Snippets #14

One day von Peter himself hopes to get back to pigmenting his figures but until then a quick drive by of some items of potential interest …

Aventine Byzantines

Aventine Miniatures have started a 28mm range of early Byzantines. The first unit type out off the gate is the heavy infantry. Lighter armoured infantry are apparently in the works.


Skirmishing’ish Ancients rules

The TooFatLardies are working on a skirmish’ish level game set in those ancient times. Think Sharp Practice sized games though it has been stressed that this is a new game and not Sharp Practice with the gun powder removed. See …


But there’s more …


The son & heir raised Clash of Spears into the consciousness of von Peter himself. Victrix has  partnered with the rule writers to provide Punic Wars “warbands” and guess who already has Victrix figures for the Punic Wars. A clue – it’s The son & heir.

More details can be found here including links to further details on the rules themselves.



von Peter himself has seen and heard multiple awestruck reports of a Stalingrad table. And here’s a little video on it …


A newly discovered Podcast

For those with an interest in WWII a couple of patriotic Brits host a podcast on that conflict. von Peter himself has listened to around ten episodes as the time of typing and finds the presentation and topics entertaining. The official blurb …

Achtung! Achtung!

Comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland discuss all matters Second World War.

We Have Ways of Making You Talk is a weekly show exploring the war in close up. James and Al have a stunning knowledge of their subject, but don’t expect a linear narrative. The boys love a tangent and a forgotten tale.

We Have Ways of Making You Talk roams down forgotten front lines, casts new villains and makes the case for unlikely heroes.

Send questions to James and Al via Twitter using #WeHaveWays or by email to

Battle stations!

Search for “We Have Ways of Making You Talk” on your favourite podcast provider.


Would von Peter himself have been as indomitable?

Very sad and poignant yet also positive and uplifting …

Totally worth it

Some very wise words with the bonus of having a health message built in.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

9 thoughts on “Snippets #14

  1. Thank you your Enemanence. I actually saw the Stalingrad terrain in the flesh at a Partizan show and can only describe it by using a much favoured Kiwi word as “awesome”.
    I trust that your dive by does not mean that you are temporarily abandoning the painting your Napoleonics for the moment in favour of something more ancient? I hope not – for otherwise I shall be (how you say in Kiwi) gutted 🙂 !

    • Welcome Valleyboyo

      I went to a Partisan once. Many moons ago. Sigh.

      I have not abandoned Napoleonics. Several of them sit unloved partially pigmented on the painting table. Life doesn’t seem to be leaving much time or energy for them at the moment but that will hopefully soon change.

      von Peter himself

      • Thanks for posting the Stalingrad link i had a great time building that,i have a request for you related to your Napoleonic basing ,i was looking at your lovely Prussians and was struck by the grass you have used. Could you help me with a description and link to where i can get that type of grass and how you applied it.
        Cheers Alan

        • Hello Alan

          Apologies for the delayed response.

          Thank you for your kind words on my gallant but badly led Prussians. 😃

          I would love to name the “grass” … but I can’t. Sob. I had carefully secreted away the label of that grass for future reference … and the we moved out of our house and into storage and then back into our house and then moved to a new house. Somewhere along the way I have mislaid the label!!! From memory it was an orange label from one of the model railway type suppliers. And I have precious little of that “grass” left. More pathetic sobbing.

          I now use a “grass” from MiniNatur but it aint as nice.

          I apply the grass by …

          a. giving the container it is in a good shake … kidding myself that it helps build a static charge
          b. paint on watered down PVA
          c. submerge the base of the stand by drizzling the grass from above until the base is well and truly submerged
          d. leave for a few minutes then shake off the excess
          e. if required repeat steps c. & d. (a repeat of step b. is not usually required)
          f. leave to dry
          g. remove unattached “grass” by shaking / lightly banging / use of a brush / blowing extremely delicately!

          von Peter himself

  2. Hi Your Vonship – another entertaining post and thank for the podcast tip – I am always on the look out for something to listen to other than Austrian Military Marches, and that Holland character is a mean historian!

  3. Dear Mr. Von Peter

    Do you still have the book “Polish troops in service of Napoleon”? If so, could you help me withthe uniforms of the Honor Gaurd and Pospolite Ruszenie (Noble Levy) units? I’ve been searching for years on te subject, and the book is prohibitedly expensive in my local currency.

    All the best

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