Making water

Another quickie for the long suffering Dear readers.

Just in case any of the aforementioned Dear Readers missed it the Perry’s Facebook page has a photo tutorial on Alan’s latest technique for making water terrain using a couple of Vallejo products – Thick European Mud and Still Water.

It was posted on 4 July 2021. To glean what tips you can …

Hopefully that makes sense!

Photos above from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous. Many / most / all of The dear readers will have seen the image below. Over the years von Peter himself has found himself in many a good natured “discussion” regarding the painting of eyes on 28mm figures. Being of a naturally idle disposition von Peter himself is firmly in the no painting of eyes camp. The theory is that if they are painted well – which is easier said than done – nobody notices them in gaming situations. If not done well they can turn a perfectly good figure into a mutant thing attracting ridicule. All that is required for eyes is a shadow in 99.99% of cases. Here endereth the lesson rant.

Where this image originated is a mystery. It has been seen in many places by von Peter himself who passes on his thanks to the originator. It still generates a chuckle.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

4 thoughts on “Making water

  1. Hahaha…..I have not seen that joke previously! I have swayed between various methods of representing eyes over the years…when painting female figures, as I have a wont to do, I do tend to try and add detailed eyes…but I agree it does not always turn out well!

    • Hi Keith

      Funnily enough the only eyes I recall painting were on a female figure. By a stroke of pure luck they turned out ok. I see no need to push that luck further by painting more eyes! 😃

      von Peter himself

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