More Saxon foot artillerymen immigrate to NZ

As told in several of the preceding posts Calpe Miniatures have released their Saxon Foot Artillery … though their website is yet too catch up! von Peter himself already had five packs of gunners in hand – see SA stands for Saxon Artillery – and now the NCOs, officers and a few “others” have arrived so that finally it will be possible to create the gun crews for a battery … or two. It is these NCOs, officers and “others” that are the reason for this post.

When selecting the latest artillerymen von Peter himself foresook his default preference for uncovered shakos. These all have covered shakos to reduce the bling and represent what was probably the more likely occurrence of covered shakos being the more common in the field.

Still being of a rather idle disposition von Peter himself proposes to let a couple of images of each pack top all the talking. But first the usual stock standard copy and pasted caveats …

  • The figures are presented as they arrived excepting that the larger runners inherent in the casting progress have been removed with a craft knife and the fingers of von Peter himself. The same fingers straightened any bent ram rods etc
  • The figures have been cunningly rearranged between the front and back images so that the figures in the matching front and back photographs match left to right. Ahh … that is to say for example that the figure second on the left is the same figure in the front and back photos. If this has not been adequately explained then don’t worry about it as it probably doesn’t matter. Just be aware that von Peter himself went that extra step to the benefit of The dear reader
  • von Peter himself has quickly ‘washed’ the figures with ‘Shader Black’ from Coat d’arms to bring out the details a little
  • While marvelling at the figures please remember that they are presented in larger than life size … depending on The dear readers device of course!
  • ‘Click’ the photos for a larger and clearer image.

Above: SA15 – NCOs (gun captains) covered shakos


Above: SA17 – “Others” pack. Three ammunition runners and three trail spike holders, covered shakos


Above: SA19 – Battery command – mounted officer, two foot officers, sapper, drummer, Feldwebel. (only available in covered shakos).

FYI – the images do not do justice to the mounted officer.


The feeling in Neu Schloss von Peter is that a Saxon foot battery will most likely be the next unit to be painted. But there are still several non unit paint jobs – leaders, limbers, horses etc – sitting partially completed on the painting table. The order of anything being painted truly is a lottery. And there has not been a lot of painting happening recently. Perhaps it’s time to don a hair shirt until the behaviour improves.



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

13 thoughts on “More Saxon foot artillerymen immigrate to NZ

    • Howdies Paul

      They sure are a great addition to the range. And that’s no error! 😃

      My next task with the Saxon foot gunners is to select my gun crews from the various packs I have. That should be enjoyable.

      von Peter himself

  1. These Calpe figures really are beautiful sculpts, and they seem quite cheap all of a sudden. I am sure years ago, when they first came out, they were amongst the more expensive on the market – yet now, they seem to be very cost effective – GBP1.10 each is a very competitive price when compared with Front Rank at GBP1.25 now I think, and the horrendously over priced Foundry!

    • Hello Keith

      As a fully paid up self confessed Calpe fanatic I can only whole heartedly agree with you – beautiful sculpts.

      But unfortunately I think your Calpe pricing is a bit old fashioned now! 😊

      Looking at the new/current Calpe website – – the pricing for foot figures in the packs works out as GBP1.20 each.

      The old Calpe veterans section of the site – – shows the price of a foot figures as GBP1.10 but I think this is purely because that part of the site is not being updated. I’m fairly sure that the figures shown here are actually sold for GBP1.20 each though a call / email to Calpe Towers would confirm or other wise.

      Not that I wish to be the bearer of bad news. 😢

      von Peter himself

  2. Cher Monsieur von Peter,
    Thank you for this update which had me spilled my coffee the minute saw the mounted officer and his merry battery command. I have been waiting and waiting for an update at Calpe Towers webthingy I reckon “they” should hire you. On another note (and apologies if you already know about this)I found out via facebook that the first generation Calpe Saxon infantry are sold in the UK by Conqueror Models, I suspect they bought the moulds. The Conqueror owner seems like a very nice person (sent me a prompt reply to my questions) and the prices and postage are very good too. Thank you again for your blog and the laughs it never fails to bring.
    Cyrille von Grumpy (lui-même)

    • Hello Cyrille von Grumpy (himself)

      Always nice to meet another “von”. I wonder if we’re related! 😃

      Many thanks for your kind words. I’m blushing with pleasure!

      No I did not know about Conqueror Models obtaining the first generation Saxon moulds. In fact I didn’t know about Conqueror Models! Thank you for the intelligence. Excellent reconnaissance work! 😃

      von Peter himself

      • Hello von Peter himself,
        Thanks to you my bank account is feeling lighter this morning, Saxon battery on its way to a new home (Lead pile is not going to be happy).
        Are we related ? We must be! As Monsieur James Brown used to sing “it is a von’s world” ;o)
        Again keep up the good work and the clever sillyness, it is very much appreciated!
        Cyrille von Grumpy

  3. Von Peter is correct – they are all £1.20 each and still some of the cheapest on the market. Von Peter is my go to for new release information in respect of Calpe!

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