STOP PRESS: Get your unpainted GrandManner items now

Surely there must be something better to do with New Year imminent. But no … It is imperative that The dear readers must be alerted. Spotted on the GrandManner website


Raw resin models available for a limited period only, once finished will return to painted only from the web page. Using premium couriers for non UK orders, if the postage / shipping fee works out cheaper then I will refund the difference which is fair. Expecting high demand so bear with me to get your orders out. all the best Dave@grandmanner.

The dear readers may or may not know that GrandManner make some amazing terrain pieces but normally / lately they have only been available fully painted which adds quite a bit to the price. von Peter himself has long lusted after particular terrain item but at it’s normal painted price of £192.00 it was a “no thank you” purchase decision. But at an unpainted price of £48.00 the purchasing decision perhaps changes a little.

You have been alerted .. and with less than 10 minutes to go to 2022!

Logo GrandManner


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

6 thoughts on “STOP PRESS: Get your unpainted GrandManner items now

    • And Happy New Year to you and yours too valleyboyo

      Yikes! Was it a 1 to1 scale Norman fort?! My purchase cost me £24.00 in postage which I can live with. One of the costs of living in God’s Zone. 😃

      von Peter himself

  1. Happy New Year Peter. This is an interesting post and one which left me with mixed feelings. I love what GM do model wise, I just felt it went crazy price wise there for a while with either a “like it or lump it” attitude which though I respect business wise, I did not appreciate when taking into exorbitant postal costs to ANZ. Yet I’m all about fresh starts at this time of year so perhaps…

    • Happy New Year to you too Carlo

      I certainly understand the sentiment. Given the price of the admittedly well painted product I had written of GrandManner as a source of terrain but the raw resin models are much more doable for me. And just to prove it I have one item on order … though I suspect it will be modelled in a larger manner than much of my other terrain.

      I have one GrandManner piece in my collection – a stone Roman watch tower purchased many moons ago. I am more than happy to have it in my collection. For the record it was purchased as raw resin! 🤣

      von Peter himself

  2. Warm gamer’s wishes to you Peter!
    Grand Manner’s offer comes too late for me. I waited for ages for this too happen – eyeing their Spanish 28mm windmills – and eventually going for a mdf (+plaster) alternative. I guess I could still be tempted into a Spanish countryside building though… or two… mmm…

    • Warm salutations to you too Blancard

      “mmm” is so appropriate for me too. I just may have ordered a second building to go with the first so as to make a nice matching set on the table top. You can’t have a nice table top without nice matching sets of terrain can you?! 😇

      von Peter himself

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