Snippets #20

A quick update as proof that there is still some form of life existing here …

von Peter himself spends way too long on the internet but sometimes it pays off. By way of example we are pleased to present Miniature Addiction. Not only a mighty fine site with mighty fine content but it is authored by a mighty fine fellow kiwi. Well worth a visit.


Seven Years War collection documentation has commenced

With Bastion Number 2 functional – well almost functional as the lighting needs more oomph – the venerable Seven Years War collection has been rescued from its purgatory stored in a shed so that it may be photographed for “documenting” on von Peter’s website. Work has commenced with the Prussians. Not that it really counts as “work” as it is quite therapeutic choreographing the terrain and figures whilst playing music and best of all ignoring the rest of the world.

Sadly the photographic skills of von Peter himself are not all they could be and the poor old camera being used is showing signs of over use and poor treatment. For example it is really REALLY annoying when the camera’s screen won’t show the scene that one is trying to photograph. 🤬 It can take numerous photographic attempts and numerous visits to the computer to review said photographic attempts to result in a single “good enough” photograph. Such is the work flow at Neu Schloss von Peter. But still it is therapeutic.

A new page is being developed on the website but for now it is in a discrete mode as wordage as much as the photographs is developed. It will be revealed soonish however even if the page will be in an extended state of “work in progress” as more photographs are taken. It just needs to be made a little more presentable first.

Above: one of the recently photographed photographs. Two battalions of fearsome Prussian grenadiers – the 9/10 von Mollendorf and 19/25 von Ramin Grenadier Battalions. Click for a larger improved view


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

2 thoughts on “Snippets #20

    • Hello Tellis

      Thank you very much for the encouragement.

      I am in total agreement about wanting to see them on the website Unfortunately the verbage is just not flowing as I would wish. Writer’s block?! 🤬 I’ll probably get frustrated and release it with verbage needing extensions that I’ll slowly update. Not ideal but at least it gets things turning over. 😇

      von Peter himself

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