box set of Napoleonic cavalry which is secret for now but planned to be unveiled for Salute.

The first is of no great interest to von Peter himself as his Napoleonic roots are firmly planted in Central Europe circa 1813. And to be honest the second is not of much interest either since Warlord are unlikely to supply many figures to von Peter’s Napoleonic forces … but there is the intrigue of what that mystery cavalry might be.

A little digging uncovered the following photograph in a post on The Miniatures Page – don’t forget to click on the photo for a larger and clearer view.

warlord cavalry The big grey figures at the back right are labelled …

“Napoleonic Portugese Line Infantry – Plastic 3 ups”.

This fits the look of the figures as well as Napoleonic news item 1. above from John Stallard.

The cavalry in the front left of the photograph look like Napoleonic French Chasseur a Cheval figures and the sprues front right seem to match the same cavalry. And by way of confirmation the label says …

“Napoleonic Chasseur a Cheval – Plastic set”.

So is this photograph old news; has von Peter himself shown himself up as a shonky detective; does anybody care?!  😃

As is the way of these things time will tell. And Salute 2015 can’t be that far away for the big reveal. If it is hard plastic French Chasseurs a Cheval then this should make many people happy as these were a very common cavalry type for the French and certainly would have been doing much of the dog’s work as the cavalry attached to the infantry corps. These will presumably provide a cheaper way to collect these utilitarian cavalrymen for those so inclined.

And a thank you to whoever took and posted the photograph.


It appears that von Peter himself has not been keeping up with world events. It transpires that Salute 2015 was held on 25 April 2015. Yep, ANZAC Day! It also transpires that when one slowly builds the contents of a post on their blog over a few days/weeks events in the world can overtake one. This is a case in point. Apparently the secret plastic cavalry are 1812 Chasseurs a Cheval. So much for all that intelligence work. Some would say that von Peter himself is not cut out for it anyway. Cruel words them!!  😃

Anyways, von Peter himself can now looks forward to the post Salute 2015 outpourings.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Ready, steady … go!

The Gallipoli diorama project has had its official starting gun fired (see what von Peter himself did there with the firing gun thing?) with the launch of the supporting website/blog/forum – Mustering the Troops. Head on over there to register as a painter, see the painting instructions, read about the project & the FAQ, and visit the associated forum.

Mustering the troops


Another Vignette and more

The Twins of Perry Miniatures fame have unveiled the greens of another vignette for Waterloo – Secure the Colour! …


… and some other figures following the Waterloo theme but they will obviously work fine elsewhere as well …

Ponsonby and co

… and they have not forgotten their Retreat from Moscow range …

FN 193

FN 193 Camp followers and cuirassier (Retreat from Moscow)

FN 194

FN 194 Scavengers (Retreat from Moscow)

Waterloo waffle

While on the topic of Waterloo – and this is probably a storm in a teacup – but what is one to make of the article French rewrite Battle of Waterloo to cast Napoleon as the victor?

As far as von Peter himself is aware the result on the day was Allies United 1 – Napoleon’s French 0 in what was in the end a rather convincing victory despite some concerning moments part way through the match.

While on Waterloo …

Edinburgh Eagle

Eagle, flag and cravat brought back by Sgt Ewart as a momento of his trip to Europe in 1815.

The Son & heir and von Peter himself were fortunate enough to visit Edinburgh Castle in May 2009 and were able to view the eagle, tricolour and scarf / tassel /cravat that were “obtained” from the French 45th Infantry Regiment by Sgt Ewart of the Scots Greys. The poorly photographed image above shows the trophies. Sadly time has had its way with any colouring on the material but the eagle is as proud as ever … if a little put out with its current housing location!

Below is a slightly better photograph of the Eagle itself.

Edinburgh Eagle closeup

Modelling books

There is a gamer and modeller named Tony Harwood – aka Dampf, Dampfpanzerwagon – who has a couple of interesting blogs …

It is Dampf’s terrain modelling skills that von Peter himself wishes to focus on at this juncture. Dampf seems to have a considerable amount of skill creating wargames terrain as is illustrated by some the masters he has created for GrandManner like the Prussian Church …

Prussian church

Image ‘borrowed’ from

One strongly suspects that GrandManner don’t use just anyone for their masters!

