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Christmas 2017 is looming larger and larger day by day. Hurrah! In the spirit of seasonal festivities von Peter himself brings a little joyous news for fans of Calpe Miniatures. What follows is part of an email responsive from Calpe Towers received on Sunday 10 December 2017 …

The Saxon firing line figures are indeed complete with the exception of the last pack which is waiting for the grenadiers to be completed so that I have enough new figures to make a master mould. The following figures are available at the moment –
S52 – Headquarters pack. Two mounted staff officers and two standing figures.
S53 – Firing line. Three figures firing, three loading.
S54 – Four musketeers holding fire.
S55 – Variants pack. Two head turn figures and two with greatcoat rolls.

The following figures should be ready by the end of next week.
F56 – Variants pack. Four figures, two with forage caps and two with bare heads.
F57 – Command pack. Drummer, standard bearer etc. 6 fig. pack
S58 – Grenadier firing line, two figures firing, two loading two holding fire.
S59 – Grenadier variants pack. Head turns, forage and greatcoat roll variants of figures in pack S58.

S60 is almost complete but will not be available until Jan. of next year. This will be the first of the light infantry packs and will be the Jaegers, a 6 fig. pack in skirmish poses. The light infantry is set to go but has been stalled by conflicting bits of info. Not sure currently of bugle horns on turn-backs, sidearms, officer’s shabraques, pompons or officer’s surtout. Thought I had made all decisions necessary but new info. has surfaced from J. Titze (booklets only available in German) which has thrown a spanner in the works. Will discuss this via email with Peter Bunde over Christmas and get going with the sculpting in Jan.

The firing line figures were expected. The pack S52 – Headquarters pack. Two mounted staff officers and two standing figures was not. The description of this pack has Peter himself thinking of the French F18 Regimental headquarters pack which also contains two mounted and two standing figures. Even in von Peter’s ham fisted hands F18 gave a pleasing result – see below for a recycled picture – so S52 will be looked for with interest.

Further information gleaned that may be of interest to The Dear readers was that …

  • the website will be updated with pictures when the website guy gets some time to do so
  • Calpe Towers will be taking a break over Christmas.


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

3 thoughts on “Christmas 2017 news

  1. Wonderful update as normal Peter. Now, I’m sure I’ve asked you this before however I cannot recall. I do love the way you have painted your Hovels Russian buildings and want mine to look as similar as possible. Can I please ask for your painting formula on these ones?

    • Hello Carlo

      I don’t know about wonderful. A cheap and cheerful post which may be useful to someone … or two! 😇

      As for the formula for painting the Russian buildings … and don’t tell anyone as it is a state secret …

      The wooden bits …
      1. Tamiya “Buff”

      2. washed with Gamesworkshop/Citadel “Devlan Mud Wash”. This is an old colour sort of replaced with “Agrax Earthshade”. It is a dark chocolate wash. I found some info at

      3. Drybrush back the Tamiya “Buff”

      4. Drybrush Tamiya “Deck Tan”.

      The thatch …
      1. Tamiya “Dark Yellow”

      2. washed with Gamesworkshop/Citadel “Gryphonne Sepia Wash” new replaced by “Seraphim Sepia”. This is reddish in colour.

      3. Drybrush back the Tamiya “Dark Yellow”

      4, Drybrush Resene “Putty”. Resene is a local paint company just to make your life easier! It is a yellowish parchment colour.

      I’m not sure how much this all helps. An indication of colours and the approach taken perhaps!

      Oh, and to give credit where it is due The son & heir came up with the colour combinations.

      von Peter himself

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