Horse and musket bits

The main reason that von Peter himself brings to The dear readers this post is to be found as the last item below. But that by itself would be but a paltry offering therefore two visions of Prussians of the Seven Years War (SYW) variety are offered up as filler.

The images are from 2007 and show von Peter’s other Prussians deployed ready for battle against some long forgotten foe. That foe is most likely not the SYW Austrians of von Peter himself because a couple of Austrian command stands are deputising as Prussian commanders! Old Fritz would be turning in his grave!!

The SYW project was started not long after von Peter himself completed his university years. So quite a while back. We won’t dwell on how far back! 😃 At the time Military Miniatures – based in Auckland, New Zealand and since morphed into Battlefront – had a licence to cast Front Rank figures. This included the Front Rank SYW range and the easy availablity and relatively good pricing may have played into the thinking of von Peter himself to ‘do’ the SYW. Who now knows?! Two main armies were collected – the Prussians and Austrians. Later a few units of Hanoverians and French were added to the SYW collection.

The basing aesthetics are from a scheme long since abandoned and the units look a little skimpy at 12 figures a unit. Many of the flags were drawn by that clever Alan Hollows with a small number from GMB Designs for those units added long after the initial rush of collecting was over. The figures are Front Rank Figurines.

The infantry:

  • 9/10 von Mollendorf Grenadier Battalion (top picture in the second line with the yellow on their mitres)
  • 19/25 von Ramin Grenadier Battalion (top picture)

Commentary: the grenadier battalions are constituted of the grenadiers from 2 seperate Infantry Regiments. Thus half of each battalion wears the uniform of their parent regiment which includes the unique regimental mitre (tall grenadier head gear with metal front plate, coloured rear and pompom).

  • 1/9 Jung-Kleist Infantry Regiment (bottom picture, flag has a pink cross on a white backgound)
  • 2/9 Jung-Kleist Infantry Regiment (top picture, flag has a pink cross on a green background)
  • 1/10 Pannwitz Infantry Regiment (bottom picture with a white flag)
  • 2/10 Pannwitz Infantry Regiment (top picture with a blue flag)
  • 1/19 Markgraf Karl Infantry Regiment (bottom picture with a red Maltese Cross on a white background flag)
  • 2/19 Markgraf Karl Infantry Regiment (bottom picture with a white Maltese Cross on a red background flag)
  • 1/42 Markgraf Heinrich Fusilier Regiment (bottom picture with a mostly white with some orange flag)
  • 2/42 Markgraf Heinrich Fusilier Regiment (bottom picture with a mostly orange with some white flag)
  • Kleist Freicorps (top picture in green uniforms skirmishing)

The cavalry:

  • 7th Driesen Kuirassier Regiment (first line)
  • 4th Katte Dragoon Regiment (second line)
  • 7th Gelbe (Yellow) (Malachowski) Hussar Regiment (third line)

Commentary: each regiment is present on both wings.

Hopefully the figures still look much as they are seen here. It’s been a while since their boxes were opened.

There is something gentlemanly about mid Eighteenth Century warfare that was lost with the vulgarity of Napoleonic warfare and the mass conscription that fed it. And there is something very pleasing with the simpler SYW uniforms that could still differ significantly from line regiment to line regiment. von Peter himself seems to have a particular taste for horse and musket gaming so it would be a brave man who would bet against these troops once again marching across the table top.


General d’Armee: more videos

The TheTooFatLardies have released four more videos to support their – under the guise of  Reisswitz Press – soon to be released Napoleonic rules General d’Armee. Once again the introductory wording has been stolen from the mouths of the TooFatLardies.

Here Game Designer Dave Brown talks about movement and how that is handled in General d’Armee …

General d’Armee author and game designer Dave Brown talks about Firing in this video as he continues his stroll through the game sequence …

In the seventh video in this series, Dave Brown talks about melee in General d’Armee …

In the final video in this series, Dave Brown and his minder play a game of GDA ..

