Welcome to the 4/132 Ligne

On the 24 September 2013 at 11:16pm von Peter himself took a photo of the 4th battalion of the 132 Ligne as it then stood. Five companies were present which left one to paint to complete the battalion. The four figures of the second fusilier company were all that stood in the way of a complete 4/132 Ligne battalion.

On 6 May 2020 von Peter himself was finally able to take a photo of the completed 4/132 Ligne battalion. As the actress said to the bishop – “OMG!”.

The second fusilier company with their rather pleasing sky blue tufts atop their shakos and incidentally carrying the battalions fanion – flag for those not in the know – have been waiting quite a while for their pigmentation to be complete. von Peter himself is nothing if not the master of under statement! They got caught up in the current clean-up of the painting desk to their amazement. Part of the problem was that the battalion played in many games quite happily – if not always successfully – without its second fusilier company. So other seemingly more pressing painting tasks were undertaken as the poor fusiliers of the second company watched on. But no longer.

Click the image for a larger and clearer view.

Perhaps surprisingly the 4/132 Ligne is the first French battalion that von Peter himself has ever pigmented. And perhaps even more surprisingly the first French battalion von Peter himself has ever owned – at least in 28mm. Call himself a Napoleonic gamer! Bah!! More battalions are to follow. The local forces of that Corsican emperor chap are comprised of Bavarians, Saxons & Poles and they sure would appreciate more actual French support in fighting the emperor’s battles.

On a more esoteric level the local basing standard works well for the French. Six bases of four figures neatly accommodates the six companies of a French Ligne or Légère battalion on a one to one basis. Each stand represents a complete company with it’s company distinctives. Absolutely wonderful if one is anal about such things.

Of course the figures are sourced from Calpe Miniatures. The self confessed zealotry continues. The fanion – not that the photo reveals much of it – is from GMB Designs.

For a little more detail on where this battalion fits into greater French designs head on over to the Napoleonic French Army Inspections page on von Peter’s website.

Now … what else lurks pushed to the back on the painting desk?


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the 4/132 Ligne

  1. I think that must be a record for the longest time its taken for any battalion to form line – almost 7 years? Its just as well they weren’t trying to form up in a more complicated formation like square!
    Very nice though

    • Well met valleyboyo

      I see what you did there. Very good. 😃

      I was suitably amazed / shocked / stunned when I saw the gaping chasm of time that had past. I would never have picked it. I remember my grandmother telling me how time sped up as you got older and damn if she wasn’t right!

      von Peter himself

  2. Very nice indeed…I think I can beat the time to muster however…during the recently relaxed Level 4 lockdown, I unearthed a unit of Front Rank British Napoleonic hussars that I started painting in the previous millennium! This unit has now finally been completed (in fact they were stripped back and completely repainted from scratch) and joined my British Peninsular army!

    • Hello Keith

      What a great pair we are. Of course one cannot rush brilliance! 😃

      The thought of stripping back figures and starting all over again does my head in. But sometimes it is the best thing to do.

      von Peter himself

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