STOP PRESS: Get your unpainted GrandManner items now – AN UPDATE

As a public service a short and sharp update on the prior STOP PRESS: Get your unpainted GrandManner items now post.

For those contemplating splashing some cash on the raw resin offerings from GrandManner then please be informed that there is now an end date to this offer. As can be seen here

January – Raw resin event – ends 31st Jan 2022

Firstly, Happy new year. Our raw resin event will be available until the end of January. Its great to see so many returning customers taking advantage of our offer which as seen a significant amount of individual orders across the ranges. I will endeavour to process them as quickly as possible but can envisage this taking me well into March for some larger orders. special note – NON UK orders – issues with postal service , long delays and lost items which means this service as been temporary closed.

So if you are humming and ha’ing on whether to take advantage of the offer then von Peter himself strongly suggests you make any decision to purchase before February 2022.

Words from the confessional: von Peter himself placed an order for a terrain piece from GrandManner not long after spotting the offer. Several days later von Peter himself then placed a further order for an additional and complementary terrain piece. It’s a slippery slope. The dear readers have been warned!

Logo GrandManner


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “STOP PRESS: Get your unpainted GrandManner items now – AN UPDATE

  1. Oh well, this update triggered a modest order from me. I went for the ‘twin gun position’ (can fit any scenario) and a Spanish house for my peninsular skirmish games. Neither products or delivery are cheap, but the quality should be there. Thanks Peter for the update! (My wife may disagree with my thanks…)

    • Well met Blancard

      I managed to get official approval to purchase from Fraulien von Peter herself … for the first building. The second order for the second cheaper building is, I’m sure, covered by that same approval. At least that’s the policy I’m working under. 😇

      Wish me luck! 😃

      von Peter himself

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