A newish Napoleonic Bavarian Battalion

It is with a degree of frustration that von Peter himself finally presents his latest addition to his Napoleonic forces of war.

At Schloss von Peter there was a dedicated war gaming room – The Bastion – with effectively a permanently setup gaming table and halogen lighting added in the ceilings as a Christmas or Birthday present. With such a set up even von Peter himself learned where to place figures to photograph them so as to make the best of the lighting. Now resident at Neu Schloss von Peter such luxurious facilities are a thing of the past and photography is a little more challenging. As proof von Peter himself offers up the following photos of the latest battalion to answer the summons to war – the Bavarian 2/3 Prinz Carl Infantry Regiment of the Napoleonic period.


  • Figures from Front Rank Figurines
  • coloured pigments applied by Nigel Fun-nell
  • flag provisioned by GMB Designs
  • horse painting, flag raising, figure selection, figure choreography and basing by von Peter himself


One more battalion of Bavarian line infantry to go and the original plan for the Bavarians – Generalmajor Beckers brigade of Generallieutenant Raglovich’s 29th (Bavarian) Division  from XII Corps: Marshal Oudinot XII Corps circa 1813 – will be complete.

Complicating the situation is of course The son & heir. Of course! 😀 Several years ago the young man decided that he wanted to paint some Bavarians. So some Bavarians were requisitioned from Front Rank for him. He painted a battalion before deciding that painting Napoleonics would drive him crazy(er!). This battalion – 2/7 Infantry Regiment – regularly takes the field with the Bavarians of von Peter himself but the unpainted – a battalion or two of infantry, a battery and a Chevauleger regiment – remain in the unpigmented metal reserves of Neu Schloss von Peter. One suspects that in the fullness of time these figures will get the pigmentation treatment and prepare to do ‘that’ Emperor’s bidding.

Please do not be forgetting to click on the photos for a larger and clearer image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


6 thoughts on “A newish Napoleonic Bavarian Battalion

    • Hello my dearest Sparkles

      Yes, I too am a big fan of Front Rank Figurines figures. I have several armies constituted of them and another in the planning and figure accumulation phase. Nice figures, wonderful clean castings and fast friendly service.

      But my Prussians will be Calpe Miniatures figures. Amongst other considerations there is no way that the Front Rank range will match that from Calpe. No manufacturer that I can think of can match the breadth of a Calpe range.

      Oh, and I remain a self confessed Calpe zealot! 😇

      von Peter himself

  1. Beautiful looking units Peter. There is no doubt the Bavarians are a very useful force for any wargamer of the Napoleonic wars as they fight for both sides and the 1814 battles feature them a fair bit! Your wonderful Front Rank collection is very inspiring Peter!

    • Thank you Carlo. Especially as you know a thing or two about beautiful units based on the pictures you put up on your blog.

      Yes the Bavarians are great for double duty. But based on the current forces available at Neu Schloss von Peter they will be serving that Corsican chappie for a while yet.

      von Peter himself

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