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The ongoing paint brush preservation campaign continues unabated with huge success, i.e. not much painting activity going on at Schloss von Peter. The brushes aren’t totally dormant but they are dissapointingly idle. There – the truth is out. It’s all those idle paint brushes fault! Naughty nasty idle brushes!!

On the plus side the presses of this here blog have been running overtime with the number of posts / updates released in the last weeks at a historic high. At least von Peter himself thinks this is on the plus side!  8O)  So here we go again …

A new book

Michael V. Leggiere has rapidly climbed into von Peter’s list of authors most meritorious. Michael will be glad!  8O)  Two of his books are already to be found in the the official military library collection at Schloss von Peter. And now there is a third.

This latest acquisition to von Peter’s library is Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon by Michael v. Leggiere. Few of The dear readers will be surprised to hear that the book focusses on the career of Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher of the Prussian Army.

Assigned the acclamation “Marschall Vorwärts” (“Marshal Forwards”) by his troops Blücher is famous for his part in the Allies liberating Germany in 1813 and removing Napoleon as Emperor of the French in 1814 … and again in 1815. Where would the Allies – and indeed Napoleon – have been without Blücher’s drive and determination?

Some of the myths around Blücher are apparently debunked in this book, e.g. he was not the auto attack leader of repute having retreated more times than he attacked; and he was not the military dullard reliant on his famous Chiefs of Staff Gerhard von Scharnhorst and August von Gneisenau with both of whom he built a formidable partnership.

von Peter himself has reached page 30 of the book and we are still looking at Blücher’s pre French Revolutionary Wars experience. Very easy and interesting reading to date. It’s looking like this purchase will be getting a big tick in the successful purchase column.

Blucher Scourge of Napoleon

As an aside … while snooping around the web von Peter himself stumbled upon Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Vol. I: The War of Liberation, Spring 1813 also by Michael V. Leggiere and due to be published in February 2015.

This is to be followed at some stage by Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Vol. II: The Defeat of Napoleon. von Peter himself cannot get enough information on his favoured 1813 campaign. The sooner these two books are released the better!

If nothing else the books should win an ward for the length of their titles which almost constitute books on their own!!  8O)

Two new e-books

Upon hearing the news that the The History Book Man had released their latest e-book ‘The Army of The Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814′ not a minute was wasted before von Peter himself had placed his order for said e-book. Somehow – and there will perhaps maybe possibly be an enquiry into this – the e-book The Army of The Kingdom of Württemberg 1806-1814 was included in the order.

Both e-books promptly arrived and a quick perusal of both reinforce the opinion of von Peter himself that these are wonderful reference e-books. Absolutely unbeatable when the price is factored in.

The Army of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg

More Calpe’s

Another most looked for package from Calpe Miniatures has safely completed the transition from the olde world to Schloss von Peter in the new world.

Part one of the contents was a French march attack battalion for The son & heir … which are to be painted as the 1/2 Italian Line Infantry Regiment. We have had cause to discuss contrary teenagers before. Enough said. Next.

Part the interesting of the contents was a few newly released packs – both French and Saxon. The raw listing looks like …

  • S4 – Advancing Saxons, covered shakos; head turns and blanket rolls
  • S5 – Advancing Saxons, hairy shako covers; head turns and blanket rolls
  • F29 – March-Attack French voltigeurs in non turned back greatcoats and uncovered shakos
  • F30 – March-Attack French grenadiers in non turned back greatcoats and uncovered shakos
  • F32 – March-Attack French voltigeurs in non turned back greatcoats and covered shakos

All the above are four unique figure packs. Note that while the code is official the description is not necessarily the official description.

There are more packs to come. Such astounding in depth shock horror never saw that coming information! An interesting snippet is that there are pack(s) of second row advancing Saxons to come. Presumably these will have their muskets in a 45 degree ‘high porte’ manner. Time will tell.