This completes the current release of videos for General d’Armee. And just in time too as the rules are now officially released and available for purchase.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


19 thoughts on “Horse and musket bits

  1. Hi Your Vonship! Lovely SYW eye candy – Front Rank are truly lovely, and, enamoured as I am of Big Battalions, I didn’t notice their small size until you mentioned it!
    Am reserving judgement on General d’Armee- I wasn’t a fan of Gen de Bde and Blucher seems to meet all my huge battle needs! But nice to be kept informed – I’m sure they will be well received generally…

  2. I still love the Front Rank SYW French figures that I painted when I first got back into wargaming back in the late 1990s. They’ll have met your guys in a battle or few over the years …

    • Hello Roly

      Yes I believe that our respective armies have slaughtered one another several times … only to get up and do it all over again!

      There were a few of us with SYW armies playing mostly classic Piquet. Happy days.

      von Peter himself

  3. I was looking at those gorgeous SYW Russians that Paul Stairs (??) in NZ sold me all those years ago after reading your post Peter. I really need to get them out more as they are a wonderfully painted and based army.

    • Why hello Carlo. Well met Sir! 😃

      I know, or rather knew, those Russians well. My Prussians and Austrians have fought with and against them on many an occasion!

      Yes they are a lovely army. Just another case of Australia purloining the creative outputs of New Zealand!! 😇

      von Peter himself

      • Weren’t you planning a trip to Perth mate? We could always get them out again and have a rumble over a bottle or three of red!

        • Hello Carlo

          Yes a visit too Perth is on the bucket list.

          On the plane down to Dunedin the good Fraulien von Peter herself and I had reaffirmed that a trip to Perth was still on the table. The big question is when. This came up as I was flicking through the GdA rules and your name came up as being credited for some of the images. And then I find your comment on this here blog. It’s fate I tell ya!! 👌

          We’ve been down in Dunedin and cruising around Central Otago on a trip to check out The Son & heir and his surroundings as he is studying in Dunedin. This is my lame excuse for the delayed reply.

          von Peter himself

          • Let me know if it does come off Peter and we would be delighted to catch up with the whole Family Von H!

  4. Hi Peter, I got hold of GDA earlier this week. Result is that I am busy painting British Skirmish stands fr a game on Sunday week. They look rather good – the rules not the stands, well yet anyway.

    • Well hello Graham

      It’s good to hear from you again.

      I’m sure the stands will look rather good when they’re complete.

      We’ve moved down the road into the metropolis that is Paekakariki since you were here. A bit easier for a tired traveller to find than a rural address.

      Apologies for the delayed response. We’ve been visiting The son & heir in Dunedin and playing the tourist around Central Otago. Far too much wine and ale to consume down there! 🍻

      von Peter himself

  5. Unrelated to this post but, I was wondering if you have heard any news about Calpe and when the new saxons will be out, I’m pretty excited to get my hands on them.

    • Hello Dylan

      I’m not sure what you mean by the new Saxons.

      The Calpe website has caught up with the Saxon releases at–category–5.html … as far as I’m aware.

      There were some more codes under development – as there always are! – but I don’t know if they are available yet. I must find out and if they are available I’ll put the information up on this here blog.

      Does this answer your question?

      von Peter himself

      • I should have said any news on the new marching musketeers and the new skirmishing musketeers he’s planning on making, you posted a snippet off his website which was a post by him saying he’s going to be making new musketeers for the saxons. I was/am wondering if you had any info on their release as you always seem to have the inside scoop about calpe and his new releases!! 😉

        • Hi Dylan

          Here’s my latest “scoop” 😃 …

          Nothing new has been released since the Saxon command groups. The new march attack Saxons are nearing completion.

          FYI, figures will be released as complete sets in the future rather than as a couple of packs here and a a few more there.

          von Peter himself

          • Howdies Dylan

            I think it means that for example all the packs for the march attack Saxons musketeers will be released when they are all ready and all at the same time.

            So, I guess yes. The march attack Saxon musketeers will be released when a complete battalion can be built.

            von Peter himself

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