Front Rank Figurines &/or Gripping Beast news


From the Front Rank Figurines website

Front Rank Figurines Ltd are delighted to announce that Gripping Beast Ltd have acquired all the Front Rank ranges and website.

To allow for the handover to Gripping Beast Ltd, we are now no longer taking new orders, any outstanding orders will be dispatched as normal.

Gripping Beast are aiming to reopen the Front Rank website for orders on 14th October.

Alec & Angela would like to thank all our many loyal customers for choosing Front Rank Figurines over the years.

We are confident that you will experience the same high standard of service and be able to continue to add to your Front Rank collections in the years to come.

Alec & Angela wish Gripping Beast every success in the future.

Front Rank

And from the Gripping Beast website

Gripping Beast Ltd is very pleased to announce its acquisition of the ranges designed and manufactured by Front Rank Figurines Ltd, upon the retirement of Alec and Angela Brown. The handover will take several days, and we are aiming to reopen the Front Rank website for orders on 14th October.
There will be no changes to the website for the moment, and we aim to provide the same high standard of service that customers have enjoyed to date. Over time we plan to remove the order value limit and make the ranges available to our trade customers.
We would like to wish Alec and Angela well in their retirement

Logo Gripping Beast


So all seems to be working out nicely then.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

8 thoughts on “Front Rank Figurines &/or Gripping Beast news

  1. This is good news. Gripping Beast are quite professional and it should guarantee smooth distribution in the future. On the plus side, they might actually use some of Front Ranks horse masters which would be a welcome change from the same four horses used throughout all of the Gripping Beast ranges.

    • A most hearty welcome Burkhard

      I hope the northern hemisphere summer has been good to you. I also hope that the impending souther hemisphere summer will be good for me! 🤣

      Yes re the horses, though would the 18th & 19th century horses resulting from much selective breeding be a little on the large side for dark age ponies etc ⁉️ And if I remember correctly some of the Gripping Beast horses had slightly peculiar looking straight ahead eyes!

      I haven’t dealt with Gripping Beast for a number of years now but never had cause for concern. I have dealt with Front Rank Figurines much more recently and they were first in class for responsiveness and the quality of their castings was beautiful with very little “cleaning up” required on their figures. Hopefully these two aspects will continue.

      There has been no mention of expanding the Front Rank Figurines ranges. Personally I think a good place to begin would be with the artillery train – limbers, caissons etc – for the Napoleonic Austrians, Russians, Bavarians etc. And I am only a little self centred in this!! 😇

      von Peter himself

  2. Great News! I must admit I was slightly worried that nobody was going to pick them up, very happy they’ll continue to be available 🙂

    • Hello Tellis

      Agreed. This is great news. It will be interesting to hear if they have any plans to extend the ranges. Did I mention limbers & caissons for the Napoleonic Austrians, Russians and Bavarians?! 🤣

      von Peter himself, still a little self centred ‼️

  3. It is very good news – hopefully Gripping Beast run their operation in the same above board and honest model as Alec and Angela have done IE remove the VAT when exporting and charging reasonable P+P! It really annoys me the way some UK companies do not deduct the VAT – and its a significant saving, at 20% the figures cost 1/6 lees with the VAT removed. Foundry do it but Warlord dont – I dont know about Gripping Beast – so fingers crossed!

    I am in two minds about adding to the ranges – FR have a VERY distinctive style and unless you could find a sculptor who could replicate it, new figures would not really match in with original Alec Brown sculpts in my opinion. And if that is the case, your additional artillery park or missing figures might as well come from a different range altogether??

    • Greetings Keith

      I’m not sure if this is still the case but it used to be that many of the smaller war-game suppliers were too small financially for VAT to be a consideration. They could not deduct a tax that they weren’t paying. At least that was my understanding. Someone more educated than mineself will now probably come along and re-educate me. 😃

      What you say about that distinctive Front Rank style is very true. But I’ll still dream of my artillery park. There are of course alternative suppliers, eg. Perry Miniatures, but they tend to be too small/slight for my taste when nestling amongst my larger Front Rank & Calpe figures. I am a fussy git! 🤣

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Alex

      What a good question.

      On the Front Rank website there is the statement “Gripping Beast are aiming to reopen the Front Rank website for orders as soon as possible, unfortunately the handover is taking longer than anticipated while the lawyers finalize the deal.”.

      On the Gripping Beast website you can find the statement “UPDATE – The lawyers are taking their time over finallising the deal so we are currently waiting in frustration for a new date. More news as soon as we get it!”.

      Perhaps an enquiry direct to Gripping Beast (I suspect the Front Rank will be shut down) …

      Telephone: +44 01386 761 511 or

      … might provide an answer.

      von Peter himself

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