My kingdom for a horse

The raw recruits for the 1st battalion of the 1st Light Infantry Regiment of the 1813 Saxon Army have been conscripted. They arrived with little fanfare in the mail several weeks ago from Calpe Miniatures. This event caused an immediate increase in local morale only slightly dampened by a slight error in the work of the local military requisitions team. More of that soonish.

The figures will allow for the modelling of the battalion as a firing line  with a  casualty or two – these things seem to be unavoidable in war – included from the S74 Four light infantry prone casualties pack. This is mentioned simply as so as to draw attention to the crawling figure from that pack. von Peter himself is somewhat taken with this figure. Expect to see the poor infantryman crawling out of the back of the battalion’s firing line … whenever the battalion gets painted!

Now to the failings of the local military requisitions team. The pack S66 Four Light Infantry officers in firing line and skirmish poses provides a single mounted officer and three officers on foot. A great pack but if ordering please remember that this pack does not come with a horse included. So if you want your mounted officer to be actually mounted please order him a mount. Now just in case any of The dear readership is concerned by this unfortunate turn of events you can rest easy. von Peter himself more than likely has a suitable horse available in his unpigmented figure pile that he can “borrow” should one be urgently required.

Let this be a salutary lesson that one that all of The dear readership profit from.

C-O-R-R-E-C-T-I-O-N-: the pack S66 should have come with a horse included and Mr Calpe will provision the missing item. This is good. What isn’t so good is that this ruins the rantings and ravings above not to mention the title “My kingdom for a horse”. Oh well. What can one do?!  😃

Above: oi … where is my bleedin’ horse?!

Note that both figures shown above have been given a black wash to hopefully enhance the details for the The dear reader’s enhanced discernment.


Pretty as a picture … of death and mayhem

The TooFatLardies have released the artwork for their to be released in the future rules Infamy, Infamy! Artwork by Chris Collingwood it is believed.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

6 thoughts on “My kingdom for a horse

  1. That crawling figure is very nice indeed …I could see the temptation of including one of these in EVERY battalion they are appropriate for. As to the QM’s stuff up…this is quite understandable and at least partially the fault of the Home Depot…if one advertises a pack of officers, one should include a mount and adjust the price accordingly, in my opinion (humble be damned!)

    • Hello Keith

      I know. Isn’t that crawling figure just the cutest? 😇

      Some of the Calpe packs include horses, eg. “SC3 – Brigade command. Commanding colonel, adjoint, ADC. Horses Included”. I think these are where specific horses are required. For the more generic packs I am thinking that not including a horse means that differing horses can be ordered which provides for more variety in our armies of wee men.

      Also I am less inclined to let the local military requisitions team off the hook to easily. They are the definition of incompetent and between you and me they are under suspicion of rorting the system for their pecuniary game. Very Saxon unfortunately! A-ha-ha.

      von Peter himself

  2. Thanks so much for the update Peter. I have actually in a current game managed to get my first unit of Prussian Calpe artillery on the field so celebrations from across this side of the ditch as well mate.

  3. Thanks for the update your Enemanence. This is handy, as for some reason I recently bought a Saxon uniform book and this post reminded me who I thought was probably to blame

    • Hello valleyboy

      You are welcome. We are always glad to have been of service and to have opened themes of the unseeing!

      I hear that like us your European jaunt has been kicked where it truly hurts by this damn virus thingy. My deep felt commiserations.

      von Peter himself

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