Polish ADCs and a Vauban inspired piece

The fledgling local Polish forces have been patiently awaiting some ADCs to assist the “top brass”. And two dashing Polish ADCs have been patiently awaiting their mounts to be suitably prepared. Finally everyones patient awaiting has paid off. von Peter himself proudly presents said gentlemen …

Figures from Front Rank Figurines. Pigmentation of the men by Nigel Fun-nell. Horse pigmenting and basing can be blamed on von Peter himself.


Anyone up for a Vauban Fort

von Peter himself is a sucker for this sort of thing. “This sort of thing” being grandiose terrain pieces and in this specific case it refers to the Vauban Fort 2 from More Terrain. This time it is the fault of Simon Miller and his BigRedBatCave blog – in particular the entry Going full Vauban – for signalling the existence of the piece … or rather pieces. Artillery fortresses have a particular fascination for von Peter himself perhaps heightened by his interest in the Seven Years War and earlier “squabbles”

Above: a decent image of the Vauban Fort “borrowed” from The BigRedBatCave

The fort comes pre-painted with a choice of two colours. Pictured above is the “beige” version but it can also be had in grey …

The fort’s dimensions are 70 * 70 * 15cm and while not insignificant von Peter worries whether it is big enough to accommodate his based figures. Hopefully the BigRedBat will eventually post some pictures of a garrisoned fort to help gage the practicality of the piece.

The fort comes fully painted for the not insignificant sum of 195.00 € … and don’t forget the shipping. A tricky figure to get past the good Fraulien von Peter herself!  😃

All images are clickable for that larger and clearer view beloved by some.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

6 thoughts on “Polish ADCs and a Vauban inspired piece

    • Howdies Mark

      It is indeed an impressive pieced of kit. I wonder though if you were to have some form of Vauban style fort on the table you’d be better off having only a portion of it on an edge of the table top.

      von Peter himself

  1. Lovely aides de camp Peter.
    I’d go for the grey, myself. Mind you, at 95.00 € (plus) I’ll stick to my less grandiose scratch-built version! 🙂
    I’ll look forward to seeing it on one of your tables though.
    Regards, James

    • Hello James

      Thanks re the ADCs.

      The good Fraulien von Peter herself would go all apoplectic should I purchase such Vauban fort – and she found out the cost! – without some serious preliminary works. At this point of time the investment in time and energy would be better spent elsewhere. So sadly not you, not me and not anyone else will be seeing it on one of my tables in the foreseeable future! 😃

      von Peter himself

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