Of fantasies, orthodoxy and restarts

The son & heir has gotten himself all hot and bothered under the collar reminiscing over his old Warhammer Fantasy Battle Days. So hot and bothered has he got that he has dragged out his Orc & Goblin army and is currently repainting them. Green flesh is out being displaced by a ‘normal’ flesh colour. They are dressed in various tans and off-whites which leads von Peter himself to think that they must be desert Orcs & Goblins. Pictures will follow once he finishes some units which in this case means completes the basing.

von Peter himself was not to be spared the Warhammer renaissance. 600 points of Empire were duly force conscripted so as to provide opposition for the 600 points of Orcs and Goblins that had been repainted at that stage … even if the basing was not complete. A big mistake on von Peter’s part as all that was left at the end of the game was a solitary cannon with a decreased of number crew and 5 archers who were accorded the Empire MVP award. Even Kapitan von Peter himself was not spared the horror being brutally dismembered by a brutish Black Orc Big Boss. Lesson of the day relearned: never leave home without your Holy Relic – a ward save. Even if it means less swordsmen. Not good for the future of human kind at all. A gaggle of non buffed weedy goblin archers managed to wipe out to a knight a unit of Empire knights over two rounds of close combat. Such things should not be … and certainly not be reported to the world!  💀

Pressure will no doubt build for more such massacres in ever increasing sized battles as more of the green flesh skins transition to their desert habitat guise.  😃

Empire Capain

Above: von Peter himself in the guise of an Empire Captain. This figure is usually used as the Battle Standard Bearer but there is no room for one of them in a 600 point game. This photograph obviously pre the severe chopping up into little pieces delivered by the Black Orc Big Boss. A rather severe reminder as to why pathetic humans should not go forth in the Warhammer Fantasy world without some extra magical protection. The standard was kindly provided by GMB Designs who upon request changed the colours of their Seven Years War Prussian flag of Infantry Regiment 19 to the black and white as seen.


Imperial Sunset available to order

The scenario book “Imperial Sunset : The 1813-14 Campaigns” is finally available to order … so von Peter himself has ordered it! Written for the General de Brigade Napoleonic rules it is not considered a problem to port the scenarios to other rules should the need arise. Besides von Peter himself derives great pleasure just poring over scenario books such as this and 1813 is the sweet spot for von Peter himself.

Completion of the book was announced on the General de Brigade forum by the author of the rules and the scenario book David Brown with the words …

1. Lutzen: The Prussian Charge.
2. Lutzen: La Garde au Feu!
3. Lutzen: Action at Eisdorf.
4. Bautzen: Franquemont’s Attack.
5. Dresden: Murat’s Flank.
6. Kulm: The First Day.
7. Hagelberg.
8. Dennewitz – Ney’s Battle.
9. Dennewitz – The Saxon Battle.
10. Leipzig: The Battle for Dolitz.
11. Leipzig: Schonefeld.
12. La Rothiere.
13. La Rothiere – Marmont’s Flank.

The Lutzen scenarios see Prussians & Russians up against a variety of French and Imperial Guard. All three are linked so can be played together.
Bautzen has Wurttemberg troops up against Prussians, while Dresden sees Murat’s conscripts and cuirassiers up against Austrian squares.
Kulm has the courageous Vandamme battle the Russian guards, while Hegelberg has an assortment of French and Confederation second line units facing the newly raised Prussian Landwehr.
Dennewitz portrays the whole of Ney’s engagement with opposing Prussian forces, before we cover aspects of Leipzig and finally into the 1814 campaign with linked scenarios with Napoleon caught for once without the strategic initiative engaging a powerful allied army of Austrians, Russians and Bavarians.


Imperial Sunset is available from Caliver Books for £18.50 plus postage. A  l-o-n-g  time coming but excellent news all the same.

Imperial Sunset cover

Above: the scenario book cover. Click on it for a more legible version


GrandManner Orthodox church property portfolio

GrandManner have an impressive range of 28mm Eastern Europe buildings and terrain features. Just how impressive a range can be glimpsed by counting the number of Orthodox churches on offer – one, two three, four … five! Collating them all together for the enlightenment of the The dear readers makes von Peter himself feel like he is editing a property magazine!


Above: E22 Russian Orthodox Church … or should that be an Orthodox Church?


Above: EE95 Timber Village Church With Shingle Roof


Above: EE96 Major Village Church With Shingle Roof


Above: EE98 Smaller Village Church With Tile Roof/Twin Domes


Above: EE99 Borindino Church … or should that be Borodino Church as stated in the description? It does seem rather grand for the Borodino village of the 1812 battle.

The Borindino / Borodino Church is the Great Great Grandaddy of them all and revels in the description of …

Church Of The Nativity Of Christ – Borodino, Built 1701- Red Brick- Copper Roof. Large Octagonal Capola And Bell Tower, Covered Steps And Balcony To Upper Floor. Size = Main Body 290X190X450H , Covered Steps = 110X70X120H Total Length = 400. Limited Edition Model = 30 castings, One Per Customer. For Pre 1940 WWII – The Building Is White Washed – Copper Roof.