Apparently being of a rather magnanimous bent Dampf has recorded some of his tricks of the trade in two books ..

  1. Building Wargame Terrain and
  2. More Wargame Terrain.

There are reviews linked in the above … ah … links! … and apparently Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine have awarded the books a Battlegames Award For Excellence.

One day von Peter himself may attempt to build some terrain for himself in which case these books may be invaluable. Fortunately the “may be” bit will become a bit clearer as Rhys has the books on order and it is to be hoped that soon he will be able to pass on his thoughts on their contents. Excellent.

Locally work progresses in a dignified and deliberate manner on more Russian buildings. Coincidentally some Napoleonic Russian command types have arrived and reported in for duty. Once these are based they shall be flaunted here for the dear reader’s delectification. 😃

And as per normal don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Public service announcements

Polish lancers vs Russian artillery

It is with the greatest pride and sense of civic duty that von Peter himself provides this post for the readerships edification. You’re welcome and carry on.  8O)

The Great Wargaming Survey

Karwansaray Publishers – the good people who bring us the Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine as well as the Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare magazines – are after information on the current state of wargaming and wargamers. From their website …

We are very curious people (probably in more senses of the word, but that doesn’t matter now). Mostly, we are curious about this hobby and the people in it. There is always much debate about the health of the hobby, the age of the average wargamer, which scale or size of miniature is better and endless other questions. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, being a team of intrepid people, decided to solve at least some of these debates by way of the Great Wargaming Survey. And YOU are cordially invited to take part.

Joking aside, this won’t take long (5-10 minutes), it’s entirely anonymous, it’s nothing every attempted on this scale and best of all, you’ll have a chance at winning some great prizes. What’s not to like? Just click here and spend a few happy minutes contemplating your favorite pastime.

So if you feel so disposed as to feed your situation and viewpoint into the data collecting apparatus then click on one of the links above in the promotional splurge and go for your life. Alternatively you can take the slightly more scenic and one click longer root by clicking here.

von Peter himself has partaken of the survey thereby consigning 5 minutes of his ever decreasing life to the data collecting apparatus and perhaps some usefulness to the hobby. In the interest of full disclosure there was the occasional question that caused some mild irritation whereby none of the available answers truly stated the position of von Peter himself on the topic at hand. These things are sent to try us and one must face such moments with a degree of philosophical fortitude and make the best of the situation!  8O)

The electronic book arrives

Rawkins-The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814

In the immediately preceding post von Peter himself got all forgetful! von Peter himself had reason to reveal the publishers The History Book Man. So thrilled was von Peter himself to hear that the old W. J. Rawkins booklets were back in a revised and expanded form that he ordered The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814 for the princely sum of £3.99 plus postage to discover what was what. The statistics and results of said order …

  • order placed the evening (New Zealand) of 9th June 2014. Postage was charged at £3.68.
  • von Peter himself falls out of bed the next morning and an email is discovered explaining that the order has been shipped.
  • A scant few days later (Thursday 12 June? – it’s dreadful becoming aged!) a package arrives containing the dvd and a printed round sticker to attach to it. It’s been a while since von Peter himself has suffered such levels of service. The book is immedialtey loaded onto the computer for ease of future reference.
  • The electronic book is 132 pages long and is packed full of information on the Poles including organisational details; uniform descriptions including the inevitable changes over time and much kudos for putting some of the information in tables for ease of discovery; flag details; line drawings and colour illustrations. All that will be required to appropriately colour the figures for the Poles that von Peter himself plans to have – Dombrowski’s Independent 27th (Polish) Division from around the time of Leipzig … though the label “Division” is a little misleading – appears to be present.

von Peter himself would award high marks to this book just as a book but when the price is factored in it is a true marvel. Do yourself a big favour if you are looking for information on the painting of your Duchy of Warsaw troops and get your grasping hands on a copy of this electronic book. Truly you are risking very little and just as truly you are unlikely to be disappointed. When the Bavarian book becomes available an order will be placed for it …. and perhaps one or two others from the series.

