And now for something completely new

Father’s Day 2021 was imminent and at the ceaseless nagging gentle prompting of Fraulien von Peter herself some sort of gift was required. The time had come to yield to one of those never ending urges that corrosively simmer away at the back of one’s brain waiting for its chance to see the light of reality. And FYI a decent “never ending urge” requires an interest in a period and a decent figure range with which to facilitate said urge if it is to see that light of reality. So the Thirty Years War it was to be using 1898 Miniatures figures as supplied all the way from Spain.

1898 Miniatures Spanish Tercios 1618-1648

1898 Miniatures are in the early stages of their Thirty Years War Spanish range with the cavalry and artillery yet to put in an appearance. Hopefully they will then move on to another army and there is a chance that perhaps that army will be the French. That would suit von Peter himself quite nicely thank you very much.

1898 Miniatures TYW Spanish cav greens

Above: Thirty Years War Spanish cavalry under recruitment at 1898 Miniatures

An order was conceived. The order was placed. The order duly arrived nicely packaged and in first flush they seem to be well cast though there is a little assembly required for all/most(?) of the figures. Most of the figures need their separately cast sword & scabbards attached – presumably this arrangement was for casting reasons. Others require arms or heads or whatever attached because there are optional options(!) available.

So what was got?

The Spanish Tercios Premium Collection – a whole bunch of figures pikes included plus the Maestre de camp exclusive miniature (out front in the black armour in the picture) …

TYW Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish Tercios Premium Collection

The Dead and Wounded – surely a compulsory purchase…

TYW Spanish 1898 Miniatures Dead and Wounded

The Scenery pack – how could one not? …

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Scenery pack

Spanish general and cornet. Both figures can be built in differing ways …

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish general and cornet 1

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish general and cornet 2

TWY Spanish 1898 Miniatures Spanish general and cornet 3

A few flags were got as well. So another donation for the unpigmented figure pile. But at least one never ending urge has been scratched!  😃

TYW Spanish Battle of Rocroi - the last tercio by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau

Above: Rocroi, the last tercio by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau. Fought on the 19th May 1643 between the French and the Spanish during the Thirty years War. The Spanish stand proud and defiant in defeat. Spain’s military ascendancy in Europe is at an end. Click for a larger and clearer view.

Miniature figure images care of 1898 Miniatures … and they tend to be clickable.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

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