A quick first inspection reveals the expected joy to paint figures. More more!!  8O)

These figures are not yet on the Calpe Miniatures website. Until they are contact Peter Fitzgerald – see the Contact page on the website. BUT beware the Summer Shutdown notice on the Calpe website …

As most of you know, I have closed down for August for some years now. This allows me to have a family summer holiday. It also gives me a couple of weeks in which I can carry out some maintenance on workshops and machines without the usual pressures associated with running the business. For family reasons, I am closing down slightly earlier this year. As from today, 24th July, I am closed for business until 1st September. I hope you all have  an enjoyable summer.


It looks like von Peter himself will have ‘his precious’ all to himself – or at least mostly to himself – for a little while yet.  8O)

Calpe logo1


The Great Wargaming Survey – the results start leaking

Back in the beginning of July in Public service announcements von Peter himself alerted The dear readers to a wargaming survey that Karwansaray Publishers were running … and von Peter himself is sure that Karwansaray Publishers are eternally grateful for all the survey participants that this blog sent their way!  8O)

Back in the real world The dear readers may be interested to know that The results are in! This little article gives some limited information gleaned from the survey results and to quote from the article …

The full set will need some more processing – there are nearly a million elements of data resulting from this survey – and they will be published in issue 75 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, but here are some preliminaries.

So if your appetite is wetted for more then save up your pounds / dollars / favourite currency and get yourself issue 75 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy when it is released.

There was meant to be more, e.g. news on the La Bricole forum, but that will need to wait for the next post or else this one will never make it to the presses.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Bavarian bounty

In which von Peter himself interrupts his normal broadcasting to bring you a Bavarian special.

Bavarian 1-13 Infantry Regiment

The Bavarian 1/13 Infantry Regiment and their assigned casualty figure have arrived … and have promptly been assigned to the front line by the rest of the Bavarian Army of Schloss von Peter.

1/13 Infantry Regiment, Bavarian

The 1st battalion of the 13th Infantry Regiment, Bavarian, have trudged to the front to do ‘that’ Emperor’s bidding … apart from the times when they will be assigned to the side fighting against ‘that’ Emperor and his biddings of course. This either side will do approach is one of the benefits of basing ones self in that year of numerous momentous events – 1813. Many of the bullied nations finally got to throw off the shackles of French oppression and actively moved into the anti French and ‘we’re happy to show it’ camp* and so can be fielded on either side of the battlefield.

* It is only with great difficulty and a gargantuan effort that von Peter himself manages to retain his totally unbiased view of these historic events. von Peter himself trusts that the dear reader appreciates the restraint!  8O)

Enough propaganda / ranting. The 1/13 Infantry Regiment were part of Generalmajor Becker’s Brigade which in turn were part of Generallieutenant Raglovich’s 29th (Bavarian) Division … which in turn were part of Marschal Oudinot’s XII Corps. Contained within the machinations of von Peter himself are plans to recreate Generalmajors Becker’s Brigade hence the acquisition of the 1/13th.

Figures are sourced from Front Rank Figurines and were brought to life by the painter of figures Bavarian for von Peter himself Nigel Fun-nell.

They have been assigned a rather plain Bavarian flag from GMB Designs. Most / all (von Peter himself has neither the time nor the inclination to check right now!) of the lower numbered Bavarian Infantry Regiments are named,

e.g. 4th Sachsen-Hildburghausen Infantry Regiment.

The plain flag seemed to go naturally with a high numbered and unnamed infantry regiment.

Figure selection, choreography, painting of the horse, flag raising and basing care of von Peter himself.

And a Bavarian resource is unleashed

The History Book Man have released their latest volume in their Armies and Uniforms of the Napoleonic wars series of e-books for the war gamer and enthusiast. The Army of The Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814 is now available to be ordered … and von Peter himself has not been slow to do so.

The Bavarians of von Peter himself have had most of their uniform details decided upon already. Most of those decisions were based on an old OLD paper “The Bavarian Army: 1805-14” which is a direct precursor of this updated and expanded e-book. Funny.