Perry news

From the Perry Facebook page

We are aware that there are rumours flying around that we have left Games Workshop! Thought we should set the record straight and let you all know that…we have! After 36 years, man and boy, working on Warhammer, 40K and of course, for the last 15 years LotR and the Hobbit we are now able to focus our energy on our historical ranges.This means more time to dedicate to Perry Miniatures, and of course Mr Jackson who we continue to make 54mm WW1 figures for. We had an excellent evening on Friday at The Trip to Jerusalem with GW, and ex-GW, colleagues and friends who got us very, very drunk – cheers!

Now von Peter himself knows that this news has terrified some gamers out there. The output of Perry Miniatures was astounding when the famed twins were sculpting for themselves in their spare time outside of their day job with GW. The potential quantity of releases if they sculpt for themselves full time worries many who foresee their bank accounts being stripped, childen going unfed etc etc etc.

von Peter himself awaits developments with interest.

Meanwhile new packs keep appearing from Perry Miniatures such as the 4 new packs of French Pontooniers and gear.

Perry French Pontoons

Perhaps they could be used to create …

French bridging 1809?

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

von Peter himself is now on leave – so why is he producing this?!

Simons Medieval handgunners 2

It’s nearly that Christmas Day time of the year. And here is von Peter himself is slaving away on this the first day of his Christmas & New Years holiday leave to bring you this update. I trust that you’re all excessively grateful!

The son & heir persists with his wretched rabbly rebels

The son & heirs 53rd Virginia

Despite being trapped in ongoing intensive holidays and suffering from long sleep ins and other trials and tribulations of the idle The son & heir has spawned another unit of dirty reb’s. This time it’s the 53rd Virginia that have answered the call to the front … or more correctly this front as they look like they’ve been in the field for a while already. Points of interest include the officer who grips his rifle – by repute he’s quite the shot – and his slave who acts as the regiment’s drummer.

The son & heir’s southern horde now consists of 4 regiments, a battery and a couple of command stands. A fifth regiment is well on the way. Mr Lincoln is not amused!

Figures from the Perry’s ACW 80 American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 and the flag is from GMB Designs.

The son & heir also shows favour to his Medievals

Simons Medieval handgunners

As per their chronological order in history these skirmishing Medieval handgunners preceded the American Civil War regiment above off The son & heir’s painting desk. (Actually it’s the painting desk of von Peter himself that the Son and heir has appropriated but that’s another story.) This is just another example of how seriously the historical side of the hobby is taken at Schloss von Peter.

The son & heir was keen to paint these in a red and green livery and then repeatedly referred to them as Santa’s little helpers due to that colouration. So much for taking history seriously at Schloss von Peter then. That didn’t last long! <Sigh>

The handgunners are shown during their ill fated defence of a watch tower. Their brave red headed leader Sir Simon is being helped away having just sprained his ankle after slipping on some bird droppings. Poor Toby lies at the bottom of the tower having reached too far over the edge to shoo away a raven at the instruction of Sir Simon … that then circled the tower dropping it’s load which was to prove the downfall of the bird hating Sir Simon. Karma moved fast during the later Middle Ages.

Handgunners from the Perry’s WR20 Plastic ‘Mercenaries’, European Infantry 1450-1500 box. The casualty figures are also care of the Perry’s but are metal and are from their War of the Roses range – WR32 Dead and wounded.

Christmas comes early for those deserving – Saxon artillery pieces imported into New Zealand

Now that we have the preliminaries care of The son & heir out of the way we can get on with more pleasing topics …

A while back Calpe Miniatures released their Saxon artillery guns – a range of five pieces. As a Christmas taster von Peter himself has now accepted into stock the guns for two foot artillery batteries – one 6 pounder and one 12 pounder – at the scale of 1 model per 2 actual guns. Not only does this satiate von Peter’s need to acquire gaming paraphernalia but it also spreads the cost of purchasing the batteries. What a bargain!!

