The son & heir – raider

It being summer holiday season and nearly Christmas The son & heir has returned from his digs in the student ghetto of Dunedin to remorselessly raid the fridge and other food repositories of Neu Schloss von Peter. This raiding mindset perhaps explains his desire to collect a force of Haradrim from the land of Harad. The more knowledgable of The dear readers will recognise the previous gobbledygook as being of Middle Earth and it’s tales as related in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and other books by J. R. R. Tolkien.

The collecting of the Haradrim – or as von Peter himself prefers the Fantasy Arabs – has commenced with some Haradrim Raiders. These are cavalry armed with either spear or bow.

Above: The Haradrim Raiders living up to their name have raided and torched a building. Being Fantasy Arabs in a fantasy world there is no need to justify desert peoples burning down log cabins better suited to much cold regions. Excellent!  😇

Click the image for an improved view.

The figures are from Games Workshop and as such do not come cheap. But The son & heir is no common or everyday fool. He has used gifted vouchers to get his Haradrim Raiders. His girlfriend – Lord have mercy upon her! 😊 – has supplied more figures as a birthday offering and Christmas will provide Haradrim Warriors as well as mounted & on foot versions of The Betrayer care of The son & heir’s much put upon parents. Truly an evilly raided force!!

von Peter himself is most thankful the The son & heir has been creative. Someone needs to be creative and von Peter himself has not recently been that someone. That is about to change with more than little help from Nigel Fun-nell who has added the sobriquet of “painter of items Napoleonic Polish for von Peter himself” to his name.

And finally the residents of Neu Schloss von Peter would like to sincerely wish all The dear readers a productive and Merry Christmas. Please ensure that you all keep safe.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “The son & heir – raider

    • Merry Christmas valleyboyo

      The figures are nicely sculpted etc but the most annoying thing is that The son & heir churns them out so quickly. He obviously gets his painting speed from his mother! 🤡

      von Peter himself

  1. Merry Christmas to you and the family as well. I always wander how it must be to celebrate Christmas in summer, although if the last few year are a trend even us in the northern hemisphere might get to know that. ☹️

    Personally I like the fact, that through all these years the hobby has still stuck with the son and heir. Many teenagers shift to less productive or even worse more destructive hobbies. Which I take as a good sign for the future.

    • Festive greetings Burkhard

      I’ve never known anything but a summer Christmas and it seems perfectly natural for us/me. We often have Christmas lunch with the family on the deck under the grape vine and complain about the heat! 😎 It doesn’t always work out though. The forecast is for rain this 25th December so we plan to do our celebrating inside.

      The traditional Christmas images still hold sway here however – falling snow etc and Santa Claus dressed up to survive a most cold environment.

      The son & heir has amazingly stuck with his gaming. I didn’t when I went to university but rather took time out. He has a benefit of friends that game but good for him all the same.

      von Peter himself

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