Christmas 2016 stocking fillers

It’s nearly Christmas … again. This will be the 2016 edition. In their time honoured fashion – and to cut their losses! – the employer of von Peter himself has proclaimed …

“do not darken our door ever again … at least not until the 9th January 2017”.

So von Peter himself is on enforced leave. Not that Fraulien von Peter herself seems to have the slightest understanding of the concept of annual leave as she pronounces each days activities like a maddened town cryer at some hard labour penitentiary establishment.  Apparently hosting the great Christmas feast means that Neu Schloss von Peter and its grounds must be up to the highest standard for the honourable guests. Damn their squinty little eyes!!

Of course the view of von Peter himself could be a little tainted and really most of the days are his own to consume as he pleases. But far be it from von Peter himself to pass up the opportunity for a good cathartic moan.  😇

While the good Fraulien’s back was turned von Peter himself availed himself of the opportunity for a quick recce of the ‘net to make two joyous discoveries …

Calpe Saxon Command

The Calpe Miniatures website has had a most pleasing update.

Firstly remodelled mounted officers are available for the Saxon musketeer battalions …

S22 Four mounted musketeer officers (Horses included)


Next up are figures representing the Saxon higher command personages …

SC1 – Divisional command. Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff, Adjoint and ADC (Horses Included)


SC2 – Brigade command. Commanding colonel, adjoint, ADC. (Horses included)


SC3 – Brigade command. Commanding colonel, adjoint, ADC. (Horses Included)


Both four mounted figure packs cost £11.00 with the three mounted figure packs coming in at £8.25. Quite the bargain.  ✅

And for those that may struggle to select the appropriate pigments when colouring these new figures then Calpe Miniatures have of course come to your rescue in their Guides & Research pages, more specifically at Saxon Brigade and Divisional command groups.

Another option is the The Royal Saxon Army 1792-1814 e-book from The History Book Man.

The Royal Saxon Army 1792-1814

What haven’t yet appeared on the Calpe website are the Saxon grenadiers as revealed in  “Saxon grenadiers marching from Calpe Towers” but it is still the understanding of von Peter himself that these figures are available. Just ask for them when ordering. Maybe the command type figures are now also available for the grenadiers.

Likewise the French light infantry command packs reported in “Figure and more Calpe figures” have not yet made their way to the website. Once again ask for them when ordering.

Pictures “borrowed” from the Calpe Miniatures website where one can also see pictures of the rear of the models.

Calpe logo1

A campaign system for those small wars

The TheTooFatLardies have released their first supplemental for their well received black powder skirmish plus rule set Sharp Practice. Dawns & Departures provides a campaigning system to add context for you heroes table top adventures. From the website …

In search of adventures for your Sharp Practice characters? If so you have just found them with Dawns & Departures, the campaign handbook for Sharp Practice, providing endless campaign options with our easy to manage and fun to play Narrative Campaign system.

79 pages in length, Dawns & Departures provides everything you need to generate your campaign world, find out what your mission is and then get cracking on some fabulous adventures. Make valuable friends, gain influence at court and a reputation as a fighting man. Battle sworn enemies across a whole world and seek your fortune as you make your name in the black powder era.

Like At the Sharp End for Chain of Command, Dawns & Departures has been designed for ease of play and an absolute minimum of paperwork. Whole campaigns can be run from one sheet of paper with this simple but elegant campaign system.

This is a PDF product formatted for low ink use and easy reading on a tablet.

Available only as a pdf Dawns & Departures sounds like it is well worth the £7.50 asking price. A likely stocking filler for von Peter himself this festive season.



And a Merry Christmas and Happiest New Year to all The dear readers. Many a thank you for keeping von Peter himself company through the course of 2016.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

14 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 stocking fillers

  1. Yes I do sympathise with your domestic grievances – Schloss Sparker and grounds are now gleaming in time for the festive season, but my painting pile is growing dangerously high! Still its not our place to question the priorities of Flag Officer Home Command!

    Dawns and Departures – clearly General Flashman’s memoirs have been keenly appreciated at Lard Towers!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • By jingo that was smartly done my dearest Sparkles.

      And my sympathies with the painting pile. I am tossing up whether to challenge myself to complete the eight figures on my painting desk by Christmas. It would be nice to finish them but I am all too fully aware that such self made challenges are not really worth the paper they’re not written on. I find that I have it within me to sail on imperiously irrespective of any false challenges! 😃

      Yes and well spotted. I believe that that cad Flashman was the inspiration for the name. At least according to the Meeples and Miniatures podcast I listened to.

      And a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

      von Peter himself

  2. I think we have all been delegated to tidying up our respective barracks for the appropriate festive celebrations Peter. I do like the look of those Calpe Saxons which I have managed to keep as purely a visual admiration rather than a physical impulsive purchase. Still so much Peter Fitzgerald Prussian goodness to paint in boxes at home over a decade on! Quite disgraceful. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas Carlo

      And I think that we all have boxes of unpainted figures at home. I know mine span several periods … and sometimes several armies within a period. As you say “quite disgraceful” but from my observation perfectly normal for your average “oh shiny shiny” wargamer with big plans / dreams and limited ability to progress those plans / dreams in a hurry. 😃

      von Peter himself

  3. Merry Christmas, Peter. i too am off till the 9th, so after then perhaps we can have another meet-up for coffee? Though I presume you aren’t in your normal nearby place of work anymore due to earthquake damage? Cheers, Roly

  4. You and your family have a very merry Christmas vP!

    Those Calpe releases have me intrigued, although I have to admit that I will have to pass them by. In all fairness I have enough Napoleonic minis for decades (yes not just years) to come. At least I hope to be able to paint some of them in 2017!

    • Seasons greetings Burkhard

      I know what you mean re the backlog of figures requiring some love, attention … and paint! Never mind, fortunately I have Saxons both painted and (mostly!) unpainted and they need commanders. I must have these figures!!! 😍

      If you can’t have these figures then you and yours can at least have a very Merry Christmas.

      von Peter himself

  5. Merry Christmas Your Enemanence
    May you be Scalped this Christmas….

    err sorry … that’s a typo – may you be Calped this Christmas so finding your Christmas stocking full of Calpe lead and chocolate Father Christmases and chocolate saxons

    • And a Merry Christmas to you and yours Valleyboyo

      I must say that that was a most clever and cunningly crafted pieced of word play care of the vagaries of the English language. It wrought a smile from me. Surely thou hast Shakespearean strands in your ancestry.

      Sadly I must report that there were no discernible signs of Calpe products in my Christmas Stocking.* But I do have high hopes that some are not that far away. 👍 Hurrah for the spirit of Christmas giving … and of Christmas receiving. 👏

      I hope that you yourself had a profitable Christmas.

      And be sure to pass on a Merry Christmas message from us to Dr Antz should your paths cross this festive season.

      von Peter himself

      * to be honest there was no discernible sign of a Christmas Stocking either which just goes to show what a bunch of cheap, mean and grinch like characters I am forced to live with! 😭


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