The men of the Polish 2nd Uhlans have been sworn in to the Napoleonic Polish Army of von Peter’s himself. But not without incident.  😥

All was well until the penultimate stage of their formation – the varnishing stage. von Peter himself cannot recall ever having problems with varnish before but sadly this is no longer the case. A can of Army Painter “Anti-Shine” was procured and tested and all seemed well. A light spray was applied to the figures as the first of several planned layers … but it soon became evident that not all was well! 💀

On inspection the figures were revealed to be frosted! And what had been smooth surfaces now had a distinctly rough feel to them!! Bad words may have been uttered. This was a first Army Painter purchase and though it may not be the cans fault there will not be a big rush to acquire many more of their products. This is life and death “stuff” we are talking here after all!

Apparently one potential solution is to respray the varnish with the theory being that this will dissolve the applied varnish and all will hopefully dry correctly. von Peter himself was not brave enough to attempt this technique as his first remedy. It was discovered that rubbing a damp finger over the affected areas seemed to slowly remove the varnish or at least improve its looks. So rubbing has been undertaken though a close look at the picture below will reveal that more is required. As evidence see the dusty looks around the front legs of the leading elite uhlan’s horse and the white speckle marks on the neck of his fellow elite uhlan’s horse. A click on the image will reveal the flaws more clearly. More remedial work required.

It’s all a bit of a let down. Sob!

Close inspection of the image below may also reveal a horse without a rider. Uhlan Wolkonski has been delayed in his journey from the recruiting school to the front. He is expected imminently.

Front Rank Figurines figures, GMB Designs flag and pennons, men pigmented by Nigel Fun-nell, horses and basing by von Peter himself. Varnish supplied by Army Painter.

Above: General de brigade Krukowiecki watches the 2nd Uhlans pass through a Russian village.

“Zere iz somezing not quite right vith za men today. Zey seem to lack zeir normal lustre”

More fantasy Arabs

The son & heir has long since returned to Dunedin in preparation for another year of hard working study. At least that is his parents dream – the hard working bit! 😃 Of course there was no room in his luggage for any figures … and of course he wants to continue painting some and even play with them. So von Peter himself carefully packed up some paints and brushes and his Lord of the Rings Haradrim – minus the painted cavalry for which there was no room for such fragile sculpts – and sent them down.

Three of the figures packed and sent were painting in progress Haradrim Abrakhân Merchant Guards. These are big men of fearsome strength if von Peter himself has the fluff understood. They looked interesting so a quick photograph before they disappeared into the box was snapped and here it is …


von Peter himself has been invited to a Birthday Bash game in early April – thank you Goldie. The scenario is based on a portion of Leipzig 1813 and von Peter himself is to play the part the Polish Prince Poniatowski. As long as a swim is not required at the end of the game von Peter himself is happy enough with his allocated role. This is especially so as the Poles are currently getting some attention at Neu Schloss von Peter. It may even be that a few Poles will be available to be sourced locally for the game.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

8 thoughts on “Varnishgate

  1. Oh dear the dreaded varnish frosting. – it happens a lot up here with our high humidity. The process of respraying usually does the trick of resetting the matting agent. Some years ago I moved away from spray varnishes and started using the Atelier brand brush on matte varnish. You can apply this stuff very thickly and it dries dead matte – you need to be a little careful not to let it accumulate in very deep folds, but it has been a Godsend for me. I actually went through and revarnished all my older figures, many of which had a slight semi-gloss finish and it worked brilliantly. And the best thing for me is that a $25 bottle is enough for more than a year’s worth of painting for me – and you know what my volumes can be like…

    • Hi Mark

      I actually have a bottle of the Atelier stuff. Either you told me about it or more likely you told Terry about who told me. Perhaps I should have used it! 😃

      The problem is that I’m spraying on the varnish to fix the static grass that is on the base as much as to protect the figures. Hmmmm!

      von Peter himself

    • Well met valleyboyo

      I will admit that this is the first unit I’ve varnished for a little while. I’m not so worried for the figures but want to fix the static grass in place! 😃

      Talking with Nigel Fun-nell he had sprayed the uhlans that he painted with Army Painter “Anti-Shine” with no problems. I had actually noticed how matt the figures were when I unpacked them.

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Chasseur

      And thanks for the advice. I might just do that but with a brush on varnish. I seem to be surrounded by matt varnishes but I did unearth some unopened Humbrol Satin Cote – “A solvent-based varnish that goes on clear and dries clear”.

      von Peter himself

  2. Hi Peter and sorry to hear the winters had come eatly on those Poles. Same thing happened to a mate once and a brush on of gloss varnish and then respray once dry. All perfect!

    • Happy New Year Carlo

      I like it – winter coming to those frosted uhlans. Very good. 👍

      I may give the solution a try – see my response to Chasseur above – eventually. I’m not feeling particularly brave at the moment though! 🤓

      von Peter himself

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