… and can be in the possession of The dear reader for a paltry £415.00. But get in quick because you’ll need to be one of first 30 customers. Mind you there is a fair bit to get …


Above: EE99 Borindino Church … the constituent parts including some internal fittings


Father – progeny bonding

von Peter himself and The son & heir have spent several hours bonding over the BBC series The Last Kingdom. It is based on Bernard Cornwell‘s variously entitled ‘The Warrior Chronicles’ or ‘Saxon Stories’ series of books now renamed for some reason ‘The Last Kingdom’ series. Set in the 9th century of what we now think of as England. Our hero “Uhtred” is born a Saxon, is brought up as a Dane/Viking and then gets to live a confused and eventful life trying to reclaim his birthright … and along the way helping out Alfred, the King of Wessex. If you no not of what von Peter himself types then you will quickly get an idea from The Last Kingdom trailer.

And most enjoyable has been the experience for both parties. It is not perfect – eg. there is some suspect imagery so that we do not confuse vikings with Saxons – but overall the series is well made without the often seen obvious scrimping on extras. The story rollicks along and kept the locals keen and coming back for more. Sadly the eight episodes of the first series have been consumed but it appears that a ten episode second series has the “all system go” status so they will be looked forward to.

The Last Kingdom

Above: Our hero Uhtred dressed as a Viking but fighting for himself and Alfred the King of Wessex and his Saxons. Thanks to the BBC for the image.

So we have seen Bernard Cornwell’s Napoleonic Sharpe televised and now the same for his Dark Ages Uhtred but there’s to be more. It seems that The American Civil War Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles are likewise to be televised as a series …

Independent filmmaker Kurt Mason Peterson has begun development on a television adaptation of “The Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles.” Here’s a trailer; https://vimeo.com/151842187

And you can learn more about the project at RebelTheSeries.com.


What’s on the painting desk

A new ongoing feature perhaps. von Peter himself will evaluate how embarrassing such a feature would be!  😃

On the painting table 2015-02-06

  • the two horses and their destined riders back left are from the Calpe Miniatures French F18 Regimental headquarters pack. The two dismounted figures from the same pack are finished – hence out of picture – and wondering where their mounted betters are! Once complete all four figures will comprise von Peter’s first Napoleonic French command stand who will for now sit at the apex of the French forces – Bavarians, Saxons and for now a solitary 5 company French battalion.
  • the first eight figures of the Saxon 1/Prinz Frederich August Infantry Regiment. Initially the plan was to paint four figures as a trial of the green faced battalion but the four somehow became eight … and another four have been cleaned up and waiting to go. von Peter himself tends to paint his Napoleonics in multiples of four as this is how they are based. Very rarely is a complete battalion painted in one all encompassing batch. This would no doubt be the most efficient manner but von Peter himself does not have there required attention span or mental fortitude so smaller batches are a happier way forward for him. Once again the figures are sourced from Calpe Miniatures but are the older Saxons as found in the Calpe Veterans section of cape’s website.
  • a single Calpe Prussian casualty figure. Many more of these are required as a practical matter for marking casualties in games as required by some rules. The official policy is to paint casualty figures when a new unit is painted but this is a newish policy and there is a bit of ground to make up.

Not shown is the Hovels 25mm H3 Russian/Timbered Church which was cleaned up and washed today … and will hopefully be glued together tonight in preparation for pigmentation.

Wish von Peter himself well as he attempts to restart his painting endeavours … again. 😃



Remember that clicking on most images will reveal a larger and clearer image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


17 thoughts on “Of fantasies, orthodoxy and restarts

  1. Right here goes, hope this works.

    Excellent standard VP, very tutonic, great to see your Saxons on the go and great news on the scenario book!

    • It sure did work Paul … and in double quick time too. 😃

      Yes, Saxons are all the go around the globe it seems.

      I have been waiting for that scenario book for years. I guess that is what happens when it is book number 6 in a series.

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you my dearest Sparkles

      The son & heir was also happy to here about the Starbuck series.

      Yes a nice selection of Orthodox Churches from GrandManner. I couldn’t believe my eyes as another, then another … and yet another loomed into view as I reviewed the range. You know that the Long Haired Brigadier would want you to have a Borindino / Borodino Church don’t you! 8O)

      Speaking of the Long Haired Brigadier – when are you going to show the long suffering woman a good time and bring her across the Tasman? 8O))

      von Peter himself

  2. Great post again Peter – Warhammer Fantasy hey…good work mate keeping the son close in your gaming ambitions and desires.

    Not a rant but I find so much of the Grand Manner highly desirable and, dare I say it, highly priced. The models themselves are wonderful but postage to get a modest Horsa Glider to Australia was neatly 50% the cost of the model itself (36.00 for the glider, 49 for the postage).

    Oh well.

    • Hello Carlo and thank you.

