Generalmajor Raigencourt ready for active duty

The Austrian Generalmajor Raigencourt commands the only brigade in the 1st Division of the Austrian 1st Corps in 1813. A few years earlier this brigade would have been entitled as an Advanced Guard consisting as it did of a mix of cavalry, Grenzer infantry and a cavalry battery but such old fashioned terms were apparently now out of date in the modernised Austrian Army.

When organising the Austrian army for presentation in the Army Inspections portion of the website it quickly became apparent that a command stand was “missing”! Absolutely outrageous!! Figures were ordered and eventually forwarded to Nigel Fun-nell – painter of figures Napoleonic Austrian to von Peter himself – for pigmentation. The pigmented figures were married to horseflesh from the paint brush of von Peter himself. The Deutsch-Banat Grenzer infantryman on the base was painted literally decades ago by the same Nigel but was not required for his battalion. He has waited a l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e for his place in the army.

Whilst painting the good majorgeneral two figures destined to be based singly as ADC types were also painted. One in the uniform of the Stabs-Dragoner regiment …

The second ADC isn’t quite ready for a public unveiling on account of his horse not yet being fully pigmented by the ever idle von Peter himself! His time will come.

All figures from Front Rank Figurines and all pictures clickable for larger clearer images.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “Generalmajor Raigencourt ready for active duty

  1. He looks very good indeed but as I’m painting Russian Generals myself at present I’m very taken by the header picture of Russian Generals (Bugger, its just gone and been replaced by Prussian Dragoons!) How do you do that?

    Where might I find these and perhaps more pictures of Russian generals please your Enemananene? I asl in order that I might unashamedly use them as a reference for painting please

    • Every day we meet is a good day valleyboy. 😃

      The random heading picture at the top of the blog is a feature of the WordPress theme – twentyeleven – that I use with the blog. The controls and pictures displayed are got at via WP Admin -> Appearance -> Customise -> Header image. I think that not all themes have the ability.

      Re more pictures of my Napoleonic Russian commanders see on my website (as opposed to my blog). The heading picture (currently!) rotates through three pictures one of which is the picture to which I think you refer. The same general – Colonel Maznew* – is to be seen further down the page.

      And I have more unpublished pictures should you need more.

      * I use the stand to represent Colonel Maznew though the model may not necessarily be that of a Colonel! 😇

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you James.

      To prove my credentials as a truly amateur photographer of the most lack lustre nature the blue in the photograph – and on my monitor! – is a little lighter than the blue on the actual figure which changes absolutely nothing as it is still “particularly lovely”.

      It would appear that I’m quite attracted to that blue. I now have two Stabs Dragoner figures in my Austrian army and one of their dismounted equivalent from the Stabs-Infanterie.

      von Peter himself

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