Saxon 6 pdr battery raw material

The ordnance for a Saxon 6 pounder foot battery – 3 * SA1 Saxon 6 pdr and a Saxon 8 pdr howitzer

Saxon 12 pdr battery raw material

The heavy metal for a Saxon 12 pounder battery. 3 * SA3 Saxon 12 pdr and a SA2 Saxon 8 pdr howitzer

It is the understanding of von Peter himself that the crews for the pieces are in the process of being created amongst the other goodies on the sculpting table. It is also the understanding of von Peter himself that limbers, caissons and suchlike artillery gear will also be putting in an appearance.

von Peter himself may yet pour the contents of some of the packs out of their zip-lock bags, give them a little inking and then post some pictures of them here in the future.


The Saxon 6 pounder as “borrowed” from the Calpe website. von Peter himself can but hope that his will look so fine

More Calpe releases

Calpe Miniatures have released their … errr … ummm … latest releases!

French artillery pieces …

  • FA1 – 6 pdr. M1808
  • FA2 – M1808 7 pdr. Howitzer
  • FA3 – 12 pdr. M1808
  • FA4 – 12pdr. Gribeauval barrel on M1808 carriage
  • FA5 – 10pdr. heavy howitzer (for use with 12pdr. batteries) on M1808 carriage

Saxon infantry …

  • S1 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With covered shakos
  • S2 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With hairy shako covers
  • S3 – Saxon musketeers in advancing poses with levelled muskets (parallel to the ground). With uncovered shakos

Some of these will undoubtedly be recruited by von Peter himself and will eventually be flaunted here.

Oh yes, and others are on their way. Hurrah!

Old Glory Russian church – the final story

Just to update the story of the 1st Corps Eastern European Church, aka the Russian Church.

  • It comes with two domes – in the original preview pictures there was one dome and a spot that looked suspiciously like something would be there
  • The final price is  £70.00. The original estimate was  £70.00 so the price has come down a little.

Now all one has to do is to squint a little and pretend that the WWII Russian infantryman in the picture is really a Napoleonic Russian jager.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. von Peter himself fully expects to see everyone safe and sound post the celebrities. Take care of yourselves and your fellow comrades in ams.

As usual <click> on the images for a larger and clearer image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

More pyjamas, a new book and another terrain source

With pyjamas through a whiff on grapeshot

Carlo Pagano has gone absolutely stark raving mad. It must be all that sun and lack of drinking water up the Sudan with his With Pyjamas through the Desert blog. Whatever his reasons might be he has started a second blog With Pyjamas through a whiff of grapeshot! to flaunt his other gaming periods. We are told that …

my first love Napoleonics will certainly feature prominently however Ancients, Renaissance, Modern, fantasy will also appear on a regular basis.

The advice of von Peter himself is to keep an eye on Carlo’s latest foray as much in the way of ‘wargames porn’ is expected to be on view.

Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815

It had been far too long since von Peter himself had given up some of his hard earned cash in exchange for a book related to this wargaming hobby. That state of affairs has now been corrected.

Because it is the desire of von Peter himself to have too many armies of too many figures to ever be useful in a typical day’s gaming of the Napoleonic variety he has long had his eyes on the independent 27th (Polish) Division of General de Division Dombrowski/Dabrowski to bolster the forces of that Corsican chappie. Constituted of four battalions, two uhlan regiments and two batteries around the time of Leipzig 1813 it is purpose made as a small self contained force for the tabletop. To this end Polish troops have started to be squirreled away under the wargaming table as opportunities have presented themselves. At some stage they will make their way up the painting queue to get some colour added to them which is where the book Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815 comes in. Written by George Street and published by Partizan Press – the bookshelf of von Peter himself would be much less congested without Partizan Press’s efforts in a somewhat specialised military publishing field – this book provides organisational and uniform details on the myriad of Polish and Lithuanian legions and units that fought for Napoleon in the time period stated.

Besides the expected organisational and uniform details the 293 page book also musters chapters on Personalities, Polish generals, Orders of Battle, a Glossary of Polish Terms and a Guide to Polish Pronounciation. For those who crave illustrations there are line drawings, photographs of uniform items and plenty of colour illustrations by the likes of Richard Knötel, J. Chelminski, Bob Marion and many others.

