Stop Press … March 2016

Map Leipzig

These here blog postings are a bit like buses. You don’t see one for ages and then two turn up at once! ūüėÉ

Sometimes von Peter himself¬†comes upon some nugget of information as he stumbles around¬†the internet attempting¬†to skry the present, past and future of wargaming. (And yes he knows that he should be using this time more profitably sitting at his painting desk but let’s just move on shall we! ūüėé).

General D’Arm√©e

Recently¬†the Donald Featherstone Memorial Weekend gaming event was hosted at the Wargames Holiday Centre.¬†The game played was the southern battle(s) from that biggie the Battle of Nations, aka Leipzig 1813. Many days, many tables, many players and many many figures. But what was the¬†interesting bit was that the game was played using Dave Brown’s latest rules, “General D’Arm√©e”. The same Dave Brown of the¬†General de Brigade rules¬†renown.¬†These “General D’Arm√©e” rules are in development, are for large games and according to Henry Hyde – see below – may be published late this year or early 2017.

For some pictures from the game see Henry Hyde’s coverage on the Miniature Wargames¬†FaceBook page¬†starting on the 19th March.

WHC Leipzig

Above:¬†this Leipzig game image “borrowed” from the¬†the¬†Miniature Wargames¬†FaceBook page

Sharp Practice 2

The¬†TheTooFatLardies¬†have released a few more details on Sharp Practice 2 on their¬†Lard Island News. Rumour has it that the TooFatLardies are working to a St Georges Day – 23 April – release. Those who listen to podcasts – and have not heard it yet – may want to download “Maples &¬†Miniatures ‚Äď Episode 167 ‚Äď Royal Armouries And Sharp Practice 2”¬†as there is quite a bit of talk on the new rules. Get it from iTunes or here … or wherever!

While interested in the updated rules von Peter himself is a bit of a grumbling grognard and is a little concerned about some of the changes. e.g. hopefully “deployment points” don’t act too much like modern day or science fiction “drop zones” allowing the magical deployment of troops as desired to counter the enemies cunning plans. We shall see. But as the author Richard Clarke says in the podcast – if you don’t like something in the rules then don’t use it. You can’t say fairer than that really.

Sharp Practice 2

Above: a look at the layout of Sharp Practice 2 as provided by the TooFatLardies. The presentation of war-games rules have certainly moved on since the original Sharp Practice

And one more little snippet … those dedicated followers of Calpe Miniatures¬†may in the nearish future¬†be able to build a new Napoleonic unit type. Such a tease! ¬†ūüėé

Don’t forget to click on the images for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


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