Ongoing Austrian preparations for war

A quick photo of the latest output from the Napoleonic Austrian recruitment and refurbishment activities of von Peter himself. This most unusual rash of productivity is in preparation for the upcoming multiplayer battle with those dastardly French. Click on the image for a larger and clearer view.

Front and centre is a new 12 pounder battery. Something for those arrogant French to think about … … hopefully!

The command stand pictured is the CinC stand for von Peter’s Austrian forces and is finally available for use. The trooper in blue behind his betters is from the Stabs-Dragoner. They along with the dismounted Stabs-Infanterie constituted the Stabs-Truppen. Their duties included protection and escort details for the general headquarters & staff and acting as headquarters gendarmes in the field. An infantryman from a Grenz unit is disdainfully walking by at the back of the stand … not that he can be easily viewed here.

The three battalions of infantry are from the Reus-Plauen Infantry Regiment. They have been faithfully serving von Peter himself for literally decades. The poor devils! 😃 As a reward for their long service they have been presented with new flags from GMB Designs as the old ones were tired and faded. They’ve also had static grass and some tufts applied to their bases. Thankfully the figures themselves were still in good condition and so needed no work. The first battalion has the white flag; the second a yellow flag and a mounted officer; the third a yellow flag but no mounted officer.

All figures sourced from Front Rank Figurines and painted by Nigel Fun-nel – the official pigmenter of Napoleonic Austrians for von Peter himself. Horses, cannon by von Peter himself.

Finally watching on from the background is the latest  Napoleonic Civilian also from Front Rank Figurines. von Peter himself painted this  worthy for himself.

There are more preparations required for the impending Astro – French slugfest including but not limited to more Austrian units awaiting their long service refurbishment. von Peter himself should really get back to the painting desk as the game day approaches and he’d rather have everything complete without a last minute mad rush. More illustrative pictures of the new artillery battery and CinC stand may be issued in the future.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


6 thoughts on “Ongoing Austrian preparations for war

  1. Von P it’s great to see the Osterreich Hauptarmee stirring in Bohemia prior to once again taking on La Grande Armee in armed contest .
    I’m interested in how you did your whites as I’m about to embark on the same journey building the same army?
    The stabs Dragoner is a nice touch on the CinC base and I will copy that if you allow such base plagiarism 😃😃
    I hadn’t realised Front Rank were doing civilians I must go peruse and purchase.
    What rules do you intend using ?? Have you dipped the toes in the water with either Over the Hills or General D’Armee?

    • Thank you Peter

      Apologies for the delayed response.

      Nigel Fun-nell paints my Napoleonic Austrian figures and he carefully paints in the shadows and creases over the white. He is a very accurate and tidy painter and makes great job of it. This is the approach I took several decades back painting Seven Years War Austrians.

      I paint any own Napoleonic Saxons who also wear white. My approach differs. I had an explanation of the technique in my original blog …

      –> starting copy from the old blog

      As usual the figures received a black undercoat (Games Workshop’s Chaos Black – GW paints have the big advantage of being available locally). Next comes a browny base coat (GWs Citadel Foundation paint Khemri Brown) where the white is to be. To the right is a picture of the figure at this stage. Obviously accuracy is not a major concern at this stage!

      White is then built up over the figure (more on the high bits, less in the low) until happy with the result. There’s probably an official term for this but it eludes the writer at the moment.

      No particular innovations sadly.

      –> ending copy from the old blog

      Obviously no “To the right is a picture of the figure at this stage.” as I’m not sure you can add pictures to a WordPress blog comment. Sorry.

      I build up the white by first dry brushing and then deliberately painting the white on the raised folds etc. Calpe Miniatures are great for this as they have exaggerated folds to assist with dry brushing

      Not the fastest way to paint white but I’m happy with it. Any pictures of my Saxons on this blog have been painted this way though my photographic skills (or patience) are not up to getting good photos of whites!!

      BTW, Khemri Brown has been replaced with Baneblade Brown in the latest GW paint range … I think!

      The paganism you are contemplating is to be encouraged. Stabs-Truppen are sadly lacking on the wargaming tables of the world from what I’ve seen. I had a member of their Seven Years War predecessors on one of my SYW command stands and I have a member of the 1813 Stabs-Infanterie ready to go on another Napoleonic Austrian command … hopefully in the nearish future.

      I have not done much about Over the Hills but I have followed the development of General d’Armee and have a copy of the rules. I even have three of my photographs published in General d’Armee which is great for the ego! 😃

      This may very well be my largest ever comment on my own blog. I hope it is of some use or, at the very least, entertainment! 😃

      von Peter himself

  2. I trust the yellow facings are not a direct reflection of their morale status your Enemanence or you might be in a bit of trouble
    They are rather handsomely based I must say – when the French columns come advancing do you think that grass is long enough for them to hide themselves away in? I think not

    • Well met valleyboyo

      I find that the yellow facings suit my generalship style rather well … but that is just between you and me you understand!

      There will be plenty of French columns heading the way of my lovely boys wearing white in the impending big game refight. You can say many things about that emperor but he was not a fool. There will be more boys in blue than in white, and they will have a qualitative edge and a definite advantage in leadership ratings. Does it sound like I’m preparing the ground with excuses? One must plan for the future you know!! 😃

      von Peter himself

  3. Lovely work Peter and wonderful to see that the impending heavy weight bout is already attracting the fantastic pre-match verbal jousting.

    • Hello Carlo

      I know not of what you speak. What verbal jousting? von Peter himself only speaks the truth … … … unlike the filthy propaganda uttering swine on the offending side of the battle!!!


      von Peter himself

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