We can rebuild him

A warning. Do not let all the do gooders out there lead you astray Dear readers. Natural, organic etc etc is not always the way to go. Sometimes man made, artificial etc is far superior to Mother Nature’s bounty. As evidence let’s examine the hips of von Peter himself. The natural nature provided ones turned out to be absolute rubbish with mobility increasingly limited and pain persistent … not that von Peter himself is one to mind a little pain!  😳 No really!!  😱

Last year the left hip was consigned to the dumpster and replaced. Just over a week ago the same fate befell the right hip. A bit more recuperation to go but already life is looking much improved. von Peter himself will soon be able to keep up with his wee men as they flee the battlefield as fast their little metal legs can carry them!  😃


Calpe Website updates

While idling away his time in hospital von Peter himself noticed that Calpe Miniatures have updated the figure listings in their website Shop.

The Saxons now show the codes S1 through S21 as well as the artillery pieces SA1 through SA5.


The French now list through to F53 and their artillery through to FA5. On closer inspection two new codes were revealed to von Peter himself

  • F48 – 3 Battalion standard spear points pre-1812 reforms. 3 Battalion standard spear points pre-1812 reforms. These were used almost exclusively until Napoleons abdication in 1814.
  • F49 – 3 Battalion standard spear points post-1812 reforms. 3 Battalion standard spear points post-1812 reforms. These were the spearpoints used on the battalion fanions at Waterloo.


As is usual the packs in the Shop show front and back photographs with the bonus that some are shown painted which acts as a great uniform resource … and get appropriated into various blogs! 😎 But there’s more …

A new section “A proper Tete” has been added to the Guides & Research area of the Calpe website to support the packs F51 through F53 for the French.


The three images above “borrowed” from the Calpe Miniatures website. Figures painted by Peter Fitzgerald.

Front Rank

As forecast Front Rank Figurines have added two more packs of Napoleonic civilians …

  • CNPK3: Napoleonic Civilian pack, man leading packhorse plus pedlar and farm labourer. (figs sold only as a pack)
  • CNPK4: Napoleonic Civilian pack, man working water pump, plus 2 women. (figs sold only as a pack).

Both packs are priced at £6.00.

Front Rank CNPK3+4

Above: CNPK3 and CNPK4 meet up in a town square somewhere during the Napoleonic Wars. Image unknowingly provided by Front Rank

This is not he big news from Front Rank however. From their newsletter …

Napoleonic Prussians 1808 – 1815.
For many years customers have been asking us to make Napoleonic Prussians.
The good news is that design work has already started on what we are planning to be a comprehensive range of Napoleonic Prussians for 1808 – 1815.
We hope to have the first releases available in April 2016 with more releases planned during 2016/17. Updates on progress will be in our newsletters.


Sharp Practice v2

Some more news of the incoming Sharp Practice version 2 is available over on Lard Island News – mouth piece/blog of TheTooFatLardies. von Peter himself fervently hopes that the “tidy up”, “streamlining” and “simplify” used in the article do not equate to the dumbing down of the rules. We likes our little bit of chrome and flavour in the rules we do.


And finally back to the hip replacement surgery. von Peter himself can now sit comfortably for a period of time … and easily get out of the chair when that period of time comes to an end. There is a smell of painting resumed in the air. Hurrah!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


10 thoughts on “We can rebuild him

  1. Hi your Vonship, had no idea of your mobility issues but glad to hear the track and bogie change went well! Front Rank doing Late War Prussians Eh! Very interesting….

    • Thank you my dearest Sparkles.

      I like to play the strong, silent, take it like a real man, martyred type. Not that I play it very well and not the The family or various local friends would agree. 🎻

      The dodgy hips can be put down to age, too much use and dodgy design and manufacturing decisions of my parents. I may yet see my parents in court!! 😃

      von Peter himself

  2. Good to hear that his enemanence is is on his feet again following this conversion work with a man armed with a knife, bone saw and soldering iron. Did you perchance ask him to practice beforehand on some of your Calpes?

    • Many thanks ValleyBoyo.

      For your professional interest the recovery this time around seems well in advance of the last time. I have no idea why. It took the anaesthetist 3 attempts to get a decent blood vessel. I helpfully pointed out that it would’ve been much easier for him if they’d let me have breakfast! It seemed like a witty comment to make at the time.

      Good thinking on your part and a wasted opportunity on mine. Next time I’ll take some figures in with me so that the surgeon can convert them. He should be good enough with all that practise on humans.

      von Peter himself

  3. Great to read that the mobility is back mate and that you will be running at Rio this year for the mighty NZ team! Maybe not, but at least scurrying around the 12 x 6 table commanding more Napoleonic’s one would hope. Thankyou for the heads-up on the Sharpe’s Practice which somehow I have completely missed. Hope your recovery continues well Peter and take care.

    • Thanks Carlo.

      I don’t know about running around the 12 x 6 table laden with Napoleonics. More likely running away from the table caught up in the route of my own poorly lead troops! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  4. The “Proper Tete” figures are so inspiring. Regardless of their wargaming interest, I am sure they will sell easily. I will definitely get some when I get to paint another French Brigade!

    wishing you the best recovery,

    • Hello Blancard

      Yes the “Proper Tete” figures do have my brain occasionally churning over the possibilities they offer. As an aside I think that the Calpe French range must now offer more musicians / bandsmen options than many other ranges offer options for their French fusiliers! 8O)

      And the recovery continues well. Thank you.

      von Peter himself

  5. The Calpe French are just wonderful figures – I just wish I could take to the French with coats! The Front Rank figs also look good – is it my poor memory or are these better proportioned than usual? Finally, good to read that you appear to be on the mend (hip, hip …….).

    • Hello Davy

      It seems like a long time since we last ‘spoke’. Have you been incarcerated? 8O))

      By repute Front Rank have trimmed down their figures at the least and apparently their Napoleonic reinforcement pack figures are a definite step up from the original figures. I say apparently as I haven’t seen these reinforcement chaps up close and personal in the ‘flesh’. I have got the first 2 civilian packs and they look fine to me without the pronounced ‘look at me I’m in the mid term of my pregnancy’ look.

      My Austrian and Bavarian armies are Front Rank and my Russians mostly Front Rank figures. Clean sculpting, very clean casting and prompt service. I’m not sure how many of their Prussians I’ll get as my Prussian army is sourced from Calpe … as is my nascent French (and Saxons). To my eyes the two ranges match fairly well.

      I’ve realised that I am now a ‘hipster’ but had not thought of the ‘hip hip hooray’ bit. Very good.

      von Peter himself

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