The History Book Man -The Army of Bavaria

As ever do not be forgetting to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Recently recruited & NAPCON lives

Simon's 1:1 Silesian Infantry Regiment

The first battalion of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian) advancing in line behind a screen of there Volunteer jager. The Silesian Landwehr have been here as evidenced by the casualty they have left behind. The son & heir has a battalion of these Landwehr partially completed … but they have been for a while and probably will be for a while to come!

The machinery of Napoleonic warfare at Schloss von Peter has has been recruited to a new high recently. Both sides of the conflict have benefited so the bloodshed is expected to continue unabated. Most excellent! Today von Peter himself presents for the readers delight some newly recruited Prussians.

The son & heir had rolled up his sleeves and rolled out his second completed Prussian battalion – the first of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian). And when von Peter himself says that the The son & heir rolled up his sleeves he really means it. The vast majority of the unit was painted and based in the two days leading up to the Battle of Gross & Klein Badsdorf.

The figures are from the Prussian Advancing Musketeers range of Calpe Miniatures. The standard is from GMB Designs.

Simon's Prussian command stand

The Prussian command keeping an eye on proceedings from within the skirmish screen. Don’t they know it can be dangerous out there?!

Not content with completing the battalion for the game The son & heir went a little crazy and completed a command stand as well. These two figures had been lurking nearly complete for a while. Finishing touches applied; basing complete; show me the way to the French and glory! Gulp – these guys are a bit ‘focussed’!  8O)

Calpe Miniatures again from the code PC6 – an artillery Lieutenant-Colonel and his ADC – from the Veterans range … from the Prussian Command range to add precision.

More recently recruited Napoleonic Germans in the next post.


von Peter himself has received the following information regarding NAPCON (Napoleonic Convention for the uninitiated) 2014 … and thought he would share …

<start transmission>

Is anyone still out there…
Here’s the Blurb for Napcon


Is pleased to host the

Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28

Venue:, Blind Foundation, 131 Vivian St, NP New Plymouth

$20 for the weekend per person.
No entry forms required, just your fine selves.

This event is not an organised Tournament but a meeting place for those of a Napoleonic Temperament and toy soldiers to play with.

“Traditional” attendees include :

First Volley 15mm games
Warhammer 28mm Waterloo (yes you read it right Warhammer Waterloo)
28mm Sharpes Practice Skirmishes
Napoleonic Naval with “teeny weeny ships”.

Other rulesets that will at least be talked about, but hopefully played:
Lasalle, Blackpowder (and its amendments).

Alastair is keen to put on a 200th Anniversary Battle in 28mm so those interested can email him at:
mundells@slingshot.co.nz mailto:mundells@slingshot.co.nz or 021 1589103.

So come on over/up/down to Taranaki, you know we are behind the times anyway so what’s 200 years…. 

Accommodation is readily available in this city there are plenty of camp grounds, motels, hotels, backpackers and park benches.

A surprise performance from some local re-enactors is hoped for but not relied upon.

Contact me for more info (but really it’s all above):
Julian Hannam
jchannam@hotmail.com mailto:jchannam@hotmail.com, or 0275939210.

<end transmission>


As ever don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

Bavarian command stand #2 and more from Foundry

von Peter himself has finally finished inducting the Napoleonic Bavarian recruits from the latest intake as provided by Nigel Fun-nell. Typically the last to be mustered into the army were the representatives from the higher levels of command. Ever has it been so! To recap this latest intake consisted of …

            • 1st light battalion
            • Kronprinz Chevauleger
            • two ADCs
            • a command stand.

And now at last they are all mustered in and ready to lay it all on the line at the pleasure of von Peter himself. The Bavarian contingent continues to grow. Excellent.

For those not quite as perceptive as one would have hoped the idea is that the general (the one in cornflower blue wearing his bicorne) is receiving a report from his ADC (the other guy in cornflower blue who is doffing his bicorne in deference to his superior). A standard bearer from the Kronprinz Chevauleger accompanies the general (still the one in cornflower blue wearing his bicorne … please keep up!).

