SA stands for Saxon Artillery

Yet another personal anniversary of von Peter himself has recently passed. Tradition dictates that in preparation for such an event contact should be made with Calpe Miniatures to see if there is an urgent need to organise the delivery of critical military supplies to coincide with said anniversary. Contact was duly made and yes there was great need to arrange for the delivery of critical military supplies. The Saxon foot artillery figures have started rolling off the production line.

At the time of contact von Peter himself was able to select an order from …

  • four packs of gunners in covered shakos
  • four packs of gunners in uncovered shakos
  • an alternate heads pack with two gunners wearing fatigue caps, one bareheaded and another with a bandaged head.

von Peter himself arranged for the delivery of two packs each from the covered and uncovered shako packs – exactly which ones were left to Calpe’s discretion – as well as the alternate heads pack.

It is strongly suspected that each pack is constructed in such way that the figures work together as a coherent gun team hard at their work. The current thought is to use them as such with the exception of the alternate heads pack who will get mixed in to the other sets in a random saucey 😲 manner. The arrival of officer pack(s?) may alter this or some bases may just get the addition of an officer. Time will tell.

And now for some pictures but first the usual caveats …

  • The figures are presented as they arrived excepting that the larger runners inherent in the casting progress have been removed with a craft knife and the fingers of von Peter himself. The same fingers straightened any bent ram rods etc
  • The figures have been cunningly rearranged between the front and back photographs so that the figures in the matching front and back photographs match left to right. Ahh … that is to say for example that the figure second on the left is the same figure in the front and back photos. If this has not been adequately explained then don’t worry about it as it probably doesn’t matter. Just be aware that von Peter himself went that extra step to the benefit of The dear reader
  • von Peter himself has quickly ‘washed’ the figures with ‘Shader Black’ from Coat d’arms to bring out the details a little
  • While marvelling at the figures please remember that they are presented in larger than life size … depending on The dear readers device of course!
  • As yet von Peter himself does not have any pack descriptors … so none are provided! The pack code identifier is as written on the bag containing the figures
  • ‘Click’ the photos for a larger and clearer image.









SA14 – artillerymen with head variants. Two in fatigue cap, one bareheaded and one with a bandaged head.

That there are more packs to come is hinted at by the coding of the alternate heads pack as SA14. So another typical Calpe job carpet bombing the covered the topic with many options to use. Excellent! Limbers and caissons are anticipated and perhaps some marching gunners – perhaps even including a musician – as provided for in the Prussian foot & horse artillery ranges.

It is strongly suspected that Calpe Towers will not be promoting the range until more / all of the planned packs are available.


Above: Saxon artillery during a hard day at the office. von Peter himself suspects the action is purportedly from The Battle of Grossbeeren – 20th August, 1813


Of course Calpe Miniatures have had a variety of Saxon cannon available for quite some time now. von Peter himself has had some in storage for just such an occasion!  😃

Above: image “borrowed” from the Calpe Miniatures website


A personal anniversary celebratory book

Another prize from the personal anniversary came in the form of a book – The Saxon Army 1810-1813. This book came out in German several years ago but has since become available in English which is much more useful to any poor ignorant soul lacking in German.

The official blurb states …

This book presents this “new” Saxon Army with numerous contemporary illustrations, with plates by Patrice Courcelle and Edmund Wagner as well as graphic tables of uniforms of all the regiments by Peter Bunde. A description of the war experiences rounds out the presentation and thus the volume gives the reader a good, thorough introduction to the organization, uniforms and history of the Saxon Army of 1810-1813.

Format: Softback 72 pages with 51 colour illustrations, including three maps and 14 full-page pictures with uniforms.

The authors are Peter Bunde, Markus Gärtner and Markus Stein. Whatever else Peter Bunde may have contributed to the book parts of his various Brigade uniform plates on the Saxons are reproduced in the book … though not always identically. The Foot artillery uniforms on page 64 of the book show a bluer grey than on the uniform plate number 188, Saxon Foot Artillery Regiment 1810-1813. This may be  for any number of reasons – a deliberate change based on further research or an error in colour registration with either the book or the plate. Anyway the main takeaway here is that the book reproduces some of the details from the plates but no where near all.

The initial verdict on the book is a 5 star “hell yeah!” rating!  😊



Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

11 thoughts on “SA stands for Saxon Artillery

  1. Hi your Vonship! Another entertaining and informative post. I may have mentioned this before but my appreciation is such it bears repeating – by washing the figures you preview it makes it so much more useful to the average wargamer like me to see the real quality of these figures – thanks for the extra effort!
    Great tip off on the Saxon book – duly ordered!
    Keep up the good work!

    • My dearest Sparkles.

      If the truth be known I tried to do a swiftie and set up the first pack in it’s full silvery factory finish magnificence, pointed the camera at it … and went “nah”. It was no good. So I cursed and muttered like only old men can and resigned myself to giving the figures a wash. I am so undeserving of any plaudits!! 😊

      It’s great to hear that you’ve ordered a copy. It has to be worth the authors, publishers etc effort to create these things otherwise the supply of new material may just dry up.

      As a related aside I note that many (all?) of Peter Bunde’s Brigade plates seem to be available in Pinterest. These really should be taken down ASAP.

      von Peter himself

    • Many thanks valleyboyo.

      I trust that you have safely returned to our shores from your grand world tour.

      Be warned that whenever your phone rings … it just may be me! ARRGGGHHHH!! 😎

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Keith. Well met.

      It sure would be nice to see them painted in the near future … but they probably won’t be by me. 😢

      My output is having one of it’s slow periods and I have other figures in the pipeline that will take precedence. Also I would rather have the officer figures – and what ever else might appear – in hand before I make a start. So probably a few days/weeks is being somewhat optimistic for mineself.

      Of course I am nothing if not flakey! It could all change tomorrow. I could paint a figure, or a crew and maybe even a cannon or two!

      Personally I’d love to see what Peter Fitzgerald – Mr Calpe – would do with the figures. He really does great job on them. And his pictures become a wonderful painting guide.

      von Peter himself

  2. Of course I come across these just as I am in the middle of prepping some Elite Miniatures Saxon artillery! Never fails. Still, bird in the hand, and all that.

    I will need some light infantry at some point, though- I imagine Peter will be getting around to doing those in the near future.

    And congratulations on your anniversary! A great gift.

    • Hello Robert

      Thanks for dropping by. 😊

      To my knowledge the Saxon Light Infantry should have been released after the Saxon Jaegers – see the news post at …–post–24.html

      But Peter F. uncovered some contradictory information on the Light Infantry uniforms so moved on to the Foot Artillery while he sorted the uniforms.

      I would pick that the Light Infantry will follow the Foot Artillery … but there’s nothing official to this pick.

      von Peter himself

  3. What was a Saxon “Granatkanone”? Used in the late `18th and early 19th century. Is there an English-language equivalent?

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