Moving pictures

A quickie inspired by some of those new fangled moving pictures that may be of interest to some of The dear readers.

Salute 2016

Salute 2016 has come and gone. A bit of an extended tramp from New Zealand to the UK – though that didn’t stop that dastardly Valleyboy who will have a lot of describing to do once he returns – but via the marvels of moving pictures it’s possible to do a flyover of some of the games. If your wife / husband / partner has left you a spare 31 going on 32 minutes have a look at the Salute – 2016 video from JonLawVids. If nothing else there is plenty of soothing / meditational music to groove to!


Painting Horses

There are many painting tutorials on the interwebs. Here’s a slightly different way to paint a horse … at least different for von Peter himself. It’s all about the hair texture. Moving pictures from Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic’s How to Paint Horses. Thanks to Theo on a forum for the heads-up on this. There are several horse painting tutorials on the interwebs … in fact there are many tutorials on general miniature figure and terrain painting out there. Let your web searching go wild.

How to play Aurelian

Aurelian from Sam Mustafa from his Honour series provides the rules to fight the crisis of the 3rd century when it looked like Rome would not make it to the 4th century. It has come to the belated attention of von Peter himself that SirTobi has created a series of tutorials on the rules. Very nicely presented and well worth a look if The dear reader has any interest in Aurelian.


Glory, Hallelujah!

Thanks to Garage Gaming Terry a copy of Glory, Hallelujah – the American Civil War supplement for the Black Powder ruleset – now resides at Neu Schloss von Peter. On first flush this appears to be a well written 180 pages which is going to take some reading on account of its size. Being sourced directly from the publishers Warlord Games the book came with the ‘free’ Dead-Eye Davy metal miniature. Dead-Eye Davy is a prone sniper that comes with a choice of head to make him more obviously a Union (kepi) or Confederate (broad brimmed hat) figure. It will most likely be a kepi for von Peter himself who prefers to be on the side of the angels! 😀

The book is full of pretty pictures of war games figures. The proverbial war games porn. But excepting a couple of pictures of Dead-Eye Davy (from Warlord Games) all the figures pictured are the products of Perry Miniatures. Not a bad thing in itself as the Perry twins are rightly feted for the quality of their product but maybe some other manufacturers product might have been used on occasion. Perhaps it’s the Nottingham mafia at work! 👀 Or perhaps it was just convenient to have the Perry’s stage the photographs from their collection. Certainly flicking through the book there is a consistency provided by the use of a single range of figures.

Glory Hallelujah

And it may be just coincidence but look what long lost plastic set has appeared all of a sudden on the the Perry Miniatures Facebook page …

Perry ACW

Sharp Practice 2

The release of Sharp Practice version 2 from the TheTooFatLardies is now but a few days away on the 23 April 2016. von Peter himself has finally made his decision as to which pre release bundle to purchase and being his normal greedy and uncontrolled self has ordered Bundle 5. The biggest most expensive bundle with greatest savings … albeit that the cards and poker chip set are effectively duplicates of one another.

The Lardies have extended their explanation of the game by adding another two episodes  using moving pictures …

Sharp Practice 2

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


4 thoughts on “Moving pictures

  1. Thanks your vonship for the quick round up – Yes I’m very excited by Glory Hallejulah!, and the pics from Salute of the Perry 28mm Union ‘3 ups’ – lovely sculpts, natch! Personally I can spend hours looking at pics of Perry models…at frequently have!

    • Thank you my dearest Sparkles.

      There are lots of pictures of Perry ACW in the book – and I guess there is a fair chance that you already own a copy – so be warned that you may get into trouble with the Long Haired Brigadier should you spend too long poring over the pages. 😀

      von Peter himself

      • Fair comment Sir, however her engrossment in study means I can get away with a lot more wargaming ‘research’ than normal! As regards the book, no I don’t have a copy yet – the vexed and perennial question of supporting one’s FLGS vs the tempting abomination that is on-line shopping strikes again – I put my name down for a copy at my local so must wait for the stars, and the merchant navy, to align before I get my copy. But when I eventually do, if I still posess my intellectual faculties, I shall have a small glow of satisfaction knowing I supported a small businessman!

        • Long may the Long Haired Brigadier’s study continue. 😀

          I hear you on the Friendly Local Gaming Store. I have supported them in the past but mostly just with paints and magazines as they tended not to stock that which I desired. IMHO the internet has been a disease which maybe wasn’t fatal in itself but seriously weakened them. Likewise there used to ba a half decent bookshop in town but they’d always get their stock late and at an elevated price. A rent hike was the final straw for them.

          It’s all too sad. We will be left with the shopping topography that we have bought!!

          von Peter himself

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