Snippets #23

Another Christmas has come and gone. The plan had been to complete and post this as a Christmas treat – such delusions! Only missed it by a few days!!  ­čą║

W├╝rttembergers 1806-1812

von Peter himself has stumbled onto another miniature maker of potential interest. Piano Wargames out of Germany is producing some very interesting W├╝rttemberg 1806-1812 miniatures. For the modern gamer / collector these figures are available as STL files for 3D printing. For the more traditional figure purchaser it seems that they will also be available as metal castings eventually.

Piano Wargames W├╝rttemberg Light_Infantry_marching

The commencement of the W├╝rttemberg 1806-1812 range was courtesy of a Kickstarter campaign “The Price of Crowns” which provided the bulk of the infantry. The follow up campaign “The Price of Crowns 2” will provision the cavalry, artillery, Royal Foot Guard, a second set of line infantry command and a General Vandamme figure. If The dear reader is interested the kickstarter closes on 10th January 2022(?) and is already fully funded.

Piano wargames The Price of Crowns2

The figures look good and importantly for von Peter himself come with variants. But how well they work for 1813 is a question and they may be a tad too small for the taste of von Peter himself with his mostly Calpe Miniatures and Front Rank Figurines armies. Then again if 3D printing the figures then perhaps they could be adjusted to print a slightly larger figure but what this may do to muskets, swords etc may not be desirable.

Piano Wargames cavalry size comparison

Above: borrowed from the The Price of Crowns 2 Kickstarter. Figures that fit so well with the Perry ranges are a bit small for von Peter’s liking when accompanied by his larger Calpe & Front Rank figures

As a nice bonus the downloads area of the Piano Wargames website has some downloadable W├╝rttemberg infantry flags.

Pictures from the Piano Wargames website, facebook page and their The Price of Crowns kickstarter pages. All of the sites are worth a visit to view some well painted figures and lovely vignettes using them.

Logo Piano Wargames

Painting a Piano Wargames figure

As a corollary to the above Sonic Sledgehammer Studio has a painting tutorial ostensibly on painting white horses but the video actually covers painting the human figure as well. And wouldn’t you know it the figure being painted is a W├╝rttemberg mounted officer from Piano Wargames …

Yet more on Thirty years War cavalry

Father Christmas has been beseeched upon to provision the new 1898 Miniatures 28mm Thirty Years War Cavalry. He has even been granted special dispensation to deliver after the 25th of December. In fact this is expected. As long as the requested order arrives all will be well.

1898 Miniatures Cavalry command group I

Above: Cavalry Command Group1

For the benefit of The dear readers the following intelligence discovered via an enquiry is offered as a belated Christmas pressie …

  • the cavalry is being sold as packs. No mention in the affirmative that regimental packs will be offered
  • more packs are to come
  • a cavalry painting article is in preparation. By way of further explanation of this there are various articles on the clothing of, the organisation and tactics of, and how to paint the Tercios – infantry – on the 1898 Miniatures website under the headings of “History” and “Modelling and Painting”.

Logo 1898 Miniatures plain

The continuing saga

Spotted on the Front Rank Figurines website …

Hi Front Rank Customers

The sale of Front Rank to Gripping Beast is still proceeding, we are really sorry but the the legal side is taking much longer than either us or Gripping Beast anticipated.
Thank you so much for your continued interest and patience, both Front Rank and Gripping Beast are doing everything we can to hurry things along.
Our apologies but Front Rank is unable to process any orders at this time.Kind regards

Alec & Angela

Maybe for next Christmas!!!  ­čą║

And in the spirit of Christmas recently passed the following “borrowed” from the Piano Wargames facebook page

Piano Wargames Christmas 2021


Until we meet again ÔÇŽ


4 thoughts on “Snippets #23

  1. Belated Christmas Greetings and early New Year Greetings to you VP. I saw these on Farcebook and thought they looked rather good but shall refrain from adding to my 28mm Napoleonic leadpile even though they are tempting. Best wishes

    • A belated festive greeting to you too valleyboyo

      For a variety of reasons I am not likely to be purchasing from Piano Wargames either. At least there’s no current thoughts of doing so! ­čÖä The figures do look nice though and there are some fine looking units in the W├╝rttemberg army.

      von Peter himself

  2. Merry Christmas Peter, albeit, a few days late, However the furious summer heat in Perth has made the week a blur of air conditioning, fans and cold, cold drinks!

    The Piano Wargames figures have me intrigued as they look absolutely stunning. I am trying to be as disciplined as possible considering the cast mountains of Napoleonic lead still to be painted (Murawski Poles anyone?). Be strongÔÇŽ

    • And a Merry Christmas to you too Carlo … also a few days late! ­čśâ

      As an acclimatised kiwi I am fairly sure that I would wilt and die in the “furious summer heat of Perth” in no time at all. I would need many MANY “cold, cold drinks!”. ­čŹ║

      Yes the Piano Wargames figures do look stunning. I particularly like the way that they are presented in little vignettes on the web in various sites.

      I’m not sure that the metal figures are available yet and I hear that 3D printing is a hobby all of its self. And like you – and all dedicated real Napoleonic gamers – I have a “slight” backlog of unpigmented Napoleonic figures. Someone somewhere is bound to get hold of them and word will start to filter out on them. I will be interested to hear those words.

      Happy New Year. I expect it will be a hot Happy New Year over there in Perth. A few cold, cold drinks may be in order I’d suggest.

      von Peter himself

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