Shocking news … please be seated before continuing

Perhaps the title is a little overblown but the soon to be revealed event has not happened a lot recently. von Peter himself has completed a battalion! And that battalion was totally and all his own work!!! Enough of the applause. We don’t have all day you know!  😃

The battalion in question is the Saxon 1/Prinz Frederich August Infantry Regiment which was part of Generalmajor Mellentin’s 2nd Brigade … in Generallieutenant Lecoq’s 24th (Saxon) Division … which in turn constituted part of General de Division Reynier’s VII Corps in 1813. Calpe Miniatures of course with flag from GMB Designs.

The new boys can be seen in the image below being bravely backed up by the other now veteran … and somewhat wary! … Saxon battalions under the stewardship of von Peter himself.

Next up is the six figure Saxon Jaeger company. There were thoughts of starting a Prussian battalion but who can resist a mere six figure unit? And they’ve even been started. All six of them! Well they’ve been cleaned up … an extremely minor undertaking … and undercoated. But still technically they are actually started! von Peter himself wonders how long they will take especially given all the other distractions on the painting table.

Why wast an opportunity?

It is no small matter to set the scene for a photo shoot so only a foolish man would not take the opportunity to snap a few more photos. There are still several units that require up to date or improved images for placement on the slowly developing web page of von Peter himself which runs in parallel this here blog.

The lucky units this time around were the Austrian Deutsch-Banat Grenz Regiment and a commander. You can see these on the Napoleonic Austrian page of the aforementioned website.

Please remember that one can partake of the advanced technology provided at no extra charge by clicking on the images to see larger and clearer versions.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

7 thoughts on “Shocking news … please be seated before continuing

  1. Well done that man! Gosh Peter when I saw the title I though what calamity has befallen our southern cousins now. I knew it wouldn’t be Rugby related because, lets face it, you guys rule the universe in that however for a split second I considered a Von Peter hiatus from the hobby may have been on the cards. Thankfully that is not the case.

    You have done so sterling work on those figures Peter and they are absolutely top shelf!

    • Hello Carlo

      The truth of the matter with the title is that the devil made me do it! He / she / it / they – does any one really know which it is? – planted a wee seed in my brain and the prattish side of my personality ran with it. It seemed like fun at the time! 😊

      von Peter himself

    • Howdies Mark

      An Irish coffee would’ve been a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?!

      I think that the ratio of painted figure output between us must be about 273:1 in your favour. I can but marvel at your productiveness.

      Aren’t you overdue for another trip to Wellington? 😃

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you valleyboyo.

      Yes the Saxon six are coming along quite nicely at what locally is an unheard of alacrity! Currently the concept of piping is being dealt with one piping at a time! 🤪

      One trusts that you have settled back in after your overseas excursion.

      von Peter himself

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