Snippets #27

Lets get rid of the not so nice stuff first …

Ian Heath

Sadly another obituary with a link to von Peter’s formative years in the hobby. Shamelessly backed up(!) from the Perry’s Facebook page

28 February at 23:50

Ian Heath 1952-2023
It is with sad hearts that we have to report the death of Ian Heath earlier this month at the age of 71. His wife, Janina, emailed Michael, a couple of days ago, as he and Ian had worked on a few books for Osprey in the past together. He was an excellent writer, researcher and illustrator, whether it was for Foundry Books, Osprey, or War Games Research Group and thoroughly enjoying the research part. He was obsessed by Tolkien’s work (although not keen of the film versions), so much so that over many years he’d built up armies of 6-7,000+ figures. Ian was also very proud of his viking ancestry, joking that he would prefer a viking funeral if the local re-enactors would be willing to donate a long boat. As it is, his ashes will be scattered in the Orkneys, which was an annual holiday destination for him and Janina. Our sympathies are with Janina and the rest of his family.
Rest in peace

Ian and Janina Heath

A younger von Peter himself spent many happy hours scanning a selection of Ian’s books. Especially some of his Wargames Research Group Publications titles.

WRG Armies & Enemies of the Crusades 1096 1291

Thirty Years War

Spotted on the 1898 Miniaturas Twitter page a couple of stirring images of Spanish troops in Thirty Years War mode …

Some 1898 Miniatures TYW 2023-03

Some 1898 Miniatures TYW cav 2023-03

Simply inspiring. To be yet more inspired click the images for a larger and clearer view.

And if you are inspired then you’ll be happy to hear that 1898 Miniaturas have a Spring Sale with 10% off until the 2nd April 2023. Use the discount code … $pring


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


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