A quick looksie later and von Peter himself has an initial impression of lots of detail that may take a bit of reading if all the details are to be extracted. Sometimes a table of uniform details by regiment is a thing of great utility and a few more of these would have been nice. But then again one does learn quite a bit reading the text. If only it would all find a place in the brain from whence it could be reliably retrieved!!  8O)

As a bonus von Peter himself discovered L’Epoque which he strongly suspects is George Street’s site. From here if one selects …

Click here to go to the area about Napoleonic Publications

and then …

Various Napoleonic Article Downloads

one can get at a little W.J.Rawkins seven page booklet on France – Line Dragoon Regiments Trumpeters & Musicians, 1806-14.

Adrians Walls

There’s another terrain maker out there. Adrian’s Walls …

We specialise in the finest quality impact resistant resin buildings, walls, ramparts, battlements and terrain tiles for the Miniature Warfare enthusiast and gamer.  Here at Adrian’s Walls we enable you to purchase all of our items in only one format – PAINTED TO SHOWCASE STANDARD.   We believe that you and your painted figures (and vehicles etc) deserve to be able to game “straight from the box” with exquisitely painted buildings and terrain.  That is why we are proud to claim that our products are … terrain worth fighting over…….

Currently the ranges include …

  • 28mm Dark Age
  • 28mm World War II
  • 28mm Urban/Future/Sci-Fi.

Hopefully some more Horse & Musketty type terrain will join the catalogue. See …

‘Adrian’s Walls’……coming to surround a town near you..?

‘Adrians Walls’ – Now available built and painted…!!!

for some earlier work from Adrian’s Walls that has not made it on to their current catalogue.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Sad news and visual feasting

4/132 Ligne – 5 companies

A third fusilier company – coincidently the 3rd fusilier company – has reached the 4th battalion of the French 132 Ligne.

The battalion’s mounted officer has decided that he would place himself in the 3rd fusilier company. This is a dashed shame as von Peter himself quite likes the aurore (orange) discs on their shakos that distinguish the 3rd fusilier company. And thanks to that mounted officer there are only two of them. <mutter mutter>

The battalion has also gained a drummer to help them march in step and to stir them along  should they ever find themselves on the attack. For now the drum is being ‘lumped’ along on the drummer’s back so the battalion must make do without the benefit of the drum’s accompaniment.

The battalion just needs the addition of the 2nd fusilier company to be complete but this will need to wait. The 2nd fusilier company will be hosting the battalion’s fanion and the only eagle/fanion bearers available at the time of typing are those that come in the Route March command packs. These all have furled and canvas covered standards cast on the figures and von Peter himself would prefer to use the GMB Designs standards and fanions that he has procured. It is the understanding of von Peter himself that the eagle & fanion bearers that will come in the March-Attack command packs will have the desired ability to host the GMB Designs wee treasures and so the intention is to use these. Considering the number of March-Attack rank and file available von Peter himself is hoping that the March-Attack command packs are not too far away.

So for now von Peter himself will direct his paint brushes at some other target.

The figures are of course from Calpe Miniatures. Don’t forget to click on the picture for a larger and clearer view.

Fare thee well Donald Featherstone

Old news now but still worthy of acknowledgment. That inspirational companion of my youth Donald Featherston died 3 September 2013. Donald may not have been aware of the existence of a youthful von Peter himself on the other side of the world but that youth was well acquainted with most of his books and where they were to be found in the local library.

Being an idle sort of person but also echoing his sentiments von Peter himself does not hesitate to recommend reading Carlo Pagano’s Rainy afternoons at the Midland Library with Donald Featherstone post on his With Pyjamas through the Desert blog. Carlo’s thoughts and experiences mirror those of von Peter himself … apart from the obvious disadvantage Carlo suffered from being domiciled in Australia rather than New Zealand!   8O)

Bruce Weigle’s amazing terrain and games

Not a lot to say on this one as the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words proves very apt. Take a look at Bruce’s Nice Terrain Tables. Cinematic is probably the right word. What strikes von Peter himself is the eye fooling mixing of scales. Very clever and very effective.

