Presenting General de brigade Zoltowski

Polish General de brigade Zoltowski has arrived to take command of the infantry component of the 27th (Polish) Division and immediately his staff are keen to draw a pressing point to his attention …

The figures are all from Front Rank Figurines Polish range. The “General of Division in bicorn” figure is used for Zoltowski with the mounted “Aide de Camp, pointing” and the “Officer standing pointing” on foot providing his assistants.

The more knowledgable of The dear readers will have noticed that General de brigade Zoltowski has a fine set of white feathers adorning his bicorne … and that a general de brigade should have black feathers leaving the white feathers to the superior General de division. von Peter himself has decide to allow Zoltowski to keep his flashy white feathers. At least for now.

Pigmentation of the men actioned Nigel Fun-nell. Horse painting, figure selection, choreography and basing by von Peter himself. The latter gentleman(?) is to blame for the mould line on the ADC’s horses from left leg. Irritating but apparently that’s what you get when modelling in short bursts with a lack of concentration.

Click on the above three images for a larger and clearer view.

Or perhaps the staff have just spotted Wally hiding out behind a building and are pointing him out!!

And as a final unveiling the Oak Tree trying to intrude in the photographs is the latest addition to the vegetation stocks from the plant nursery of von Peter himself.

More Poles to come. Hopefully soonish.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

10 thoughts on “Presenting General de brigade Zoltowski

    • Hello James

      Of course it is well known that a commander must appear to be cool, calm and unflappable. It just would not do to be publicly as excitable as the help. And should this unflappable front help while trying to sort out what the hell is going on then all the better! To have an equally unflappable horse is priceless. 😃

      von Peter himself

    • That is very gracious of you valleyboyo.

      Without wanting to pester … how did D’Erlon’s attack at Waterloo go? Nosey … errr … enquiring minds and all that.

      von Peter himself

        • It sounds like you have had several several hours gaming the scenario. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it takes you an age to write up. Lots and lots of effort to write it up I’m willing to bet. 😟

          Never mind. Sacrifices will have to be made. You’ll (probably?!) feel much better once it’s completed!! 🤣

          von Peter himself

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