3/4 East Prussian Landwehr

On the 18 November 2010 on his old no longer in existence website & blog – thank you for nothing Apple [mutter mutter] – von Peter himself proudly displayed a picture of the figures he had bought and with which he intended to model a shot up landwehr firing line. The figures safely secured via the mail were added to the unpigmented figure pile.

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - front

The 3/4 East Prussian Landwehr in a protracted defence of a village somewhere in Saxony 1813

December 2011 and hope was raised in the battalion. The mostly Napoleonic forum la bricole was running another painting contest and von Peter himself had bravely entered. The hope and cunning plan was that participation in such a public forum would spur von Peter himself on to great deeds and the completion a unit. von Peter himself should have known better and was of course wrong. The history of the doomed endeavour is available for public scrutiny here.

Other s-l-o-w painting projects came along and the battalion effectively rejoined the unpigmented figure pile.

With the recent(ish) move to Neu Schloss von Peter various part complete painting projects were rediscovered. The two major items were both Napoleonic Prussian units – a 12 pounder battery and a unit of landwehr infantry. Possessing the guilty knowledge that his Napoleonic Prussian army had been neglected for too long von Peter himself made the command decision that these two units should linger unloved no more. Also the Waterloo 200 refight was looming and Prussian units were in demand.

The 12 pounder battery was completed in time for the Waterloo 200 refight … where it got caught in traffic on the road and never fired a shot! As can be seen in the accompanying photographs the landwehr battalion is now complete and war ready also.

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - top

An overhead view of the battalion in action. A Napoleonic drone?!

Just in case any of The dear readers are not fully cognisant of the well entrenched habits of von Peter himself the figures are sourced from Calpe Miniatures. Why would one go elsewhere? von Peter himself remains a dedicated Calpe zealot.  😃

Not surprisingly the bulk of the figures were found in the “Prussian Landwehr Infantry: Firing Line” portion of the Calpe catalogue. The casualty figures were sourced from several of the landwehr pose groupings of figures, eg. Route March, most of which have their own casualty figure(s).

By way of explanation and to perhaps preempt confusion – when Calpe Miniatures launched their new (current) website many of the then existing figures were left in the old website now renamed to Calpe Veterans. All the landwehr – both foot and mounted – are listed on the Calpe Verterans site.

The Cape Miniature’s figures were not the only inspiration for the unit. Richard Knoetel’s drawing of a mixed – regulars and landwehr – firing line around the churchyard at Grossbeeren, August 1813 (below) also played its part. As an aside apparently the drawing shows all the steps of loading and firing a musket so have a good look.

Napoleonic Prussian mixed firing line

The units was always going to be the 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment. von Peter himself is s-l-o-w-l-y building the Prussian 3rd Brigade of Generalmajor Hessen-Homburg from the latter stages of the 1813 campaign which calls for four battalions of landwehr. Three battalions of landwehr down, one to go.

Well after starting the painting process von Peter himself decided to look up the regiment in Dr. Stephen Summerfield’s “Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr Infantry and Cavalry 1813-1815: Landsturm, Volunteer Cavalry and StreifKorps”. As with the rest of the series the book is chocked full of information. It was not in the possession of von Peter himself when he started painting the battalion which is important as it forms some sort of defence for the coming statement. The book states that the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Infantry Regiment had grey trousers and black belts. Oops. Too late. We’re moving on! Perhaps the 4th battalion will get it right.  😃

3-4 East Prussian Landwehr - rear

Another challenge for the worn landwehr battalion – incoming Saxons. Please ignore the little bit of green stuff that is visible under the saddle cloth. It’s not normally on display!

The battalion should not really have a standard but who can pass up the various designs on offer and anyway the other two battalions in von Peter’s collection both have two flags each. The flag is a creation of GMB Designs. The red heraldic Prussian eagle links this battalion with the other two who also fly versions of this eagle.

The modelling of a battalion of landwehr as a shot up firing line looks great when deployed in line. A small problem is that under the command of von Peter himself landwehr battalions tend to spend most of their time in column. A minor matter really!  😃

Happily von Peter himself can declare himself very pleased with this his latest Prussian battalion. The battalion is just very pleased to be complete.

Not only has von Peter himself been busy with a brush and pigments but so too has The son & heir. Standby for news on his pigmentation adventures shortly.

Please don’t forget that a click on the images will reveal larger and clearer versions.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself


12 thoughts on “3/4 East Prussian Landwehr

  1. Well regardless of the length of the journey, they look damn smashing when they finally showed up! Excellent job on this unit. If they truly took that long to paint, at least they look like it! 🙂

    • Hi Jason

      Thank you.

      I may be a slow painter …. but ….the painting journey details the elapsed time of the journey. 8O) Most of the time the poor battalion sat unloved well away from the painting table.

      Should they ever ask me why the painting took so long I fully intend to blame the French and Bonapartists. That should spur their performance on the table top!! 8O))

      von Peter himself

  2. Yes very smart! Good decision on the ‘unofficial’ Fahne, too – a man after my own heart! Whilst not a fan of the firing line poses myself for a line unit, I have to admit these look very good…

    • Thank you Sparkles

      I’ve taken to modelling my light battalions as firing lines as I like the creative process that goes into them and because they seem to be the units most likely in either line or skirmishing when I’m their adored leader. I’m not sure if this will continue with the French Legere regiments as they come with 3 or 4 battalions together.

      Not the greatest formation for a landwehr battalion under my command as they don’t often get into a line formation but selection of figures available from Calpe to create the unit proved irresistible. I’ll just have to find an out of way feature in all games so that this battalion can garrison it in a line formation.

      What I forgot to say is that every figure in the unit is unique and still I had to leave out several other unique figures because the unit was full for what I wanted to achieve.

      And yes, why not have a pretty fahne.

      von Peter himself

  3. Beautiful work as always Peter. Everyone of your Calpe posts shames me even more knowing I have scores of “unpigmented figures” (wonderful expression btw) awaiting mobilisation. Perhaps 2016 is the year? Looking forward to seeing these chaps in action.

    • Thank you Carlo.

      You will however note that I have not mentioned the size of my own unpigmented pile of figures. Lets just say that it is a significant investment of cash that Fraulien von Peter herself need never know the value of! 😃

      von Peter herself

  4. They look extremely nice… as was to be expected!

    Really like the very dark coats you gave them!

    I guess it must feel really good to be picking up a brush more often again, does it not!

    • Hello Burkhard

      Thanks for the kind comment.

      I’m aware of the theory of scaling colour – making it lighter as the figures get smaller – but I like my Prussian Blue and Russian green to be dark as they were. Not some washed out poor cousin that just doesn’t look right to me.

      Yes it has been good to get back to the brush. And there are so many figures left to paint and dreams to fulfil! 😃

      von Peter himself

  5. Beautiful unit VP, also that picture from the osprey irregular Prussian infantry book has been a burning inspiration for me for years, love that illustration. So many of the backgrounds in the Prussian plates and throughly the books give great inspiration to!

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