Credits as usual for von Peter’s Bavarians: Men – Nigel Fun-nell. Horses, basing and cunning figure selection – von Peter himself. The Bavarian cavalry standard – GMB Designs. The figures are all sourced from Front Rank. von Peter himself is happy to publicly record his pleasure with the outcome of this command stand. Don’t forget to ‘click’ the pictures for a larger image.

A second email from Foundry

Dear all,

It’s been another busy week here at Foundry, with our great reorganisation process well under way.

One immediate issue we’ve been looking at are our postal prices and we were pleased to find that shipping abroad has dropped phenomenally in the last few years. So much so that as of today we can announce that the basic international postage rate has been dropped to £5.00. UK customers also benefit from this price review with p&p rates halved to £4.00. While this is a good start, we’re going to be putting a lot of effort into making it even cheaper in the future.

We can also announce that we have rereleased the massive Malburian and Franco-Prussian War ranges in their entirety, to sit alongside the complete English Civil War and Thirty Years War ranges. This represents literally thousands of models, with the Franco-Prussian range alone numbering 128 packs! It may take a little time to track down some of the more elusive moulds, but we plan on bringing back our entire back catalogue.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Littlewood, Whirling Plenipotentiary.


It looks like the improvements continue at Foundry. Perhaps a third email will tell us that VAT will be deducted from orders to foreign places.

Until we meet again

von Peter himself

Bavarian ADCs

The newly arrived second ADC – the one on the right in the distinctive Bavarian raupenhelm, ie. not the bicorne!

It appears that he has been pulled from the more staid duties of an Infantry Regiment – perhaps IR 11 with the black facings piped red and the silver buttons – to perform the more flamboyant duties of an ADC. Rumour has it that his uncle pulled some strings to get our man assigned to his staff. Once again it isn’t what you know, but who you are related to!

The figures are both waiting for a varnish and the photograph is a little out of focus. Unbelievably both sets of rechargable batteries were flat – and that includes the theoretically reserve set – and only allowed the one photo. Perhaps the batteries are getting old having seen heavy duty on the overseas travels. You never know but von Peter himself may replace the photo at a later date.

The figures are from Front Rank. Chaps painted by Nigel Fun-nell, horses and basing by yours truly.

Until we meet again

von Peter himself

Another Distinguished Chap … or ADC for short

A Bavarian ADC in scenic Bavaria

A Bavarian ADC dawdles through scenic Bavaria on his way to a distinctly unscenic front.
“Fetch me another bier … and quickly!”

For the uneducated – surely no one who reads this blog!   – this particular ADC hails from the Bavarian Army of Napoleonic vintage.

There is a second Bavarian ADC painted and patiently awaiting his horse and he will complete the Bavarian complement for the regime that von Peter himself has dreamed up for his ADC’s – namely two per army. Not that ADCs are usually used in our games. But von Peter himself has aspirations to use them in the future to ferry revised orders hither and thither as commanders desperately attempt to amend the flawed orders of their underlings. Alternatively they can be used as emergency command stands or just as decoration on the table top.

Miniatures from Front Rank. ADC painted by the official painter of things Bavarian for von Peter himself – Nigel Fun-nell. Horse and basing by von Peter himself – just to prove that he does actually do something for himself occasionally.

To see more of the Bavarians of von Peter himself then head over to the Bavarian Army Inspection page on the soon – end of June 2012 – to be deceased website. Perhaps the replacement site will be in existence by then.

Warhammer Historical shuts up shop

One thing about posting every now and then is that sometimes often any pretence of up to date newsiness is lost. And here’s a good example – Games Workshop have finally nailed the coffin lid shut on Warhammer Historical. Click here for the official announcement such as it is!

Fortunately von Peter himself is just too idle a chap to go on an extended monologue over this event but he did find this post on Tabletop Gaming News rather interesting …

Quoted from Yahoo group:

Re: Warhammer Historicals

From what I understand of these things it is very unlikely that GW will allow any of the WH line to pass into the hands of a third party.