Bruce Weigle's Approaching MagentaVV - The converging French attack on Austrian-held Magenta, June 1859 (Second Italian War of Independence)

One of Bruce Weigle’s amazing games. Picture shamelessly lifted from


von Peter himself has discovered a new Podcast to help while away his time. Revolutions is brought to the world by Mike Duncan who was behind The History of Rome podcast.

With Revolutions Mike intends to look at several revolutions (surprise!!) with several episodes per revolution. The first revolution is the tussle between Charles Stuart and his English Parliament. So far, so good.

von Peter himself gets his fix via iTunes but you can also get it on the web at …


Oh the shame

To von Peter himself it is quite counter intuitive but over the winter months his rate of gaming always slows down. One would think that with the inclement weather indoor activities would be favoured but this does not appear to be the case at Schloss von Peter. Perhaps it would be better if the rate of gaming had fallen a little more …

After their first Impetus game The son & heir and von Peter himself reviewed the rules and discovered that The son & heir  8O)  had made several errors in translating the rules from rule book to table top. So another battle needed to be had.

This time The son & heir lead a band of late medieval / early renaissance unsophisticated western bully boys bristling with knights and pikes supported by some arquebus and crossbows. von Peter himself mustered his Sassanids with lots of cavalry – both heavy and light – and lots of archery. Perhaps in error the elephants stayed in their enclosures, i.e. in a cardboard box! Admittedly there are multiple centuries between these two armies but the Sassanids were perhaps not that different from a contemporary eastern foe for the western thugs.

The son & heir set up the terrain as per the rules and showed his feral cunning by clogging up the table with an impassable river and various areas of forests and broken ground. What better way to negate all that eastern cavalry, especially all those light horse achers? Feral cunning indeed!

von Peter himself grows weary and so he will not go into the details of the battle <cough cough>. Suffice it to say that the Westerners had their way with the Easterners. Darn but those knights are hard. And both commanders are now well aware of the risks of having their supports too close to their front line troops … especially those from the East. Oh, and von Peter himself will be setting the terrain for the next game!

On the plus side von Peter himself can claim to have taught The son & heir everything he knows. Well the good things that he knows that is!!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Some French at last … or nearly!

4:132 Ligne - 4 companies

Most blogs and websites that you dear reader visit will reveal a new unit in its entirety as a proud unveiling by its creators. Not one to be constrained by such conventions von Peter himself is shunning normality to present four companies of what will probably end up as the 4/132 Ligne of the French Army from that fateful year 1813.

The battalion as it stands has been painted in company sized lots around other painting projects as the inability of von Peter himself to restrict himself to one project continues. It’s probably just some form of painting focus deficit disorder and nothing major to overly worry about!

Present in the ranks are the two flank companies – the grenadiers with their red distinctions and the voltigeurs sporting their fancy yellow and green distinctions – and two of the four fusilier companies – the first with their green discs atop their shakos and the fourth sporting violet discs. Still marching to the front are the second company with light blue discs and the third with aurore (orange) discs.

A little inside gossip. The fourth company actually started life as the second fusilier company. They were based as you see them here but were all transferred care of a quick repaint of the company disc once it was discovered that the standard bearer of the battalion would be positioned in the second company. And the company was rather obviously devoid of a standard bearer.

If this battalion is to be the fourth – or any apart from the first – of the regiment then the centre of the discs should most probably be white. This is under consideration and it just may be that the 132 Ligne will not follow the letter of the regulations. Regulations were hardly sacrosanct in the French army after all.

For the historically minded the 132 Ligne were part of the 1st Brigade of General de Brigade Devaux … which was in turn part of the 32nd Division commanded by General de Division Durutte … which was subordinate to the VII Corps of General de Division Reynier. The VII Corps also contained the Saxons which von Peter himself has started collecting in his painfully slow methodical way which explains the selection of these French formations by von Peter himself.

The figures are sourced from various packs of the Calpe Miniatures Route March French and were a joy to paint and are a joy to own. So says the self confessed Calpe zealot.

4:132 Ligne - 4 companies back

More fusilier companies to come … at some stage. And maybe even a French regimental command stand.

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Until we meet again …

von Peter himself