Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde in the metal addendum

A very quick update.

Calpe Miniatures have posted pictures of the contents of their Saxon Guard Grenadiers packs. And the pictures are of pigmented figures which provide an excellent reference for any prospective pigmenters out there. Go to the Saxon bit of the Shop to see them.

Even better we are presented with pictures of the front …

…and of the back …

Click for a larger and clearer view. Pictures kindly provided by Calpe Miniatures … even if they were unaware they were doing so!  😃

For further information on the regiments uniform remember that Calpe Miniatures have a Uniform information and painting Guide for them. And for yet more information Brigade Uniform Plates have a nice … errr … plate (PLATE 100: KINGDOM OF SAXONY: LIEB-GRENADIER-GUARD 1810-1813) on the regiment which is listed for sale on the Calpe Miniatures site.

von Peter himself is obviously still a self confessed Calpe zealot.  😇


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

10 thoughts on “Saxon Leib Grenadier Garde in the metal addendum

  1. Von P , those Calpe Saxon Leon Garde grenadiers look great thanks for sharing pics. My unit is already complete though with Black Hussar bearskin version of which I really like also

    • Greetings Peter

      I envy that your Leib Grenadier Garde are complete. Pigmentation rates can be a bit glacial around here though the battalion may quickly find themselves jumping up the queue to the disgust of many other units!

      BTW, what cool name! 😇

      von Peter himself

    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for dropping by.

      For some reason they seem better fed in the photos than in the hand. At least in my self confessed Calpe zealot eyes! 😇

      But maybe being well fed is a good thing as perhaps that is what has attracted the 28 plus 6 firing/skirmishing distinct castings to the regiment. See what I mean about the zealot thing. 🤓

      Elsewhere … I remain astounded by your output. I’m just too slow, too distracted and too much of a dreamer!

      von Peter himself

  2. Hi Peter. You are the very best of southern hemisphere ambassadors to Calpe Miniatures and we are all so pleased that you keep us so well informed on whats happening with Peters developments and new releases. I have my slow burn of my own 1813 Prussian formations moving along on the paint desk between sending them out for commissions and painting the horses myself. Can you believe its nearly 20 years since you and I sat down in Wellington and talked all things wargaming and Calpe? Incredible. Those Saxons look so tempting.

    • Hello Carlo

      Once again your kind words make me squirm with pleasure. Thank you.

      20 years! Phew. If asked I wonder where we would all thought we’d be and what we all thought we’d be doing 20 years on.

      Earlier this year when our big European trip got canned at the beginning of the COVID-19 thing … grrrrr … and there was talk of a New Zealand – Australia travel bubble I started hatching cunning plans for Fraulien von Peter herself and mineself to check out Western Australia. Of course this was a cunning subterfuge to tee up a second face to face meeting. Sadly the travel bubble has failed to materialise and is not looking likely in the near future.

      At least we have the internet to maintain a connection. And it’s all working out fine for me as I can track and admire your adventures such as the opening moves of your Austerlitz game. 👍

      To the next 20 years!

      von Peter himself

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