It was Rob Broom (ex WH manager)that tried to buy WH – and I know of at least one other that also approached GW to do so. But not me:)

I did have a second edition of Warmaster done – it was just not wanted – I figure you just have to move on:)

I think you have to think of WH as just something Jervis and I started – with the Perrys – as a personal project. We wanted to print and produce WAB ourselves originally – but were unable to do so – mostly as GW has proprietry rights in the Warhammer brand of course. We had the money and everything set-up – we didn’t need GW to do it. because of that it was initially set-up as a joint ventue company – with GW having the controlling interest (but doing nothing apart from that).

For some years we (JJ, me, Perrys) ran the whole thing pretty much as we wanted – until it got too big for us to manage – at which point we employed Rob. But we did all the work ourselves – just using our contacts within GW to arrange things like production and printing, and – eventually -despatch – though we did all that ourselves to start with. GW recharged all the handling to us as a third party. At the very beginning we even held the stock ourselves – so the original print run of WAB lived in my garage for quite a while! WH was absorbed into GW mostly for accounting reasons – because GW insisted on retaining ownership the WH accounts had to conform to the same standards as other GW companies (e.g. GW USA) – which meant that the accounts charges actually exceeded any potential profit! In the end GW ended up with something it never really wanted – and only retained ownership of out of consideration to me and Jervis. The Perrys – of course – went off and did their own thing with Perry Mins.

Sorry to see it go – but I’m afraid it never sat comfortable with GW and I think they’ve at least done the decent thing and given up – which – I believe – is what should have happened when Rob went.


Rick is presumably Rick Priestley – and von Peter himself hopes he has has not been taken in by some sort of evil scam!!

Until we meet again …


von Peter himself

Bavarian Kronprinz Chevauleger

Another Napoleonic Bavarian unit has rolled off the joint production line of Nigel Fun-nell (figures) and von Peter himself (horses & basing). Don’t forget to click on the picture above to see a larger and more illuminating version. The figures are from Front Rank Figurines.

The ‘men’ marched into Schloss von Peter at the same time as the ‘men’ of the 1st Bavarian Light Battalion back in earlyish April. Once the light infantry were based horse trials commenced with the Coat d’arms Horse Tones paint set. From then on horses have trotted off the experimental production/stud(!) lines in a haphazard manner until at last the complete regiment was mounted. And now they are based as well and chomping at the bit for a spot of the little wars.

For his Bavarians it is the design of von Peter himself to replicate Generalmajor Beckers brigade from the 29th (Bavarian) Division while they were still fighting for the French as part of Marshal Oudinot’s XII Corps in 1813. Attached is the Corps asset of a Bavarian chevauleger regiment which historically was a combined regiment. But von Peter’s orderly brain found such a creation repugnant and instead opted for a complete regiment. The Kronprinz Regiment was selected on account of its black piped red facings … and because of it’s cool name!!  

In total the Bavarians garrisoned at Schloss von Peter and ready for deployment have now been recruited up to …

  • a command stand
  • a light battalion
  • 2 line battalions (1 each from von Peter himself and The son & heir)
  • a chevauleger regiment
  • a foot battery

More are on their way including a couple of ADCs and a second command stand all of which also arrived with the light battalion and the chevaulegers. More horse painting to come then.

To see more of the Bavarians of von Peter himself then head over to the Bavarian Army Inspection page on the soon – end of June 2012 – to be deceased website. Hopefully the replacement site will be in existence by then.

A battalion from another of the Confederation of the Rhine nations is well on its way to completion as well so the mutterings to be heard from The Bastion (the gaming room) are taking on definite Germanic tones.

Of course several units speaking with a Yankee twang need to be created in the next few months as well so that von Peter himself will have more than just a command stand to place on the table in a scheduled game … and to keep the growing horde of The son & heir’s southern rebs in their place! And von Peter himself is well known for his glacial painting rate so interesting times beckon.


von Peter himself