Get your Front Rank Figurines now

The Monday before last saw von Peter himself break his glasses. He was reduced to wearing his previous generation of glasses that are of course a different prescription to that which is currently prescribed. Happy hint – always keep your prior glasses when receipting the latest pair. You will invariably need them! Don’t ask how they were broken. 🤬 Thankfully the new pair have now arrived  so looking at screens, reading etc is not quite the effort it has been.

Enough of the self pity. Another series of disjointed rambles to hopefully lighten these pestilential times for The dear readership

Front Rank Figurines are go

This “news” is nearly a week old now but for the unenlightened … Front Rank Figurines are back and available to purchase. Similar verbiage is to be found on both the Front Rank Figurines and Gripping Beast news sections …


Hello Everyone!

WEBSITE NOW OPEN! (But please read on….)

Good News! At last! Gripping Beast has finally completed the purchase of Front Rank!

We would like to thank Alec & Angela for their stupendous patience and we wish them a long and happy retirement.

Front Rank has now moved to Beast Towers, lock, stock and barrel. It will, however, take us a few days to get sorted and for production to begin again. In the meanwhile, you can now place your orders on the website in the normal way.

Once we have things organised, we will begin to work through the orders (this will take some days!) We will process the orders strictly in the order in which they were received.

Thank you all for your patience and some level of sanity will be restored as soon as possible


Gripping Beast selling Front Rank Figurines

From the “I always liked the Napoleonic Austrian kuirassier look” file

Outstanding … though von Peter himself has some reservations about the scruffy one on the far right 😇 …

Austrian Kuirassiers - ladies

The image is from the Austerlitz 2013 album as brought to the world by the photographer Thomas T. It’s well worth checking out some of his photo albums. Honest. Click for an enlarged and clearer image.

Easy to make toilet paper sea bases

It’s amazing what one stumbles upon when surfing the ‘net. An interesting video on creating sea bases for ships using toilet paper, pva glue, plaster/ wall filler or spackle if you’re American and paint. The video clip uses Kings of War Armada (fantasy) ships but sea is sea.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

8 thoughts on “Get your Front Rank Figurines now

    • Hello Valleyboyo

      And I suspect that there was a rush of Front Rank orders when the news broke that they were up for sale too. A nice bonus for Alec and Angela which was both well earned and most deserved. They were a pleasure to deal with and I wish them the very best for their future.

      von Peter himself

  1. Great news about Front Rank – I have only ever bought intermittently from them, (although I have a lot of Alecs figures purchased when they were produced under license in Auckland) but as you say, service was always top class – once a package of theirs “disappeared” en route and they replaced it with no questions asked – it wasnt tracked or anything, they just took my word that it had not arrived and sent a replacement. I do have some more FR requirements but will probably wait a few months till the current rush has died down!

    • Hi Keith

      Ah … those happy days of local purchase of Front Rank Figurines. Long gone unfortunately. Still, dealing with Front Rank Figurines direct did come with exemplary customer service.

      My only complaint would be that they never released Napoleonic Austrian, Russian etc limbers and caissons. But then I always was a somewhat self centred git! 🤣

      von Peter himself

  2. I regularly acquire reinforcements from Gripping Beast and to my mind an ideal fit for Front Rank’s range to find a new home. I must admit did add to the rush of orders before was announced GB had bought the business…then the stress was over!!


    • Howdies Garaging Terry

      I’ve not dealt with Gripping Beast for a few years. I don’t recall any complaints in the service department however. Hopefully their casting will retain the quality that Front Rank were rightly famed for.

      I’m all for a stressless life and am certainly happy that the sale is now complete.

      von Peter himself

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