      I guess I won’t be looking for a Borindino / Borodino Church on your gaming table then. And just quietly between you and me I wouldn’t spend too long looking for one on my table either! 8O)

      I guess GrandManner are top shelf and for that you must pay. It must be decades ago that I purchased a Stone Roman Watch Tower from GrandManner. I was told that it would be the last one out of the mold as the mold was starting to get a bit ‘iffy’. Quite a nice model was received that had been cast to a high standard with internal detail … though if I recall correctly Craig who painted it for me said he needed to do a bit of filling. I can’t remember the price or postage though it did come well packed in a large box!

      The GradManner buildings that I have seen work on a bigger footprint than some other terrain suppliers. To my mind their sizes lend themselves more to skirmish gaming than the brigade / divisional games that I play. Admittedly Sharp Practice is skirmishy but there is no way I’m buying terrain just for it.

      von Peter himself

  3. Lol, never would have expected you to venture into something like Warhammer Fantasy! 😉

    But is is good, that you rather seem to paint and play it the good old days style and not one of the newer versions or god forbid AoS!

    Regarding the GM churches… I really love their looks, but have to confess, that their prices are a bit beyond my scope these days. I did however convert the Perry plastic ACW church with an onion dome and orthodox crosses last year to act as a (cheap) solution… which reminds me, that I need to paint that one!

    • Hello Burkhard

      Yes there are a few Warhammer figures littering the house. Simon has dug out his Orcs and his millions of chittering Skaven. He has a friend around today for a game.

      I haven’t followed it closely but AoS (Age of Sigmar) seems odd to me. Games Workshop remove a mass figure game (Warhammer Fantasy) and replace it with a skirmish game. Perhaps AoS could / should have been introduced as a specialty game because that’s what it seems like to me. Whatever the rights and wrongs of it I have no interest in playing a skirmish fantasy game of the ilk of AoS but still have an interest in a massed fantasy game. GW have not made sense to me for a long time. Too many accountants in charge I suspect. ☠

      You certainly do need to paint your home cooked orthodox church and post of course pictures.

      von Peter himself

      • Hi vP, I guess must really paint that church soon. Well actually i must since I have a wood colors set that I want to try anyway! 😉

        Regarding AoS. I guess their idea is do recruit new players first an foremost. From my understanding, GW is having real problems doing that and a game with minimal rules and less miniatures for a skirmish game (as opposed to mass figure) must have been appealing for them.

        But looking at their latest numbers, this seems to have backfired. Few of the old players seem to like AoS and it is not drawing in that much new blood.

        But that is GW… doing things their own way and only listening to the accountants and not the market. And if it backfires, like it seems to do most of time in recent years, they will simply raise prices again. So maybe you should all be happy you have so much WFB minis around!

        • Howdies Burkhard

          I sometimes wonder if GW is just too big to be a successful gaming / hobby company, especially being a publicly listed. The unrelenting financial urges of such an entity may not sit well with the hobbyists / customers requirements. Just a small unthought through thought! 😃

          von Peter himself

          • I think the problem really come from them being publicly listed. If you look at any stock company these days (be it the small ones like GW or the multinational behemoths) anything but a huge rise in profits is deemed bad by the shareholders.
            30 years ago, everyone was happy if a company was healthy enough to make a profit that allowed it to pay its workers and keep modernising their factories and product lines and maybe even pay some dividends.
            But these days it has to be massive profits. and massive profits are not enough either, they always have to be bigger than forecast, because those forecasts (=expectations) have already been priced in. And no one cares if this means selling a sub-par product or laying off half the workforce.
            Strange world we are living in today.

  4. Another copiously packed post, Your Vonship. Saddened to read you are into Fantasy wargaming – must be a bad and ongoing side effect of the anaesthetic(?). As I’ve said before (elsewhere) I’m not into Fantasy gaming myself – only real stuff like Historical and Lord of the Rings …..
    Appreciate the heads up on the Russian churches – very topical here in the UK, with the BBC TV series of War & Peace having only recently finished being shown. Also liked the comment on the Last Kingdom imagery/costumes to avoid confusion between Saxons and Danes/Vikings. The TV series, Vikings, was also like that (I much preferred Vikings, by the way). Funny how when it comes to something more recent in history like The Godfather, that we are trusted to be smart enough to tell the difference between different mafia gangs in the 20th Century but not what were essentially mafia gangs in the Dark Ages. How’s the hip doing? Hope all is well.


    • Hello Davy

      Thanks and I am sorry to have disappointed you re the fantasy side of my being. If it helps I’ve never actually played a lot of fantasy. Talked about it – the rules & background, bought some models, read some books … but not played a lot though it looks like there is still some playing to do. In his enthusiasm The son & heir has unpacked his Skaven – ratmen for the uninitiated – to play a friend. And there are many MANY of them. I guess that’s Skaven for you.

      Without wanting to give the game away there is a little more to come on Orthodox churches.

      Vikings is next up on the father – son bonding menu. The son & heir has watched it but is keen to do so again.

      The hip is coming along splendidly. Work beckons. Oh dear!!!

      von Peter himself

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